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Fantasy The Revival: A Multiversal RP [Always Open]


The Royal Dragon Pokemon
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You don't know what happened to your world. It's like the higher ups have just.... forgotten about you. The luckier ones float around in an endless void like you, wishing their adventure could continue. The unluckier ones are put into something they call a thread and showcased with others like you. You don't know why it happened, but that's just the way you've been for a while now. Unused. Forgotten. Until one day a light seems to call to you. You stretch you hand out to touch it, if only it could come closer and then... a brilliant white light surrounds your world and out from it comes a... shark? It speaks in some strange language you've never heard before, before it looks at you curiously. It seems to understand that you cant hear it and it clears its throat, speaking with some sort of thick Japanese accent "Ohayo Oc-senpai! It seems you've been ghosted huh? I hate when that happens! Luckily I've got a task for you! You can stay here, or you can come do something way more interesting! What do you say senpai?" It stretches it's fine out and you carefully grasp it's hands before your taken somewhere else...
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Salutations Ladies, Gents, and all you beautiful people out there! I'm trying my hand at managing a group rp once more, this time with a twist! This is a multiverse rp intended for all those sad sad ghosted roleplays that never went anywhere! Did you have an oc that you;ve really been itching your hand at using! Come join our marvelous traveling party where we'll be traveling to go save a princess and slay a dragon? Maybe get some loot while we're at it! Every choice you make could impact the rp! You remember that apple you picked up a couple posts ago? It's the key to a castle! With twists and puzzles and puzzles and twists, its endless fun for everyone! One liners, Two liners, Literate or not! Come be a devious villain that wants to become a god! Or be a harmless cat tamer with the key to heaven itself! Do you ever wish Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan was Your boyfriend... Wait wrong place for that. Anyways come click on this post and maybe find it interesting, who knows!... Dang I really need to work on the name for this roleplay

"And... Cut!"
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You have my sword/fists/fancy electromagnetic magic tricks.
aka i have 3 different characters I would want to reuse, and one of them will be used here.

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