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Fandom The Partner search!


"Eyes Open"
Hi guys, Claire here with another partner search. I am looking for long term, and active partner!
So here's a little bit about me! I have been rping for about a year and a half. I am trying to get better at it, so sorry if I'm not everything I seem to be stacked up to be. I am not familiar with mxm or fxf and I would rather do a pairing of mxf
I have a couple pairings that I would like to try for size... so here goes!
Whatever is bold I'd like to rp as. I am willing to do a double pairing and I am willing to play anybody you'd like, male or female!
Bold are the ones I'd like to play, and I'm generally able to play any characters for you!

TV Fandoms

Sam x OC
Dean x OC
Jack x OC

Teen Wolf (craving)
Stiles x OC
Scott x OC
Theo x OC

The Vampire Diaries (Craving)
Enzo x OC

Scream the tv show
Noah x OC

Glee (Craving)
Finn x OC

The Walking Dead (craving)
Carl x OC

Stranger things
Steve x OC
Jonathon x OC

Z Nation (CRAVING)
10k x OC

Shadowhunters (Craving)
Simon x OC
Jace x OC

Maximum Ride
Max x Fang
Iggy x OC

The Tomorrow People
John Young x OC
Stephan x OC

The Gifted
John x OC

The Flash
Barry x OC


Percy Jackson (craving)
Percy x OC

(Well play with this one)

Hunger Games
Gale x OC
Peeta x OC

Jacob x OC

Suicide squad
(We'll play with this one)

Beautiful Creatures
(We'll play with this one)

Death Note
(We'll play with this one as well)


We can also do original plots
the genres I'd like to focus on...
A Zombie Apocalypse rp
A fantasy rp
Apocalypse in general ("Hell On Earth" setting)


I'd like these to include romance, of course nothing too graphic...
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