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1948, Chicago. Crime and corruption are poisoning the city’s streets with many people fearing the Romano Family and the Sullivan Gang. As many crimes go unsolved and criminals walk away unpunished, the police and FBI are being pushed harder than ever.

Conflicts are rife amongst the gangs, with members being tortured and killed even in the streets. The tension doesn’t end between the feuding families, with fights and dissent occurring within the family homes. As the stakes grow higher on the streets, how will the Bosses keep order under their own roofs?​


1. @Misty Gray is the GM. @Bella:D and @Enzyme are co-GMs.
2. Profanity is acceptable within reason. No need to make it excessive.
3. Romance is fine, but fade to black if things become sexual.
4. No bumping off others’ characters without discussing it with the GMs and player involved.
5. Please only join if you can commit to posting at least 2-3 times per week and don’t plan on leaving any time soon!

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Romano/Sullivan Family Tree

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Misty Gray

Things and Stuff


Vincenzo Romano

Nickname: Vinnie

Age: 48 (Birthday: 4th September 1900)

Affiliation: Romano Family


Occupation: Boss of the Romano Family. Owner and manager of multiple hotels and casinos.

- Proficient with firearms
- Excellent business mind
- Can hold his own in a fight
- Getting his hands dirty and cleaning them right back up
- Great at switching on the charm

- Money and Power
- Loyalty
- Winning
- Family
- Cars
- Fine dining
- Cigars and whiskey

- Being lied to
- Cowards
- Cops and FBI
- His rules being broken
- Anyone who dates his daughters

Personality: Those who work for, and even against, Vinnie know him to be a brutal, serious, intimidating and methodical man. Such a persona is one he prefers people to attribute to him; in this business intimidation and fear is the best way to command respect from his foes. Although those he works for and his associates know not to cross him, those who work closest with him have a genuine respect and understanding for him.

To the general public, whilst he carries himself with an aura of power, he makes a point of being pleasant and helpful. Those old ladies love it when he helps them cross the street or carry their groceries. And the churches? They love the donations!

Where his family is concerned, his ways can be equally contradicting. He's very strict with his sons and daughters, particularly the girls, making it clear they are not to mix with Romano enemies. This is both his protective side and the need to safeguard the family business and secrets. He is very encouraging of their achievements and is always generous when deserved. With his wife he tends to be romantic and more relaxed, but they still have their arguments, as most couples do. Some say he has wandering eyes and temptation is often presented to him, but he hasn't yet betrayed his wife.

Michael Romano and his wife, Elena, lived in their birthplace, Sicily, until years before their eldest son, Vincenzo, was born. Whilst Michael had proved himself a suitable Mafia underboss in Italy, he had his sights set higher and he emigrated to Chicago with Elena. Before any of their children were born, Michael had already made his mark and was soon leading the Sicilian Mafia operations in Chicago.

The eldest of four siblings, Vinnie was pushed into the family business as soon as he was able to grasp the concept. From being a teenager, he worked closely with his father and the family's crew, with the intention that he would one day become the head of the family business. That day didn't take long to arrive as Michael was assassinated when Vinnie was only 24 years old. It wasn't difficult to track down the Irishmen responsible and Vinnie personally saw to it that the men were killed with no way for their bodies to be traced. Although Sullivan himself hadn't ordered Michael's death, Vinnie's hatred for the Irish gang remains as deep as it was 23 years ago.

Vinnie was able to keep on most of his father's loyal associates and crew memebrs, which helped him keep the Romanos the most powerful gang in Chicago, despite the Sullivans picking up businesses themselves. Like his father had done with him, he began exposing his sons to the family business once they were teenagers. Although stricter and more protective over his daughters, he also made sure they too were able to defend themselves should they ever need to.

When his friend and associate, Aitor Azarola went to Spain to protect his family home from war, Vinnie agreed to take care of the man's family. When Aitor died in the war and then the Azarola kids' mother died during childbirth, Vinnie made sure the remaining family were looked after, though Maite generally took on the role of Matriarch.

Between 1942-1945, during the Second World War, Vinnie was drafted in to fight. He left his best people in charge of the business, with his wife focusing more on their children than the business. As well as his eldest son, Fortuna proved herself to be a worthy leader and Vinnie decided to make her his right-hand woman, which has allowed him to make use of her skills.

Existing Relationships:

Romano Family

Alexandra Romano: Vinnie loves his daughter and, like all of his kids, is very protective of her. He doesn't like her staying out late or getting drunk and will stop her from doing so. Having said that, he's quite often away from home so doesn't see her sneaking out. @neverbackdown

Monte Romano: Vinnie is proud of his eldest son and sees a lot of potential in him, especially as his heir. Whilst Monte still has a few things to learn, Vinnie feels comfortable leaving him in charge of some of the family's businesses. @Foxy

Giorgio Romano: Despite Giorgio's dissent towards the family business, Vinnie is proud of his son for the person he has become and that he still looks out for his siblings. The fact that he provides the family with contacts gives Vinnie hope that his son will one day accept the family business and adopt a more active role in it. @Mooriot

Alena Romano: Even moreso than Alex, Alena causes Vinnie a lot of worry. Since she was taken hostage, he has been stricter and more protective over her. Due to her stubbornness and attitude, Vinnie often clashes with Alena. He won't admit it, but he'd prefer if she wasn't so headstrong as she'd be easier to control. @sprouhtt

Fortuna de la Stella: Vinnie thinks Fortuna is an amazing woman who has proved her worth and time again. As she was one of the key players in keeping the business going whilst he was at war, Vinnie trusts Fortuna more than most others and she's one of the most valuable to him. @Maiza Avaro

Giovanni Masciarelli: Having known his uncle for some time, Vinnie gladly accepted Angel into the family. The man has proved himself as a great bookie and an even better Caporegime. He's one of Vinnie's first choices when an important job needs carrying out. @Enzyme

Lloyd Castellano: Lloyd usually goes along with Monte, but Vinnie knows if pushed he can be trusted to do a decent job for the Romanos. He just wishes Lloyd wouldn't come across as being so lazy. @Foxy

Azarola Family:

Having been a friendly associate of their father, Vinnie cares for Maite and Danel, even though the latter is more cautious around him. If they ever need his help or protection he would gladly give it. On a business-level, he lets them do their own thing as long as they don't cross him or leave him out of pocket. So far, they have proved useful to him so he keeps out of their business as much as he can. This doesn't mean to say he would turn a blind eye... @Maxilgal

Sullivan Family

Emmet Sullivan: Emmet is Vinnie's direction competition and he has disliked the man since he first set eyes on him. He wants more than anything to take Emmet and the rest of the Sullivans down so he can have a stronger hold on the city without them getting in the way. The only respect he has for the man is that he too is a family man. @Foxy

Conor Sullivan: This one rubs Vinnie up the wrong way. He finds the lad can be quite cocky and antagonistic towards him but masks it with a happy-go-lucky fun Irish routine. He also suspects Conor has been very cleverly getting under his feet and stealing from him, but he will bide his time and play a careful game before confronting him.

Sinead Sullivan: Vinnie doesn't know too much about the young woman, but he knows she sings at the jazz club and is relatively innocent for a Sullivan. For now he's happy enough to leave the girl out of it, but if her family ever got the upper hand, he would reluctantly find a way to use her as leverage. Such is this business.

Chicago Police Department:

Vinnie has had a number of run-ins with the cops in the past, but nothing ever sticks. Those who want to have him locked up never seem to get the evidence they need. It helps that there are some cops in the CPD who will gladly help the Romanos out if it pays off. Benjamin Montgomery particularly tries to get under Vinnie's feet, but the mob boss always seems to slip through his fingers. This amuses Vinnie more than he shows. @Axel The Englishman


Angelica King: Vinnie doesn't know too much about her yet, but when he's at the casino he prefers to go to her table and share some nice conversations with the confident young woman. @Pippa

Katherine Avera: Although part of him thinks she's a typical nosy reporter, he has had some worthwhile conversations with her. Knowing what she does for a living, Vinnie is very selective about what he tells Kitty or lets her find out. He's more than willing to answer questions about his generosity towards the community. @TofuMafia

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Axel The Englishman

The Holy Crusader
Benjamin Jean Montgomery

The Soldier

27 Years of Age

The Chicago Police Department


CPD Detective

The Wonder-Shot - Ben ain't no stranger to firearms. His time in the British Army has done him well, and he has the know-how to put any gun to righteous use. Be it gangster, mob boss or dirty copper in the line of fire. By now, none of them can be told apart. Just lock, cock and pop.

A Detective's Sights - Benny's got the right eyes to catch all those little details too subtle for the Average Joe. It ain't a surprise he's working in the Detective business. He's pretty much the self-declared champion of extreme Eye Spy.

A Pugilist By Nature - Benny has a reputation as being a constant practitioner of Pugilism. He knows how to throw them lefts and rights at his opponents. Bare knuckle boxing - now that's a real man's sport.

The Odds In His Favour
British Firearms
Fashionable Smoking Pipes
The Law
The Queen
A Good Ol' Trench Coat

The Mob
Underground Scum
A Bastard Deck Of Cards

Judging by his body language and steady eyes, Benny's clearly a calm man. He's not about to hurry things along thinking it's better that way. He waits and observes. And only strikes at the right time at the right place.

Going back a mere 27 years, and you'll find Benno was born on a traditional farmstead. Not a single machine was being put to work. Instead, good ol' fashion working horses. Tilling the fields and getting shit done. Not breaking down like all them damn mechanical devices that can't go further than - at best - 60 metres. But that meant more labour was needed. Benny was practically born solely to act as a farm labourer. He may have stayed, but there wasn't much special going on to keep him about. A dysfunctional family and a failed attempt at romance normally drives a man to move elsewhere.

The chap managed to find some work in London, taking up a job as a Baker and all that. The man knew a bit about making and bread and all that. Seemed like enough to make him eligible for the job too. The pay was decent enough to keep him around for a couple years. But then World War II decided to come about after Hitler invaded Poland.

Ben was conscripted into the British Expeditionary Force. He was there when the Nazis invaded France and pushed the British back to the beaches of Dunkirk. He was there during the North African conflicts in 1940. He was even there for D-Day, ready to liberate the French from their Nazi oppressors.

Somehow, he managed to survive all that and make it back to England. But he felt like he needed a bit of change. Decided to move to the United States and show 'em all a bit of British superiority. Give the lad a couple years, and he's working as top Detective in the Chicago Police Department. Let's just hope it stays that way.

Notable Relationships:
Vincenzo Romano (@Misty Gray) - To Benny, Vinnie is just nothing more but typical underground scum. Just another King that needs to be removed from the board. Though the CPD hasn't been able to take down just yet, Ben's gonna make sure that Vin goes behind bars. That is, if he doesn't put up too much resistance.

Jonathon Xin (@Trignome) - The CPD ain't too different compared to the military. It still has its chain of command, which includes the likes of Xin and such. Benny doesn't quite see eye-to-eye with this chap. All talk, no action. And talking ain't gonna save your arse when caught between a couple of Tommies.

Dylan Brigsby (@Vultz) - To Benny, Dylan serves as the third party that manages to keep Jon from rupturing a vein and Ben himself from going full-on vigilante. Hell, he's probably the only reason why the two are actually able to co-operate with each other. You could say that this man has at least earned respect within the CPD.

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A Strange Sword-Wielding Platypus

Name: Maite (My-teh) Azarola

Nickname: Mai

Age: 21

Affiliation: The Romano/Azarola Family


Occupation: Barmaid

Skills: Bartending, Fist-fighting, Cooking, Sewing, Negotiation

Likes: Wine, Good food, Talking about the Old Country, Her family, European-style churches

Dislikes: Talking about her parents, Drunks, Betrayal, Fascists, Broken-hearts

Personality: Innately motherly, that doesn’t mean Maite won’t get her hands dirty. She would do anything to protect her family, and the business they’ve worked to build. She’s a talented boxer, but being a classy woman, she lets her brother and their cousin work as the muscle. Whatever she says, goes in her bar. If you think she’s going to let you walk all over her, you’ll probably get a swift punch in the throat if you aren’t very careful.

History: Aitor Azarola went to America with his wife and two children to become a sheep herder, but ultimately went to work as a smuggler, something he had done well in on the French Spanish border for years with his father. Working with Vinnie Romano, he snuck thousands of barrels of liquor over the border. Eventually, Prohibition ended and war erupted in Spain. He left his pregnant wife and children under the care of the Romano family to protect the ancestral family home in Northern Spain. Maite was 16 when her father was captured, tortured, and killed by Franco’s forces. She was 16 when her mother died giving birth to Terese, her younger sister. Martzel, a cousin from Spain, came to live with them with a few other younger family members. They had fled after Franco’s fascists had killed the elders of their family, claiming they were communists. They had brought the last of their family’s funds, and they opened a bar. Maite was 18 when she took the traditional role of Matriarch of the Azarola’s.

Notable Relationships:

  • Danel Azarola - Maite's twin brother, and acting security for the Fox's Den. He has been known to beat people for misbehaving in front of her.
  • Vincenzo Romano - An old friend and associate of her Father’s, she lovingly refers to him as Uncle Vinnie. @Misty Gray
  • Jonathin Xin - She doesn't know his name or what he does, but thinks he's an oddly charming character. She refers to him as the 'suit man' or the 'suited juice character'. She will chat with him, finding him a quirky yet interesting person. @Trignome

Theme: Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene by Hozier

Name: Danel Azarola

Nickname: Danny

Age: 21

Affiliation: Azarola Family


Occupation: Bar Security/Gangster

Skills: Boxing, Gun-slinging, Smuggling, Long distance running, Horse whisperer

Likes: Smoking, Horse racing, Horses, Fighting, His family

Dislikes: Cheating, Cops, Drunks, Swindlers (that’s his job), Having his pride hurt

Personality: Proud, ask questions later, and quick to shoot, Danny is definitely the more ‘gangster’ side of the Azarola twins. He has been known to beat people to death with his bare fists, much to his classier sister’s distaste. He also handles the shadowy under goings of the Azarola business, underground alcohol and gun bootlegging. He always keeps his sister in the loop, with her being the boss of the whole operation. He’s there to knock people’s lights out, and he does so gladly.

History: Like Maite, he was 16 when both of his parents died. Unlike his sister, he was always a little resentful of the Romano family taking care of them, feeling as if his pride was hurt. He’s grown out of that mostly, but is still wary of the family. He knows they’re dangerous, and is more cautious in his interactions than his sister with the Romanos. He now does his sister’s leg work, but gladly so. He hates keeping his punches back, and would die if he was cooped up in the office like Maite. It’s a symbiotic relationship that keeps the whole business rolling.

Notable Relationships:

  • Maite Azarola - Danny's twin sister and owner of the Fox's Den. She's the Matriarch of the Azarola clan and her word is law. Danny makes sure to enforce it in the bar as well.
  • Lloyd Castellano - Being close to the Romano's means Danny interacts with them often. He's managed to become friends with Lloyd Castellano, often seeing him at the bar. He also plays cards with him. @Foxy
  • Jonathan Xin - Like his sister, he does not know that Jon is a cop. Unlike his sister, he doesn't trust the man who orders juice in a bar. He also doesn't like how chummy he's been trying to get with his sister. @Trignome
Theme: Fighting by Saints of Valory
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"That's nice"

Alexandra 'Alex' Romano


Romano Family


5ft 4

119 lbs​


Lock-picking - learnt this at a young age
Fighting - with all her fathers enemies she needs to be able to protect herself
Climbing- she's always been adventurous
Fast runner - fighting isn't always an option due to her height and weight
Can use fire-arms
Can carry 4 plates at one time - her proudest achievement

The rain
The nighttime

Total darkness
Enclosed places
The cops/FBI

Alex is an adventerous soul, she loves going to new places and doing new things. She is quite an active person preferring to be doing something rather than sitting around by herself all day, she can't sit still for very long. She is a great listener and is equally good at giving advice, while she wouldn't follow her own advice usually, she tends to be a sort of agony aunt to her friends, and a councillor for random people in the dinner, she is described as having a "tell me all your problems" face.
Alex is quite sarcastic, spontaneous and very stubborn once something is in her mind, there is no talking her out of it. She has a great sense of humour and while she herself isn't necessarily funny, she does try to be. She doesn't care what people think of her and is brutally honest, saying it how it is, if she doesn't like you, you'll know. Alex is a bit rebellious, sneaking out at night and going to parties is kind of her thing, however she can play the game pretty well and so she is able to get away with this most of the time.
To her friends and family, Alex is a sweet girl who would do anything for them. She is very protective of her family and god help whoever hurts them.
Although she looks sweet, and is very small, Alex can and will hurt you if she has too. She has learnt to not trust people, to hate the cops and to not let people walk over her, she will not take any crap off anyone. She is headstrong and stands up for herself. She is feisty and unpredictable when annoyed and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.​

Alexandra has been aware of her fathers business and her family's power since she was just a young girl. At a reasonably young age she was taught to fight, use weaponry and to escape holds and capture, this was necessary as her father had a lot of enemies. Due to being a girl and uninterested, Alex is not usually involved in the families dealings and plans, the only reason she'd really be involved if its is only something she can do, or if there is a threat on her life, which because she's a small girl and a daughter of the Romano family, is a possible threat and so Alex has always had to be very cautious about who she's with and where she goes.
Alex is basically kept under lock and key, her dad and brothers are very protective of her and she hates this, she feels her dad spends more time telling her what not to do and where not to go, than actually being her dad. She loves her family but she just hates the constant surveillance and protection and just wishes she was free to do her own thing. Although its not very obvious Alex hates being the daughter of a mafia boss, she wishes that they were just a normal family and that she didn't have to constantly be worried that someone close to her is going to die or that she was going to get hurt in the cross-fire.
When Alex got to the age of 15 she stopped being the little girl who bitterly followed every one of her fathers orders and instead she began to seek out adventures, sneaking out at night from her house or going on little trips after work. She tries to always know what her father and brothers are up to so that she can get away with these trips.

Notable Relations
Vincenzo Romano - Although Alex tends to break nearly all of his rules, she loves her father and would never mean to hurt him.
Monte Romano - They are close as brothers and sisters are meant to be, however as Monte is so involved with the family business, she would not trust him with all of her little adventures and like with her father she would keep these hidden from him, in saying that she does love him as a sister would. @Foxy
Giorgio Romano - Alex feels as though she connects the most with Giorgio in the fact that neither of them are very involved with the family business. Due to not being that far apart in age, Alex grew up rather close to Gio and would usually turn to him when she needs help or a second opinion, she isn't worried about him knowing about her adventures, however there are some things she wouldn't tell him, even if he isnt involved in the family business he still is her older brother and wouldnt exactly condone some things she does or thinks. @Mooriot
Alena Romano - Being a two year age gap between Alex and Alena they grew up very close, Alex adores her little sister and only wants the best for her, due to this she is not overly impressed that Alena wants to be involved with the family business but Alex wouldn't stop her from taking part. Being that Alena is the youngest in the family and also taking into account of what happened to her, Alex is very protective of her baby sister. @sprouhtt
Azarola Twins - Their fathers were associates.
Conor Sullivan - Alexandra went for an adventure one day, which brought her past the Emerald Island Irish Pub. She spotted Conor standing behind the bar and instantly got a crush on him. She tends to sneak over for looks at him. She knows she's playing a dangerous game but she doesn't see the harm in a little crush, even if he literally is the enemy. @Misty Gray
Giovanni Masciarelli - Not being that much of an age difference, she finds Angel talks to her like a person rather than a child, due to this she see's him as more of a friend than an employee of her Fathers. @Enzyme
Angelica King - Alex met Angelica in the casino, when he father was finishing off a game. Out of boredom she began talking to the girl dealing the cards at the table beside them. As they talked Alex developed a real liking for the girl and the two have been close since. @MiladySolo

She smokes
She can sing​

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One Thousand Club
Fortuna de la StellaNickname: Lady Luck

Age: 28

Romano Family


Occupation: Consigliere/Right-Hand of Vincenzo Romano


Ambidextrous Sharpshooter - Fortuna is a natural dual-wielding sharpshooter and skilled marksman who often shows her skill by nailing her opponents with shots that are few in number, displaying a rarely seen precision in a fight.

Silver-Tongued Devil - Fortuna's got a clever way with words that can convince a homeless man to give up his every last cent. Her silver tongue has gotten her out of many situations, often times without even uttering a lie.

Wise Counselor - As a consigliere, Fortuna is more than capable of counseling Vincenzo's decisions concerning the Family. Regardless of what the matter is about, she always advises the Boss on what option to go through with. In the end, however, it's up to him whether or not he would heed her words.

Expert Pianist - A skill she rarely puts to use, Fortuna is a talented pianist whose emotions simply flow into the ebony and ivory keys, creating outstanding pieces. However, she is reluctant to share this talent with anyone aside from close comrades as it brings back painful memories.


Hand-Made Expresso
Tasteful Clothing
Her Family
Delicious Cuisine

Ignorant Fools
Blatant Disrespect
Large Crowds
Empty Promises

Personality: Fortuna is a very mysterious woman. With her almost constant smile of sadistic humor and self-entertainment, combined with her heavy use of sarcasm and mocking politeness, her thoughts are very difficult to discern. Though she normally puts on an air of innocence and playfulness, Fortuna shows a deceptively calculating and intellectual side when the situation warrants it.


Fortuna was born in the country of Italy as the illegitimate child of Giovanni Belsante, a Mafia Boss, and Lavina de la Stella, a woman with whom he had an affair. However, in the Mafia, bastard children like herself were given zero tolerance, and everyone was told that she was from the same mother as the rest of her half-siblings. Her real mother was allowed to see her three times a year until she was seven years old, and was the one who encouraged her to play piano.

Fortuna's mother was not allowed to reveal her identity to her, so she thought she was just someone who visited a lot. She suddenly died after driving off a cliff on her way to see her daughter, with a present for her, the present being why suicide was eliminated as a possible cause of death. When Fortuna was eight, she discovered that the woman who frequently visited her was her mother from servants gossiping, implying that the matter was arranged by her step-mother; This led her to run away from the place she once called home.

As a result her childhood trauma, Fortuna abandoned the piano despite her great talent and instead decided to become a hitwoman. Unfortunately, since she was considered to be a mere musician, no one wanted to accept her into their Family; The fact that she was a female of illegitimate birth lessened her chances of finding a willing Mafia Family to take her in. To become stronger, she sought advice from Renato Sinclair, a renown hitman, who at the time was in the middle of a job in Sicily. Fortuna looked up to him as a mentor, up to the point that she even wanted to learn his techniques in poison. Instead, Renato taught her how to wield firearms, sparking her fascination with guns, eventually choosing them as her main choice of weaponry and combat.

After several years underneath his tutelage, Renato eventually dropped her off on the doorstep of the Romano Family, where she would quickly rise through the ranks as a respected member. However, it was when the Boss left for war that she proved herself worthy enough to become his consigliere. She was one of the members who gave the most effort into keeping things in order while they were without a proper leader for three entire years. And now, another three years have passed since then.

Notable Relationships:
Vincenzo Romano (Boss)
Renato Sinclair (Mentor)
Giovanni Masciarelli (Potential Love Interest)

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The All-Powerful Enzyme!

giphy (1).gif

Name: Giovanni "Angel" Gambino

Age: 28

Affiliation: Romano Family


Occupation: Caporegime/Bartender

Height: 5'11

Weight: 175

Charm - His facial expression and precise choice of words has the ability to sway the decisions of others with ease.

Sleight of Hand - He is very confident with his hands, able to quickly and smoothly react; whether it be reloading or catching an object with one hand.

Mixology - Due to his profession requiring it, he can cook up a cocktail with a timed explosive strapped to his chest and still not forget the two olives.



Angel is a two-sided man. His outer personality is a larger than life character who's appearance wouldn't be fitting without a bright smile. His womanizing tendencies get him into more trouble than anything else. At heart, however, he is a true sociopath. It is rare for people to see the darker side of him, but when they do; they see a shell of a man who is capable of horrendous things. He keeps his darker side locked away, but can bring it out whenever it becomes necessary. He uses it like card, manipulating his associates into utter terror by presenting it unexpectedly. It is also noticeable how eerily calm he can act during high pressure situations. In the end, he is usually seen as a cool headed, down to earth guy.

Angel was born and raised in Chicago, with only a single mother as his guide. At the age of 11, he was attending school and making friends. At the age of 12, he was robbing convenient stores with a baseball bat. It was a small group of bad eggs that first introduced him to the life of crime. He would make a decent amount of money selling cigarettes to his classmates. When he wasn't selling cigarettes to them, he was extorting them. He wasn't the most intimidating guy, cursed with a baby-face, it was more his big friends that brought the point across. When he went into convenient stores, the owners would often give him a couple of dollars and tell him to "Get the hell out before I call the police." It was when a convenient store owner refused to give him money, that was when Angel committed his first murder. He entered the store, as per usual, demanding money. The cashier shook his head and laughed at him. Alas, he wasn't laughing when Angel was beating his head in with the bat. After brutally slaying then owner, he stuffed his pillow case full of the register's contents and made off with his earnings. A homeless man was later charged with the murder and was arrested. After committing his first murder, he had always had to suppress his urge to kill. He would commonly use sex and alcohol to divert his blood-lusted mind.
After he dropped out of high school, senior year, his uncle offered him a job at the "Garden of Eden"; a popular bar that also offered dinner and on stage entertainment. He started out as a busboy, but due to his charm, his uncle decided it was best to put him somewhere social. His uncle made him a bartender, where he could make drinks and act as a psychologist for the temporarily impaired.
His uncle was good friends with Vinnie Romano, introducing Angel every once in a while to Vinnie and his associates. After Angel got in trouble with the law for running a prostitution ring in the Garden of Eden, his uncle used his Romano Family connections to get him out. His uncle was tired of Angel's constant attraction to crime, handing him over to the Romano Family. Angel started off doing what he did from his early ages, robbing and extorting stores. He quickly made his way up the chain, from running bookies to ordering soldiers around. He landed a comfortable position as a Caporegime, after earning the family's trust.

Angel's boss. He admires the woman's power and her draw towards danger. Despite her clear authority over him, he nevertheless risks his life by constantly flirting with her. The success of his flirtation is yet to be determined.
Angel met Violeta during his early bartending years, before getting involved with the Romano Crime Family. They dated for a few months, he even attended some of her boxing matches to support her. He later joined the Romanos, ending the relationship and leaving behind some very, very bad blood.

Although Conor and Angel can casually share a drink and laugh together, Angel would be hesitant to call him his friend. They've known each other since their early years in crime and have had multiple run ins with one another (while being on opposing sides). They've never engaged in a fight with each other and even shared a beer while they watched a couple of Romano and Sullivan soldiers brawl it out, right outside the Emerald.

Now, even Angel knows this one is incredibly risky. While he is usually open and obvious about his attraction to certain women, he would never openly admit his desire for Lena. Aware of the repercussions, he keeps his flirtation quiet with her and minimal, at most, in public. Despite her being 10 years younger than him and the daughter of a powerful and ruthless mob boss, he really can't help himself.
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Misty Gray

Things and Stuff

Sinead Sullivan


Age: 21 (Birthday 20th May 1928)
Affiliation: The Sullivan Gang
Occupation: Artist and Jazz Club Singer

- Singing
- Painting
- Bookkeeping

- Parties
- Flirting
- Fashion
- Champagne
- Independence

- Vincenzo Romano
- Inequality
- Hypocrisy
- Religion


Personality: Sinead is a bright and lively young woman, who oozes confidence and is able to strike up conversation with almost anyone. She's playful, enjoying light teasing and flirting with her friends - and handsome strangers. Those who know enough about her family are often surprised by how caring and laid back she is. People often make the mistake of assuming she is naive and precious, but growing up with her outspoken family taught her otherwise. If anyone is bold enough to risk her father's wrath and threaten Sinead, she will bite back fiercer than a cute little lady like herself should.

Sinead would prefer her family to be a law abiding and upstanding part of the community, but she still respects the choices her father has made. She can't deny she has lived a very comfortable life and benefited from ill-gotten funds, but she tries her best to only live a honest life herself. She loves performing and spending time with the jazz band members. As confident as she is, she won't let her parents watch her perform in public, feeling they would make her most nervous.

Despite being so upbeat, Sinead does spend a lot of time worrying about members of her family. She fears that one day someone will be killed or locked away for their crimes. Growing up in such a close household makes her unwilling to lose anyone. She would take a bullet for any of her loved ones.

History: Sinead had a good childhood, close to her parents, siblings and some of the family's gang members. Whilst the nature of the family business casts shadows on the city, the family home was surprisingly happy and normal. Her father made a point of making sure his children grew up happy. Though he may share some principles with Vincenzo Romano, he gives his children a little more breathing space. As long as Sinead doesn't betray the family or spill their secrets, she knows her father will trust her to make her own choices.

It goes without saying that her family doesn't like the Romanos, but Sinead's dislike for Vinnie goes beyond that. A few years ago, she witnessed the Romano boss stand by as his soldiers beat one of the Sullivan men to death. She's never told anyone of what she saw, but it still silently haunts her.

Sinead's favourite thing to do is get up on stage and sing at the jazz club. People would be surprised at how much she learns by observing the club's customers whilst she performs. Being as outgoing as she is, once she has finished working on the stage, she likes to mingle with the drinkers and make new friends. She knows her father worries about her when she stays out late, but she has also learned how to pinpoint which men he has sent to the club to "secretly" keep an eye on her. It doesn't help that she has managed to put herself in danger a few times!

Notable Relationships:

Conor Sullivan: What's not to like about her brother? The two middle children have always been close and she loves his cheeky sense of humour. She does worry about him when he decides to cause trouble and she often has to calm the hot-head down. But really, she knows he's a nice person with a big warm heart.

Vincenzo Romano: Ever since she saw him stand by and order a man to be beaten to death, the Italian has given her the creeps. She finds him intimidating and doesn't like being near him. She knows the Sullivan's have probably committed similar violent acts, but she's only seen Vinnie's with her own eyes.

Dylan Brigsby: Dylan plays at the jazz club some nights and through performing together, she has made friends with the older man. As he's a nice and laid back person, their personalities seem to work well together and she gets along with him really well. @Vultz

Jonathan Xin: Sinead knows him through Dylan and from the few conversations they have had, she thinks he's a decent person. Besides, he's Dylan's friend, so he must be a nice guy too. @Trignome

Lucy Sullivan: Sinead and her sister couldn't be more different. Whilst Sinead stays out of the family business, she still cherishes the normal, sisterly time they share when the eldest is in a fun mood. Sinead envies her sister's glamour and often asks for her help when getting dressed up to perform. @Bella:D

Luca D'Angelo: With Luca working so closely with her father, Sinead sees quite a bit of Luca. Despite what he does for a living, he's a nice guy and has been good to her, almost like an uncle or brother. @IIIREXIIIARCHERIIIII

Emmet Sullivan: Despite rejecting the nature of her father's business, Sinead loves her dad and clings on to any normal family time they get. She hates it when he sends his soldiers to watch her at the club and drive her home, but doesn't stay mad for long. Whilst her siblings make Emmet proud by carrying out jobs for the family business, Sinead feels like a disappointment; believing the only thing she does that her father could be proud of is her singing, but she's too embarrassed to invite him to watch her. @Foxy

James Porter: Sinead has a mixed relationship with James. He has been tasked with making sure she gets home from work on a few occasions and he always does so despite her protests. When she isn't angry with him for spoiling her fun, she does find him interesting to talk to and he clearly cares about her family.

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Junior Member
Angelica KingNickname(s)

Gaming dealer at a casino
-Charming and manipulating people
-Expert marksman
-Controlling a deck
-Extremely flexible
-Playing cards
-Being in charge
-Conforming to rules
-Being underestimated
-Being a follower
Personality WIP
Angelica is a very confident person, she's outgoing in all aspects of her life; romantically, socially, in her work. She's a fun individual, her daring nature drawing the attention of those who like adventure. Angel's romantic relationships rarely last too long, as she likes new things.
Later revealed
Notable Relationships WIP
Romano family - Angel works as a card dealer in a casino in which they spends some of their time. Vinnie often goes to her table, as they know each other fairly well.
Alexandra Romano - Angel and Alex have been friends since they met while she was dealing. Alex was only there because of her father, but they got along well and have been close since.​
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The world is a testing ground for human ingenuity
Dylan Brigsby(WIP)
Age: 42
Affiliation: Law Enforcement
Occupation: Detective, jazz musician on weekends
Keen Perception - decades of experience in detective work has sharpened Dylan's senses beyond that of an everyday man.

Contrabassist & Pianist - Dylan had been trained in both instruments since he was 11 years old, and still holds great skill in both instruments.

Marksman - though not on the level of his fellow detective Montgomery, Dylan is a pretty decent shot

Greco-Roman - Dylan is a 3 time gold medalist in college greco roman competitive wrestling. Despite it being so long ago, he still retains his skill and most of his initial strength

Psychological Warfare - on top of criminology, dylan studied psychology, as he took an interest in learning how the criminal mind worked. He uses perceived psychological weaknesses in a person in order to "charm" them, for lack of a better word

Incognito - Dylan is not well known as a detective to the public eye, and uses this to his advantage in order to gain intel that would not have been provided otherwise.

Likes: (5+)
-new information
-protecting the innocent

Dislikes: (5+)
-the mafia

Personality: Dylan overall is a laid back person, often preferring to take the diplomatic/pacifistic approach to a situation if circumstances allow. Along with a great love for music, he takes great interest in the psyche of other people, and will often find himself analyzing them. He's a kind and overall decent person, though at times has difficulty restraining himself from butting in during bouts in the street as to not give away his status as a cop.

History: Born on June 15th 1906, Dylan Frederick Brigsby had taken an interest in law enforcement since he was young, mostly due to his father being a well respected Chief of Police for most of Dylan's childhood. Along with law enforcement, the young dylan fell in love with music, more specifically jazz. It captivated you with the thumping of the contrabass keeping pace and wowed you with the mind bending solo pieces the ensemble created. His parents of course encouraged this and he began to learn music, as well as basic law from his dad.

During high school, Dylan began to take up greco-roman wrestling, seeing it as an alternative method of fighting, something those he may have to face would not expect. On top of all of the things he was currently doing, he began to volunteer at the police department where his father had worked at, and through the many years he was there he earned the respect of everyone there, proving he wasn't just 'some kid' through dedication and hard work in helping them with whatever was needed done. Through here, he gained access to various lawbreakers in the county jails, and their peculiar behavior compared to what dylan considered everyday people piqued his interest.

Dylan's mind was set on what he wanted to pursue when he got into college, and soon found himself earning degrees in criminology & psychology. However, things turned south as the great depression hit the US and affected the rest of the world. Though his job was stable due to him being employed by the government at this point, most businesses shut down near where he was, so it was difficult to find food. However, this problem was relatively short lived as he began growing his own food on the balcony of his apartment. It certainly wasn't enough to fill him up completely, but it provided enough nutrients to prevent muscle atrophy and keep him from dying.

Thankfully, the great depression ended with the start of world war II as the country's production of everything was kicked into overdrive. However, crime still was quite rampant due to gangs and the mafia. During the 8 years he put his focus into busting them, he met his now comrades Jon and Benny. Due to his mediated manner, Dylan was able to hold the trio together despite their differences, and together they've become one of the biggest forces in stopping the mafia, or at the very least gaining intel from them.

Notable Relationships: (Outside of family: e.g. friends, romantic, enemies)
-(let me know if anyone is interested to create a relationship of any kind with my OC)
CPD- Dylan is apart of a very well known trio within the CPD comprised of himself, Benny, & Jon. They are very close friends, despite the differing ranks and differing personalities. Despite the polarized personalities of Benny and Jon, Dylan acts as a sort of mediator for them so they might get along.
Sinead Sullivan - Dylan often plays in the combo or in duet with sinead on the nights he plays at the jazz club, and through the music and despite the age difference they have become good friends. Sinead does not appear to suspect that Dylan is part of the CPD

  • aside from a few flings throughout high school and college, dylan never seriously committed to a relationship with anyone
  • It takes about 2 full bottles of Jack Daniels for Dylan to be considered completely buzzed, though he'll usually stop after one.
  • he's written a few jazz pieces of his own here and there, but never really got around to creating a final draft of them
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A Candle
Zhangji Xin

When anger rises, think of the consequences.

Name: Zhangji Xin (Jonathan Xin)
Nicknames: China Boy, Commie, Ching, Chong, Ching-Chong
Age: 35
Affiliation: Chicago Police Department
Occupation: CPD (formerly sergeant, promoted to lieutenant)

Database: Due to his freakishly bookish habits, Jonathan keeps meticulous mental and physical records of information pertaining to his job. He is a goldmine of historical and political information, and has a keen interest in both local and international current events. Early every morning, Jonathan undergoes a ritualistic routine of combing through all the city's daily news reports. He has a strong intuition for what information is relevant to current and past CPD cases, and many officers have grown accustomed to finding typewritten notes taped to the edge of their desks.

Indoorsman: Jonathan is, as he would call himself, an indoorsman. He has a passion for the the side of the law that fights in lab coats and between large filing cabinets. Even as a lieutenant, Jonathan spends a lot of off-time attending forensic investigations and riffling through backlogs of CPD reports. While Jonathan is willing to do leg work out in the city streets, he will be the first to admit that he's not the most qualified for a midnight gun chase down the Navy Pier. Besides, his talents are much better used behind a desk. (But sometimes he does miss the wild, early days from when he was an officer in the NYPD.)

Academic: The newly-promoted lieutenant of the CPD is a strong believer in "life-long learning". Had things not gone the way they did, Jonathan would no doubt have earned all possible accolades at Princeton and spent the rest of his life as an eccentric professor. Though Jonathan has given up on his academic ambitions, he retains his determination to master the knowledge and skills pertinent to his occupation. Forensics, linguistics, and law are just a few of several subjects Jonathan routinely studies to keep up with the chaotic and volatile forces of Chicago crime-life.

Bureaucrat: Growing up with a hyper-political family and work environment, Jonathan knows how to "work the system", as it were. With the right words and social gestures, he has some of the most hard-ass superintendents and politicians molding like soft putty in his hands. He is not very proud of this ability, but knows maintaining powerful corporate connections and a good public image is part of running an effective law force. Still, Jonathan is weak to criticism that he's a "suck up" and a "shoe-shiner".​

  • People who are overly emotional and easily provoked
  • Big business
  • Public disturbances
    • Loss of civilian life
    • CPD’s excessive use of city resources
    • Alleged corruption within CPD by the mob rings
  • Paperwork (though he’s damn good at it)
  • Drinking, smoking, and gambling

  • Messing with people who are overly emotional and easily provoked
  • Diplomacy
    • Mediating between CPD’s officers and officials
    • Bolstering the public image of CPD
  • Social sciences
  • Family
  • Wearing plainclothes and speaking to civilians at social events


  • Sometimes, Jonathan will get up and pace around at the main station when he's working out a problem
    • ...and doesn't notice all the people he's bumping into.
    • He likes to keep a hand on the wall when he's pacing.
    • The hallway outside his office is 57 bricks long, minus the 4 other office doors.
  • He passed the NYPD exam on his 5th try.
    • the first few times, he failed because he couldn't land a single shot on the target during the practical portion of the exam, and eventually one of the officers gave him a desk job out of pity.
    • Jonathan did eventually learn how to fire a gun...but he's still a crap-shot.
  • He's a lightweight, and can't handle more than a half-pint before he's out cold.
Personality: Jonathan is, kindly speaking, a diplomat. His critics would call him a manipulative coward. It is true that he cuts a less than imposing figure, standing beside the battle-hardened officers with a babyish face and seemingly docile demeanor. However, Jonathan is anything but docile. He is secretive and manipulative, both of other people's and his own emotions, and never reveals his true intentions until he gets the results he wants. He is staunchly devoted, almost manic, about his responsibilities to serve the city and lead his men. Though Jonathan keeps a strict and disciplined manner, the few people who have witnessed one of his rare tempers can attest to how intensely psychotic the "CPD's Commie" can be, even unarmed and wearing a corduroy suit.

Jonathan is an effective writer and public speaker, often acting as a mediator between the city and the CPD. But he fails to be as sociable in his personal life. His family and few close friends are used to how distracted he is when he's not working, and give him lots of time alone when he's caught in one of his "fever states". However, the women he's dated were less than happy to spend their anniversaries wading through the Chicago riverbank in search of bullet casings or a drowned man's wallet.

History: Jonathan (Zhangjin) Xin was born in September of 1915, in the squalor of Chinatown, NY. Though his grandparents had immigrated in the mid-19th century to seek a better life, the Chinese Exclusion Act and the competition for jobs with other immigrating ethnic groups made these dreams impossible to achieve. By the time Jonathan was old enough to understand the value of a dollar, it was the Great Depression and his father lost his job just when his older brother, Lingzhen, was preparing to go to college. Without the money, Lingzhen couldn't go, and so he stayed in Chinatown and became a delivery driver.

Jonathan and Lingzhen were the eldest children and the only sons of the Xin family. They were years apart in age and even further apart in personality. While Lingzhen was frustrated by America's broken sociopolitical system, and fought for a better standing as a Chinese-American citizen, Jonathan quietly changed. He began to use an English name, made friends with the "white boys" outside of Chinatown, and studied hard in school with the dreams of one day escaping from his old life. Lingzhen, meanwhile, got involved with a radical political group and began avoiding Jonathan, calling him a sell-out and a coward. Jonathan also began to avoid speaking to his brother, and instead focused on his studies. Once he got his scholarship, once he got his high salary job, he could take his family out of the slums.

Yet even the most meticulous plans can run awry. By the time he was 17, Jonathan had joined a police academy to serve in the NYPD. He reassured his parents that this was what he wanted, all along, and he wasn't acting any differently because of his older brother. But Jonathan wasn't a man of action, he was a man of plans, and he already had a new goal in mind. First, he would work in the NYPD, then he would request a transfer to the CPD when he earned enough seniority in the force. In 3 years, Jonathan got the results he wanted. The superintendent was impressed with his hard work and ambitious nature, and agreed to sign off on his transfer as a gang specialist to the CPD.

At the age of 22, Jonathan finally left the slums of Chinatown, NY. He told his parents he would send letters and checks. He told his 3 younger sisters they'd better not see any strange men while he was gone. Then he boarded the train for Chicago, all the while telling himself that this was what he wanted, all along.

Notable Relationships:
Vincenzo Romano: Jonathan respects the patriarch of the Romano family for his political prowess and commanding presence. Since his early years as a gang specialist in the NYPD, Jonathan has learned how fine the line is between good people and good people who do bad things. To him, Vincenzo Romano is a great man, but one who's underlying actions are a threat to the public peace. No matter how much people believe that "the underground life stays underground", Jonathan knows that what lies underground can always find its way to destroy what's built on the surface.

Fortuna de la Stella: The CPD keeps close tabs on members of the main Romano family, and perhaps the only person with records extensive enough to rival Vinnie Romano's are that of his consigliere, Fortuna Stella. Jonathan has met the right-hand woman of the Romanos only a few times, and usually close by the side of the family's patriarch during a prominent social gathering. He sees Lady Luck as an enigma and an important part of the organization that he is trying to take down.

Alexandra Romano: TBD. Most likely have never met.
Sinead Sullivan: Jonathan is quite aware that Sinead is the daughter of a mob boss. But he's gotten to know her through Detective Dylan Bigsby and doesn't think she poses any threat to the CPD or civilians. In fact, he's more concerned with how the mob life might pose a threat to Sinead, and often takes an over-protective brotherly role towards Sinead, much to her annoyance.
Benjamin Montgomery: Benny is one of the best detectives CPD has and Jonathan knows the man is an invaluable asset against the Romanos. While he acknowledges the other man's abilities, Jonathan often finds himself wondering, again and again, whether it's not better to just have the man transferred to another department. The CPD's top detective is something of a loose cannon and the "higher-ups" prefer everything to be neatly tied down and accounted for. Which leaves Jonathan with the hard task of chasing after Benny when he goes off-the-books, as well as nagging the detective for his investigation reports. But at the end of the day, Jonathan appreciates Benny's dedication to the job, even if some of the detective's methods are a bit...unorthodox.

Dylan Brigsby: It's no secret in the CPD that the Bureaucrat and the Soldier are polarizing officers. And everyone knows to get Dylan to sort the two out when they're having another argument on the job. Though Dylan is a lower rank, Jonathan is more lax about commanding respect from him. In fact, the lieutenant holds the jazz detective in high regard, and often defers to his greater CPD experiences when making decisions for the team. There are jealous rumors that both Dylan and Benny are chummy with lieutenant Jonathan, despite only being detectives, and that they frequent bars together. But these rumors are easily dismissed because Dylan likes his whiskey, Benny is a wild shot, and Jonathan...doesn't drink.
Maite Azarola: He frequents the Azarola's bar, sometimes following a lead that traces the Azarolas back to the Romanos. But Jonathan has never gotten anything substantial out of either Maite or Danel, and so spends most of his time at the bar listening to the other patrons' gossiping. He always orders fruit juice and leaves a good tip. Sometimes he chats with Maite when it's not a busy night. He has convinced himself it's because he likes to annoy Danel, but he may have other reasons for wanting to get close to Maite.

Danel Azarola: Jonathan doesn't dislike Danel, but he doesn't like the hot-blooded young man either. He worries that one day, one of the CPD (most likely Benny) will antagonize the bar security enough to start a (very public) brawl. And Jonathan wants to keep out trouble at his favorite bar, even though he doesn't drink. He wonders if Danel doesn't like him because he somehow knows he's a cop.
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Misty Gray

Things and Stuff

Conor Sullivan

Age: 22 (DOB 19th Feb 1927)
Affiliation: The Sullivan Gang
Occupation: Manager of "The Emerald" Irish Pub.
Messenger, muscle and mediator for his father. "Apprentice".

- Hand-to-hand combat, brawling and self-defence
- Very strong and athletic
- Skilled with a handgun (but prefers knives)
- First aid
- Picking locks

- Drinking and socialising
- Working out
- Romance and beautiful women
- Spending time with his family
- Risk-taking
- Antagonising his rivals

- Authority
- Losing his temper
- Anyone who takes advantage of his sisters
- Cheats

Conor is one of the best friends a person could have. He's charismatic, charming, has a good sense of humour and a big heart. If you're good and honest with Conor, he'll treat you well in return. He's protective over his family and goes out of his way to make sure his loved ones are happy.

Despite his tall and muscular physique, people make the mistake of assuming this fun-loving and approachable man is harmless. However, in a split second, he can go from laughing and joking with someone to headbutting them, if they provoke him or say the wrong thing. Mess with his sisters and you'll be lucky to see tomorrow.

He understands his family business and is able to adopt a mature approach when speaking with those of importance. He manages the pub well, but takes a more backseat approach, often leaving his staff to do their job whilst he sits drinking with his friends and customers.

One of Conor's biggest flaws is his sharp tongue and lack of respect for authority figures. He's spent A number of nights sobering up in a jail cell after getting into arguments or antagonising the cops. This has also worked in his favour as he's managed to use his personality alone to innocently befriend some of the cops.

Conor has been a scrapper since he was a kid, often getting into fights with his peers whilst out on the streets. He seemed to get away with it, being that he was really a nice boy and his father wanted him to grow up tough anyway. As Conor got older, he wanted a part in the family business and he would go out pick-pocketing and intimidating others with his friends.

In his mid-teens, he began building up his strength and put petty theft behind him, realising his father wished for him to be doing more important jobs for the Sullivans. Over the last few years, Conor has moved on to bigger things. He's been involved in robbing some of the businesses Vinnie takes cuts from and even bringing some of Romano's lower ranking soldiers over to the Irish gang's side. So far the Italian boss hasn't suspected Conor of being behind any losses - Vinnie underestimates Sullivan's lad and thinks he's just some dumb pretty boy. However, everyone who knows the Sullivans knows Conor is an important part in the Irish family's business.

Between managing his pub, Conor does a lot to coordinate operations and ensure the Irish gang members are well informed and rewarded. He is very popular amongst the gang members and is even welcoming to strangers. Whilst he tries to keep his aggressive side in, he will attack when provoked or if his friends are threatened. So far he's only ever been arrested for petty crimes and been released without charges.

Notable Relationships:


Emmet Sullivan: Conor has a great respect for his father and the family business, and isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty on Emmet's behalf. He is close to his dad and they get on really well, despite Conor's reckless behaviour often getting him into trouble with his old man. Regardless, Conor does a lot for his father and won't hear a bad word said about him. @Foxy

Lucy Sullivan: Conor is far from stupid, but he knows his older sister is the brains of the Sullivan kids and he will often ask her for advice. When she is in one of her serious moods, the pair can end up arguing, but this is usually due to Conor playfully pestering at her until he gets a reaction. When Lucy is in a more relaxed mood, the two of them have a lot of fun together. @Bella:D

Sinead Sullivan: Conor adores his little sister and will kill anyone who brings harm to her. The fact she tries to keep out of the family's business makes him want to protect her more as she is too innocent to suffer for the crimes of her relatives. When he's angry or out of control, Sinead is the best person to calm him down as he can never resist her sweet nature.

Luca D'Angelo: With Luca being around the family for as long as he can remember, Conor trusts him and often forgets his father's right-hand man isn't a relative. The two get along quite well and have shared many interesting conversations in the pub. @IIIREXIIIARCHERIIIII

James Porter: Conor and James will have a few drinks together when the latter isn't driving one of the gang around. James can be quite serious, but Conor soon gets the older man to have fun after enough persuasion.


Vincenzo Romano: Naturally, Conor doesn't like his father's worst enemy. Whilst the Sullivans are guilty of violence and intimidation, he thinks Vinnie is much worse. He finds the man to be too cold and calculating. Conor can't help but think he lucked out with his family - Vinnie seems far too overbearing to be truly close to his own family. Conor has an innate desire to piss that man off in any way he can.

Alexandra Romano: Conor doesn't know too much about Alex, but his friends once dared him to ask her on a date. Knowing what Vinnie would do and being happy enough with his life and manhood, he decided against going ahead with the dare. Being the hot-blooded guy he is, Conor does think she is cute, though - such a shame she's a Romano. @neverbackdown

Giovannia Masciarelli: Conor has known him a while and though they've had a few gang-related run-ins, they've shared a few casual drinks too. He seems like a decent enough guy and one Conor could call a friend if circumstances were different. As they've never had any personal issues with each other, Conor is happy enough being friendly with Angel. @Enzyme


Conor doesn't like authority figures, so by default he dislikes anyone in law enforcement. He does his best to avoid the like of Detectives Montgomery and Brigsby, and Lieutenant Xin. No stranger to a police cell for a "sleepover", he has befriended some of the cops at the CPD. There's nothing sinister in the civilities, he just tipsily talked their heads off from his cell one night and now he's on first-name terms with them. They do flippantly tell him to keep out of trouble, but know he won't listen.

Azarolas: Conor has been in their bar a couple of times before. Naturally, it isn't the most comfortable situation, but sometimes the Sullivan lad likes to test his luck. Whilst he hasn't really spoken with Danel, he knows he'll never make friends with that one. Despite knowing she is close to Vinnie, Conor has found Maite to be nice enough. As long as they're civil to him, he see no reason to cause trouble with them. @Maxilgal


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The Mischievious

Lloyd Castellano

20 Years Old

Romano Family Affiliate

Occupation: Gang member, casino skimmer
Skills: Lockpicking, money laundering, adept at both lying and weapon usage

- Drinking & Gambling
- Photography
- Girls
- Party/Gathering Crashing
- Music/Playing Guitar

- Fashion
- Authority/The law
- Reading
- Jail
- Public Speaking

Personality: Lloyd is your typical, nonchalant gangster. He's laid back and fairly lazy, preferring to sit on street corners and with other members of the Romano family smoking and drinking, having a good time. While he can have a hot temper, rarely can someone push his buttons enough to set him off. Lloyd is uncaring and passive, preferring to not get involved in any business but his own. He is a big flirt, though has never been known to settle with a woman, seemingly dissatisfied by them all. He's adept at any gang task he's put to by the higher ups, and will jump in on any task he can.

History: Lloyd's family was good friends with the Romanos, since both families still lived in Italy. He was born in the US, raised by his family, who all immigrated from Italy. He was the youngest in a family of six children, and one by one they were lost to the gang life or prison. Lloyd remembers sitting in the living room with his family, smoke hanging in the air as the police raided his house. Being the only kid left, the cops put Lloyd into the foster program, though he frequently ran away and taught himself skills on the street. When he was older, Lloyd rekindled the old family friendship with the Romanos, meeting some gangsters around the city. Eventually, Lloyd made friends, and would spend most of his days stealing smoking and drinking. To this day, the first friends he made within the gang stick with him. He doesn't have any particular fondness towards the Romanos, but was told stories by the family back when he was young. While not interested in the authority the Boss wields, Lloyd prefers the authority of him over the law.

Notable Relationships:
Best friends with Monte
Good friends with Danel since his first days with the Romano Family

Violeta "Violent or V Rey" Reyaz

21 Years Old
Sullivan Gang Affiliate

Occupation: Gang member, boxer, waitress, thief
Skills: Boxing, pickpocketing, lockpicking, martial arts

- Boxing
- Reading
- Cello playing
- Smoking
- Hiking
- Winning

- Crowds
- The Romanos
- Losing
- Rain
- Rodents

Personality: Violeta is as odd as they come. She's short, meek and modest. She has a soft voice, and often looks down, giving herself the appearance of a shy young lady. She loves to read and spend time outdoors, as it calms her down more and keeps her nerves at ease. That said, she gets mad when anyone calls her anything but Violent or V Rey, and calling her Violeta is an absolute no-no. She works hard at waitressing and is actually quite an intelligent, well spoken young lady. That said, she's a different beast when she's angry, fighting, or hanging out with the gang. Violent tends to be witty, with a sharp tongue and a relentless attitude. Once she gets angry she's hard to tame until she's won. Violent is stubborn, and walks with a chip on her shoulder, and while she will fight for herself, she likes to stay out of the limelight and tends to have anxiety in crowds.

History: Violent's history is long, starting out as an orphan on the streets in California. Her father had crossed the border from Mexico, falling in love with a young woman and having Violent. Soon after, her mother left her father for a rich man on the east coast. Her father was heartbroken, but at just five years of age, Violent's father was deported, and Violent was left without a family on the streets. Another child who slipped through the cracks. Throughout her time on the streets, various law enforcement would take care of her, giving her food and shelter for the night and occasionally giving her clothes. It was from this Violent gained a respect for law enforcement, though it made her none the more likely to follow the law. For a while she tagged along with other misfit children, until becoming familiar with several gang kids and hanging around them. It was from those kids that Violent learned to fight and pickpocket. It was also where she earned her nickname. At just twelve years old, Violeta Reyaz was ridiculed by the boys for her feminine name. One day the skinny young girl snapped, and so did several bones of one of her tormentors. They called her violent, crazy, and from that Violeta picked up her nickname. After breaking a couple fingers of a gang leaders kid, Violent ran away again, this time hitchhiking and walking all the way to the east coast, where she hoped to find her mother, though she knew and remembered very little. When she arrived, she tried to find her mother, searching everywhere until settling down in the city and getting her first real job, one cleaning dishes at just fourteen years old. At sixteen, Violent became a waitress. The more time Violent spent in the city, the more and more she was drawn back to the gang life again. Violent would attend gang parties and smoke with the boys, and after some time, Violent gained both their respect and trust. She was 19 when she had her first relationship, a rocky one with none other than Giovanni Masciarelli. A short one, it ended in a fight and a hate Violent wouldn't soon forget. It was at this time Violent decided to join the Sullivan gang, with a vendetta against Angel. With the money earned being a waitress and stealing, Violent also picked up the cello, though she rarely plays anymore.
Notable Relationships:
Giovanni "Angel" Masciarelli (former love interest, now personal enemy)

Monte "Mad Dog" Romano

25 Years Old
Romano Family Affiliate

Occupation: Gang member, hustler
Skills: Stealing, ability to read body and facial language, card counting, lying

- Clean Fights
- Having Authority
- Tricking people
- Smoking
- Dressing classy


Personality: Monte is as you might expect the son of a powerful Italian gangster to be. He's charming, intelligent and cunning. He's a snake of a man, though he doesn't mind helping the public and others on occasion, though this is moreso due to the rewards he might reap than actually caring for them. He's egotistical, with a mind for murder and a cunning, heartless demeanor. He's not afraid to show someone he's above them and will lord his ability to read people over them.
Notable Relationships: (Outside of family: e.g. friends, romantic, enemies)

Theme Song
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Misty Gray

Things and Stuff

Katherine "Kate" Henderson

Age: 27 (1st March 1922)
Affiliation: Neutral. "Switzerland"
Birthplace: Chicago, IL, USA.
Occupation: Formerly a legitimate nurse. Now treats gangsters from all sides and works part-time as a tailor's assistant.

- Medical and nursing skills
- Listening to problems
- Keeping secrets
- Self-defence

- Socialising and dating
- Reading and studying
- Most of the Romanos and the Sullivans
- Helping others
- Listening to other peoples' problems and offering advice
- Saving lives and treating injuries

- People who don't trust her
- Patriarchal mindsets of the law and professionals
- Being misjudged
- Mind games
- Those who attempt to take advantage of her
Kate was once a polite and unimposing young woman, until she ended up losing her job and getting locked up. Since then, she has become more confident, fiery and no-nonsense. She speaks her mind and doesn't let people take advantage of her. She is extremely trustworthy and well-practised in keeping secrets, so gets pretty irritated if people don't trust her. Those who know her well enough know she's intelligent, caring and fun.

Kate's first encounter with a gangster was with Vincenzo Romonas when he broke his arm, a year before he went to fight in the war. They spoke on a number of occasions during his treatment and she found him to be quite interesting. She didn't speak with him again until he returned for medicals and check ups after the war. By that point she knew a little more about who the Romanos Family were, but she remained non-judgemental and professional in not discussing any suspicious injuries he would have.

At the same time, Kate was hiding the fact that one of the doctors was obsessed with her and began practically stalking the young nurse. When Dr Grant Oldfield began taking things too far, she put in a complaint about him, which is obviously denied. Taking the man's word over hers, Kate was accused of lying and fired from her job. When she was out with friends one evening, Grant followed them to the bar and approached Kate, she was furious. Without second thought, she smashed a glass in his face and ended up blinding him in one eye.

Kate spent the next few months in prison and by the time she was released, she learned how to properly defend herself in the future. Upon her release, she also learned that Grant had disappeared a few weeks into her prison sentence. With no money and nowhere to go, she turned up in Vinnie's favourite bar one evening and asked for his help. Vinnie helped her get back on her feet, but she had to do a few jobs for him in return. Once she had paid her debt, she offered to be a trusted nurse should he or his gang ever need help.

Kate has been working part-time in a tailor's shop and being an "underground" nurse (for a fee) for the last two years. She is impartial and trustworthy, having made a good name for herself amongst both the Romanos and Sullivans. Although she knows Vinnie helped her to get where she is now, she made him agree that she would not have to take sides. He has tested her on a number of occasions and found she keeps true to her word by never sharing any information she learns.

Notable Relationships:


Kate has met a few of the Sullivans by now and finds them to mostly be a good bunch. She loves how funny and relaxed some of them are, despite their criminal activities. The likes of Conor are regulars at her place, as they're often involved in brawls.


Kate finds the Romanos to be a little more serious than the Sullivans, but they're still great company to be in. Although she owes the family the most, she does not favour them over the other gangs and would never share any secrets she learns. She has never had confirmation, but she is by now certain that Vinnie was behind Grant Oldfield's disappearance - she only hopes the doctor suffered.


Kate generally doesn't mind the cops as long as they stay away from her - she isn't committing any crimes by helping injured friends, so they have no reason to bother her. Although she respects that they're doing their jobs, she has a general distaste for cops and lawyers as she believes they're pretty much a bunch of patriarchal assholes.

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Moo. Just Moo.
Giorgio Romano

Nicknames: Gio, George

Age: 23

Affiliation: Romano Family

Occupation: Gangster, Gambler

- Knows his way around a deck of cards. While his gambling career isn't entirely clean, most of his earnings are honestly won.
- It's easy for him to strike up a conversation around the table, which has proved useful in obtaining contacts and information.
- Like his siblings, he's been taught the ins and outs of self-defense and the intricacies of handling a gun.

- A Fair Game
- Gossip
- Political Discussions
- Good Conversationalists
- Crowds

- Complacency
- Rowdy Ruffians
- Poor Sports
- Socialism
- Taking Orders

Personality: Any insider within the Romano family would be quick to point out Giorgio's apparent "dissent" from the family business, so to speak. While he is certainly more of a free spirit than the likes of his father or his brother, he still loyally serves his family nonetheless. Rather than participating in turf wars or the like, he'd much rather spend his time in personal pursuits, a common topic of several familial disputes in the past. Even so, he's found himself very much ingrained in the war between gangs, despite his indifference towards it. He's much more of a diplomat than a fighter, being a sucker for a long and hearty conversation. Being a heavy thinker paints him as more of a reserved and calculating person, though many know of his ability to thrive in a social setting. That isn't to say he doesn't enjoy witnessing the occasional bar fight, though he does resent people who hold too much self-pride. It's part of the reason why many gang members often rub him the wrong way, family included. Regardless, he feels an obligation to serve the family he was born into, whom he still loves and values to a great deal.

History: Born the younger son (but still a son regardless) of Vincenzo Romano, Giorgio was introduced to the empire his father headed at a relatively young age. Whereas his brother Monte had seemingly welcomed the thought of inheriting the business, Giorgio was a bit less receptive to the idea. As the years passed, he felt as if being integrated into the business was a rather restricting process. He had complied with his father's wishes nonetheless, even though his lack of enthusiasm for operating within the Romano family was easily spotted. Admittedly, this sentiment has changed over the years as he's become more involved with Romano operations, but he's far from being prideful of it.

His real passion, instead, lied in the act of gambling. From the instant he stepped into his first casino, he's been captivated by both the social and competitive aspect of the sport. Growing up, Giorgio was always one of the social bunch who found friends in a variety of places. This much would continue into his later years, where success in his gambling career and reputation had resulted in him acquiring a number of acquaintances and the connections that came along with it. Seeing it as an opportunity to help out the family, Giorgio has continued to expand his social network through his success at the casino table, where he spends most of his days. Most of the contributions he makes to the Romano family (aside from running his father's errands or the such) thus come in the form of providing contacts or intelligence, a job he is happy to perform on a daily business.

Yet, his actions are far from being solely for the gang's benefit. In fact, most of his conversations are held for his own personal interest and entertainment. National politics, for instance, has been one of his bigger interests among others as of late. He's generally rather knowledgeable when it comes to current events and is often up-to-date with news. Nowadays, he lives a comfortable life of gambling, conversing, and serving his family whenever he is called upon.

Notable Relationships:

It's obvious that he isn't as invested in the family business as his father or brother. Not wanting to disappoint the family however, he has more or less accepted the gang life and the responsibilities that come along with being Vinnie's son.

Personally, he harbors little hatred against the Sullivans, never antagonizing them to the extent that the rest of his family does. Still, he regards them as enemies and knows better than to think or act as if otherwise.

He's tried his best to steer clear of the CPD's attention, an effort which has been somewhat successful. He likes to believe he has a mutual agreement with them, staying out of their business if they agree to do the same.


Yes, I put pineapple on pizza. Sue me.

Nickname: (if applicable) Luce,Lu
Age: (sons/daughters see available characters tabs) 23
Affiliation: (leave blank if neutral) Sullivan family
Appearance: (realistic images only)

Occupation: Family business. She has her business Degree and is often helping her father with his business.
Skills: Mathematically skilled. Quick on her feet and well she has a decent shot when people aren't dancing (too soonXD)​

Likes: (5+)
Her family
Having fun
Dislikes: (5+)
People who think they know everything
Boring people
Sarcasm (even if she starts it)
fake people​

Personality: Lucy is more than just the eldest daughter of the Sullivan family and she will make sure anyone who crosses her knows it. Many who meet her for the first time often say that she is calmer and wiser than the rest of her siblings. She would definitely not argue with that. But it seemed that she had to be since the day she was born. She is a bit on the serious side. Not taking things as lightly as her father or siblings might. She is stubborn and very observant, so if something about someone rubs her the wrong way, she will find out what dirt you are hiding. On the lighter side of things, Lucy does like to have fun when there is time for it, she cracks a few jokes, has a few beers and knows how to have a good time. But she only shows those true colors around people who she trusts.
History: Lucy was born in the fall. October 3rd to be exact. Her mother always swore that she was a spitfire from the moment she was born. Always looking to help her father whenever possible and making sure that he was well taken care of. From the time she was born, her father was her favorite person in the world. Not that she hated her mother, it was that she tended to baby the boys more and expected Lucy to be a lady.
Notable Relationships: (Outside of family: e.g. friends, romantic, enemies)


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Greed Mcknob

Era of Nightmare
Name: Luca Piero D'Angelo
Nickname: N/A
Age: 37
Affiliation: Sullivan Gang

Occupation: Right hand man of Sullivan boss
• Martial Arts
• marksman- He can use any type of firearms, but mostly sticks to dual wielding guns.
• Polyglot- Italian, English, Spanish, French and Latin.
√ Drinking
√ Smoking
√ Gambling
√ Weapons
√ Sour candy
√ Spicy Food
√ Sullivan Gang
× Traitors
× Cheaters
× Cops
× Disrepect
× Sweets
Personality: Luca is one of the most loyal and respectful in Sullivan gang and will do anything to make no one not even lower ranking members are killed. He is usually calm and will be often be found at the Emerald Irish pub. While he may seem calm and is barely serious, he has no problem putting a bullet through the head of anyone that messes with him or The Sullivan.
History: Luca Piero D'Angelo history isn't known by anyone but him. He barely speaks about it be cause he thinks it needs to be left behind and for him to start a new life. One thing that a lot of people in the Sullivan Family and Gang know is that Luca has been with them since the longest time and has been there with the boss and even was there when his kids were born.
Notable Relationships: (Outside of family: e.g. friends, romantic, enemies)
Emmet Sullivan- His boss and someone that he follows through the ups and down. He was giving a chance by Emmet to be the person who he is today and he will stand by his side and stay loyal both to him and his family.
Sinead Sullivan- He has been there for her since she was born. He considers her like his own daughter. He will do anything to make sure she is always happy.

Vicenzo Romano- He doesn't really trust this man.

CPD- He may not be able to stand them at all but he stays neutral towards all of them except Jonathan Xin, someone who really doesn't trust and stand.

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A Sweet Potato


Katherine Avera



Neutral but tends to work with the PD or Romanos


Reporter/Columnist for the newly-formed Chicago Sun-Times

Gathering intel, record-keeping, espionage

Women in the workplace, a good pair of heels, whiskey, libraries, radio, jazz

Sticky typewriter keys, misogyny, seduction as a means to get information, having things tight around her neck, pants

Kitty has always been interested in finding out what's really going on, although it's usually to further her own personal knowledge - she figures out what should be done with the information only after she has it. She's pretty headstrong with her "I do what I want" attitude, but that's what got her a job in a male-dominated field; she didn't get out of the home advice column because she kept quiet. Still, she recognizes the difference between asserting your place in the world versus being self-absorbed, although there have been multiple occasions in which she put her own desires first in articles. She also tends to be a little awkward about relationships, though that isn't to say she's not a fan.

Kitty's father is a Jewish immigrant who moved to the US back in 1920 after he married her mother, who was French and Catholic. They opened their own grocery store shortly after arriving and somehow made it through the Depression without much damage. Katherine went to college abroad in England shortly before the war really broke out. When things became intense, her parents pleaded with her to return to the US, but she went against their wishes and acted as a spy and informant for the British government, keeping track of fascist activities and Nazi-sympathizers on and around campus. She returned to the US after graduation and worked as a Home Advice columnist for The Chicago Tribune for a while. However, a family friend soon connected her with someone over the just-forming Chicago Sun-Times, and she fought to be hired as a regular reporter and journalist.
Katherine has one younger sister named Mary. She lives in a women's boarding house near her office downtown.

Notable Relationships:
The Chicago PD - She's worked with the department (or rather, pestered them into working with her) while writing several stories in the past, although they don't especially love her poking around.

Giovanni "Angel" Masciarelli (@Enzyme ) - This notorious ladies man hasn't exactly ignored Kitty. Despite his attempted "wooings," Kitty remains awkward about any sort of flirtations.

Sable Sherman (@Foxy ) - Kitty wrote an article series on women in the workplace a while back, and the two women ended up bonding over the course of the interview. Not only are they friends, however, but also housemates.

Monte "Mad Dog" Romano -

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Misty Gray

Things and Stuff

James Porter

Nickname: The Mechanic
Age: 28 (Birthday 4th July 1921)
Affiliation: The Sullivan Gang

Occupation: Gangster/Chauffeur/Mechanic. Usually drives the Sullivan Boss or Luca D'Angelo around.

Fixing and modifying cars
Fighting and physical strength
Extensive knowledge of the city
Remembering tiny details
Short and long-range shooting

People watching
The Sullivans
Fixing cars
Strong women

The Romanos
People damaging his cars
Anyone who harms a Sullivan
Smug and egotistical people

James can be quite serious when he's working, but that's mostly because he likes to be focused and fully attentive to what is going on around him. Although he likes to hear a good joke, he rarely delivers any himself. Having learned from experience and his time in jail, James has learned to remain calm and think over his actions before retaliating to any provocation. That's not to say there will be no retaliation as he can deliver both a good beating and a convincing threat.

When he's not on duty, James relaxes a little more and enjoys spending time drinking in the Emerald or gambling at one of the casinos. He's popular with women, but has yet to find someone he could see himself committing to.

James has been working for the Sullivans since he was a boy. Whilst his father provided muscle to the gang, James and his young friends would partake in petty thefts and less complex break-ins. When he was 15, James' father was given a life sentence for murdering one of the Romano gang members. A couple of years later, the man was killed in prison after a fight broke out. Although James vowed to stay out of prison himself, he did end up serving two shorts sentences in jail for theft and assault, during the early 1940s.

A little wiser, but still not smart enough to stay clean, James became reacquainted with the Sullivans and began taking on more complex jobs. When the Irish Boss realised James had a knack for fixing cars and was a competent bodyguard, he hired him as his chauffeur. James has been driving for the Sullivans for the last three years and has proved himself to be a loyal member of the gang.

Notable Relationships:


Luca Piero D'Angelo: Often driving Luca around, James has formed a strong friendship with the man and they often head to the casino together when they can. @IIIREXIIIARCHERIIIII

Lucy Sullivan: James would be lying if he said he hadn't been attracted to Lucy in the past as she's both strong and beautiful. However, James knows better than to get involved with his Boss' daughters, so he treats her as a friend and colleague only. @Bella:D

Violeta Reyaz: James enjoys working with Violent. He respects her for being so tough and the fact they can have some intelligent conversations together adds bonus points. @Foxy

Conor Sullivan: James and Conor have been known to be out getting drunk together, with the younger man being highly entertaining. However, James sees a lot of his younger self in Conor and hopes the lad reins in his temper and becomes less impulsive before it's too late.


By default, James has no time or tolerance for the Romano family and their gang members. Even the likes of Giorgio and Alex don't have his respect and understanding. @neverbackdown @Mooriot

Monte Romano: James doesn't like Monte and not simply because he's the eldest son of Vinnie. He finds Monte to be too egotistical for his liking and the pair have shared harsh words in the past. It all started when James accused Monte of counting cards at the casino. @Foxy

Giovanni Masciarelli: Like many of Vinnie's men, the only words James has exchanged with Angel haven't been kind ones. He doesn't trust him and his position in the Romano family makes him automatically an enemy. @Enzyme

Fortuna de la Stella: Whilst Fortuna is a strong, attractive and skilled woman, James can't get past the fact she is Vinnie's right-hand woman. He considers her a danger to those he protects and cares for, so would treat her the same as any other enemy. @Maiza Avaro

Vincenzo Romano: The fact Vinnie has such a popular persona amongst the community angers James. He finds the Italian Boss to be a a cold and smug man, who he would happily go to jail for killing.


Maite Azarola: James quite likes the bar owner and has had some decent conversations with her. Despite knowing she's loyal to Vinnie, he doesn't hold the same intolerance for her as he does the Romano gang. However, he believes she'd be better distancing herself from the Italians and they're a barrier between him considering her a friend. @Maxilgal


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The Mischievious
Emmet Sullivan

44 Years Old
Sullivan Gang Affiliate

Occupation: Head of the Sullivan Gang, distillery owner,head of several illegal trades and small businesses
Skills: Businessman, planning and plotting, drink mixing, keeping his hands (seemingly) clean, proficient with most weapons

- Drinking his own alcohol
- Having a beard
- Things going according to plan
- Weapons
- A smooth running business

- Vinnie Romano
- Chaos
- Being threatened
- Not being in charge
- Non alcoholic alcoholic beverages
- Being called 'Em'

Personality: While Emmet prefers having a beard, he can be seen with both a beard and clean shaven. He's an upstanding man, knowing the importance of having the public on your side for the most part. He's quite intelligent, despite having never gone to any university or college, and is excellent at managing his small businesses. His pride and joy is his personal distillery, which is said to produce some of the best (and most expensive) alcohol in Chicago. Emmet is a family man first, though he treats his whole gang as his family. Courteous, polite and friendly, Emmet is the opposite when his family is threatened. He's severely protective of his gang, and takes things personally when his family is attacked. Emmet is a control freak, however, and requires most everything to be in top top shape running smoothly. He is absolutely annoyed when chaos surrounds him, and most of his gang movements, in turn, are carefully plotted out. He's quite a charming man, and while the plotting sort, he doesn't come of as sinister, even to his closest friends. Emmet is the kind of man to order a man's execution with a pleasant demeanor and a smile on his face. He puts others at ease, and through that has made many friends on the streets of Chicago.

History: Emmet Sullivan immigrated from Ireland as a young lad, and his Irish accent is ever so slight. His family was poor, and once they settled in Chicago, Emmet took to the streets, befriending gangsters and other people of the shady sort. For a long time he worked at the factories until he began to build a friend base he could trust, one that would walk to the ends of the Earth and kill for him. It was from these friends that Emmet built the Sullivan gang. Early in his gang career, Emmet joined the military, and his friends ran his trade. It was there Emmet gained an affinity for weapons, learning to use many types, and returning home from the war with more knowledge, knowledge that now helps him keep a fairly clean image in the eyes of the public. The job wasn't without its drawbacks though. None of his main friends remain, as they all did the brunt of his dangerous dirty work, and have been killed or arrested, save for one friend who went clean. Emmet, since creating his gang, has made a point to be frequently seen around Chigago, interacting with the public and supporting local businesses. Despite his largely public image, Emmet stays safe by sticking to his own gang controlled territory, only venturing out when the feud between the Romano's gets out of hand.

Notable Relationships: TBD

Sable Sherman

24 Years Old
No Affiliation

Occupation: Welder, Aircraft Mechanic, Pilot
Skills: Welding, flying

- Welding
- Aviation
- Beauty/Fashion
- Dancing
- Animals

- Cocky men
- Losing
- Things breaking
- Dishonesty
- Smoking

Personality: Sable is a powerful, independent young woman who fears none and nothing. She hails from the UK, and as such, has a defined accent when she speaks. In Chicago, Sable learned that life is tough, and through it she became a spitfire of a woman who speaks the truth, even if it's brutally honest. She doesn't back down to anyone or anything, this learned from working in an industry filled with men. She learned to weld soon after coming to America, and while performing work on aeroplanes, Sable learned to pilot them. She cares a lot about her appearance, however to think that her attendance to her looks detracts from her skills would be preposterous. She's a chin up, straight back confident woman who takes no shit, and doesn't leave any question as to her intentions. Sable especially enjoys dancing as a pastime, and can be often found in her home dancing alone.

History: Sable lived in the UK until she was fifteen, then moved to the US shortly after her birthday. Her parents were absent in her life, and as a child, Sable had saved up money to fly to the US and start her own life. As a young girl, she rarely had money for pretty clothes nor time to attend to hair or makeup, which is why now that Sable defends her appearance so fiercely. Disinterested in getting married and being a housewife, Sable forced her way into the aviation industry, teaching herself to weld and shortly after being hired to work on aeroplanes. Since then, she's learned to fly, and works with a passion most women in her field cannot even get close to. She knew about the gang tensions in Chicago, but has mostly stayed out of their hair, getting a drink once or twice at the bars on occasion, though she hates the smoke.

Notable Relationships:
Katherine "Kitty" Avera - Friends and Housemates

Theme Song
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Alena R. Romano


18 years old

Romano Family


Alena tries to help her father with the family businesses as a sideline job

-Communication skills
-Knows about 7 languages
-Hand-to-hand combat
-She knows a lot about guns


-Most Sullivans
-Arrogant people
-People who treat her like a kid

Alena may be the youngest Romano, but she is what you call the iron women. If looks could kill she would have a trail of corpses everywhere she went. She is strong, confident in the way she thinks, looks,and talks. Alena is dauntless, and stubborn. She carries herself with so much poise and grace it's almost as if she was a living breathing goddess. A downfall of her personality would have to be that she gets ticked off really easily which makes her a cold, tough, and merciful person. She is the most blunt person you'll meet that will say whatever comes to her mind if she needs to prove her point and thinks that she should put someone in their place. She doesn't tolerate rudeness and wouldn't do it to another person. Alena has also built up a tolerance again people, so she has a calm and patient side to her. Alena's voice is soothing, which is why most people will say that she has a very seductive yet calming voice to her that sounds like silk.

Alena was born into the Romano family as the youngest and last child. Being the youngest, you get treated like a little kid and from a young age Alena hated that. She hated when her father would tell her that she can't do the other things that she sees her big brothers doing and sister. Alena at a young age, always tried to prove herself worthy and tried to show her father that she wasn't a baby anymore. She devoted her time to coming up with ideas for the family business that will make her father proud of her, and she hit the books as well. Alena was a high believer of educations and in a time like this, woman were always looked upon as vulnerable, fools, or when they say that woman shouldn't meddle in a mans business's it makes her more determined to work harder. Alena when she was younger went to a boarding school for half of the time before she came back because it was becoming a bit unsafe for her. Because of the family business, she was always looked at by the other rival gang members as an easy target. One day she was taken hostage for 72 hours in a basement being tortured by rival gang members who she secretly think that it was the Sullivans who did it.But ever since that night, she hasn't entirely been herself where she wakes up sometimes screaming or crying.

Alena was then give private lessons at home, and didn't have much time to socialize with others ever since that event. Alena grew up close to her sister Alex and her brother Giorgio. She loves the both of them and feels as if she can trust them with anything. Her other brother, Monte is nice, but she feels that he is just as intimidating as her father is and he wouldn't understand what she is feeling.

Alena will sometimes think that she still has to prove to her father that shes not just some daddies girl, she wants him to see that she is independent and reliable woman that he can trust. Alena still makes it her priority to watch out for her family and always look out for them. Now Alena is looking at colleges and other things to do that will help her in the future.

Notable Relationships:
Giorgio Romano(brother)- She has a very strong attachment to her brother and she trusts him with her life. Also she goes to him whenever she has a problem or just wants to hang.
Alexander 'Alex' Romano(sister)- Alena loves her sister and she has a great bond with her sister just like her brother. Alena feels as if she can tell Alena anything.
Vincenzo Romano(father)- Alena feels as if she always has to prove herself to her father and that she wants him to be proud of her.
Emmet Sullivan- Alena feels as if it was him who had targeted her and had his men torture her when she was sixteen
Giovanni "Angel" Masciarelli(Romano worker)- Alena could pick anyone to like, it would be Giovanni. He was sweet to her, and actually asked her how her day was unlike the other guards around here. He actually cared and it made her feel all warm inside. With Giovanni she could actually sorta be herself and not put up such a tough and unbreakable wall. Alena also liked the way her named sounded when he said it. Since he's six years older than her, it is a difference in age. She still liked him, but because she has devoted such time into her education, family, and business she tries to not show emotions, but it's hard for her not too. Alena has to be super cautious around her father, and neither of her siblings know.
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A Strange Sword-Wielding Platypus

Jona Azarola

Age: 18

Affiliation: Azarolas

Occupation: Barmaid


Martzel Azarola
Age: 23

Affiliation: Azarolas

Occupation: Bar security/gangster


Ander Azarola

Age: 20

Affiliation: Azarolas

Occupation: Accountant/Bar Security/Gangster


Terese Azarola

Age: 5

Affiliation: Azarolas

Occupation: N/A




The One You Forget
Name: Declan Sullivan
Nickname: Deck, Decker
Age: 19
Affiliation: Sullivan Gang
Occupation: Unemployed
Self-taught fighter
Great knowledge with pistols and knives
Unremarkable presence
+ Women
+ Weapons
+ Reading
+ Drugs
+ Freedom
- Authority
- Police
- Romano's and their affiliates
- Being sober
- Crowds
Personality: Declan is what you call the black sheep. While his family tends to be on the public's good side, Declan.....pisses people off. He hates responsibilities, and enjoys being wild. Often he'll be out doing something really stupid or really dangerous, no in-betweens. Yet despite all this, he's trying so desperately to just be his own person without the Sullivan name looming over him. He hopes that he'll piss his father off so badly that he'll be severed from the family, and left to his own devices. Only then, he promises himself, will he sober up and be an adult.
History: Born almost two and a half years after Conor, and one year after Sinead, Declan never was given enough attention. Lucy and Sinead had dad's attention, while Conor was the perfect heir. At a young age he would go on to do just about anything for Emmet to just pay attention to him. But not once did his father, the man who he loved more than anything, even look at him. So Declan wised up, tossed his emotions out the window, and dedicated himself to hurting his father in the worst possible manner: Humiliation. Emmet would have to either kill or throw him out. And Declan would just give that man his best shit-eating grin.
Notable Relationships: None so far.

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