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Nation Building The Next Dark Age


Formerly known as Loyal Guardian
It was the year 2021, all life on Earth was normal. Streets were bustling, people talking, dogs barking, phones ringing, meetings adjourning, all apart of a normal day on Earth for humanity. That's when it all happened, at 13:00 hours observatories noted a massive CME event from the sun that was heading straight towards Earth. The size and scale of the event was 1.87 times the size of the Carrington event, a devastating amount of plasma and solar energy that would hit Earth in a matter of hours. The last news reports were about nothing else except for the incoming event that would wipe out all of the things we all took for granted. When it hit at 15:32 every electrical grid on the planet went off like a domino. Electricity and Internet, two things we all never appreciated, were ripped from us within seconds. Massive riots and bloodshed replaced the norm, causing many nations to collapse into smaller states where they could organize and rule more efficiently. This period of time saw millions die as a result of conflict, disease, and starvation. The year is now 2032, and the situation has changed very little. No major power grids are back online, only small neighborhoods scattered across the globe have their back online thanks to generators. The world now has numerous scattered states, with very few countries maintaining their national borders primarily due to their small centralized size.

This is where we turn our attention to Asia, the continent hit the hardest by the Dawson Event. This where the RP will take place and any potential expansion will be limited to Asia only. Oceania will also be included as to add more potential avenues for players. The creation of large nations will not be allowed as all nations, save for smaller more centralized ones, have splintered into smaller states. This interest check will act as a marker for players who want to claim territory locations prior to the start of the RP. For example one can not go I claim China/India/Japan but one can go I claim Heibei/Bengal/Kyushu or something along those lines. You don't have to claim an already existing subdivision, you may if you wish though, but just try to claim a territory that isn't unreasonable. This is also going to be a new player friendly RP, so in-depth mechanics such as an expansion or political system won't be put in place. With that said I do hope you enjoy the RP and look forward to RP-ing with all of you.


ゆうじん A
So serious question. North Korea (or what remains of it)... would likely be a powerhouse in this scenario... right?


Formerly known as Loyal Guardian
So serious question. North Korea (or what remains of it)... would likely be a powerhouse in this scenario... right?
Hmm, North Korea would be a tricky one, due to the fact that yes they would survive the initial blackout since you know, its North Korea. However, without electricity, their military would get weaker and weaker as farmer revolts would eventually rise higher and higher. Not to mention the fact that there would now be numerous states on its border (probably, if not then a few) that wouldn't be bound by any international repercussions. So I feel as though in this scenario the DPRK would survive the initial stages and after a few years would eventually lose some territory to revolting states and numerous invasions against them. Basically, North Korea would be one of the few nations that still exist with the same government it had before the event and more than likely one of the very very few if not the only nation to have the same head of state. So since the DPRK would be more consolidated they would have a smaller military and all that, but due to the constant invasions and rebellions it had their military may be one of the most experienced on the continent.


cosmic wanderer
Hello, this RP looks very interesting!

I'd like to claim the city of Vladivostok and it's surrounding area


Vintage Glamor Guy
Should we save forming alliances and diplomatic business for the roleplay or is it ok to discuss those things prior to creating our nations?

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