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Fantasy The Manadrunken [Characters]



Enby Sinto Tchavo
Character template:

Species (Human or Elf)
Faction: (Yewgrenian, Carrioneater, Foreigner)
Clothing: (more traditional stuff, not necessarily medieval, but not modern)
Magic type(s): (Carrioneaters and foreigners only. Though foreigners should only use magic away from Yewgrenians.)
Combat skills:
Other skills:
Alignment: (optional, The Alignment System)

Romantic orientation
Marital status
Partner (your character can be married to another persons character)
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Enby Sinto Tchavo
Name: Esha Farron

Age: 63, stopped aging around 40

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Faction: Carrioneater

Occupation: Healer/Priestess of Aeva

Appearance: specter cropped 1.png

Clothing: Often a long white off-shoulder dress with a sleeveless black turtleneck dress underneath. Alternatively, a long buttoned up white dress with a turn down collar and a black choker. Has a long white cape for winter. Usually wears boots.

Magic type(s): Mostly healing. Can use dark magic and knows the basics of fire magic.

Combat skills: Esha is proficient in hand to hand and staff combat. Can also use halberds.

Other skills: Cooking, alchemy, living skills (like chopping wood), bartering

Personality: Esha usually puts on a face of a kind person, however she sort of has resentment towards Yewgrenians with a few exceptions and feels that due to the ancient contract, she never had the freedom to choose her own work. She looks down on zealotry and values people who follow their heart instead of what they are commanded. To lure her out of her friendly facade, you usually just have to be zealous or call her "old woman" or "old witch".

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Background: Esha is a native of Deerroot. She grew up and learned her profession here. When she was a teenager, she witness the first case of Manadrunken in her life, when her older brother went feral. He was quickly subdued and killed by other family members. Years later, her mother went manadrunken, but didn't become feral. However the experience was far worse for Esha as not only was it her mother, but the form she had taken was a lot more sinister than a feral. Her mother was healing a severe injury to the point that she was struggling. When she was done, the person who was healed got up and intended to thank the woman. Suddenly, Esha's mother had glowing eyes and her blonde hair began to glow. Before the man could thank her, she brutally killed the man. Esha's mother asked the family to join her in destroying the Yewgrenians. The father approached the mother as if he was going to hug her. Esha's father then said "I'm sorry." Before decapitating his wife as she could possibly just heal herself from a stab wound.

For a while, Esha worked without incident, found a husband and had three children. But one night, a group of extremist Yewgrenians attacked their estate. Esha's husband was fatally injured and her son was severely injured. Her husband asked her to treat her child first and then him. After she healed her son, Esha noticed that her husband had passed. In a desperate attempt to bring him back, Esha gave her all, but she was coming dangerously close to becoming manadrunken. Her eyes began to glow and she was overcome by a euphoria of power. But with the help of her family, she mustered up enough willpower to fight it. Eventually, the town guard got to the estate and arrested the attackers, shipping off the leaders for execution to the capital while executing the zealot underlings publically in Deerroot. Ever since that day, Esha begrudgingly does her job, as she has no high opinion of Yewgrenians, yet must to her duties.

Romantic orientation: Biromantic

Marital partner: Past husband dead, currently none

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