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Fandom The Legend of Potter

Link Nightingale

Teller of Tales
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Long ago, there was a legend that told of untold powers, that would grant its wielder a single wish. Many have tried to find it, many have failed, that was until one faithful day...

All Link wanted to do that morning was have a quiet and peaceful breakfast that morning, something that became rare when he had become Chief of his people, but by the goddess, he was going to have one even if it killed him. However, that was short-lived when one of the guards came in with the news that a strange portal of some kind had appeared in the town square and it was starting to scare people.

With a sigh, he went to go check it out, unaware that this portal would take him to another world, one where he would fight in another war against a person bent on taking over the world, all the while trying to hide the fact that he wielded the power that the evil was looking for...though all that Link wants to do is return and lead own his people...and just why are these people waving sticks in his face?

This can also be done as one on one if not a lot of people want to join. The idea is that Voldemort has come across old legends that told of the Triforce and seeks it out to gain its power, unaware that the goddess has sent her chosen to make sure that Voldemort doesn't get his hands on it. To answer a question I know that might pop up, you are free to use your character or even a canon one if you prefer.

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