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Fantasy The Hazbin's (closed)


Pax Pardus Hale

The Ink Shop
Welcome to the Hazbin Hotel!

Our hotel here has the answers to Hell's overpopulation and an end to extermination. A place for wayward sinners in hopes of redemption, we have a place for ever everyone. Run by Lucifer's overly optimistic daughter with her rag tag group, the goal is prove that a soul can be redeemed in order to go to heaven.

Lilly M.

"Can you believe it Cazzie? Two, we've got two whole sinners here! That's our highest number yet! And we've almost found all of Rave's drug stashes. I think a celebration is in order! Hm, what would be a good way to celebrate? Trust falls you think? No, no, that's a later activity. Maybe a group song?" The tall blonde stroked her chin as she stared at the drawing board where they planned their day to day. The corner of the large lobby was situated with large red plush couches and matching seats. It was where they held most of their meetings, hosted movie night, popcorn night, really any night that Lilly put on to boost camaraderie and promote good, honest behavior. The lobby also had a concierge bar, the front desk, and plenty of space for hotel activities.

Lilliana Morningstar was the hopeless, optimistic daughter of Lucifer Morningstar; commonly referred to as the princess of Hell. All of those names made her feel uncomfortable though, so she preferred Lilly. A couple months ago she had opened this hotel with her best friend Caz in hopes to prove to Heaven that there was an alternative way than extermination. Lilly fully believed there had to be a way to rehabilitate sinners and send them to Heaven, a perfectly non-violent solution. She knew it sounded like a silly idea to most, her hotel was a laughingstock on TV, and even the staff didn't believe in her dream. Cazzie did though, she was the only one that believed sinners could be redeemed. That's why she was her hotel manager, her partner in crime! ... Or lack there of, crime went against what they were doing here. She supposed Lucien believed in her dream, just in his own way.

Red horns poked through her long, wavy platinum hair on the top of her head, her hair cascading down her back perfectly as ever. She was adorned in her typical uniform consisting of a satin red suit shirt with black lace sleeves, a black undershirt, and matching red pants. Standing at a tall 5'10" Lilly had piercing red eyes, and the kindest, most contagious smile on her face more often than not. Truthfully she didn't even look the part of the third most powerful demon in all of hell and that was just fine by her. She wanted people to trust her, not fear her.

"What do you think? Yay, nay? I could add in balloons and streamers, some yummy cake. By the end of it we'll all be hugging and sharing our deepest secrets!" The girl threw her arms around her best friend and squeezed, dramatically showing what they could be expecting by the end of this. In reality Lilly was just trying to stay ridiculously positive a few days after the most recent extermination.

Extermination day was crazy as always. From her room in the Vee tower she could she people running, screaming, even the people in the tower were on edge about it. Her sister had been in such a foul mood that day, the sisters had gotten in a fight, and Violet packed her bag. There was one place that she knew would be safe from her sister and the other Vee's, somewhere they'd never think to find her, so that was the first place she headed to. Did she completely believe in the whole 'redemption' thing? No, not at all. A damned soul was a damned soul, they were in Hell for a reason. But it was a safe place to hide, so.

The fiery red head never expected the owner to be so... bat shit crazy. One expected Lucifer's daughter to be, well, she wasn't quite sure what to expect but it wasn't this. Ovrlords were scarier than the girl-- that radio demon guy? Terrifying. Hell, the white haired girl was scarier than her! Lilly literally screamed in excitement when Violet showed up, laid out the red carpet and everything. She's been so welcoming since she had gotten there, it almost made her feel bad for lying about her name and why she was really there.

It had been three days since she had taken up the alias Dolly and, admittedly she hated the name. When Lilly asked her for her name Violet freaked; she couldn't give her real name, if they found out she was an overlords sister she'd be turned away. She knew she'd be judged, so she just panicked. Dolly was always her nickname from Velvette and, well, here they were. She was given a nice room with its own bathroom, it paled in comparison to her tower suite but, she was treated like her own person here. It was both odd and nice. Most of her day was spent tucked in her room on her laptop, however this morning she had gotten up early to watch Lilly go over her daily game plan. It was truly entertaining.

The 5'0" petite woman made her way down the stairs to the lobby, her red heels tapping against the marble flooring. She wore a black leather top, bright red plaid skirt paired with fishnet tights. There was a chain around her neck paired with a black choker necklace, and pretty, floral tattoos all along her left arm. Her long bright red curls was tied back into a black ribbon and fell down to her waist to allow her black dagger earrings to be seen by all. She had a unique sense of style, but then again so did her sister. Her bright blue eyes landed on Lilly as Violet entered their 'living room' area, her thin dark brow arching curiously as she squeezed the life out of Caz.

"Deep secrets and hugging-- I think you've got the wrong lot for that." The British accented woman spoke up as she leaned against one of the large black pillars of the lobby. "I'll participate in whatever you tell me to do boss, but I don't see how this is going to earn us a pair of wings."
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"Is she fuckin' serious? Like some cake and some balloons 'n shit are going to saved these sinners from extermination." Dark feline ears on the top of his head twitched in irritation, his red wings tucked neatly behind him and covered with the white jacket pulled over his shoulders. The tall avian cat demon was being forced to work as a bartender in this ridiculous hotel and he was still quite bitter about it. He could be out hitting it big at the casinos but, no. Lucien dealt him this shit hand and he just had to work with it-- the man had him on a leash after all, he was at his mercy.

At least there was free booze.

The 6'0" demon leaned against the black bar as he poured finished off the last bit of whiskey in his glass. His shaggy black hair was pushed back, his golden eyes focusing on cleaning the counter for the tenth time already. There weren't many visitors to the bar since, well, there were two real 'guests'. Rave was his only frequent customer, though the new chick had joined them a couple times already. Just as the gruff bartender moved to clean the glass there was a booming voice outside of the hotel declaring war against Lucien. It caused a small smirk on his face to appear for a moment. Good, finally someone to knock Lucien down a peg.

However that smirk quickly turned into a scowl as a cannon ball smashed through the wall, flying through the lobby and landing just past the bar. "Who the fuck does this guy think he is?" Husk slammed down the glass and cleaning rag before stepping out from behind the bar. The demon adjusted the black tie around his neck that he wore with the red button down. He wore gold cufflinks, a matching black vest, and pants. "Lucien you best get your ass down here and deal with your guest before he wrecks my bar!" His deep voice growled as he pulled out a couple glowing playing cards, getting ready to deal with their unwelcomed visitor himself.

"Oi princess, you could also go out there and scare him. Aren't you some big bad powerful demon? Save your trust falls for later and put that guy in his place."

Tacky. The lithe man made his way down the large staircase to the lobby of his newest little project, his ears calling him to where Lilly was cheering near instantly. As Lucien walked he scanned the room with darting red eyes, nothing out of place for now it seemed. His long tattered black coat brushed at the back of his tall leather boots with each step, his crooked cane tacking against the ground with an eerie metallic noise. He hadn’t been here long, and while he was a raging narcissist, he did believe that his presence helped this raggedy little hotel quite a lot! When he arrived it was a joke, well it still was, but now it was less of a joke.

Lucien’s eyes rested on the newest hotel guest, a woman who called herself Dolly despite it being a clear ruse of a name. It intrigued him to a point, enough that he didn’t quickly call her out and throw her to the curb. There was something awfully familiar about her but for the time being her presence was entertaining enough to keep her around. “Ladies.” He crowed, his strange voice ringing out as he neared them. “Wonderful day yes? I see Lily looks as excited as ever.” He glanced behind him to make sure his employees were in place. Husk behind the bar and Vixxie nearby pretending to clean something. Good though.

Just then a terrible sound assaulted his ears and caused a wicked grin to begin spreading across his face, a mouth full of pointed teeth becoming apparent. Then a blast came through the wall and the grin widened if that was possible. Entertainment. Husk mouthed off and Lucien waved a hand at the man, “Yes yes kitten, I am here. Do not fret.” He moved quicker than before and without the use of his cane, the thing was a fashion statement anyways. Soon he was in front of the hotel and gazing upon a man he didn’t recognize in the slightest. Despite this, a fight broke out between the two of them. One that Lucien handled easily before heading back into the hotel while wiping his hands on his pants. “Well wasn’t that a fun little enrichment activity.”

Apparently during the joke of a battle a new comer had arrived and Vixxie was front and center. Lucien approached and gave his small friend a scary look before turning towards the blue haired man. “Yes?” Lucien’s head cocked too far to the side, creaking a bit as it did. “How can I help you sir? Because I’m not sure if I enjoyed the timeline of your entry? Sneaking in while I was distracted with the idiot outside.”
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“Once again I’d like to say this is a terrible fucking plan.” The tall man spoke through the small screen secured to his wrist as he made some final adjustments to his disguise. Teal blue short hair with one long black streak shifted to a pink Mohawk, green dreadlocks, before he finally settled on long, silky black locks that fell all the way to his waist. For his one red, one golden eye he shuffled to bright blue orbs, his teeth he adjusted to normal, non scary sharp ones. His tall lanky body kept its form but he was sure even Lucien wouldn’t recognize his new appearance.

His objective: get in and retrieve Violet, get the fuck out. It was absurd that he had to be the one to infiltrate his old mentor’s new pet project and it would require every ounce of strength not to lose his cool and blow his cover. “Darling you’re the only one that can change your face and pull this off. Now don’t be a shit and lose your cool on Lucien. Get my baby sister back and get the hell out of there before you glitch back to your usual ugly form.” Velvette’s face appeared on the screen on his wrist. All Vox could do was flip her off with a heavy scowl. Bitch.

The screen went black and he resumed his walk up the hill, his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his black suit. Soon he was pushing open the heavy double doors to the hotel, his shiny black dress shoes tapping on the floor as he walked further into the lobby. "Wow this place is packed." There was an unamused look to his face, one of complete boredom already. Quickly he scanned the room and spotted the Morningstar princess, the bartender, before he paused at a familiar head of red hair. Bingo, Velvette was right. He had no clue on why she would come here. The Vee's had power, influence, money, they were swimming in souls. Violet had everything she could ever want and yet she found her way to some dump like this?

Whatever. He'd drag her back home if he had to. The metallic cane sound made the hair on the back of his neck stand up and instantly pissed him off. Quickly he spun on his heels to spot his old white haired mentor making his way through the lobby. For a moment his eye twitched. "Hellooooo, is anyone going to greet me? This is the right hotel right? Hazbin, the laughing stock of all the nine realms of Hell. Right?" A small smirk tugged at the corners of his lips. "I'm here to be redeemed or, whatever shit you do here. The names Vance."
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“Ooooowee! Isn’t this just so much fun! Runnin’ a hotel and playin’ pretend!” The wicked giggle that erupted from Vixxie’s chest would have made a normal person back away. Thankfully they were in Hell and surrounded by those who were most certainly not normal, at least not those who found themselves around her. The tiny woman was standing at the corner of the lobby bar and dusting a dead potted plant with one of those old classic feather dusters. She had told Lucy that if she was doing this now was going to be while looking super cute! Ask and ye shall receive and all that nonsense. Vixxie was all dolled up, her bangs pinned back and her wild pink curls tumbling over her shoulders and down her back. She wore a red and white maid uniform that just barely passed the bottom of her ass and completed the outfit with red pumps that added 6 inches to her height. All in all she probably looked more like a prostitute than a maid but she liked it!

“Don’t be so pessimistic HuskyWusky!” Vixxie chimed, her voice thick in the New Orleans accent that followed her into the after life. “You don’t know if you never try.” She turned and looked at the group of people in the lobby. “Although you’re probably right, I mean do any of us really deserve to escape the fiery pits of damnation and consistent torture with a side of never ending fear?” The voice didn’t match the sentence, it was always tinged with bits of crazy. That was likely why Lucien had basically adopted poor little Vixxie, sure he had a contract for her soul but that’s the way the cookie crumbles! She didn’t mind, hanging out with him was FUN. They did all sorts of shady shit! At least up until this weird ass hotel. Oh well, it was fun all the same.

A new face entered the hotel and Vixxie instantly straightened, she was what a lot of people called boy crazy, well the also called her just plain crazy but they were different. The “maid” quickly flitted over the the new man and blinked up at him a few times with wide red doe eyes. She curtsies and her hair fell forward before she flipped it back and shot a wink up to the man as Lucien approached. “Oh well welcome to you Vance!” The look she got from Lucien caused her to pout before shuffling back and jumping up on a barstool.

“Never lets us have any fun.”

Opening this hotel was hopeless but Caz owed it to Lily after the girl absolutely saved her ass a little over two years ago when she had arrived in Hell. See, the thing about Hell was that it wasn’t protected like Heaven was, people weren’t exactly trying to break in and stay a while. Except for Caz. Being an angel, one of Adam’s favorites even, had its perks for a while. It honestly still did even when she left. But it wasn’t worth the hefty weight on your conscious! The Extermination had never made sense to her but it was her duty, her job. For a while she just didn’t think about it too much but it had caught up to her. On her last Extermination trip, Caz came prepared to fake her death and escape to Hell.

The escape was easy, the surviving without anyone to guide you was not. Even with her disguise she didn’t understand how things worked down here, how to interact with people. One day Caz had gotten herself in a fight that was about to end in her death or signing her soul over to an Overlord named Vox. Since that day Lily kind of took her in and helped her find her footing, never once questioning why she was so bad at all this. Though she supposed Lily was kind of an odd specimen down here as well.

“Aye, down girl.” Caz said but wrapped her arms around Lily anyways, a smile on her face as she looked around the hotel. It was hopeless but at the very least it would be a good home for all the outcasts like herself. The loud bang made her pull out of her hug and turn towards the sound with a glare. What was that? Husk was already throwing a fit at the bar and causing Caz to roll her bright yellow eyes. “Calm down, isn’t that what we have Lucien for?”

Caz didn’t trust the demon, he was an Overlord just like that Vox asshole. But when he showed up and offered to help with the hotel, Lily had instantly welcomed him with open arms. Since then he had been helpful, despite that she still didn’t like him much. Lucien had gone outside to handle things and during that someone had walked in. A man with blue hair that claimed to be a new guest… call it her natural pessimism but she was wary of everyone who entered the hotel.

Vixxie was first to welcome the newcomer, Lucien second, although welcome wasn’t exactly the term she would have used. Vance was it? He seemed like a bit of an asshole already. Though weren’t they all?
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Another boring day in the hotel, although it was way better than staying back at the Vee’s place. Rave was thankful for an escape from that Hell within Hell. He knew his contract would never be fulfilled but if it somehow was, remind him that nothing was worse than signing a deal with an Overlord. Especially one like Valentine. Rave hasn’t been his favorite pet for long, only the last few years, before that the work was sufferable. It fed his lifestyle and made him feel untouchable. Now he realized how wrong he was, while others wouldn’t fuck with him, Val would and he was worse than all the others combined.

“Ya really think that’s going to help? Hah.” Rave spat as he dramatically fainted into one of the velvet couches, propping his tall combat boot clad feet up on the arm rest. The man was dressed in loads of leather today, black leather jacket over the extra tight teal mesh top that showed everything under it. He wore a pair of black leather pants that also left much to the imagination. Eh, part of the job right? “Cake might be worth a try though Lil, might want to let me taste test it so you don’t make anyone else sick or whatever.”

Rave had come here as soon as he heard about it, if the salvation thing worked great. If not, free housing outside of the Vee’s control. It’s not like they would come and fuck with the princess of Hell right?
Lily M.

"THAT is the spirit Rave! I knew cake was the way to people's hearts! Maybe with rainbow sprinkles?" The cannon ball didn't deter her at all, she was far too invested into her morning meeting. Plus Lucien had it all handled.

Lily went full muppet mode as soon as Vance walked in-- the white haired woman audibly gasped and had the biggest smile that showcased her the daggers she had for canines. He had an attitude sure, but who didn't! She squealed and sprinted towards him after Vixxie and Lucien greeted him, and truthfully Lucien wasn't the first person she wanted to greet new comers. Lucien had a bad habit of, well, intimidating people. "Welcome welcome weeeeelcome!~" The sweet voice was singsongy as her pale hand grabbed his and shook it about ten times. Was it obvious how excited she was? "Welcome to the Hazbin hotel! I don't think ever realm is quite laughing at us. Look! We have two other guests. Wait wait- Wait. Introductions first Lily. Get it together." Lilliana Morningstar everyone. Just as flighty as her father.

"Okay okay. This is Lucien our marvelous hotel backer-- he's definitely someone to go to should anything go wrong. Like, uh, Lucien do you mind taking care of the wall with a cannon ball hole in it pretty please?" Probably the only person in the hotel that stroked his ego was Lily, but Lucien was sincerely great! A tad bit scary, surprisingly very helpful. Her eyes got all big and sparkly as she looked up at the tall man before moving onto the next person on the list. "Okay okay. This is Dolly, she's our newest guest besides you. Over there with the pink hair is Rave, our oldest and by far friendliest guest." A little too friendly at times. Hey, it came with his profession.

"Behind the counter is our concierge and bartender Husk. Don't let the scowl put you off, he's really great. You've met our maid Vixxie, she also sings on that stage over there. She gets a little stabby but she's harmless. Mostly. And-- Oooh! Last but certainly not least is my white haired best best friend Caz! She's my hotel manager and helps me run this joint." Per usual she introduced everyone but herself. The palm of her hand sparkled with sorcery and formed the key to Vance's new room. "This is yours. You'll be on the second floor with Dolly and Rave. Any questions?"

The one thing that Violet liked most about this place, besides the slightly tacky decor, was the positivity. Most people seemed happy to be there save for the bartender. It's not like anyone knew if redemption was truly possible, but wasn't it worth trying? That was the admirable thing about Lily. Her baby blues glanced at Lucien as he made his appearance, a nervous smile taking over her lips. He knew-- what he knew she didn't know, but he knew that she was lying about something.

As Rave joined their group she couldn't help but take a harsh gulp. The two of them had run into one another in the tower a million times over and she feared that he'd notice her each time they encountered each other. Only, he didn't. Not that she could blame her. She worked for Velvette, her favorite doll to dress up and flaunt on all of her nonsensical TV shows. Rave worked for Val and, well, his work spoke for itself. She supposed she should be thankful that he didn't recognize her.

There was a new boisterous voice that sent a shiver down her spine. Violet spun on her high heels to spot the dark haired man standing in the middle of the lobby. Vixxie was greeting him, followed by Lucien, and of course Lily. Something about the man didn't sit right-- he could change his face but she knew that voice. Her heart fucking sunk in her chest and she made her way over to Rave, her thin fingers nervously fussing with the frills on her skirt. "I don't like that guy." It was probably the first time she addressed him since she had been there but he was the only one that seemed... logical, and that was a bit of a stretch.

"You like cake? I'll buy you the biggest one if you can convince Princess not to let that guy in. Y’know, they type of cake strippers pop out of? I’ll get you one of those." She glanced down at the leather clad man and gave him a playful smirk. She moved to the matching red velvet chair next to him and plopped down in the plush seat. “So what’s your deal? I didn’t expect someone as famous as the one and only Rave to be trying to earn a pair of wings.”
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"Oh-Wow, you're an interesting little imp, aren't you?" Vox gave a nervous chuckle as the pink haired little... stripper came over to greet him. One look from his old mentor and the girl was skittering away, leaving nothing but a foul taste in his mouth. Fucking. Lucien. He had hoped that he would've been distracted by that ridiculous fight outside but unfortunately it seemed he rid the 'threat' rather quickly. Great. "Yeah well I didn't come for an autograph now did I?" Vox practically snarled at the white haired man, and just before he could say anything else little miss Morningstar was bouncing over to him.

Perfect timing. His fake blue eyes glanced over to Violet to make sure she was watching-- he knew that she wasn't stupid, she had to know who he was. That made this all the more perfect.

"Two guests? Make that three. Now the place is booming. And not to brag or anything babe, I'm going to be your biggest success." A large smirk spread on his face as one of his long arms tossed around Lily, his free hand taking the key from her hand. "Quite a crew you got here Princess and your staff is questionable at best, but I like the vibe." Biggest lie of his life, gag him with a fucking spoon. Anywhere in a ten mile radius of Lucien was awful. He should've stayed gone.

His eyes glanced over at Caz and it took a minute to process. Oh, that was the soul that Lily stole from him a few years ago. Hmm, maybe he could get rid of Morningstar, get Violet back, kill Lucien, and take the soul that was rightfully his? The thought made his smirk widen even more. "What's the first step to my redemption then sweetie? Upgrading that horrendous TV of yours in the corner? What is that, the first TV ever made? Deplorable, really. A hotel of your standards and royalty status, you need something that spans from wall to wall. Who helped you decorate this place?"

Vox dropped his arm and made his way to the bar, motioning Husk to come over to him so he could make his order. "Whiskey on the rocks kitty. Post haste."

This was positively the worst gig of his life. He still remembered all those years ago when he was an Overlord, swimming in souls, winning the jackpot left and right. One bad hand turned into multiple, and before he knew it he was selling his soul to Lucien. Hence why he was here. "Oh piss off with your kitten nonsense." Husk growled and moved back behind the bar, his ears lowering as he gave a harsh scowl. To make matters worse, some shady looking motherfucker was walking in and of course Vixxie's boy obsessed ass was already greeting him. All he could do was sigh and shake his head.

Luckily with one look Lucien was shooing off the pink haired imp to his bar. That girl, psychotic sadist she may be but he didn't like it when she was with shady (shadier?) characters. She was the only one that could get away with the nicknames, he supposed HuskyWusky wasn't the worst one on the list. As he watched her with his golden eyes he couldn't help but wonder how she got mixed up with Lucien. He knew they were both under contracts with the notorious Overlord but the two of them had more of a friendly relationship together. He gave a small grumble at his thoughts-- that really wasn't any of his business. Husk tried to stick to his bartending job, lending a fluffy ear whenever someone needed one.

"You consider flirting with every male that walks in this joint fun?" His large dark brow quirked up curiously as he cleaned the wall dust and debris off of the counter-- his counter, the only piece of comfort he had in this damned place. "You are a curious one Vixx, I'll give you that." Husk tried his best to ignore what was happening right in the middle of the lobby but, it was hard. The tall man was obnoxious, loud as all hell, and was getting awfully friendly with Lily. Princess was obnoxiously altruistic, she'd trust anyone who walked through those doors.

He just hoped to Lucifer that Lucien had the common sense to see straight through this guy. "Here's the deal. I'll get you your drink, but the next time 'Kitty' leaves that ugly mug of yours the bottles being shoved down yer fuckin' throat." With a snarl he quickly poured the fucker a drink, sliding it down the bar and down to the newcomer. "Vix ain't you singing tonight? That's the only decent thing around this place besides the free booze."

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