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Fantasy The Guild Stone ((Old Character Sheets))


Lord Umbris
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Name: Zorathine Blakeson
Race: Black Vampire
Class: Shadowmancer, Fighter
Rank: Copper
Affinity: Body | Shadow
Bio: The Birth Of The Black Vampire
Zorathine is part of a different breed of vampires who have been messing around with the dark arts and in doing so he mutated into something slightly different than his normal race of bloodsuckers. His blood turned black and his complexion incredibly pale along with his hair which is a pearl blond. Most of the time he sticks to himself while others do whatever but this isn't to say he is lazy, he often trains, and when he's not doing that he's training with martial arts or swordsmanship. Needless to say, he is very skilled in these arts and has been for the early part of this life. Zorathine was born in a normal-looking village with normal-looking people and even parents...or so he thought until the age of 11 where he finally came of age to perform the arts. His loving parents turned out to be horrible murderers without remorse; deadset on their goal of causing a massive amount of chaos through the ways of their demented arts. Understandably Zorathine was angry, scared, saddened, and confused by this discovery. He didn't know how to take to this "family goal" as they called it but he knew he wasn't going to take part in it. He was kind and he loved the people in their village of humans or otherwise mortals. His parents weren't too keen on this and got very angry at the fact he refused to take part in their passion fuelled by rage and bloodlust. they didn't seem to be all that made, in fact, they didn't seem to react to him refusing to do as they said. it was rather strange to him since he's never seen them act the way they did to him, it stuck in his head for the rest of the night, the look they had on their faces down at him. it made him have nightmares about it. towering motionless mouths with judging glares squinted eyebrows and tensed jaws which gave him such a deep gut feeling something was gonna happen to him in the next few moments. however, that moment never came and caused a perpetual loop of fear stirring inside him. in this horrible dream, he was suddenly pulled awake by a strong grip on his upper arm. he was quite surprised and he blinked while trying to look around as he was pulled past soft orange lights. The weight of sleep still pulling on his eyelids only until he felt the cold embrace of a stone slab on his skin. They grabbed Zorathine by the arms and forced him to perform a ritual that was supposed to summon the demon known as Shraile The Unifier. He didn't know exactly what this demon was but he knew it was going to be horrible. Unfortunately for him, he didn't exactly have much of a choice in the matter as he was too tired to even struggle against them. His hands were bound by rope as he laid down face up in a strange place underground. There were torches strung about on the walls around him where he seemed to be the center of them all. He wasn't sure how to get out but as time passed and they grew closer to the completion of their ritual he lost faith in the idea of escape. After all, what would an 11-year-old boy do against grownups and, more importantly, his own parents? it wasn't long before the priest and the cultist finally finished and started summoning the demonic beast into their world. During this time, Racinone, Zorathine's father, explained in great detail what was going to happen to him. "My son...oh, my stubborn son." he said. "I know you must be scared and angry at your dear parents for forcing you to do this but it is for your one good and the good of the family. You will be something greater than us and even anyone of our time. You will become one without the demon we're about to summon: Shraile The Unifier. He is known as a shadow demon and he will take over your body to use a vessel to his own means. Don't be scared, for you are serving a greater purpose in life." he explained in a subtle crazed way. As soon as he finished the demon busted out of the ground at his feet in a black ploom of smoke like nothing you'd ever see. It covered and coated the ceiling and ground like a layer of a lightless void, the demon of shadows was finally here and so the ritual began. The greedy glare of the demon towering over Zorathine was overpowering, to say the least. it took over his body but due to his untainted mind and soul, the demon couldn't take over his body freely yet he couldn't escape his body and was, as a result, trapped inside Zorathine's adolescent body. He was in such pain, his body jerked and spasmed around uncontrollably, screaming in agony. The went on for just a few seconds but it was the longest few seconds of his life. Shortly thereafter, shadows crept from the body of the boy and engulfed everyone in the room only for a few seconds before releasing them in gory messes, barely recognizable. Afterward, Zorathine escaped the confines of his underground would-be demise to travel alone in the world under the new guise of his unholy companion.

Other: Zorathine's shadow affinity comes from the demon inside him and thus, allows him to materialize or animate nearby shadows including his own or even someone else's. it also gives him some extra senses in the darkness as well as the night. He has the most power with his own shadow in which he can create dark solid constructs from them in his offense or defense. These things can only be as resistant as his mana will allow and once it runs out he can't manipulate shadows anymore nor perform shadow magic. A sub-ability he has is to affect others cut but his shadow magic with necrotic decay. although it is slow, taking about a day to fully kill a normal human being, it is something that makes him a great hunter in times of need. Lastly, he is able to cloak himself in shadows which also allow him to virtually become invisible in the dark.

Ginko The Mushishi

Traveling Mushi-Shi

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Name: Soken Akechi
Race: Human
Class: Samurai|Blacksmith
Rank: Iron
Affinity: Spirit|Ink
Born a noble, living as a wanderer. Soken speaks little about his family other than the techniques practiced among the generations of his family, ultimately passed down to him. The only heir and future leader to his Clan you would expect a lot of honor and no-nonsense from a guy of his stature in life but you're sorely mistaken. Soken, despite his stone-cold face is a rather warm and welcoming fellow off the field of battle. Camaraderie is an important factor to friendship with Soken.
The Akechi Clan's Affinity is known as "Ink Style" . A sub-category of water affinity; instead of swift, flowing motions of water- it is thick, wild splotches of ink that spread throughout the battlefield with every swipe of the blade. Every member of the Akechi Family are affiliated with Ink and Spirit. To control the Ink Style, one must be in tune with their spiritual energy to manifest the style. Soken manifests Ink Style through his sword - causing large streaks to fly as he swings his blade.
Now that you know about the Akechi Family Style, we move onto Soken's actual life.
As you already know, Soken is from a powerful Samurai Clan hailing from the Eastern Shores. Trained dutifully in the Akechi Sword Style, Soken is the last true successor to the Clan and its secret sword style. Though the life of a noble did not befit him, and he went in search of even greater stories to live. The Guild was his ticket to experience such stories, and traveled his way from his home of the East and applied to the Guild. Though his position has not changed, Soken could easily become a Silver. His swordsmanship is adept, and though he has mastered his family style he hopes to soon create his own style to master and rival the greats among the Guild.
Soken appreciates friendship, and you will scarce see him without his companion.

Other (optional):​
  • Soken is a blacksmith in his spare time, and enjoys upgrading equipment.
  • Soken LOVES sweets from his homeland.
  • Ink Style is similar to the properties of water, although it yields two different effects, 1. to cut efficiently and 2. being touched with the ink slows down the opponent, the more black ink upon the opponent, the slower they become.

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Name: Selora Lleweyn.
Race: Human
Class: Lancer|Berserker
Rank: Iron
Affinity: Body| Air


Selora is the much more interesting of the two, and is way more outgoing with her attitude than Soken. (Yes, the not-scary face probably helps) A total clutz out of her suit of armor, shield, and lance, Selora is a liability waiting to happen. Slipping on wet floors? Check. Causing accidents? Check. Probably the reason your insurance bill is so stress inducing? Check.
Selora is a peppy and bright young lady with a "Never give up! We've got this!" Personality. You'd be just fine under her watch if it were a rescue mission.
Not to mention the girl's body is the equivalent to a steroid induced Ox that goes to the gym regularly.
This girl makes the Gods of Pumping Iron look like dweebs. She's got strength, she's got resilence, she's beauty in a can of whoop ass and protein powder.
No matter how many times she gets hit, she'll just get back up and charge right back in.
The wind element suits her more than enough with her strong body, capable of thrusting out bursts of wind towards far-away opponents with her lance.
Selora was not your typical ordinary girl. Her village was simply a blot on the map, but when time came to defend her village from vile creatures she took up a broken broom and a literal wooden tabletop to defend her people. Success wasn't looking too good up until Soken arrived to help her along his travels. This chance encounter would spark their friendship, as well as help craft her very own equipment from these creatures they had defeated.

When time came for Soken to set out and become a member of the Guild, so too did Selora, throwing away her old life and starting anew as someone capable of fighting and defending others. Both Soken and Selora have continued to stay as equals throughout their tenure in the Guild. When comes the opportunity to ascend to the next Rank, you bet they both will stand together to receive it.

Other (optional):​
  • Selora easily blushes at compliments. (she's not considered pretty back home)
  • Selora has a berserker side to herself, only seen on the battlefield. Soken is afraid of her when she gets like that.
  • Selora's exercises are exactly 500 push-ups, 500 sit-ups, 30 minutes of planks, 30 minutes of running every day. (Soken has counted)



Broom Shroom

Appearance: Art Source
Name: Milby
Race: Chinchilla
Class: Knight
Rank: Iron
Affinity: Body, Earth​
Bio: Milby is a big spirit in a small body, with all the assurance of someone much larger than herself. She goes by many titles (self-proclaimed), and has countless outlandish tales. She's on a quest to prove to the world that size means nothing if you've got the spirit to match.

  • Her ability lets her burrow through the hardest rock like sand, making her good for recon.​
  • Likes standing on people's heads. It makes her feel important.​
  • Regularly pisses off Azalea by running through the guild after a dust bath.​
  • Issues challenges on the daily.​
  • Can be placated by scratchies, just don't touch the tail.​
  • Goes for the eyes in battle. Rodent equivalent of putting a head on the end of a stick.​

Seraph Darkfire

King of the Underworld
Name: Merkon
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Merchant
Rank: Unranked. Physically strong with fire dragon abilities, but not really a combatant.
Affinity: Fire/Wealth
Bio: Merkon is born from Dragons but is also a Dragon himself. In his family lineage, Dragons are born in a Humanoid form and remains in that form until they have gathered enough of their chosen hoard to ascend to true Dragon Form. The amount is unknown to them and only when they have ascended do they know they have enough. Merkon was born with the affinity towards wealth. It is a rather uncommon affinity, one geared not towards battle, but towards gathering any form of wealth. Thus he became a Merchant, possessing a nose for rare items and their worth to an unerring degree.

However, he was unable to properly store magical items and equipment he gathered over time. He was too good at gaining them but incapable of getting rid of them fast enough, he became overburdened. That was when he found his greatest magical item yet...and his curse. The Shop.

It was an unusual building, just sitting out in the middle of the wilderness. When he entered, he found it to be rather empty, though a bit dusty. It was at least a place bed down for the night. The main room was nice and wide with a single large countertop near the back of the room. A doorway behind the counter led to another empty room, one that he used as temporary storage for his multitudes of strange and wondrous items. He could put up shelves if need be.

There was an upstairs section and though it was just as empty as the previous rooms, this one was segmented into smaller rooms like living quarters. What was strange was that the doorways and ceilings were tall and wide enough for his race, though the design was certainly not. Some size adjustment magic perhaps? There was even a strange room that possessed a self draining basin and crystals that when activated would pour differently temperature water. A much larger basin, one sized for him, reminded of a bathing tub. This one too drained.

The building was a good home, but not much of a shop given that it was in the middle of nowhere. In the main room however was a door he could not open, carved with unusual symbols

When touched, they flowed like water and an impression of a Dragon circling around to its own tail formed, the same symbol burning its way into the scales of his hand. He suddenly knew what the door did, his affinity giving him an in-depth knowledge of its use and worth...and it was incredible. He tied a simple bell above the door and set about preparing a small selection of items, then with a snap of his fingers, the door glowed for a second.

All around the world, the same doorway appeared in random locations, sometimes attached to other doorways, sometimes in empty space. At first things went slow, but over time people began to enter this strange door. Inside of it, they found a dragonborn willing to sell and buy magic items.

Those exceptional customers and good friends of his found themselves possessing a key, a simple ring branded with the same symbol as his door. When pressed against any door, the ring melts into the surface and becomes a permanent doorway to Merkon's shop.

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