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Fantasy The Guild Stone ((Old Character Sheets))

Pri (Guildmaster)
  • Chinchia

    Broom Shroom
    Name: Pri
    Race: ???
    Class: Guardian
    Rank: Guildmaster
    Affinity: Spirit | Arcane
    Bio: Pri is an ancient being that originated in the spirit realm. Her true form is a mystery, but in the physical world she takes the form of an owl. Her 'name' is simply a reference to the strange sound she often makes, but she doesn't seem to care what she'd called either way. She is the guardian of the guildstone, and the effective guildmaster until the next one is chosen.

    Other: She often wears little articles of human clothing that she takes a fancy to, most commonly hats, petticoats or ornate jewelry. She thinks they make her look distinguished.
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    Azalea (Guild Scribe)
  • Chinchia

    Broom Shroom
    Name: Azalea Gibraltar
    Race: Former Human
    Class: Mage
    Rank: Guild Scribe
    Affinity: WIP | Plant
    Azalea came from humble beginnings, working in her youth as a scribe for a merchant's guild. However a number of years ago she disappeared into the forest. What happened remains unknown, and she rarely talks about it. After she returned she changed professions to the guild, where presumably she has access to a great deal more information on magic.

    Other: Her appearance grows more and more plant-like by the day. When asked about it she won't respond with much, but her expression becomes very grave.
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    Ymir (Mapmaker)
  • Chinchia

    Broom Shroom
    Appearance: She has light, ivory hair she pulls back into a messy tie, and a pair of goggles usually perched on her forehead. The bandana around her neck covers her mouth and nose in flight.
    Name: Ymir
    Race: Human
    Class: Mapmaker
    Rank: Silver
    Affinities: Air| Geometry
    Bio: Ymir is an explorer who focuses expanding the guild map. She came from a village high in the mountains to study at the Lantana academy, however she ran into trouble with the guard in her final years of study and ended up with the guild instead. Her favourite person was her late grandmother, who was part of the founding expeditions of the guard.

    Other: Her second affinity allows her to see the world is if a grid had been laid over it. Secret tunnels, traps, hidden alcoves--all are revealed--as long as it exists in the physical realm. The reach is quite extensive, but the further it is the less details she sees. Her ability will not pick up magic or any non-physical entities. Her weapon consists of a wooden staff with foldable, wing-like attachments to help her travel distances where the waystone won't reach.
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    Zion (Undead Battlemage)
  • Vol

    Undead Name: "Zion"
    Race: Undead
    Class: Battlemage
    Rank: Silver
    Affinity: Light / Summon
    Bio: Lacking a stable and clear memory of his past, the adventurers that had found him coined him as Zion, as that was the word that he first uttered when they awoken him from his slumber within a forgotten tomb. He soon found out the hard way that the Undead were unwelcome in many public spaces, and so had learnt his lesson to adorn long draping clothing and a mask, or an illusory fleshy face. However, upon stumbling across the Waystone Guild, he found himself safe and comfortable to show his true self to the members he deemed trustworthy.

    His goal within Waystone was to uncover snippets of who he was and why he remained tethered to the mortal coil; perhaps the higher the rank and more obscure the quests, he could find those answers.

    Other (optional):
    • Often you see him wearing a steel-plated mask rather than a illusion; if asked why, he'll respond with "conserving mana"
    • Uncomfortable with the clergy and holy places, despite using light magic himself
    • Speaks with everyone via telepathy, even if his illusion has lips that moves (quite an issue with people that blocks such magic)
    • Unamused with canines
    • Unable to be *really* killed; once the skeletal vessel he was stuck with is destroyed, his spirit remains (cannot be exorcised, but banished for a temporary time)
    • Character inspiration songs: Zion
    Tyron (Guard House)
  • Chinchia

    Broom Shroom
    Name: Tyron Avattica
    Race: Human
    Class: Commander
    Rank: Iron
    Affinity: WIP
    Bio: Tyron is the third inheritor and only son of the Avattica family--a prominent house of nobles in the court of Lantana. Tyron's father was an adventurer in the guild many years ago who married into the lineage, but Tyron takes very strongly after his mother--possessing conservative views on race and a tyrannical disposition.

    If it were up to the young noble he would never have joined the guild and its common rabble. The fault lies with his father who convinced his wife that adventuring experience could give him an upper hand over the rivals of the court. Tyron might have let it blow over, but he fought the decision with his mother, who eventually disowned him from the family until he could prove his worth as a gold rank in the guild. Thus his current situation remains as is, stuck doing insignificant errands in the hope of one day reclaiming his position.

    Other: WIP
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    Eiru (Witch of Tir Na Nog)
  • Swiftshots

    The Swiftest Shot In The West
    Eiru Eagna




    Spirit + Enchanting - Runic Scribing

    Eiru has spent her life studying the foundation of magic itself, her affinity for enchanting has gifted her a unique insight to this end. Through astute study and obsession with the old and forgotten Eiru has evolved her enchanting magic to that of Runic scribing. Runic scribing is the origin of enchanting magic and a school of magic that has long been lost to time. Extremely powerful and classed as ancient magic, runic scribing has the power to twist the very nature of magic and manipulate the laws of magic to the users will. Eiru has often described Runic Magic as 'A pen with which one can rewrite the laws of the arcane'. It is however very important to note that Runic scribing is not as useful as one might think, it is far more advanced than that of regular enchanting and requires an unnatural amount of research and understanding to wield even somewhat well. That and the runes a person has available to them vary greatly in power. 'seek' for example allows for the change of a simple fireball spell into that of a heat-seeking fireball. So the best way to comprehend runic scribing is to imagine it as a type of enchantment that not only effects items but also spells directly.
    Eiru Eagna is a witch who is well known throughout many magic focused kingdoms. Her efforts to unravel the foundations of magic are well documented and observed by many an institute. The rediscovery of Runic Scribing a feat renowned in Magical Research Institutions. That's right, Eiru is a famous scholar who has changed the known way mages view the arcane world. Actually to be more accurate she's reintroduced an old way of understanding magic that THEN gave birth to a new understanding of magic. So why then is she in an adventurers guild?

    That's a very good question, especially considering her combat skills are worse than that of a copper rank. Eiru joined the guild for one simple reason and that reason was- the guild agreed to let her pursue ancient texts the world over and doing so with the guild would allow her to do so without the need for pesky Arcane research Visas or permissions. Ancient texts are after all national level treasures and very powerful relics in the right hands. With the guilds backing and it's ties Eiru is able to travel the world in search of these texts while also broadening her understanding of the arcane while also further persuing her goal of fully unravelling the foundation of the magic theory itself.

    Eiru has been working with the guild for three years now and is very much a support role adventurer. Her skills allow her to easily enhance teams compatibility and overall success rate. However, as mentioned before she is utterly useless on her own and incapable of fighting off even slimes! Actually weirdly enough Eiru seems to attract slimes when left alone for too long. It's rather strange but honestly, Eiru has no idea why it happens.

    Eiru does have a greater crux and that is her lax personality. Eiru is a great asset to a team but is very hard to motivate. Unless the task involves something of interest Eiru is likely to put the bare minimum amount of effort into said task if she doesn't outright refuse to take it on. This kind of behaviour has made her notorious for coldly turning down high-level quests that others would eagerly jump at. Her lax personality however does make her easy to approach and talk with but a nightmare to deal with professionally if she's not interested. Although funny enough if she is over interested in something its almost impossible to get her to focus on anything else.

    Eiru is well over 300 years old but appears to be in her early twenties. The witch also has a hatred for the nobility and their 'idiotic' obsession over 'trivial' matters. Eiru... well she's not the most popular figure among noble circles but with that said her advice and input on magical research is still valued.

    So all in all, Eiru is a renowned witch who practices forgotten magic, is lax in nature and boasts incredible support power to those she works with.

    Other (optional):
    Eiru can be very sarcastic and is fond of making a joke out of a serious situation. Her attitude towards royals is rather interesting, w she often can be found making light of royal families the continent over, citing how idiotic and childlike some are while also making a point that diplomacy is nothing more than an easy game to play if one knows what they're doing despite never having played said easy game. Eiru is also extremely knowledgable in most fields and can often be called upon to give one insight on a given topic. Eiru is useless in combat on her own, likely to lose a one on one fight with slime if left alone. Eiru's enchanted gear can sell for small fortunes and her scribed gear has never been given to anyone bar the guild master. Eiru typically disappears on quests for months at a time, travelling to different parts of the world to search for texts, she however sometimes also receives personal requests from kingdoms that need aid in magical research.

    Copper and Iron rank adventures can quickly rise through the ranks by following Eiru's advice.
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    Leonidas (Emotion Poet)
  • Name: Leonidas Hood

    Race: HumanLeonidas Hood.jpg

    Class: Emotion Poet

    Rank: Iron

    Affinity: Air|Poetry

    Bio: When asked to describe Leonidas, most would answer with two simple words ‘Airheaded poet’. In reality, Leonidas isn’t nearly as airheaded as he lets on but simply refuses to take matters seriously unless they are life or death. Being a laid-back and eccentric young man who throws out random and often straight-up bad lines of poetry in virtually any situation Leonidas gets told to ‘please shut his mouth’ often. Still, there are those that put up with his antics and his admittedly subpar sense of humor.

    His past is largely uninteresting. Having been disowned by his father because of his refusal to take over the family company Leonidas wandered around for a few years, doing the odd job here and there to survive. Longing for a place where he could largely do whatever he wanted while still earning enough to not starve to death Leonidas eventually stumbled upon the guild and joined it. Leonidas isn’t bothered by his past but he will still refrain from speaking about it unless prompted to do so.

    Notes on what emotion poetry entails:

    [Emotion poetry is the art of infusing one's words with magic allowing these words to have an effect on other’s emotions and state of mind. This includes but is not limited to making people feel relaxed, sleepy, energetic, content, melancholic. To activate emotion poetry one should recite a single line of poetry roughly corresponding to the effect they want to achieve. Due to its effects being directly related to the target's mind this magic will not work on mindless creatures and neither will it affect people who can’t hear the poetry. Unless the target allows the emotion poet to affect them the average person can break out of the emotional state induced by the poetry in 1 to 2 minutes.]

    [Emotion poets are perfectly capable of reciting poetry without giving it any magic effects.]
    'Among the night the poet sings, finding silence is what the darkness brings.'
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    Minma (Bounty Hunter)
  • Minma

    에나 on Twitter.jpeg

    Name: Minma Gate

    Race: Human

    Class: Bounty Hunter

    Rank: [copper]

    Affinity: Earth and Lighting

    Bio: Minma grew up in a broken family. He lived in custody of his father, who was a guard for high class personale. His father worked long hours and most of the time Minma spent his time outside his house going on adventures. On his spare time, Lucky, Minma's father, would train him in many ways. Combat, blade skill, speed, endurance, and many more category's. Minma was a fast learner and outshined his father's expectations when it came to become stronger. At the age of sixteen he was now strong and smart enough to stand a chance with his father in a spar. Suddenly, on a cold day in August, Lucky introduced Minma to elemental magic. Minma spent days finding out what his magic was, if he even had magic to begin with. Five days after he learnt what elemental magic was, he figured out he had Earth and Lighting magic. Over the time skip of a year Minma had mastered his techniques and enrolled as a bounty hunter. He currently has slayed more than a hundred people on missions, giving to him by people who want a job done, and done right.

    Other (optional): Although his real name is Minma, he's known as Lynx across the world. He earned the name by being silent but deadly durning his missions.

    Also, the dragon shown in his appearance spoiler is his. Although he's only meet it a day before current time so he doesn't know much about it.
    Elias (Guild Cook)
  • Vagabond Spectre

    Six Thousand Club
    (Made with Picrew)

    Elias Allard


    Guild cook/Fighter


    Water I Ice

    A simple man who only wishes to live and take care of his disabled mother. Born and raised near the countryside of Lantana, an only son of a family of farmers. He harvested wheat and took care of chickens at the early age of 7. It was a lonely world for the boy but he was happy. With such loving parents guiding his path in everyway they can, their only son was everything to them.

    The boy's education was cut off at the age of twelve 2 years after his father was assaulted by 4 roaming bandits after fending them off and force them to retreat, At the cost of fighting alone for his disabled wife and innocent son, he took his last final breath to tell his family "I love you". The boy spent 6 more years into the farm but without the help of his old man. It felt harder and more lonelier than ever. A caring mother didn't want to see her child work so hard to support herself and him along with the risk of catching an illness or other hidden danger. It was a quiet life as she knew it.

    But when the claws of death creeps through the farm, no one will hear their cries for help. It took months of arguments whether or not the farm should be left and sold to another owner or stay live their knowing that perhaps a more dangerous predator lurks the lands. This is where Elias met the Guild, where he works as a cook to provide both for him and his mother who cannot walk with her own two legs.

    Other facts:
    -Both of his parents are that of elderly age. He got his powers from both parents as they can shoot frosty streaks of air from their hands also but nothing compared to their young son.
    -If push comes to shove, Elias is willing to pick a weapon to fight. Personally he prefers longer weaponry as such as Halberds, spears and scythes. His current weapon is an iron spear.
    Klein (Noble Assassin)
  • Name: Klein EshwaldKlein Eshwald Small.jpg

    Race: Human

    Class: Marionettist

    Rank: Gold

    Affinity: Spirit/String

    Bio: A well-mannered scholar of noble birth. On the surface, he spent his life as a professor in an institute for magic, researching the various applications of magic in the world. In reality, Klein spent most of those years working as an assassin and spy for hire, operating under the name ‘Judgement’. This name wasn’t simply for show as he only accepted missions he deemed just. Pulling off most of his commissions from the comfort of a reclining chair in the vicinity of the target, using animals as marionettes to spy and his shallow control over humans to pull off quick assassinations disguised as ordinary murders.

    Two years ago Klein left his past as an assassin and spy behind and joined the guild. Using his prior combat experience he took care of missions quickly and efficiently, mostly from a hidden location using his string magic but occasionally on the field using his strings as weapons, wearing a mask that covers half his face to not expose his identity to outsiders. This allowed him to rise up to gold rank quickly.

    Notes on string magic:

    [String magic allows the user to temporarily take complete control over ordinary animals within a 200 metre range, they can share their senses with the animals making it a technique suited to spying and tracking. When receiving the senses of an animal the main body of the user is extremely sluggish making it vulnerable to an ambush. The maximum amount of animals controlled at once is two and the user can only share senses with one of them at a time.]

    [String magic’s control over humans is less extreme. If someone is caught off guard string magic can be used to temporarily slightly control their movements allowing for them to effectively be used as props in an assassination. If someone is on guard string magic can only temporarily restrict their movements until the enemy breaks the strings.]
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    Kathlyn (Guild Assistant)
  • Name: Kathlyn SilvaKathlyn Silva.png

    Race: Half-elf

    Class: Magic Medic

    Rank: Copper (Came to the guild to look for work not to become an adventurer)

    Affinity: Spirit | Healing

    Bio: Kathlyn is a 19 year old girl with a bubbly personality. Born to a human mother and an elven father she grew up in a small village in a house that doubled as her father’s herbal store. She’s had an interest in herbs and everything else that has to do with medicine and healing since a young age. She often helped her father in his shop and spend countless hours and days gathering herbs and various other magical plants in the forest close to her village to experiment with.

    Now, Kathlyn has set out in search of new plants, herbs and other ingredients to experiment with to create new potions, salves and other medicine. Having heard of the guild through word of mouth she’s set her eyes on becoming an employee by showing off her skills in all things medicine as well as her handy healing magic.
    Zale (Orphan Helper)
  • Starwalker123

    Meta-Magic Eight Ball
    Appearance: Small, Zale is maybe 5 feet tall. He tends to dress simple in darker solid colors. He hides under the hood of his clook. Zale has grey blue eyes that shift around in colors. Zales hair is a shaggy grayish blond mess that often hides his eyes. He has the pointy ears of an elf but they are rarely seen but you wouldn't think he was one otherwise due to his short size.

    Name: Zale Liron
    Race: Human/ Elf
    Class: Errand Runner/helper
    Rank: Copper
    Affinity: Water/ Music
    Bio: Zale’s story starts one rainy cold morning when a tiny baby was left on the door step of a nearby orphanage. It wasn't the best place and even as a toddler they tended to wander away /They Would listen and learn and follow others including the guild members .As they grew they got closer to the people he was able to sometimes help in small ways around the city. They are maybe 15 or 16 but they seem older and no one is for sure how old they are.
    Other (optional): Basically Mute unless they are singing and do whatever they are told, their best friend is a black rat (shadow) who is often with them when they aren't off doing things. They are also skilled listener. They carries a dagger that was a gift for some info when they where younger, First formal day is when ever they jump in. Doesnt know how to use much of the magic
    Vas'On (Elf-Orc)
  • Seraph Darkfire

    King of the Underworld
    Name: Vas'On
    Race: Elf-Orc Half Breed
    Class: Breaker
    Rank: Silver
    Affinity: Body/Lightning
    Bio: Vas'On was born from the unusual romantic pairing between an Orc father and an Elven mother. It wasn't the most accepted pairing between their families however. His parents were exiled due to their coupling. However, his youth was not one of strife, but of challenge. HIs father's fighting spirit, his drive to improve himself was passed on through constant, daily training. His mother on the other hand, thought it'd be best to train his mind and magic, tapping into the raw elemental forces that existed in his body.

    But his growth stalled, both in the skills department and quite literally as his elven lineage finally all but halted his aging. As a gift for his leaving, his parents worked together to have his twin swords forged for him, using the combination of both Elven and Orcish weapon-smithing. The swords were crafted to help channel his Lightning magic even as his Body enhancement magic continues to boost is strength and durability, the only way he can really wield them as the swords weigh an inordinate amount.

    After he had his swords, he headed out, first to pursue a mercenary lifestyle, to figure out how to improve himself and it worked, for a time, but as he improved, so did the rate at which he met blockages and stalled. When he came upon the Guild, he decided to join up to meet stronger people, perhaps test himself against their might, learn how they fight. He often did quests but rarely turned them in as he took several. He cared less for actually ranking up, and more about increasing his strength. He completed the quests but failed to report on them. He stayed as a Copper ranked member for a long time until he found out something interesting upon returning one day.

    Teaching other Copper ranks how to fight and survive in the world, helped improve himself. He began to often travel with them, helping them with their quests and in turn, it helped him rank up.

    These days, even as a Silver Ranked member, he is often found helping copper ranks improve themselves...at least when they aren't terrified by his appearance.
    Other (optional): When he isn't fighting, Vas'On is actually a nice and gentle being, the roughness of his Orcish half being polished by his Elven half. Though he is not an agile fighter, his body moves with an unusual grace, and his voice is often less gravel and more smooth baritone.
    Bhora (Jishtar Lizardfolk)
  • Refaulted

    You're Done!
    Bhora of Yutal

    Race: Jishtar Lizardfolk

    The lizardfolk are exactly what one would expect, a race of scaled humanoids with many features pertaining to their namesake, including long noses, sharp claws, large bodies, and muscled tails. Bhora is no exception, sporting a body made of primarily black scales, save for the large red patch of them that make up the front of his neck. Starting at the top of his head and moving down to just above his shoulder blades is a gray fin, the last section of it ripped and unattached from his body. His eyes are peculiar, not a sharp yellow like the rest of his tribe, but instead shift in muted colors, from green to blue to purple, all so dark it's sometimes hard to tell their true hue without getting up close to him. As for apparel, he sports rough leather on most of his body, save for his trousers, which are cloth with leather padding on spots that see the most wearing. Numerous bracelets and necklaces adorn his body, made of bone, stones, and entwined hair. His most prominent piece, a stone etched with strange carvings with spots of moss, hangs from his neck.

    Class: Druid

    Affinity: Earth/Spirit

    Rank: Iron

    Few outsiders would dare enter the boglands of Yutal, an expanse of near uninhabitable swamps, filled with all sorts of beasts and other natural dangers. The Jishtar lizardfolk, however, have adapted to the scorching springs and dangerously cold winters. Years of perseverance and simple stubbornness helped them understand their home and allowed them to make a life for themselves after skirmishes between their kind forced them out of their previous residence in the great forests of the east. For years, what started as only a half-dozen survivors, eventually grew into a tiny civilization of vicious defenders, terrifying hunters, and newly fractured clans.

    The Zeva Clan was the greatest of these clans, known for being the greatest hunters out of the dozen tribes that dotted the boglands. They held the most territory, and would have no problem killing any outsiders who dared enter their home. Of these warriors, Bhora was of prominent renown, feared by even his clanmates when he picked up a bow and drew back it's string. He would hunt boars twice his size, hauling them back to his elders with his chest puffed out, hungry for the praise they gave him, and they would give him the biggest portion of the kills he partook in. When wayward members of other tribes would wander into their hunting grounds, Bhora would capture them and return them to the Pits, where prisoners were forced to fight one another to the death, to the amusement of others. Bhora did his job well.

    Too well. His clanmates were jealous of him, of his status and his prowess. And so, they concocted an idea. While he slept, drunk off the paraberry wine that was a staple to any Yutal diet, they stole his bow and arrows and snuck off to find one of the elders. When they found one of them alone, bathing themselves in a remote spring, they sunk and arrow deep into his chest, leaving him to die as they returned the bow to where Bhora slept. They then reported him as the killer to the council, and in less than a days time, Bhora's full name was stripped from him, and he was sent to fight in the pits. He pleaded for justice, stating it wasn't him that killed the elder, but his roars fell on deaf ears as they forced him to fight other prisoners. For two years, Bhora fought and killed any prisoner they brought him, each time swearing vengeance on whoever disgraced him.

    Eventually, everyone grew tired of his wailing. Bringing him to great tree, they chained him to it, and proceeded to each take turns whipping his back, until he stopped thrashing. Once done, they left him there, knowing that whatever beast that came past would finish the job they started. And so there Bhora waited for the inevitable end to his life. He only wished that it would be swift and he could ask for forgiveness for whatever wrongdoings he had done in his life.

    It wasn't long into the night when a great snake, larger than any bograt, boar, or even bear he had ever seen, emerged from the brushes around him, and coiled around him and the tree he was chained to. Bhora stayed completely still as the snake stared at him with it's beady eyes, as if it was looking for something. The heat from it's body was almost refreshing compared to the cold wind on his open wounds, and as his consciousness began to drift away, he swore he could hear a faint voice, and the tension of his shackles lift.

    When he awoke next, he was unsure where he was. All he knew was that everything was green, and the damp smell of moss and echoing sound of dripping water helped him formulate he was in some sort of cave. He stiffly pushed himself up to his hands and knees, and nearly flinched at the feeling of a snake moving beneath his hand. The glowing moss that clung to the walls of the cave helped his eyes adjust, and he saw numerous of the slithering reptiles occupying the cave, either moving lazily about the floor or reaching between stalactites to maneuver around. His eyes then fell to the writhing mass of scales farther into the cave, where the same giant snake he had seen when he was last awake sat, staring at him with the same questioning eyes, before suddenly, as if it felt satisfied, it turned its attention to the other reptiles crawling over it. Bewildered, Bhora just sat and watched each animal for what felt like hours, mesmerized by them.

    For the next year, Bhora recovered from his wounds, living in the mossy grove with the snakes, only venturing out to gather food for himself and the large snake, who he began to call Niji. With each passing day, he felt himself changing, as on a few occasions, a stray snake would follow him on his hunts, or he would see branches bend slightly out of his way as he passed. These magical abilities manifested in greater and greater ways, until eventually it was part of his daily routine to use the surrounding trees to help conceal the grove from any potential dangers, or to lay in a pile with Niji and their offspring during the cold nights, feeling less like a lizardfolk with each day.

    Towards the end of the year, when the only reminder of his past life were the long scars on his back, Bhora began to witness Niji slowing down, moving less and less with each day. he would bring any offerings he could to her, sometimes only taking a small fraction of his kills to eat while offering the rest to her. But it wasn't enough, and eventually, Niji succumbed to whatever ailed her. For the first time in his life, Bhora wept for someone other than himself. His tears didn't last long, however, as in the center of Niji's coiled body, sat a single egg. As Bhora picked it up, he saw it cracking until a small scaled head popped out, it's eyes looking much to familiar to be a coincidence.

    Bhora would not stay in Yutal much longer. The Zeva clasfolk shared stories of a patrol disappearing in the night, with the only sign they were ever there being the scattered, broken weapons, and the mangled look of the surrounding fauna. Bhora, outfitted now with better clothes and resources to begin his journey, spat on the ground of the Zeva clan one last time before walking out from the boglands and into the greater world. He traveled for many months, his new partner Sifat sticking close to him, the two of them bonding closely. Eventually, he found himself at the great doors to a strange guild...

    - Sifat, Bhora's companion, is usually seen slithering over his body, even during conversation, though Bhora doesn't pay him much direct attention, aside from lifting his hand for Sifat to move over.
    - Despite his druidic nature, Bhora still has no problem hunting animals on his own and eating them, though he makes sure to use every part he can. He only wears leather made from animals he himself has slain.
    Farran (Spirit Seer)
  • Shura-Yuon

    Somewhere In Between
    Template Appearance: Art done by myself.
    Name: Farran Lynn Vanerie
    Race: Human
    Class: Spirit Seer

    Rank: Copper

    Affinity: Spirit / Enchantment

    Farran hails from a neighboring land to the west, carrying within her the hearty nature of her kinfolk of the great highland clans. A child from a clan village in the southern highland region known as Rosteid belonging to clan Lörr , Farran made it her dream to travel the world and become a hero. Inspired by the old stories and fables of passing caravans, every chance she had, Farran took to venturing beyond the village borders. Many in her village considered the little child a troublesome sort for her unwillingness to accept and adopt her ancient tradition and heritage. As a female, she was meant to fill a role of caretaking, whether it be tailoring, mending, cleaning, or cooking. But Farran had no interest in any of those things. Rather, she spent her days joining her older brother on hunts. This, combined with her habit of 'talking to herself', Farran was accustomed to spending all her time alone. Though she wasn't really, Farran saw it herself. She was never short of company and new friends. Even if other people couldn't see them. It seemed only her brother accepted her for who she was, even though she knew he only pretended to see her invisible friends. Naturally, there came a day that her normal life changed. When Farran and her brother were caught in the jaws of a starved owlbear stirred from a prolonged hybernation, her talent for being able to commune and manifest the powers of spirits was truly discovered.

    With the aid of a nearby nature spirit, she scared the creature back into the mountains. Her brother immediatey began praising her for saving their lives, only to realize what actually happened.
    When Farran returned, her claims of bring in tow her dead brother's ghost was not taken well. She was seen as an omen. Even her own parents called her a monster.

    And so, with only ghostly spirits to guide her and no home to return to, Farran walks the world in search of a place to belong. Farran wandered meanderingly, following the directions of forest guardians and sprites as she survived amid nature. She was admittedly unprepared for the long journey ahead, but Farran faced each bruise and hardship with a headstrong smile. Luckily, she could trust the words and teachings of each new friend. Her brother also, though a self-admitted 'useless apparition', was a timeless companion and guide for her journey. The roads and pathways shared by spirits were not meant for humans, but she pushed through the overgrowth and abandoned trails regardless. Farran felt her body groan from soreness each morning, but she never felt more happy. For each day was a new sight, and a new adventure.

    It took half a year before she entered into Lantana territory from the sprawling western highlands.
    This was when one of her most closest spirits, a ghost by the name of 'Clancy', led her to the doors of a peculiar old guild house.
    Her smile was bright as ever as she stared up at the grand building, seeing the words 'Waystone' written across on a nearby sign. Her heart swelled as she clasped the latches of her half-coat, hearing the sounds of faint conversation from within. For once, her smile stiffened and she froze there at the entrance. She had no idea what to do. When was the last time she even conversed with a human being?

    'You've come all this way to stare at a door? Go on, I want to see too!'

    Farran giggled, 'Oh, hush, we're got all the time in the world. Especially you.' and with a renewed smile, pushed open the wooden doors to the guild.
    Of course, what was she even worried about?
    No matter what, Farran knew she will always have at least one friend with her.
    Other (optional):
    - Has the natural ability to communicate with, and understand spirits.
    - Farran can house spirits into objects, enchanting them with their essence. Though this skill is still quite rudimentary. She can only capture willing participants at this stage. Her closest friend, Clancy, is split between a selection of five specific jeweled decorations, hair rings, armlets, and coins -- All because she hasn't quite figured out an efficient way to keep him in only one vessel. This makes the aiding magic of the spirit much weaker than usual.
    - With Clancy's power, she can levitate one medium-sized object per accessory, so long as it is kept spinning.
    - As a newer ghost, her brother, Johan, has very little influence over the physical world.
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    Akeldama (Half-Blood Vampire)
  • Swiftshots

    The Swiftest Shot In The West
    Name: Akeldama Vlad Aldea Mayer Zugravescu
    Race: Half-Blood Vampire
    Class: Blade Dancer
    Rank: Silver
    Affinity: Dark + Blood - Shadow
    Akeldama was born into a noble family of Vampires. The first and only child to the second son of the Family Head. Her father was a respected and feared member of the family who's many contributions had solidified the families position and earned great fame and recognition. In fact, Akeldama Father seemed far more suited to succession than that of her uncle. Her father however would come to disgrace his name and lose all hope of claiming the title when Akeldama was born. Akeldama's mother was a maid, a human maid who was of no significance to anyone but despite this Akeldama's father took interest in the woman and soon fell in love.

    But to a vampire love is nought but a temporary and fleeting sensation. Those who live for millennia forfeit such feelings after one too many heartaches are cast upon their lifetime. Akeldama is a taboo. A pureblood vampire mating with a human is an unacceptable act to begin with but actually giving birth to and nurturing a half-blood conceived in this way is absolutely disgusting. Actually its a miracle occurrence in the first place given the drastic differences between the two races and purity of a pure bloods DNA. Regardless Akeldama was born of their union at the cost of her mother's life.

    Akeldama was nurtured by her father and raised as an heir should. Trained in many disciplines and techniques up until she was truly worthy of bearing the family name as heir to her father's seat as an advisor. Akeldama however would never fill the seat of her father, instead, she would be forced out of her house and banished from the country by order of the Family Head upon her discovery. Her entire existence covered up to save face.

    Akeldama, however, was not surprised by this, in fact, she had always expected it to happen and it was better off this way anyway in her opinion. After all, if she was going to live for millennia she'd rather travel than stay in one place. A place where her very existence was seen as putrid and disgraceful. And so off the half-blood went. A year after departing Akeldama joined Waystone and had been partaking in quests with the guild for three years now achieving a silver ranking to boot.

    Other (optional):​
    1. Akeldama more commonly goes by A or Akel.​
    2. Akeldama is a Half-Blood Vampire is capable of using both blood arts as well as shadow manipulation. Although she is unable to shift into bat form she is able to meld into darkness and travel at great speed while in this 'shadow form'. This also allows her to hide and travel within others shadows.​
    3. As a Half Blood Akeldama only suffers half the normal repercussions of sun exposure. In direct contact with the sun's rays, Akeldama becomes greatly weakened and exhausted. Overexposure can lead to harsh burns and coma. Fire and holy elemental attacks are also very effective against her.​
    4. As a vampire Akeldamaposses night vision as well as a keen sense of smell. Her senses are heightened as her physical abilities far exceed that of a human in equal stature although pale to that of a pureblood.​
    5. Akeldama can be controlled by purebloods of the same bloodline.​
    6. Akeldama is an expert in poisons and venom as well as reptiles and arachnids.​
    7. On a full moon Akeldama doubles in power and during a blood moon she quadruples her power.​
    8. Akeldama can eat and be around Garlic but it gives her a migraine, likewise crosses (or other holy relics) and blessed water causes harsh burning of the skin if exposed directly.​
    9. Akeldama cannot enter holy sites but she can enter any other location without hassle.​
    10. Akeldama can eat normal food but still requires blood in moderation to stave off berserker tendencies. Luckily she is fond of lamb.​
    11. Akeldama is incapable of vampiric flight but her speed and agility more than make up for this. Akeldama can easily jump to the second story of a house with a running start.​
    12. Akeldama is well practised in swordplay and has inherited her father's katana as well as his style. Although she is far from a master she is exceptionally skilled in the blade. This combined with her vampiric boosted agility, strength and speed make her a deadly foe. That's before you take her blood and shadow arts into consideration.​
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