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Fantasy The Guild Stone II ((OOC))



Broom Shroom

...to the guild!

Adventurers, scoundrels and misfits abound; this is the place where those with nowhere to go, come. Check your hair, your fur and scales, your extra limbs and brand new gear. The adventure is about to begin.

•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••

Lantana is home to the largest human population within the vernal ranges--guild hall sits on the outskirts of it. The kingdom is governed by the twelve houses of Lantana who, on the whole, find the infestation of adventurers on their border rather unpleasant--though they do occasionally prove useful.

There is always trouble brewing within the walls of the city; and plenty to find in the surrounding lands. Excitement is abound in a world where titans roam the north, nomads scale the east, and chaos grips the south.

•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••

IC Threads
There are two IC Threads.
  • The main hall exists for characters to interact and form their teams. There is a quest board on the first page of the main hall thread (located after the intro post). It is updated regularly with quest ideas.
  • Players can begin posting on the quest thread once their characters teleport out of the guild.

Starter Items
Every adventurer is given a set of items when they sign up to the guild: a waystone, an enchanted map, and a bag of holding.
  • The waystone is used for long distance transport (anywhere more than a day's walk). Visualise the place you want to be and it will take you there. You can only teleport to places listed on the enchanted map. When heading into unexplored territory--or where there is interference of some kind--all waystone functions will cease.
  • The bag of holding can store anything small enough to fit through the mouth. To retrieve, think of the item and reach inside.
  • The enchanted map will help you keep track of your position. When you accept a task the target area will appear on the map, as well as any points of interest.
Your character may have two affinities. One of these must be a standard affinity, the second can be either a standard or specialised ability.
Standard: Air | Earth | Fire | Water | Body | Spirit | Light | Dark​
Special: Ice | Lightning | Plants | Transform | Summon | Enchant | Music | Etc​

There are four ranks in total. Your character may start at the first tier of any. Your rank will affect your starting attributes when making a character. This is expanded on further in the character sheet thread.
Ranks: Copper | Iron | Silver | Gold​

    - Specifically, the histories and explanations people create throughout the RP.
    - Do not change something without first discussing it with them.
  2. No modern technology, though magic equivalents may be allowed.
  3. Main characters are to be a part of the guild or intending to join.
    - Cannon fodder enemies / random NPCs are fine.
    - Antagonists are allowed as a part of quests.
  4. Race Limitations
    - No fandom characters or historic figures.
    - No gods or beings from religious texts.
    - No extra-terrestrials.
  5. At least one paragraph per post.
  6. Common RP courtesies and Nation rules apply.
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Seraph Darkfire

King of the Underworld
Vas'On has no need for dexterity, he has massive swords so very little maneuverability, but dear lord can he swing them fast.

Also, Chinchia Chinchia The link to the new questing thread just goes back to the old one...or maybe not...I got confused.
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Seraph Darkfire

King of the Underworld
Seraph Darkfire Seraph Darkfire
Thank you! I'm assuming you meant the link I posted in the old OOC. It was attached to the main hall instead of the questing thread. Should be fixed now.
I'm not sure what I meant honestly. I remember clicking on a link and being very confused at where it took me but either way I am happy that it helped out.

I adjusted Vas'On's stats to better align with what he is good at.


Broom Shroom
Yup, there's no set minimum intelligence for spells. Just an indicator of how powerful those spells would be


Broom Shroom
Although he designated it as a Wizards Staff. In truth it was merely a branch he had found in the forest beyond the training grounds. Any self respecting wizard required an equally respectful staff. So he had claimed it as his own. Same with his Wizardly Robes. He had purchased them from a costume shop, they had been on sale.


Broom Shroom
RatKing RatKing
Eyo! Ruvo's back! Just one thing--since you were in a past version of guild Ruvo can get an extra hundred AP to start, same as Seraph's character Vas'On. Apart from that he looks good!


Rodent Ruler
RatKing RatKing
Eyo! Ruvo's back! Just one thing--since you were in a past version of guild Ruvo can get an extra hundred AP to start, same as Seraph's character Vas'On. Apart from that he looks good!
Oh, that is quite nice. I'll be sure to make the adjustments to account for that extra AP and then have a post up sometime later today.

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