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The Great War


One Thousand Club
Once upon a time, the three nations lived in harmony but that all changed when the Skakikru's kept accepting electricity from the wolves and promising them water in return for a long time they kept up their part of the deal until one Skakirkru told the others why not just attack the wolves and force them to make electricity. They all agreed and sucked the water from the earth killing all the plant life taking the wood away from the Kenna's. This is when the Star Nova Wolf King approached the Fire Lord and they agreed to overthrow the Skakikru.


  • Control water, Supplies the wolves with water they also have the ability to fly
  • Skakikru feel that they are above everyone mentally and physically so they should rule over everyone
  • Can turn water into snow and ice normally fights with ice spears
  • Accepts lightning from wolves for electricity


  • Four ranks of wolves:
  • Direwolf normal civilian can transform from human to wolf
  • Tempest Wolf - Thought Transmission and Shadow Movement
  • Tempest Storm Wolf - Black Lightning and menace
  • Star Nova Wolf King - Lightning Fur Armor and regeneration
  • Can also control earth rocks and etc
  • Provides wood to the Kenna’s


  • Three Ranks
  • Civilians can control fire to a minimum
  • Fire Ken can turn into flames needs wood to recharge can bed fire strong enough to melt metal they
  • Fire lord basically a walking fire source they don't need wood to recharge can cause volcanic eruptions, Blue flames, dragon breath, and when fused with wolf can bend lightning
  • Provides heat and keep volcanos from erupting

I'll be accepting
Unlimited- Direwolf
Three - Tempest Wolf
Two - Tempest Storm Wolf
One - Star Nova Wolf King

Unlimited - Civilians
Five - Fire Ken
One - Fire Lord

I won't be accepting Skakikru until closer to the end of the roleplay.
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