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Realistic or Modern The Golden Age of Piracy [KurtH6355 & Myxyzptik]

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Despite the suddenness of the murder and the chaotic aftermath, you do not let yourself be distracted. You quickly head away from the scene. Some may note how quickly.

You reach your ship in no time, and find Finn, Alex, and surprisingly Jacob as well. You tell the three of them of your plight, seeing no reason to leave Jacob out of the loop.

Jacob frowns, and is the first to speak. "Damn him. You let me go and see this boy Captain. He'll relinquish his claim soon enough."

Your Quartermaster seems more wary. "You could win the trial at the Prize Court. Just have Dunesbury testify that it was clear you were the rightful claimant, because so and so. We can all testify that you and Bauer were, in-fact, side by side." Bauer uses the excuse that you were positioned closer to Dunesbury as he surrendered, and this is the only reason be surrendered to you.

"To hell with the Prize Court, Court of Prizes, whatever. Whenever two captains dispute a claim, it almost always ends up with the prize at the bottom of the sea. Fuck that. I say let Jacob do his work," Chimes in Finn.

"You could just as easily challenge him to settle it on the open sea. Many do," Jacob says. "It'd take some skilled fighting on our part. He'd have us outmatched - unless we consider buying a new ship with the loot."

The idea of replacing the Series of Unfortunate Events doesn't sit right with Finn, who now wears a worried expression on his face.
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The Captain scaled his ship as if every plank behind him was falling into the sea. As Buffy flung himself on board he caused quite a stir and took little time in getting the attention of Alex Gratt and Finn Frost. Coincidentally enough Jacob Wells had also been aboard the ship but that chapter would hopefully closed if not addressed at a more opportune time. The Captain scrambled to his feet as he began to approach the three men and informed them of Bauer's scheme. Predictably Buffy would be met with support but of what to do with Bauer became a daunting escapade which required enticing a myriad of plans.

Buffy would hear Jacob's plan firstly. It was quite simply a vague statement of straightening out Bauer. And given the recent history of how Jacob Wells handled business it would certainly be most convenient. But there were too many variables of which Buffy needed to account for. The first of which being that Bauer was a fellow Captain and disposing of him in the thick of their conflicts would certainly draw the ire of other Captains, notably Rackham. Buffy by virtue of preference also would rather not deal with Bauer in such an underhanded way, the assassination so soon before something grievous happening to Bauer would let rumor run rampant. Even if it had not required an assassination and merely a bit of bullying Buffy would rather not be the subject of unneeded controversy. He would let Jacob know of his fears,

"Aye it certainly would be easy. But I sense that such a slight against Bauer would only strengthen his claims to the Galleon, we must handle this matter differently."

The Captain would hear Alex Gratt's opinion secondly. The idea of taking it to the Prize Courts was tempting as it would be a matter of non-violence and they certainly had the strongest claim to the Galleon. Plenty of witnesses including the testimony of Michael Dunesbury would certainly solidify their claim but even then Buffy had his reservations. For starters the Prize Courts oftentimes had unsavory outcomes. The last thing Buffy wished was to come to terms with a settlement and he even pondered the chances that Bauer would bribe witnesses or if Dunesbury would change his testimony to make his captor look all the less appealing in the eyes of the court. Finn echoed Buffy's sentiments well and he would have to concur,

"I believe what Finn says is to be true. It is often that no two men walk away satisfied in the Prize Courts. The Galleon would more likely end up seeing a Captain who's name is neither Bayless or Bauer manning it should it go to the Prize Courts."

Jacob's second solution piqued Buffy's curiosity. Challenging Bauer on the open sea would be indicative proof of who deserved the Galleon the most as only the better sailor would be apt to keep it. But Buffy understood that The Grenouillie was far more heavily armed than A Series of Unfortunate Events. Bauer's firepower may have posed a problem but Buffy could not shake off the idea of such a bold proclamation as challenging Bauer and then defeating him for all to see. Humiliation would be a tool best delivered in such a circumstance. Buffy would chime in with his own solution.

"Bauer wants control of the galleon but lacks the tool necessary to call himself Captain of it."

Buffy withdrew the Cutlass and its sheath from his belt and held it out for the men to see.

"If Bauer wants to claim the Galleon he must claim the cutlass. It will be a duel as Jacob says, but not a duel at sea. It shall be a duel on land."

Captain Buffy would call for a fencing match. Only the better of two swords may be worthy enough to wield the key to the Galleon. And Buffy fancied himself a good fencer.


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Jacob smiles a wide grin at your proclamation; Finn nods in solemn agreement, and your Quartermaster's look says "very well."

"You do know, though, that he whom is challenged gets the privilege of deciding the weapons used. Bauer is a fine shot, but less great of a swordsman. Likely, he will call for a traditional duel."

Traditionally, the two men would stand back to back, walk away from one another, turn and fire. If neither hit their shots, then they'd go for their cutlasses, and the first to draw blood would win. If both men were shot, he who was less heavily wounded would be the victor. And obviously, if one man scores a hit and the other does not, the winner is decided.

"If he declines to duel, he won't renounce his claim, but the duel may be enforced by the Prize Court," Alex Gratt comments.

You see the  Grenouillie listing at port only a few ships over from your own. If you're lucky, he's aboard. If not, you could deliver your challenge to his Quartermaster.


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Buffy held onto the Cutlass with a certain level of constitution. Understandably given honor codes it was entirely up to Bauer to decide the nature of the duel. Buffy had given himself time before to practice the pistol but it had not yet carried the same familiarity of the blade. Still yet despite his inexperience with the weapon he knew his heart was set in stone on dueling him at land. The ambitious Captain looked onward toward The Grenouille, all that would remain would be to deliver the declaration to Bauer. Buffy began to make for The Grenouille and gestured for Jacob Wells to follow.

"Come then Jacob! Gratt and Frost's duties are here with the ship but I still require a witness"

Buffy's feet would land on the dock with a familiar clunk. The ship creaked wherever he walked upon it and soon he expected Jacob Wells to follow suit. It was indeed true that Buffy would require the witness to be there at the time of proclamation but also he felt that while he had Jacob Wells alongside him that it would be opportune to speak of the incident that had transpired earlier before. It was possible there would still be a crowd at the scene and thusly Buffy took great care to wait until they were out of earshot of any who could hear to ask about the event.

"I assume the small mishap that happened on the dock was of your design?"

Buffy had a way of speaking of the issue in a manner that seemed fit to tiptoe around the subject matter. For a brief moment Buffy had put the Grenouillie in the afterburner of his mind. The Captain grew concerned of a rumor developing into a further plot and he wanted to best prepare for it for if it reared its ugly head at a later time.

"Did you plan for it to happen while I was present?"

Buffy asked concerningly.


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Jacob seems confused. "You were present? He didn't mention that," he says, referring to whomever the shootist had been. "No, Captain, that definetly wasn't supposed to be the case. I'm sorry if that was...unpleasant," he says, sounding sincere.

As you approach the Grenouillie, you spot Bauer amongst a group of his men aboard the ship. As soon as you come into view, his eyes lock onto yours -- it's likely he knows why you've come.


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Buffy would have only asked to confirm his suspicions surrounding the ordeal. The Captain knew now that the sniper was a contracted man and that Jacob had not planned it out by design. While Jacob seemed apologetic Buffy knew still that the chance made for a good alibi in the future. Buffy would put it behind him as they approached the Grenouillie. The Grenouillie had been densely populated with some of Bauer's men. The ship certainly had more liveliness than A Series of Unfortunate Events had with just Gratt and Frost manning its helm. Buffy's face grew more stern as he counted out the heads on the ship in search of Captain Anthony Bauer. It was not long after until they had locked their gazes onto one another, both their glares emitting a ferocity that became obvious.

"Captain Bauer!"

He exclaimed, garnering his attention away from any secondary distractions. Buffy maintained his glare with all its seriousness attached before pulling Michael Dunesbury's sword from his belt. Buffy held the Cutlass outright before pinning the tip of the blade's sheath into the dock to his left. The Captain's fingers roped around the sheath, he remained guarded throughout the entire encounter. Buffy would give one glance toward Jacob Wells for reaffirmation before looking back up toward Bauer.

"Your ambitions have caused quite a stir throughout Rackham's flotilla. And while I hold that if you wanted the Galleon to yourself you should have properly sailed The Grenouillie away from Musket Fire the good Calico Jack refuses to dispute your claim so it belies me to do so."

Buffy brazenly held out the Cutlass. He dared the opposing Captain with this gesture by toting it like a prized piece of jewelry, holding it far out of their reach to where they cannot grasp at it. Buffy would then lay out the ultimatum to Bauer.

"But without this you are neither Captain nor worthy for the Galleon. So if you wish to possess it you will need to claim Dunesbury's sword with blood. Sunrise! We will duel for it on dry ground. The choice of duel is yours as is custom of the rules which dictate Pirate's honor."

Buffy would sheath the blade and stare in anticipation for Bauer's response.


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When you glance to Jacob for reaffirmation, you see his eyes fixed on Bauer's men, his hand on the hilt of his own cutlass, prepared to defend you if need be.

Bauer doesn't seem impressed by your challenge. He does not even turn his body to face you, only his head. You hear snickers of disbelief from some of Bauer's crew.

"Very well. Pistols, then if need be, swords," is all Bauer says, before taking leave of you to enter his Captain's Cabin.

With your challenge proposed, you look back to where you're docked. You see a stream of sailors returning from their trip to town. All of them carry trinkets, bottles of rum, newly purchased swords or rifles, et cetera.

The moon is now high in the night sky, and only now do you feel the ache of tiredness seep into your bones. Your eyelids are heavy.


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Buffy returned the Cutlass to his belt, tucking it in safely and guarding it as it would be the prize come sunrise. Buffy turned to face away from The Grenouillie and head for A Series of Unfortunate Events. The day's proceedings had all but left their mark on his tired face and he began to laze toward the ship. Before long Buffy had integrated himself with the wave of crew members that were arriving. The shackling of trinkets or fanciful weaponry rang like cowbells in his ears. Buffy climbed up the ship alongside his crew mates and predictably along with the rest of them would head for his Captain's Quarters. The Captain's Quarters was not a lot better than the rest of the lower deck's sleeping conditions, a tightly cramped space with just enough room to afford him privacy. Buffy would situate himself inside the hammock that took up most of the space in the Quarters.

Sleeping on an eventful night such as this was one that oftentimes led to perverse dreams. It was oftentimes that he dreamt that he was shipwrecked at sea. All of his mates and crew would be nowhere in sight, likely drifting a thousand feet below the surface. In such dreams it was often that he was surviving off a lone piece of driftwood. Turbulent waves and heavy winds oftentimes pushing his head underneath the water. Barely a second to catch his breath before the next tide sucked him downward. The tempest must have been the work of an angry Sea Goddess. The dreams more or less were all like this until either he snapped awake in the middle of the night or the dream ended with him being dragged toward the depths.

Expectantly it would be like this throughout the night until sunrise.


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Sunrise comes swiftly. You feel as though you slept only a blink.

Breakfast is the same as it was yesterday, though you don't have time to enjoy it. Your Quartermaster is knocking on your door just before sunrise. You're already awake, preparing mentally and literally for the upcoming duel. You wear your most prestigious frock coat, a light blue color, similar to that of the ocean. On your chest you wear one pistol, as opposed to your usual four, in accordance to the stipulations of the duel. You secretly dread having to use it; you know you will win if the duel comes to swords, but know you are outskilled, if only slightly, when it comes to gunplay.

Now all that is left before you meet Bauer and his second on the sands, is to choose your own second. He will accompany you, defending you against any skullduggery on Bauer's part, and represent you to Bauer's second, as communication between you and him is forbidden until the duel has ended. It is also forbidden for either party to be accompanied by anyone other than their second, lest either one be outnumbered. Normally, captains will bring their Quartermasters as their seconds, as all Quartermasters aboard all ships in Britain and her colonies are well-versed in the rules of dueling and mediating duels, as was tradition when a dispute needed to be settled with one between sailors. However, you could choose any one of your officers, or even Jacob.

"Captain, great news! Some of the crew pitched in their shares of the plunder to purchase a mortar!" your Quartermaster tells you before even bidding you good morning. "We, eh, don't quite know how to use it yet, but with it we'll be able to engage foes from a considerable distance! You should see it, the whole crews gathered 'round it scratching their heads, heh."

Nautical mortars are a relatively recent innovation in Europe. You're surprised one was for sale here in Freetown, and wonder how many men had to pool their shares together to afford it. It's possible Jacob had a hand in the purchase, whom you know has secondary incomes.
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As the feelings of finally being whisked away to a far away place seemed almost upon him the slithering eye of the sun began to peek its wide eye over the horizon. The seagulls chattering in the sky only helped to bring Buffy out of his haze and prepare for the morning. The duel was to commence very soon and he had yet to break the full news to his crew. The door rapped not long afterward he had stood up and adorned his attire. Buffy took some extra seconds to straighten out his garb, it would be a shame for the blue dye to be drenched with red should he lose the duel. It would serve as further motivation headed forward.

The Captain stepped out with more gusto than usual, he carried a certain bravado with him. Should he perish the Captain wanted to convey that he was at his absolute best. The man's chest puffed outward slightly and his shoulders hung back. His chin tilted just a little higher than usual as he approached the mess hall in the lower decks. Buffy ate off his plate in a particularly ravenous manner. Tearing at the hard and coarse meat while splitting the hard tack with forceful bites. One may take it that he was reverting to a more primitive level. It was quite the display but it was fleeting as he knew it came time to pick out his second. For this express circumstance he settled on Jacob Wells, typically he would have picked out his Quartermaster or one of his many Mates but he had developed an opinion that Bauer was a less than trustworthy sort. Jacob Wells seemed to carry and edge in dealing with such issues and he wished to have his precarious eye watching over every movement in this duel.

As Buffy moved to top deck he was greeted by a surprise. A Nautical Mortar had appeared in his midst, the invention had been an exclusive. Imported from Europe and certainly a rarity in the Caribbean. Buffy was for lack of better words flabbergasted that it had made its way onto A Series of Unfortunate Events. The man was moved that his crew would pitch their salaries onto something that bettered the ship as a whole. Buffy could not help but to smile at the gesture,

"We'll make time to test it out. On open waters that is, I can hardly bring myself to torture the people of Freetown with this brave invention."

The Captain jested before seeking out Jacob Wells. Buffy swaggered his way toward him and pulled him aside,

"The duel begins shortly soon, I take it I may have your watchful eye in case the brigand tries to pull something crass?"

Buffy questioned his subordinate knowing the likely answer to be yes.


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The mortar is stout and wide. The supply of rounds sitting beside it are like none you've seen before. Truly a weapon of wonderful design.

Jacob smiles as you ask him to be his second. "Absolutely, Captain. I will have your back," he swears to you.

With all affairs on board settled, you and most of your crew head to the sands. Technically, you're only accompanied by Jacob, so you break no rules. It's likely most of your's, Anthony's, and many other crews will be in attendance to watch the spectacle.

"So, you're ready for this? Bauer may very well kill you," Jacob says in a hushed tone.


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Buffy had received his answer from his top-man before climbing overboard and returning to the dock. The feeling of the wood beneath his boot felt comfortable. As Buffy had all but fully come to terms with what may transpire he was calm and ready for the moment. The man certainly held no regrets and he was a man of his convictions. But it was one thing for a man to think they were ready and another to truly feel ready. Buffy was asked the question he had been going back and forth with himself throughout the night once more when Jacob spoke to him.

"Aye, if Bauer wants the blade he will have it. Through his chest or by peeling it from my chilled hands."

it was a positive affirmation for Buffy. The final hoorah before venturing into battle. The only thing that remained was getting there. And Buffy needed only to follow where the flock was headed. It seemed rumor spread quickly despite the fact Buffy kept his lips sealed of the matter primarily. Buffy suspected that Jacob may have had something to do with it or perhaps Bauer's men boasted about the ordeal the night prior. Regardless it was happening and Buffy needed only to be there for it. The man swaggered his way throughout Freeport, possibly in his potentially last day he may have had become a local celebrity. Buffy maintained his confident posture and made it a special point to display the Cutlass of Michael Dunesbury properly. A loud boast in the faces of Bauer and his men. Before arriving to the location Buffy would study the berth of the sands, taking in the sight before searching for his rival.


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You make your way swiftly to the sands where you'll be meeting Bauer. As you go, you've never felt more important in your life, never felt so many eyes on you. Christ alive, you even see Sam Bellamy and his right-hand Edward Teach watching from the porch on the top floor of Bellamy's estate. By far the most prestigious house in Freetown, and it watches over right where the duel will be taking place. With the boss of your boss watching on, you hope not to dissapoint.

Bauer arrives maybe only a minute after you. His second is Aidan Bowers, his Quartermaster. Notably, you stand not with Alex beside you, but Jacob. He has a placid grin on his face and holds a musket with bayonet affixed at shoulder-arms, staring down Bowers.

Immediately, Bowers and Wells close the distance and begin a hushed conversation. It only lasts for about ten seconds. During that time, you exchange fierce stares with Bauer.

You're both instructed by your seconds to place your hands at your side, so both men must reach up to and across their chest in order to draw their pistols, and stand back-to-back with your rival.
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The event had been something that drew the eyes of Freetown. It was like a great sporting event in the Colosseum that brought attention of Emperors. For a moment he flickered his eyes toward Black Sam's estate finding the Pirate Prince standing aside the infamous Blackbeard. The entire Pirate world had set its eyes upon this duel amid two prospective Captains. It was not long before the second man of the hour arrived at the scene alongside his second. As Jacob Wells sported a menacing glance with Bauer's second Bowers Buffy had locked his eyes with that of Anthony Bauer's. When Wells returned to Buffy's side and Bowers to Bauer's it would be time for the duelists to meet in the center.

Buffy made way to his opponent, from afar they were nothing impeccable but as they came to see the whites of their eyes the intensity of the affair had reached its climax. Buffy had counted the distance traveled, it was the rough equivalent of twenty paces. It was a standard amount for a duel but Buffy had little interest in engaging Bauer in a pistol duel. The young Captain had been set on Bauer trying to claim the weapon blade on blade. Buffy would scheme that on the 20th pace he would drop to a low squat and allow the bullet sail over his head. And he had finalized said plan when he was within an inch of Bauer's face. As Buffy turned about he could feel their shoulders rub against one another, Buffy offered one final statement before the duel would be underway.

"I will make sure they write something pleasant on your grave, Bauer."

With Buffy's final piece said he glanced over to his second Jacob Wells. Buffy's arms and hands rested at his thighs as instructed of them. Buffy only needed the ensuing instruction to march the 20 paces and fire.


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Bauer does not deign to reply to your comment. As pirates around you grumble in excitement, proclaiming whom they think will be victorious, you see that your rival's gaze no longer meets your own. Instead, he looks at your chest area. Perhaps, he's trying to analyze where particularly you've placed your pistol, and looking to exploit some advantage from how you'll need to fashion your draw. Or maybe, he's imagining where he's going to shoot you.

You have little time to consider what is on Bauer's mind, as the order is given by your respective seconds to stand back to back with your enemy. You do so. The order to walk is given next. You do so.

Immediately upon reaching the twentieth pace, the call to turn is made. You turn, and duck to make yourself a lower profile, drawing your pistol as Bauer draws his. You notice that as Bauer turns, he is slightly off-balance, but not wanting to fire late, he does not correct himself. Both of you shoot at the same time.

For a few moments, both of you check yourselves. It is self-evident that you are not hit. Looking at Bauer, it is evident that he isn't, either.

This is what you were hoping for. It's time to end this, you think, as you draw your blade. Is it your own, or Captain Dunesbury's?

"Here we go!" Jacob shouts in excitement.


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Buffy kept his eyes directly in front of him. There was a commotion all around the two duelists and if one listened in carefully enough they could hear the exact wagers that were being placed on one or the other man to win or lose. It would be distracting but Buffy was fiercely focused on the act of withdrawing his gun at the exactly twentieth pace. The call to walk broke his attention and Buffy took a step forward. The man counted each step by listening to every moment his boot crunched against sand. Buffy could hear the flintlock rattling in its holster and his hand itched to snap at it.


The Captain wasted no time splitting his stance and withdrawing his pistol. Buffy's shot went off at a similar time as Bauer's, he turned in time for him to see Bauer struggling to get his footing within the sand. There was a plume of smoke that came from both men's pistols and a bullet all but missing. Buffy slowly stood and rose to full stature as he patted himself down, finding no mark upon him he expectantly glanced at Bauer. Without a mark on either it would turn to a duel of swords as Buffy had anticipated it. Wells's voice all but announced the second stage of the duel and Buffy drew the sword of Michael Dunesbury. The young Captain trotted forward with the blade in hand, raring to go in a slight squat with his weight distributed evenly.

As Bauer would have expectantly withdrew his sword Buffy would already begin plotting his attack. Buffy plodded forward inch by inch while flicking his wrist outward. They were small feints tossed out with the intention to draw out an overzealous attack from Bauer with which Buffy could counter. Buffy had a nerve wracking style for his opponents as he constantly kept the opposition at the tail end of the blade. An attack could come from any direction and Buffy loved to parry attacks and stick the other man. As Buffy feinted constantly he looked carefully to Bauer's movements. Mainly his legs and torso region for the slightest twitch or indication that they would be committing to a strike.


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Bauer moves in to meet you, not wanting to give ground and seem unwilling to advance. Though he may seem unsure of himself as his disadvantage compared to you with blades is known, his face does not show it, remaining stoic.

He is in fact the first to attack, thrusting toward your legs. You counter his blow, and return with your own, which he barely slips with agile head movement. For about a minute, things carry on like this - neither of you are fully committed, but it's clear Bauer is beginning to tire. Your counters are superior, but Bauer cannot afford not to attack you, for if he goes completely on the defensive, he will lose out to your superior skills in the assault.

You believe it is a matter of time until he's tired enough to make a mistake.


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Buffy went back and forth with Bauer. At first they were neck and neck and the blows were vicious from either side. Buffy had maintained a calm demeanor but the sweat was beading heavily from his pores. The sun was rising over the ocean and it would not be long before the heat came with it. As their blades clashed with one another it had become a fierce fencing duel. There was a scary encounter with Bauer's blade nearly penetrating his leg. Thankfully the evenly distributed posture had aided Buffy in being able to get out of dodge. Buffy found difficulty finding a home with the counters as Bauer's head movement was rather impeccable. Buffy's concentration and intensity aided him in going on for so long.

But as the battle wore on it became more and more clear the state of Bauer. As the counters became closer to landing a mark Bauer's movements seemed slightly a bit more labored. Buffy felt considerably less threatened as his stamina was adequate for parrying the strikes. Buffy was gaining a suspicion that his opportunity would come soon. With one clash of a blade here and another clash there Buffy felt himself gaining ground. The Captain remained measured in his approach, his methods consistent while being not predictable enough to where Bauer could capitalize on a simple mistake. As the heat flared so too did the battle.


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Bauer and you clash swords at eye level, and for a moment, engage in a competition of strength, pushing against one another. In this, you are even.

"You've not the makings of a Captain. I feel bad for your crew!" he growls, before you send his blade reeling to his side, and strike him in the mouth with your free hand, with a backhanded fist. Bauer retreats, stunned, and you press your advantage wildly; barely he manages to deflect or dodge your strikes, but as he stumbles back, he falls to the ground. You place the tip of Captain Michael Dunesbury's sword at his adam's apple.

Bauer releases his sword, and shows you his palms in surrender. Though the duel's stipulations call for first blood, it is clear you've won. You may not have gotten the fatality you hoped for, only managing to bust his lip, but the Galleon is your's, now undisputed.
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Buffy pressed onward, his movements becoming more hectic and his patterns more erratic. Bauer's movements became labored and it seemed he needed to compensate with his mouth. Buffy would rectify this by smacking Bauer with the back of his hand. With the man dazed Buffy moved in for the kill, metaphorically. Each poke and prod was now nipping at Bauer, a slash at Bauer would narrowly scratch at the man's nose. The man was one crucial flaw away from getting skewered when Bauer conveniently fell on his backside. Buffy would point Dunesbury's cutlass toward his throat. Buffy watched as Bauer released his own cutlass, the two locked gazes once more.


The Captain spat out disappointingly. Buffy lifted his cutlass from Bauer's adam's apple and left a small cut across Bauer's cheek. It was a minor incision but the rules would only call for blood and nothing more. Buffy resigned from Bauer and sheathed the cutlass of Michael Dunesbury, the blade now rightfully his along with the Galleon that came with it. The only thing that weighed Buffy down about not putting the weasel out of his misery was that he feared for more to come. Living with humiliation was not something one did so easily, and grudges festered more easily than forgiveness. Buffy walked backwards away from Bauer fearing something underhanded may still be in the works then, up until he had passed Jacob Wells.

"Now then, might we determine a name for our new galleon?"

Buffy would ask slyly, remarking about the victory that he had just earned. While it may of been of no consequence to the crew it certainly was nice knowing that they would benefit from a second arsenal.


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Bauer stares at you with hatred as you precisely slice his face open. The blood instantly mixes with the sweat covering his face, leaving a small glistening blotch of crimson on him. Your worries that he may seek revenge in the future may be valid, judging by that cold, hateful stare.

Jacob congratulates you with a pat on the back, but seems less enthused by your question about naming the galleon. "Name her? Thought we'd sell her," Jacob asked. Normally, he seeks the bag, and not much else.

Usually, a prize didn't get a name unless she were to be kept by the taker. Though you've never been much of a trader, it could be a worthy investment; all you'd need was to give her a captain, or take her out yourself, leaving the Series of Unfortunaye Events at port, and to figure out a trade route. You could turn her into a hell of a warship, but even your personal funds of around twelve thousand pounds wouldn't suffice to do so. An investment in the range of twenty thousand would be neccesary to fit her, but if you did, she'd be a mightier ship than even the Maria Alena, and could even match Rackham's Kingston. Sinking the Grenouillie and most of the rest of Rackham's flotilla, made up of another brigantine, three other schooners and a sloop-of-war, would be like squashing bugs. This upset of the balance of power would be great for you, but likely piss some of your comrades off. In fact, being at the wheel of such a powerful ship would give you means to break off from Rackham eventually...

Speaking of Rackham, his orders for the days will likely be waiting for you with your First Mate upon your return to the docks.
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Buffy gave a little jump as Jacob gave him a quick pat. The two men retreated from the beach as they headed back towards A Series of Unfortunate Events. Although his mind wandered toward outfitting the galleon properly. Buffy gave a quick glance toward Jacob at the mentioning of selling such a beast. It would be the expected action but Buffy felt he knew better. The Pirate Republic would hardly have a navy if they kept selling all their great ships back toward the enemy. So quite obviously Buffy very well had plans to outfit the galleon, name it, Captain it and then liberally deploy it throughout the Caribbean.

"Sell it? That Galleon will make us more money than we'd ever imagine. And it'll protect our assets too."

Buffy's ambitions must have seemed alien at times to the rest of his crew and other pirates. The man imagined that it would be a conflict of interest in the future. Such a heavily equipped galleon would rival Rackham's ship and most of the ships in the flotilla. Though Buffy had no intentions of putting it's mettle up against his allies ships he understood it to be a powerful tool. Though currently, the galleon's treasures only afforded him to outfit the galleon partially. Which meant he would most likely need to set out for another score in order to fully arm it. Perhaps an opportunity could come up from Rackham's next order.

The only thing that would bother Buffy about setting out for another score would be temporarily leaving the galleon behind. Letting the ship alone at port would certainly earn the eye of many who would happen by. And with Bauer's look of vengeance he imagined that the man would hatch a plan to set the galleon on fire given the chance. Buffy would pass along the docks before climbing aboard his ship. The Captain was met with the cheers of his crew men. Most of which had more than likely attended the duel. Buffy would in turn tip his hat towards each sailor before setting out to find his First Mate.


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Jacob raises an eyebrow at your comments, but says nothing more on his opinion, escorting you back to your ship.

Upon your return, you find your First Mate leaving your quarters. "Ah, Captain. I just left Rackham's orders and a list of potential upgrades we could make to the ship which Alex has drawn up. Got quite a task ahead of us today."

He goes back into the room with you and begins reading from the paper. It was unusual for Rackham's orders to come written like this.

"Captain Buffy. You have proven yourself yesterday to be a tenacious, brave, and decisive captain. This is why I've changed your task from hunting those gunboats, to another thing that has come up. A fortnight ago, in Tortuga, there was a minor slave rebellion. Seventy-odd slaves escaped onboard a pair of schooners. They've since taken to piracy. You are to bring them into our fold, or destroy them if need be. They've last been seen operating in tandem off the coast of Eleuthera."

Well, Rackham certaintly has placed a lot of faith in you. The Series of Unfortunate Events is a schooner herself, and though likely slightly heavier armored and armed, your main advantage will be in numbers -- there are ninety men aboard your ship, compared to the thirty on each slave ship, assuming they've halved their numbers.

The next page contains a list of potential upgrades which could shift the delta in your favor for the upcoming mission. However, these are costly, and would mean it will take longer until you can fit your new galleon.

Current Wealth: 12k
Reinforced Hull: 5k
- Reinforce the hull of your ship, allowing her to take more damage and making it harder to open holes in and set fire to her.

Reinforced Hull II: 8k
- Reinforce her hull even more. You'll probably lose your crew before she sinks, with upgrades like this.

Adding a Ram: 3.5k
- Add a simple ram to the front of your ship, weaponizing the Series of Unfortunate Events herself.

Adding a Ram II: 6k
- Add a large, broad, meticulously crafted ram to the front of your ship, which will match your ship's ramming capabilities with that of a brigantine, which is commonly specifically used for ramming purposes.

Improved Grapple Guns: 3k
- Increase the chances of successfully grappling an enemy ship, and decreases the chances of an enemy crew being able to free themselves from said grapple.

Extended Top Gun Deck + New Guns: 3.5k
- Enable the employment of twelve pounder guns on your top deck, replacing your eight-pounder carronades

Extended Crew Area: 1.5k
- Increase your space for crew to 110, up from 90

Extended Crew Area II: 4k
- Increase your space for crew to 140, up from 90

Extended Cargo Hold: 3k
- Allow for the holding of more cargo

Improved Rigging: 2.5k
- Faster speed and maneuverability

Improved Rigging II: 4k
- Considerably faster speed and maneuverability, and simpler rigging mechanisms, allowing for less men to be occupied with it.
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While the thought of outfitting the galleon was lingering within the confines of his mind he still required a much larger boost in income before they were ready to tackle that topic. Buffy and Jacob Wells had returned to A Series of Unfortunate Events. It was peak of day which meant that the crew was carrying out their routine duties, most of which included cleaning the upper and lower deck. As Jacob Wells resumed his position aboard the ship Buffy had sought out his First Mate. With the parchment firmly in their hand they retreated to the Captain's Quarters were they would read out the particulars of Rackham's orders. The Captain raised a brow at the circumstances, it certainly made for a great opportunity on the Republic's part if they were able to bring an odd seventy men to the fleet. Buffy figured with some sly negotiating that it would be possible but still they would need to be weary.

Fortunately for Buffy A Series of Unfortunate Events was due for an upgrade. With the 12,000 in his personal depository and the added mortar he imagined they could outfit the ship with some deadly innovations that would make it a force to be reckoned with out at sea. Being careful to consider as usual he weighed the pros and cons of each potential upgrade. Figuring the Schooner should maintain maximum speed he sought to tack on Improved Rigging I and II. This investment would be the most costly but Buffy figured it would be a worthwhile addition when they needed to compensate for the ship's smaller size. The other two additions were minor ones being an investment into extra space aboard the ship, this would come in the form of Extended Crew Area and Extended Cargo Hold. The first of which was primarily born with the upcoming task in mind, should the slavers alleviate some of their own crew they would be able to haul some aboard A Series of Unfortunate Events. The cargo hold was more-so to increase the amount of gains from plunder, the man could not be helped it was widely speculated among members of his own crew at times that Buffy would have made a fine merchant or banker.

With the upgrades invested in Buffy held only 1,000 in his treasury, should an emergency come along or a bribe need to be made he figured it was always good to hold spare coinage. Presumably over the course of the next few hours crew men and laborers alike would be outfitting A Series of Unfortunate Events to be a devilish ship. It would make for quite a racket at the dock but Buffy cared little. With the ship in the process of being extensively fortified it left Buffy with some spare time to address his helmsman about the course to be plotted. Buffy would seek him out and inform him of their charted course.

"We sail for Eleuthera, Finn. We'll be expected to come across some Schooners manned by slaves. We have no clue as to the nature of these men so do be weary of how close you sail the ship next to theirs when we begin negotiations."

It was a simple order. Buffy had not yet planned fully for what he was to do, he certainly would not want to wing it however.


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You notify your Quartermaster of your intent to fit the Series of Unfortunate Events with considerably improved rigging, an extended crew area and cargo hold. He heads off to make arrangements for the ordered upgrades.

Your pockets now considerably lighter, you go and find your helmsman, informing him of your destination.

There seems to be a bit of a disturbance aboard the ship. Your cook, Rich, has cooked no breakfast. He says the men can go and get their breakfast on shore in town, he wants to save as much food as he can. Rich has always been very concerned with saving food, even though you now have a year of it, assuming nothing goes bad or is contaminated. Very little of the food is perishable, and of course it's what you're eating first.

The men don't want to spend what little remains of their prize money on food on-shore. One of your gunners, Charles Walsh, associate of Wells, all-but demands that he cooks breakfast for the crew, saying it's his duty whether you're out at sea or not. Things are getting a bit heated.
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