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Realistic or Modern The Golden Age of Piracy [KurtH6355 & Myxyzptik]

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The wind blows with a particular gusto from it's usual nor'westerly direction this morning.

You'd barely gotten out of bed back in Nassau when you received your orders for the day. Your First Mate, Josh Browne, a tall, slender man of age thirty, carried word from your boss, Rackham about a group of British gunboats which have been seen in the area. It's been decided that you'll be accompanying Anthony Bauer and James Morgan's ships to search for and defeat this group. Apparently they've intervened in several of the Republic's recent affairs on the seas in the region.

Anthony Bauer is a fine man, about your age, who has only recently gained captain of his ship -- he told a grandiose tale of being imprisoned aboard his own ship when it was a Royal Sloop-of-War. However, he led a prison break and then a mutiny against the captain of the ship, and took it for himself and the Republic. Upon his arrival, he was granted a position under Rackham alongside yourself. Bauer captains the ship Grenouillie, French for frog.

James Morgan, on the other hand, is quite a miserable bastard. He is an experienced swashbuckler -- during the war he did not sail for any country, like most of the captains did as privateers, he has been a pirate since the 1680s - back then the Pirate Round was all the craze, ambitious criminals would sail along the coast of Africa, besieging the trade routes of the Muslims. His experience has gained him status as the right-hand man of Jack Rackham, and as captain of the largest and most well-fitted ship in Rackham's small fleet besides his own, the Marie Alena. Bauer captains the ship Grenouillie, French for frog.

You're now at the helm of your ship. On your right is your First Mate, Browne, on your left is your Quartermaster, Alex Gratt. Your helmsman is seated nearby, waiting to take over for you if need be.

"I don't see the need to hunt a few pesky boats. Surely our ships can blow them out of the water with ease, should they cause a fuss," Gratt says whimsically.

"They're quick. They appear right as our crews begin to board the prizes, and before we can prepare defense, they're on them. We've lost one ship, and nearly two more 'cos of them now," Browne retorts.

You half-listen to the conversation as you steer, drifting in the wake left by the Marie Alena.

The hatch to below deck, positioned in front of and below you in the middle of the top deck, pops open. Up comes the bald head of your ship cook, Rich. "Breakfasts' ready!" he calls.

The crew looks to you for permission to go and eat up. Usually how it goes, is you and your officers and half the crew go and eat, while the helmsman and the other half keep the ship sailing at mostly full efficiency, and then when the first wave is done the second wave goes and eats. To ensure nobody lallygags, each wave is permitted ten minutes to dine.


In hoc, signo vinces
Buffy had risen with the sun. The tropical winds blew with a mother's warmth, almost as if to lull him back to rest. There was a sharp inhale that roared into his nostrils as he mustered the strength to rise from his hammock. With his First Mate, Josh Browne practically tugging him from his early morning stupor and informing him of Great Jack Rackham's orders for the day. The young Captain had adorned his garb and soon found himself trekking the sands toward port. His ship A Series of Unfortunate Events lay poised toward the rising sun. Buffy had soon mounted the helm of his ship as he surveyed the coast behind him and then the sea ahead. The crew had already prepared to set out and was midway through their duties.

The ropes and anchors were all loosened and before long they were miles out at sea. The ship traveled behind the Marie Alena as if being gently pulled on a string. During these long journeys on the waves he had oftentimes gotten lost in the devices of his mind. Oftentimes he imagined multiple scenarios that could play out once they had met their opposition. Those who studied him closely would know when he lost himself in thought with the way he stared at the back of the Marie Alena. The dialogue of his quartermaster and first mate had all but entered through both ears and flew out the others. Though his ears perked up at the mention of the British. It was almost as if it had been bred as a survival mechanism.

Buffy would be pulled out of his long gazing with the arrival of the ship cook. The rest of the crew gave Buffy a quick glance and with a motion of his hand permitted them to flood into the mess hall as they wished. Buffy dragged himself from the helm and nodded toward the helmsman. Buffy made sure to pile into the deck last, and as a gesture of good faith he had a tradition of allowing his crew to get the first dig into whatever Rich had crafted for that morning. It was something of a morale boost, having served before he understood the importance of instilling confidence as a leader. Buffy believed that if he moved in the same wake as his crew and suffered through the same trials and tribulations that their loyalty to him would hold fast.

Once fully below deck Buffy takes a deep breath. Trying to identify what would be for grub that fateful morning without actually looking at what it was.


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You head below deck following the tide of your hungry crew, into the cramped room acting as your mess. There's not enough seats for everyone, so some smaller men share seats while others have to eat standing up. You take your tray, loaded to bear with with hard-tack, dry flapjacks, and a few salted pieces of pork fat, to go. It's a short trip, back above deck, and then to your captains quarters, situated beneath the helm and next to your officers' quarters. Nobody bothers you on your small journey, however, as you arrive back above deck, you find that breakfast may be delayed. The passageways below deck are cramped - and this isn't even the worst of it. When your cargo hold was full and you had to start storing stuff wherever there was space, which was often-times - the Series of Unfortunate Events was not a particularly large ship, merely the size of a schooner, but armed doubly - things got awfully claustrophobic.

"Ho! Hey! Ho!" the call rings from the crow's nest of the Marie Alena. You watch as a sailor drapes a flag tied to a long pole, in the direction of the east. Just barely, you make out the red and blue of the flag of the Royal Navy.

"Finally," you hear the exasperated exclamation from above you by the helm, coming from Gratt.

The formation of the Marie Alena, Grenouillie, and Series of Unfortunate Events shifts course to head into the direction of the sighted ships. It is a good thing you're all currently flying British colors -- you should be able to fool the enemy into thinking you're a friend; a common ruse in your line of work, but hopefully one these gunboats would be falling for.

You consider calling for all hands on deck in preparation for the coming fight, however, it will probably take at least ten minutes to close the gap with your marks, enough time for at least half the crew to sup.
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Buffy had rushed from out of the bottom deck. For him the food bore no taste from many years of grating his tongue and teeth on the salted pork fats and hard jerky. There was hardly ample time to get any grub into his system however as traversing through all the excess storage required him to navigate his way through the maze. As Buffy had returned to surface he took sight of the Marie Alena. The Captain took in the sight of one of the Alena's crew men waving their hands and draping the flag over the crow's nest. Buffy turned to face his rear where half the crew packed into the deck below quarters. With the flaring of Blue and Red in the far distance he did not fully like the idea of halving his men but the ruse they were devising had worked many times before.

Buffy had fully made up his mind when looking beyond toward the Marie Alena and the Grenouillie. Buffy knew he would be alright with the support of Bauer and Morgan. The Captain stormed the steps leading to the helm and looked down upon the current half of his crew that was revving up. Buffy gestured toward the crew and gave a stern order for his men to be at their full attention.

"Hide your weapons well and play the part men. This will be smooth sailing if you hold your end of the charade."

Buffy returned to his quartermaster and helmsman a short while after. Buffy would pat his persons down to remind himself of just exactly he was packing. Buffy had flickered his glance between his helmsman and toward the ship that was oncoming. Every now and then Buffy would take a peek at the large British sail they were hoisting in the sky. Buffy had scrutinized the flag with every glance. It was a devious plan that the pirates had concocted. Buffy watched feverishly as they closed in on their targets.


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Your cutlass is bound tightly to your side in its scabbard, sharpened only yesterday morning by Gareth, the local blacksmith in Freetown, currently the only village of the Republic. Behind it, you've secured a smaller short sword, almost a dagger, for more personal interactions. On your chest, you carry a brace of four pistols -- it is traditional for a captain to carry many pistols on him, in order to deal with enemies in a rapid succession. Bellamy and Thatch both carry a brace of eight pistols upon their chests. You'd practiced for many hours the act of drawing each, firing them, then holstering them and drawing the next and getting that one on target as fast as you can. Both on training dummies, and, of course, in action. Unfortunately, there's not much hiding these.

Your crew is well drilled in the act of disguising their true occupations as they draw near their prey, and the reduced presence on the upper decks should also help to reduce suspicion - your ship is only a schooner, normally crewed by thereabout forty men - but for the purposes of having enough manpower to overwhelm larger ships' crews in boarding actions, you host eighty men in your crew. To any experienced captain, this would be a very obvious oddity, and a trademark sign of nefarious intent.

You are joined at the helm by your Second, Third, and Fourth Mates. Your Second Mate, Andrew Boudoin, also acts as your gunnery officer and boarding captain, leading the crew in boarding actions. He served as a colonel on land for the British army during the war -- a rarity to have an infantryman onboard a ship, but a useful person to have around. Your Third Mate, Louis Haytham, oversees your crew and your ship with a particular attention to detail. He is the whip that is cracked when your men need shaping up. Your Fourth Mate is an older gentleman named William Harding. He too has been a pirate for many years, and sailed with Captain Morgan on the Pirate Round. He has served Rackham since Rackham has served Bellamy. His position on the ship was pushed upon you by Rackham and Morgan, believing he'd be a good influence and helpful to your efforts to captain the Series of Unfortunate Events, though you suspect they may have also wanted an agent aboard your ship. Though you hate to admit it, during his short stay aboard your ship, Harding has proven himself and his advice useful. He has vast knowledge of the seas and it's many ports, camps, missionaries, Indian camps, and so on; it also seems like he knows somebody important everywhere that you go. You hope to accrue the same wisdom and networking that he has by the time you've reached his age - he is almost double your age.

As you grow closer, you realize it is not one, but three ships. Before you is a large trade galleon, a smaller but powerful for it's size brigantine, and a trailing gunboat. A merchantman and hired escorts, probably. Not what you were hunting, but a valuable find nevertheless.

"Good haul," your Quartermaster, Alex comments, handing you a spyglass with which you may observe the vessels.

"The Marie Alena alone could match the escorts. We've surely got them outgunned," Browne comments.

"The Galleon's crew will be at least one-hundred and fifty strong. That's if they're not carrying extra marines for defense. Many merchants will hire soldiers and other private guards to both fend off boarding parties and watch over their cargo - as you know, the crew on a trade ship is not always the happiest, and they help in the sailing of many valuable goods, which I'm sure would be hard to resist the temptation to steal. Anyway, It will take two of, if not all three of our crews, to board her without it turning into a grueling siege," Harding tells you, rambling a moment.

"I bought a crate of hand grenades at Saint Kitts & Nevis, when we stopped last week. They will be useful," Andrew Boudoin, your Second Mate and boarding captain, comments.
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Buffy would feel his fingers trace the linings of each flintlock on his person. The feeling of steel strapped tight to his body had always been something of a reassurance before the storm came upon them. Buffy would be animated as he pretended to withdraw each pistol and then firing it upon the British sailors. Confidence in his ability would be unwavering as he had done well in previous encounters. This confidence would swell as the Second, Third, and Fourth Mates made their appearance. Buffy would greet them kindly in turn and inquire about their readiness for the battle to come.

"Good to see you lads, have you the time to prepare for our engagement?"

Buffy's self assurance was bound to reflect on that of his mates. By this time he had all but fully awoken and going into battle hungry gave Buffy a modicum of aggression which he liked to imprint onto his enemies. Looking upon the wise Mates aided Buffy in his belief of a success & admittedly looking at them Buffy felt there were times when he did not belong as a Ship Captain. There was certainly no doubting Buffy's competence and ambitions but it was one thing to play the part of a Pirate while under someone else's command and another thing entirely to be an effective Captain. The Trials and Tribulations Buffy had undergone primarily seemed to be that of which took place in his mind.

But as the British ships features became less broad and more finely tuned he knew that the time to dabble introspectively had passed. The crew was all but readying into their positions and Buffy had all but kept his eyes on the approaching ships. With all the excitement of the day Buffy had forgotten to adorn his eyepatch, it was commonly spread about among Pirates that one's vision at night would be finely tuned with the use of the patch during the day. One hand hovered over the first pistol in anticipation of what was to be.


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As you and your sister ships draw closer to the enemy, you do what is custom, and order for your top men to strike the British colors you fly and don the Skull & Swords of the infamous Jack Rackham. It was tradition for the crews of Nassau to follow the maritime law that suggests it to be illegal to attack another vessel without first hoisting your flag and showing your intent to attack - despite the fact that sailing under a false flag is a flagrant violation of the same maritime law. Simultaneously, the three pirate ships hoist their true colors, and the Marie Alena slows down while the Grenouillie speeds up, cutting rightward to catch the wind in her sails, until the three ships are side by side. By careful steering, the three of you close the gaps to mere feet between your ships, allowing for communication by shouting.

"Captain Buffy, it is a beautiful day for battle, isn't it! We will focus fire on the gunboat in the opening. Once they're dealt with, we will work to separate the brig from the Galleon. I'll then duel the brig while you and Bauer pursue the Galleon." Captain Morgan shouts over to you, with as much brevity as is possible in communicating a plan of attack. It is more of an order, less of a suggestion.


In hoc, signo vinces
The flag was cut from its peak and drooped pitifully to the top deck. The sail of Jack Rackham was hoisted in its stead, the act was worthy of applause from the rest of the crew and Buffy had looked upon it with a certain pride. It may not have been a design he himself picked out but it stood for a Pirate's every ideal. As the Marie Alena slowed and the Grenouillie sped up Buffy found himself within shouting distance of either ship. Buffy could see Captain Jack Morgan atop the helm of his ship shouting across the narrow gap between the two. Captain Buffy in turn responded to his shouting with a fist in the air and in turn,

"Aye, the British won't know what hit them!"

The Pirates had declared their war to the British and now it was time for action as they swiftly closed upon the British gunboats. Buffy would lean over the railing and command his crew from above.

"Gentlemen! Captain Morgan's instructed us to lay waste to that gunboat! Ready the cannons and be prepared to dock at any moment!"

Buffy took his weight off of the railing as he readied for the engagement. As they came remarkably close to the gunboat he imagined that his helmsman would place them in the proper alignment to run laps around the British gunboat. Buffy could see the men on deck loading the cannons and preparing for the worst. It was as Buffy would like it at the peak of day. The hand that was once hovering over the pistol had now secured its grip around the handle, soon he would be ready to pull it out in a moment's notice.


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You and the other pirate ships close distance more and more, until you're only about a hundred feet away from the galleon, brig, and gunboat. Both forces react to one another by turning hard to present their broadsides to one another, bringing to bear the most fire possible. Though the merchant and his hired guns know they're outmatched, and the Galleon is already turning away from the engagement - the escorts will stay to try and cover her retreat, but they're unlikely to be willing to die for that cause.

The first shot breaks, and it comes from your crow's nest; a crackshot aboard your ship, Edward Stayten, often also acts as lookout up there. Through your spy glass, you watch as his shot lands true on the captain of the gunboat. It only winged him, but he's furious - he draws his own pistol, and fires it at your ship, though there's no way he's going to hit anything at this distance. However, a few seconds later, you see smoke plume in the distance from the gunboat's crow's nest, and hear a loud splash in the water. Edward's been killed in retaliation by a marksman aboard the gunboat.

"Guns ready!" Your Second Mate calls to you from the middle of the deck, waiting on your order to let loose.


In hoc, signo vinces
Buffy could feel his heart pounding from within his chest. It was quite difficult for him to describe the sensation, fraught with both excitement and nervousness. And as the first shot echoed out it was a matter of discovering where it had come from. Buffy was quick to whip out his spy glass and survey the area. Initially there were no plumes of smoke coming from the gunboat or from the top deck. As Buffy swiveled his head upward he found that the shot came from the Crow's nest, swinging back toward the gunboat he found the Captain of said gunboat in quite a bit of disrepair. A smirk formed on Buffy's lips as he knew that they had caught the guy clean but before long Buffy was met with the sound of returning gunfire and the splash of Edward's corpse in the water.

Buffy's heart began beating again and he quickly turned to his Second Mate who uttered the fateful words. Buffy's eyes surveyed his crew for but a while longer before he raised his hand high and in a swift chopping motion downward followed with the order,


The symphony of cannons would expectantly soon follow, the battle was now underway and they were expected to make quick work of the gunboat so that they would be able to give chase to the galleon.


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As you order your men to fire, so do Bauer and Morgan.

The Maria Alena targets the brigantine, which attempts to make itself a smaller target by angling itself in such a way to maximize effective use of their weapons while also increasing chances to evade the withering fire.

The Grenouillie joins your bombardment of the gunboat, and the combined fifty cannons of your two ships leave the gunboat cracked in two. You see several figures swimming around in the water. The brig quickly moves to go and pick up the stranded sailors, while returning fire at the Maria Alena. The brig's return fire is largely ineffectual against the tough hull of Bauer's vessel.

As planned, with the gunboat sunk, you and the other ship captains call for full sails, and approach the brig rapidly. The three of you expose yourselves to deadly raking fire by the brig's guns doing this, but it is the quickest way to overtake and seperate it from the Galleon's path of retreat. The big ship was already growing smaller as it beat a hasty withdrawal.

This manuever comes at a price, as the brig's guns target the Maria Alena, starting a small fire near her bowsprit and leaving several holes in her near the waterline. The cannonfire even knocked off the figurehead at the end of the bow of the ship, a bronze eagle -- Bauer won't be happy when he finds that out.

You call for your crew to brace for impact as you come even closer to the brig. If they decide to target the Series of Unfortunate Events with their next broadside, skilled gunnery could spell the quick sinking of your small ship.


In hoc, signo vinces
Once the battle had gotten ahead at full steam the surrounding atmosphere became chaotic. The constant cannon fire repeatedly popped Buffy's eardrums as each cannonball was sent careening into the gunboat. Wood planks, limbs, and flags altogether would be strewn across the water from the bombardment from the trio of ships. It was easy work all things considered but the brig remained in the path of retreat. There was lots of shouting and as a Captain it became awfully challenging trying to make one's voice the loudest. Bullets and cannon shot alike soared over their heads during which time and Buffy found himself ducking in between call outs.


The ship came dangerously close to the hull of the Brig. Any wrong steer and they may well have been ramming the thing. Buffy looked back and forth expectantly to the Second Mate in anticipation of the call that the cannons had been fully loaded. During which time Bauer's Bronze Eagle had cascaded across the water and was surely becoming a fancy little treasure at the bottom of the sea. Buffy had hunched down as he silently prayed the cannon fire from the brig would be little more than a glancing blow.


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As your guns are brought to bear again, your Second Mate notifies you. You quickly turn left, presenting your broadside, let your guns talk, and then turn back right, back onto course straight ahead into the brig. This "in-and-out" method of firing was commonly used when engaging in cannon duels from a distance. However, that distance was rapidly closing. The Grenouillie splits off to chase the Galleon, prompting you to do the same. The Maria Alena and the brigantine are left to duel with one another.

Within ten minutes, you watch as the Grenouillie catches up to the Trade Galleon, entering small arms range. It is well known merchantmen do not carry many cannons on board, but this particular Galleon posses a large cache of musketry, which they put on display with a rippling volley that obscures your vision of the big ship. The Grenouillie's sails are shredded instantly, and she is immobilized. Her crew responds with the use of chainshot, shredding the galleon's main sails. The two ships now drift parallel to eachother, engaging in a firefight which the crew of the Grenouillie is losing. You need to get up there. The Grenouillie is just barely out of range to fire grapples at the Galleon, and is drifting in the right direction to be able to do so in the next minute or so.


In hoc, signo vinces
The ship shook with the firing of A Series of Unfortunate Events's broadside cannons. There was a great rumbling as the ship began to correct its positioning once again. Shortly thereafter The Grenouillie gave chase to the targeted galleon that they had been instructed to pursue. Buffy quickly had the helmsman turn the sails toward the direction of the Galleon and give chase soon after. They approached with good pace while towing just behind the Grenouillie before the hailstorm of musket fire had crippled the ship. The Grenouillie was now stuck idling by while an equally crippled British Galleon was deadlocked in the water as well. No doubt Bauer was well frustrated following the loss of both sail and ornament.

"Full sail ahead!"

Buffy called out to the rest of the crew. They would need to cover the ground quickly, there was already the added benefit that the galleon had been all but stranded in the water which would make it an easy target for A Series of Unfortunate Events. Still though Captain Buffy did not desire to waste time, the loss of Bauer would certainly be a blow to Rackham should he perish in battle so soon. And more worrisome he imagined himself as Bauer's responsibility in the current moment. The last thing Buffy wished would be to be dragged over the barnacles of Rackham's ship at full sail for botching this mission.

"Ready the cannons! We'll blow this galleon to smithereens!"

Buffy was leaning over the railing once again. The situation on the deck was hectic as crew men were scrambling to get their bearings while complying with orders. Naval Battles certainly were no walk in the park like the uniform and organized line battles in Europe.


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You push your crew to push your ship as fast as she can go, even sending men down to the depths of the ship to use long ores through the bottom-most gun-ports for extra speed. Though you command it, your crew know the object isn't actually to blow the galleon to smithereens - there's many thousands of gold and tons of valuable trade goods to be taken, that would be a waste to let drift under the sea.

Your ship careens into the action and fires grapeshot, on order of your Second Mate. The grapeshot breaks apart upon impact, causing destruction amongst enemy crews if landing true. Your efforts are effective as the musket fire dwindles, and your ship as well as the Grenouillie gain the advantage in the gun battle, which had raged for over five minutes now since the sails were destroyed on the two ships.

"Swivels loaded, grapples ready, captain!" your Second Mate calls, as he gathers together a corps of tough fighters to be the spearhead of his boarding party.

Your officers go to a musket rack standing close-by, and take the rifles off them to join the shooting. One is handed to you by your Quartermaster. On ships of the Royal Navy, it is unbecoming of an officer to use a long gun. On the ships of the Republic, such trivialities were rejected; it couldn't be denied that the rifled musket served the purposes of firing your enemy at these ranges better than any brace of pistols, no matter how many handguns adorned it.


In hoc, signo vinces
Buffy felt the ship gradually go faster but not nearly enough to where he was comfortable with it. Before long they had surpassed the Grenouillie and then come side to side with the Galleon. Grapeshot scattered the British forces and would make the oncoming boarding invasion a less daunting task then before. With less oncoming musket fire the confidence onboard A Series of Unfortunate Events grew. The crew began preparing the swivels to cut and lodge deep within the hulls of the galleon as the boarding party readied their weapons. Buffy reached his hands out toward the rifle that was tossed his way. Gripping the barrel and handle with a tight squeeze before shouting the order that put into motion the final step.

"Board! Board! Board!"

Buffy quickly aimed down. He looked for the least disoriented British Crew Member and would fire down on them before finally slipping one hand for the pistol. Something his hand was all too eager to do. Buffy anticipated the firing of the swivels and the boarding party to leap over to the other side of the pond and begin clearing out the scattered enemies. All while keeping an eye out for any important looking officials. Not all of the hostiles would need to be massacred but only the ones that posed an immediate risk. Some could be made for good conscripts in the Republic soon after the less cooperative were laid to waste.


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Grapples are fired and several connect with the Galleon. Dozens of men pull in the ropes to bring the Galleon and Series of Unfortunate Events alongside one another. When the gap is only a few feet, you watch as your Second Mate and many of your crew jump the gap. Several are shot and fall into the drink, in between the two ships.

You begin to reload your musket, as you watch the melee unfold alongside your officers. Surprisingly you see the  Grenouillie drift up alongside you, and her crew boards your ship, before using it as a bridge to join the assault on the Galleon. Over two-hundred pirates now cram onto the Series of Unfortunate Events. Captain Bauer comes up to greet you with a few of his officers; you gratefully observe that he is unharmed.


In hoc, signo vinces
The Grapple hooks cling to the side of the Galleon and the boarding crew began to flood onto the enemy ship. It was disheartening to see a good chunk of the boarding party fall short of their marks but it was to be expected. Buffy fired off the pistol that he slipped with his left hand before pocketing it once more and moving to reload his rifle. Buffy's eyes were wholeheartedly set on the Galleon and the raid that was occurring in front of his eyes. It came as somewhat of a shock when he felt the side of his ship teeter and peeking behind him a wave of men came leaping over.

Initially Buffy had feared that the brig had somehow beaten Morgan and flanked A Series of Unfortunate Events but upon seeing the men leaping over the gap and spilling onto the British Galleon found his nerves calming themselves. Perhaps the initial boarding party had given the Grenouillie enough time to switch their sails and pull up aside Buffy. Buffy acknowledged the latter Captain

"Nearly got picked apart, Bauer? Good to see you're safe. Rackham would have my head if you died."

Buffy had reached the finishing stages of reloading his musket. Buffy would have had joined with the boarding party but with the sea of men crawling onto the galleon he had more fear that the Galleon would sink underneath all the weight.


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"Heh. More like Rackham would give you the Grenouillie." Bauer retorts. He knows he's a favorite of Rackham's, but it embarrasses him. He tries to keep his head down and work hard, but sometimes does a bit too well for his own good. His humble character is betrayed by his bold, charismatic, and ambitious traits. "If the Royal Navy can do anything well at all, it's direct a volley," he says.

The two of you don't talk much more as you focus on firing and reloading your pieces in support of your crews. Within minutes, the fighting above deck quiets down, and prisoners are being rounded up. However, there's still a commotion.

Your Second Mate calls to you from the bloody deck of the Galleon. "The captain and some of his men have barricaded themselves in his cabin! Blow it open? Don't think it'll make any holes big enough to sink 'er!"

Don't think. That's reassuring.

"I don't know. Seems like an unnecessary risk. Why not just starve them out? Be quite the surprise for the Spaniard who buys this ship from us, heh. But, you boarded her first, so you make the call," Captain Bauer muses.


In hoc, signo vinces
Buffy looked at the Galleon as the conflict had simmered down. Bauer's remarks left a small smirk on his features. Their charisma was rather obvious to Buffy and anyone who had come across him. Buffy himself had not carried the same vigor as Bauer, he oftentimes mused to his lonesome and usually spoke only with purpose. Buffy picked apart a British officer or two with his musket before the crew had finished mauling the resisting party. The ones that remained were rounded up and hogtied, presumably his crew waited for his order on what to do with them.

"We did well, all things considered. I wonder of Morgan"

Buffy looked somewhere off the distance from the direction they had come before his attention was split. The sound of his Second Mate had brought his attention back to the matter at hand. A fruitless last stand from the Galleon's captain and some of his loyal soldiers seemed to be ready to fight for their lives. Everyone else knew that they were all but defeated unless they were harboring something nefarious below their decks. Buffy watched the Galleon with scrutiny as Bauer and Boudoin offered their two cents on the matter. Buffy let out an unpleasant sigh, the British certainly knew how to complicate otherwise trivial matters.

It would be a lie to say that Buffy had not considered either options of his fellow Captain and Second Mate. But ultimately he figured there would be a simpler solution to the matter. Blowing them out with just any cannonball could very well cause some irreparable damage that they otherwise would not want to inflict. Starving them out would be too time consuming, he was sure Rackham would rather have the ship sooner than later. Buffy turned toward his Second Mate and asked,

"Might I know what they hope to accomplish by holing themselves in there?"

Buffy's curiosity was piqued but he knew he would have to act sooner or later. Buffy would devise a negotiating tactic to try and draw the crew out.

"Load a cannon with chain shot. Aim it at the decks door, tell them to come out peacefully or we'll bring them out forcefully."

Buffy ordered his Second Mate as he would watch carefully of the Galleon across from his ship.


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"Aye," Your Second Mate replies.

You and Bauer traverse to the deck of the galleon. You have to be careful to avoid stepping on the remains of the dead and dying, and the bottoms of your shoes are covered in gore. You hope whatever's on this ship was worth such a vicious melee. You see that, in the distance, the duel between the Maria Alena and the Royal brigantine continues, twenty minutes later. The two ships have likely nearly emptied their munitions at one another, and likely will resort to firing small arms at eachother soon enough, until the matter with the galleon could be settled. Neither ship is willing to come close enough to deal a coup de grace to eachother, so they circle one another from just inside the effectual range of their cannons.

Your ultimatum is issued. Immediately, the doors swing open, and the captain and his officers are dragged out by angry mutineers; perhaps these last holdouts weren't so loyal after all. After tossing the captain and his officers at your and Bauer's feet, they surrender their weapons, and kneel down.

You and Bauer have gained control over the galleon, and the riches held within.

"My name is Captain Michael Dunesbury. You gentlemen have proven to be formidable foes. Hereby, to stop this bloodshed, I surrender my ship and my sword to you," he states, removing his sword from his hip while it's still in its scabbard. It is you he surrenders the sword to, not Bauer, giving you official claim to the Galleon as your prize. You glance over at the other captain, and sense a hint of jealousy in his gaze. You must decide whether to take the British captains sword and ship for yourself, or sacrifice these gains to Bauer, who, admittedly, suffered more damage in the taking of the Galleon. However, you boarded her first, though only because the  Grenouillie was immobilized by musket fire.


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Buffy would send his Second Mate off to handle the negotiations. The Captain watched as the crew loaded up chain shot into one of the cannons of the Galleons before pointing it at the door. A moment later Boudoin had exchanged a few words and the crew within the lower deck had all but sacrificed their Captain and Officers. Buffy kept a poker face as the Captain was presented before Buffy a moment later. Surely it must have been difficult for this hard-working Captain to forfeit their livelihood over to rogue such as himself. Buffy looked at the envying Bauer.

Buffy considered his next move for a brief moment with a short pause. The Young Captain's arm outstretched toward the British Captain's Cutlass and took it for himself. Buffy would hold the Cutlass by its sheath. With the pointed end staring at the floor, understandably he may have left Bauer feeling sour about the ordeal but if it were Bauer in this situation being presented with the Cutlass he knew it in his heart that he would not object. The matter of what to do with the Captain and his hostages was another matter unto itself. While Buffy had claimed the Galleon and the Cutlass for himself another thought swam through his mind entirely.

"Captain Dunesbury I take it you're a man inseparable from their ship?"

It was a sentiment that Buffy himself understood very well. Because of this Buffy was willing to offer yet another ultimatum to this noble Captain.

"I cannot find it within me to willingly part a man from his ship. However, I cannot stand to support those hideous colors you wear."

Buffy turned the Cutlass onto its side and held it outward toward Michael Dunesbury. Buffy pointed his chin upward as he proposed his offer.

"If you will turn your coat and serve me, serve Jack Rackham and serve the Republic then I wish to impart you your Cutlass and Galleon once more. Not as a man bound by Monarchy but serving of his own accord."

It may have been bold on Buffy's part, it may have earned him the ire of Bauer and even some of his own men. But there was a greater ambition to what he was seeking. Rackham had tasked Captain Buffy with securing a ship that would aid the Republic. And Buffy saw it within the Republic's benefit to ensure that the man heading such a ship was par for the task. Buffy anticipated the British Captain's response.


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Captain Dunesbury's upper lip curls in disgust at your suggestion, surely not the reception you were hoping for. "I would never betray my country in such a way," he says vehemently.

"That's a principle I can respect, even if it's foolish," Bauer says back to the captain.

"So what's the alternative?" the captain asks. Bauer looks to you, respecting your keeping of the galleon as your prize. It isn't unheard of to imprison, mistreat, even kill enemy captains. However, doing so was largely seen as dishonorable. Captains and officers were seen as the nobility of the sea, and thus often treated with respect and dignity when captured by their enemies.

"Aye, ehm, we don't share his sentiments by the way. We love to join ya," one of mutineers pipes up from on his knees.

"Shut up while the captains talk, huh!?" a large crewmember of Bauer's orders him, whipping him over the head with his pistol.

Well, you could arrest Captain Dunesbury and give him to Rackham for some brownie points, or try to ransom him yourself if you're feeling lucky. Or you could send him packing on one of the galleons lifeboats. Further, you could try and recruit him to join your crew, but he doesn't seem to be keen on the pirate life.
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Buffy was not considerably surprised by the response of the Naval Officer beneath him. Buffy turned the blade vertically and hovered it just an inch or two from the helm of the deck. While it was in fact not ideal it was ultimately the loss of the Captain. Buffy listened intently to what Bauer had spoken and knew that it would be uncouth to mistreat the Captain and his officers. Maybe another Pirate would drag him over the bow of the ship and fly at full sail. Letting the barnacles rip apart their back or starve them in a prison but if the Republic was to be a land of the free it would be problematic to have a negative reputation.

Conveniently enough Buffy had made up his mind as one of the Mutineers offered their working hands to Buffy. It crossed his mind offering the same deal to any number of the British Captain's subordinate officers but they were also just as likely stubborn as their Captain. And offering the cutlass to any of the mutineers may have well meant planting it in the hands of an inexperienced or weak-willed sailor. Instead Buffy would default to what was offered before but with a small adage.

"Then I'll claim this ship and it's sword as my own for now. Tie up the Captain and his Officers, we'll hold him prisoner."

Buffy would then directly address Captain Dunesbury

"You hear? We will see if your country values you the way you do it. We will see how well his loyalties hold up then."

If the Navy would not pay ransom then the British Captain would likely find themselves without allegiance. And should the Navy be willing to pay then the Fleet would get a pretty penny for their troubles. With Buffy's mind made up on the matter he would gesture for the Second Mate to take the Officers prisoner while preparing for the Galleon's arrival to Rackham's fleet.

"Let's give Rackham the good news then, after Morgan's troubles have ceased that is."

Buffy would wave to his helmsman to prepare to set out to sea once the final steps had been taken to secure the Galleon and its crew with its hostages.


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"Oh, right, nearly forgot about Morgan," Bauer jokes, though you can tell he's a bit bitter about your claiming of the galleon. "Also, you know you'll have to bring the galleon before the Court of Prizes in Nassau," your fellow captain reminds you. The Court of Prizes, presided over by the most powerful captains of Nassau, including Rackham, determines whether the ship can be sold freely by the holder of the prize, or kept as their own ship or whatever, or if the ship is needed for the fleet of the Republic, and thus must be sold at the harbor in Nassau. Unfortunately, Nassau normally offers worse prices compared to selling in a foreign port. However, it is unlikely the Republic will wish to add a trade galleon to its fleet, as it would be a significant investment to turn her into a warship of any sort.

Quickly, Captain Dunesbury and his officers are rounded up and placed into the lazarette, at the darkest, dankest depths of your cargo hold. The look on his face says he has little faith he will be ransomed quickly.

After prisoners have been taken, a headcount is reported. Eight of your men were killed in the fighting. Nineteen of Bauer's. Thirty men aboard the galleon offer their swords. Bauer requests you allow half of them to go to him, to replenish his losses. However, you have rightful claim to these recruits, being the new owner of the galleon. It would be a kindness if you were to fulfill Bauer's request.

Your Quartermaster walks up to you in jubilee once you've returned to your ship. "Food stocks for a year, five thousand balls of ammunition, nearly five hundred cannonballs, one dozen 18-pounders, three 24-pounders. What must be nearly ten thousand pounds just sitting in the hold...we've done good, cap, we've done very fucking good!"

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