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The Galactic Order


A star can't shine without darkness
Fantasy - The Galactic Order (Database)

Welcome to a universe of fantastic wonders and mysteries, a universe in the midst of war.

This isn't a fight between good and evil. This is a fight for survival. A race known as Titans has been discovered along with a message.

Servants of the dark god, servants that have existed since the beginning of the universe. These beings, Titans, will awaken once again to aid the dark god in destroying the universe. I have witnessed this destruction, I have seen the end of everything. I now stand in nothingness. Just a blank canvas of pure white where not even darkness resides. If not for the goddess of light whom houses my body, I too would have been wiped from existence. If not for her warmth and company, I would have gone mad in this empty void.

My universe did not know of the Titans. They are powerful. Extremely so, even with the deities and all the might of the mortal races, my universe could not stop them from obtaining a vessel for the dark god.

I am writing this in hopes that it will aid the next universe. I hope my sacrifice will not be in vain. I hope i am not dooming another universe...

This message was discovered nine years ago. The first Titan was still discovered still in its slumbering planet form a year later. The planet was an ominous black with a constant output of mana. We suspect that the Titan is what gives birth to one of The Orders enemies, the Nephullim.

We have tried to seal the Titans and keep them in a permanent slumber by using the life of the woman who hosts the goddess of light. Sadly our plans were foiled by her brother who is now branded a traitor of the mortal race.

We don't know when the Titans will fully awaken. What we do know is that the deities have left us to fend for ourselves. We are fighting away on four fronts.

We face the Nephullim, a race of angel/demon hybrids.

The Cullumbi and their king care only for their own needs. This race must feed on other mortal races to keep their limbs from rotting off. While some side with the Galactic Order, the king, and his mob bosses forcefully take the nutrients they need as well as committing other crimes such as mortal trafficking and arms dealing.

Blackknife. Space pirates full of various races. They are a large organization that deal in arms and drug trading as well as other nefarious deeds. They have but one rule, loyalty to the founder of Blackknife.

Vympiri that follow the belief of Dracula are dangerous as they are narcissistic. They believe all other races are inferior and like the Cullumbi who feed on mortal flesh to absorb life force, they must feed on the blood. Though Dracula is no more, his Royal guard still spread his beliefs. They preach hate against Alucard, brother of Dracula who serves in the Order.

With all factions fighting for control of the galaxy, the Titans may not be needed.


Hey guys! This will be a futurist rp where magic and science/technology compliment each other. This is based off an novel series I've been working on and i will be using a canon character to help with character development. Now this story will not be all about her. I want you guys to have story arcs, drama and i want to see character development. I plan on having this rp be a series itself so this will be only "Book one". By the end I want to to face one or two Titans. They will be the main threat. You can choose to serve under four banners:

-The Galactic Order: Protectors of the mortal races. Their ranks consist of six races; human, cullumbi, vympiri, angelli(angel-like race), Fae, Lycomorph(werepeople)

Blackknife: They consist of all six races as well.

Royal guard: Serving under Dracula's elite. Only vympiri are allowed.

Cullumbi Family: serve under the king. Only cullumbi are allowed.

Of course u can be a rogue not belonging to any group, but you'll be vulnerable and have less interaction.

This RP will resemble an RPG. There will be leveling up, stats and effects, items and gear that will affect stats, mini-bosses and bosses. I hope to have pvp using plot amor to keep characters from dying until we get deeper into the rp. I would like for two or three players to play as experienced characters in the world while others play as characters that are considered young geniuses. Reason being, i want more apprentices than mentors. The story will begin during the time when apprentinces are chosen.

I will try my very best to make this rp fun and fair for all who join. If you have any ideas feel free to tell!

Also im thinking about discord but I've never used it to rp before. I don't have much experience with it.
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This looks really neat! I'd love to join! Also a few systems would be fine with me. Is there any time table when this might be started? Also, is there going to be a character template that needs to be filled out?
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A star can't shine without darkness
I starting to think u guys need more time. I'd like to start by Thursday but maybe i am being too optimistic XD @Skylord Nexus

Do u think u guys could be done by next week Thursday?

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