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The Divine Brotherhood: OCs & Side Characters


"And she heaved the forest upon her back"

The Divine Brotherhood Characters
A collection of my characters and persistent side characters for my original low-fantasy universe, the Divine Brotherhood. You can find more information about the universe at my interest check HERE!

Some Things to Note

I will just come right out there and say that I am not a neat person, although I try to be. As a result, you'll probably see a mess of different non-matching BBCodes everywhere here. Please bear with me! I'm adjusting to this whole no BBCode+ thing just like everyone else. Maybe someday I'll come back and clean this up and make all the codes match, but for now this is how it is as I figure out what codes I like.

If you want to understand these characters, you'll probably want to read about my universe first. It's linked above, and a lot of terms used in these character sheets ('non-elementals', 'nobles', 'beast-born') will make zero sense if you don't read that first. Also, if you're interested in a roleplay, but aren't interested in any of of these characters...I make new characters all the time! And some of these characters have several versions. For example, I have a version of Juniper in which he grew up with the resistance, and a version where instead of kicking him out, his biological family locked him away in his room for fifteen years. Each version has a totally different personality, and I don't always post all the versions...so just ask about a character in a PM if you're curious!

Also worth noting is that each character is denoted as either a side character or an OC. A side character is someone who might show up in multiple role plays as a persistent character, but in most cases will not be the focus of an RP. An example of this would be Relinor, the leader of the resistance against beast-born slavery. An OC stands for Original Character, and basically is just my way of denoting that this is a character I will play as one of the protagonists of the RP.

Now, without further ado...On to the characters!

Table of Contents

OC | August | A fox-born with sticky fingers and a penchant for mischief.
OC | Vincent | A demon and former-slaver with a jaded heart.
OC | Juniper | A non-elemental demon who brought shame to a line of powerful nobles.

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"And she heaved the forest upon her back"
— ❝ The thief. ❞
Name: August
Nickname: Soot
Alias: N/A
Age: 21 Years
Gender: Male
Species: Beast-Born
Cardinal Element: N/A
Minor Element: N/A

Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Food: Water Vole Meat
Least Favorite Color: Pink
Least Favorite Food: Salad

Likes: Hunting, acting, gold coins, pranks, being praised, adrenaline rushes, being right, trickery, being petted.
Dislikes: Being called cute, being underestimated, condescending people, spoiled brats, rich folk, demons, obedient beast-born slaves.

As a beast-born, August is at a severe disadvantage when pitted against a demon in a direct fight. However, he uses his quick feet and sharp wit to keep from facing a demon directly, instead challenging them to games of the mind. When he is forced into a direct fight, he uses his environment as his weapon. If push comes to shove, he'll draw his twin daggers and try to get in close to strike at vital points - the carotid artery in the neck is his preferred method. He has never killed before, but has done plenty of sparring practice while training with the resistance. Like others of his species, he is capable of shifting into a fox, and has all the abilities of a fox during that time. He excels in lying and acting, like many fox-born, but suffers from a tendency to get carried away in the act. He has deft fingers capable of nabbing objects that aren't his without being seen, and this ability often gets him into trouble. His enhanced sense of smell and hearing, in both fox form and human form, often lead to many uncomfortable scenarios when he is surrounded by many loud noises or strong smells. He also has enhanced night vision. When hunting in winter, he is capable of hearing a mouse under three feet of snow and catching it by jumping into the snow head-first. This behavior is known as 'mousing'. Like many beast-born, he does not know how to read or write, but would like to learn someday.

Standing at 5'3" tall in his human form, August often uses his short stature to get others off-guard. When given the choice, he often wears baggy clothing to hide his small form and narrow shoulders, and is particularly fond of jackets with faux fur hoods. He has several piercings in his ears - two rings in each ear - that he'll take out when working undercover. His ears themselves are an inky black, with white tufts adorning his inner ear. His hair is usually cut in a layered bob, with several natural white streaks around the front of his face and near his ears. His tail is, in comparison to his fox form, more akin to that of a silver fox - a rare genetic defect in which his fox form and human form don't match up completely. It is long and fluffy, an inky black much like his ears, save for the tip of his tail, which is as white as a fresh layer of snow. He has amber-brown eyes that appear slightly paler in his human form, and a petite face that, in combination with his small body, often has him mistaken for a child.

As a fox, August is still fairly small for his species, having been born the runt of the litter. He is a Georgian white fox, a designer breed usually bred for their beautiful, luscious furs. He is almost completely white, save for the soot-like spots adorning his back, paws, tail, and face. The back of his ears is an inky black, and he has a slender snout and sharp canine teeth. His nose is black, and surrounded by various whiskers he can use to navigate his way with in the dark.

Click the images to see larger versions.

August has two distinct personalities: one is the part he plays in order to get close to his targets as a beast-born servant, and the other is his true personality. His 'fake' personality is one of an obedient beast-born slave. He is aloof and somewhat timid, with a quiet nature and a desire to be close to his masters. His real personality is very different, as he is quite rebellious, and enjoys pulling pranks and thievery. His moral compass lies within the concept that any amount of suffering he could inflict on a demon would never be enough to make up for the suffering they have inflicted on his species. In other words, he is willing to cheat, lie, steal, and murder if it only negatively affects demons, but he is much less likely to do those things to a fellow beast-born. He has a liking of gold coins and just about anything shiny, and sometimes can't help himself when he's around valuables. Despite this, he has an almost hypocritical distaste for the rich, stingy, and spoiled. He's a smart ass with a quick wit, and his foul mouth has gotten him into trouble before. He has a strong hatred for demons and puts on a tough front, but he has his soft-spots as well. In particular, he has a secret desire to be petted and scratched behind the ear, even though if anyone were to do such a thing he'd be embarrassed by how much he enjoys it. He's an adrenaline junkie, and one of his favorite things in the world is the rush of the hunt, especially when stalking his prey through thick foliage or several layers of snow.

❝My name is August. Remember it.❞

August was born to an exclusive breeding program of exotic fox beast-borns. He was the runt of the litter, a bit smaller than the rest of his four siblings, but with the prettiest coat. His genetic defect in which his human form and animal form didn't completely match up made him much more valuable than his siblings. As part of an expensive program, he spent much longer in training than most slaves, and spent this time with his mother and siblings, although he never met his father. His mother loved them all dearly, even though they were forced upon her, but always seemed somewhat quiet and reserved.

August's penchant for thievery started at a young age, when he stole a shiny steak knife from the kitchens to cheer his mother up at three years old. His mother was stunned at first, but then she thanked him and told him not to tell anyone about the stolen knife. She then hid it under her pillow. August began stealing more things, pleased with the way she had smiled at him.

However, it wasn't long before he was caught in the act, and as punishment he was separated from his mother for 72 hours - he'd never been away from her for more than one. He was locked in a padded room with nothing inside, and no amount of screaming or crying would get them to open the door. It was then that his deep hatred for demons had begun to foster. When he was finally allowed to see his mother again, he sobbed and ran into her arms, nearly knocking her over. She cried, too, and he would later discover that the knife, and their chance at escape, had been taken.

His training started at the age of seven. He did not take well to it, confused by the way the demons ran their hands across his body and tried to make him comfortable with being touched by them. He hated it, although he couldn't quite explain why. He liked it when his mother scratched him behind the ear while they cuddled up together with his other siblings, but he didn't like the way the demon's hands wandered.

He hadn't stolen anything since he'd been separated from his mother, but one day when he was eight years old his mother left for a long time and returned seeming very sad. He did not realize it at the time, but she had just been bred to a male, and as soon as she was confirmed pregnant she would be separated from her current litter for good. When August saw how sad his mother was, he remembered the knife he'd stolen that had made her so happy. So, he managed to steal a knife again and brought it to her. Instead of the happy reaction he'd expected, she took it in her hands and stared at it, sobbing. And then she slit her own neck.

August will never forget that day. By the time the demons arrived, she was already dead. He began to despise the demons for not arriving sooner. Perhaps, he told himself, if they'd come sooner she would still be alive. He was confused, afraid, and uncertain of his own fate. Without his mother, what was he to do? But training continued like normal, and the demons acted as if nothing had changed. He didn't understand. His whole world had fallen apart, and yet they still wanted to pretend everything was normal?

Four days after his mother's death, he decided he would escape. He fostered a deep hatred of demons within his soul, imagining the many ways in which to kill them in vivid detail. He became hung up on this idea of escape, even when his siblings seemed content to just go along with the demon's commands. He began to hate his siblings too, for not being willing to stand up to the demons.

Finally, he put his plan into action. He'd been collecting his own blood in jars for weeks by cutting his wrist and letting it drip inside, and would steal a knife, and just before dinner when the demons came in to check on him and his siblings, he'd stab himself in the side, and use the stored blood to make the wound seem much worse than it was. While he needed an actual wound for them to cart him out, he couldn't have anything that prevented him from walking. It was painful, but his determination worked, and they carted him off to the nearest hospital in an ambulance. While on the stretcher on his way into the ambulance, he suddenly got up and bolted, running with bare feet across the sidewalk. They chased after him, but his plan surprised them and he managed to hide himself within a trashcan in an alley.

But he knew nothing of the outside world, and it wasn't long after his escape that he realized his injury was infected. He'd managed to make it this far, however, and he was determined not to die now. He heard rumor of a resistance, but there was no indication of where they were located. His luck seemed to be running out.

But then, just as he'd begun to accept that he might very well die in an alley of an infected wound, the resistance found him. A wolf-born named Vyrn stumbled upon him in an alley while doing recon for the resistance, disguised as a demon. He brought him back to the resistance's camp and their doctor saved him, and he learned that Vyrn was one of their best soldiers. Vyrn became his idol, the person he looked up to. And in turn, Vyrn gained a protege with which to pass on his skills. Whilst August struggled to use a spear like Vyrn did, finding the weapon too heavy for him to carry, he learned to use a pair of twin daggers, and trained with the resistance, and with Vyrn, for the next thirteen years. They raised him, treated him as their own, and fostered him into who he is now.

August seemed to be the life of any party, with a sarcastic streak and a love for practical jokes. But his hatred for demons ran deep, deeper than most in the resistance. He began stealing from demons in his free time, pick pocketing the unsuspecting or the unaware. The others worried for his safety, told him to stop, but he was cocky and a thrill-seeker, and that was never a good combination.

He completed his first mission for the resistance when he was sixteen, and continued to aid the resistance in their efforts to prepare for an upcoming war between demons and beast-born. He uses his innate acting skills to get close to his targets, gather intel, and then disappear from their lives just as quickly after they were assassinated by other resistance members. Someday, though, he's bound to get into more trouble than he can handle on his own...
❝ I'm not anything like you. ❞
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"And she heaved the forest upon her back"


"Call me Vinny again and you'll be walking out of here with a bloody nose."

Full Name: Vincent Vangoli
Nicknames: Vinny
Opinion of Nickname: Calling him that is a good way to get punched in the face.
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Demon
Cardinal Element: Air
Minor Element: N/A

Vincent was purebred poor. His mother was poor, his father was poor, and as a result, he was poor. Dirt poor. He grew up in the slums of Riwa City, sharing a one room apartment with not only his own family, but a pair of orphan siblings who only managed to contribute to the rent through thievery, as well. His parents argued often, over this or that. They were not married, and hadn't planned to have a kid. Not much changed when his mother found out she was pregnant, though. She still smoked and drank as usual, and did little to prepare herself for parenthood. When he was born, he was largely ignored, and only survived his infancy because the two thieving siblings who shared the rent took care of him as if he were their own. So it was natural that as he aged, he saw the older kids as his parents more so than he did his actual blood. It wasn't until he was five years old that he realized the other two adults in the house were his biological parents.

It had been a traumatic experience for any five-year-old. His mother had packed her suitcase and left in the middle of the night. When Vincent awoke that day, his father was stupid drunk, like he'd never seen him before. Vincent's first instinct was to hide until the danger passed, but there were few places to hide in such a small apartment. He must have looked too much like his mother, or maybe his father just needed an outlet, and the small child searching desperately for a hiding spot seemed an easy target. Regardless, Vincent was cornered quickly, and what followed was 3 hours of verbal and physical abuse, after which his father promptly collapsed, and later died of alcohol poisoning. The two siblings who raised him were helpless to defend him against his father's rage, and it was during this incident that Vincent got the scar across his left eye, when his father smashed a bottle against the wall and a shard sliced him. His vision in his left eye is fuzzy at best, and nearing complete blindness at worst.

After his mother left and his father died, the two siblings could not afford to pay rent with any amount of thievery. And so they were kicked out on the street, Vincent along with them. The siblings who he considered his parents left him behind not even a week later, no longer able to take care of him. Vincent nearly died of starvation, and when he attempted to steal from the marketplace he was almost arrested. He would have been, if a criminal gang hadn't made a mess of things at the right time. It was pure coincidence that Avery Vangoli and her thugs showed up at that moment with the sole intent of creating chaos and stealing as much food as they could manage. Even so, Vincent was saved by their interference, whether intentional or not. And when they left the marketplace, he managed to track them down when the police could not by the smell of fresh bread. When he stumbled into their hideout with his eyes set on their stockpile of freshly-stolen foods, Avery saw promise in him. She took him in as her own, and taught him how to survive.

Avery was a tough teacher. She would refuse to feed him until he managed to steal his own food, letting starvation become his motivator. He learned to fight, steal, lie, and cheat his way out of any situation. He even began to master his element, although Avery, as a water elemental, had little to do with teaching him that. And as he grew, he naturally grew inclined to smoking, like many of the others in the gang he considered his family. However, he still avoided alcohol like the plague, scarred by the vision of his father collapsing after hours of ranting. He took on Avery's last name, having never known his real one as his parents had never told him. One day, Avery told him she had nothing left to teach him. He was seventeen at the time. She told him that he couldn't stay with them anymore. That he had to make a life for himself outside of the slums. That he deserved more than to continue living like a criminal. Vincent didn't understand. He argued, of course, but in the end Avery knocked him out and when he came to, they had moved on from their base. Lost and without a purpose, Vincent came across an ad for hire looking for slavers. The job offered the opportunity to travel far and wide across Agea, and in that moment, he wanted nothing more than to get away from this blasted city.

He took the job, and spent four years in the slavery business, raiding beast-born villages and selling them into slavery. He felt so numb from the betrayal of not only his biological family, but both his adoptive families, that he hardly stopped to think about the beast-born lives he was ruining. On one snowy night, however, he was tasked with capturing a family of beast-born that had been hiding in the countryside. The mother and the father were apprehended easily with the element of surprise, but the daughter escaped into the woods. He chased her down, but when he had her cornered, something within him shifted. He looked within her eyes, and he let her go.

After that, he quit the slavery business, unable to stomach it anymore. He still doesn't understand what happened to him that night to change him so, but he couldn't look at a beast-born the same anymore. Six years later, he's returned to the slums of Riwa City, and lives in a one-room apartment again, this time on his own. Not much has changed in the past ten years, and he's still a criminal at heart, making his living through thievery alone. He's still reeling from the betrayal of everyone he cared about, and finds it difficult to trust others.

coded by natasha.


"And she heaved the forest upon her back"
— ❝ the spitfire. ❞
Name: Juniper Feal
Nickname: Junn
Alias: Juniper/Junn Baron
Age: 21 Years
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Cardinal Element: N/A
Minor Element: N/A

Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Food: Seafood
Least Favorite Color: Green
Least Favorite Food: Salsa

Likes: Meat, sparring, card games, winning, clouds, the ocean, books, classical music.
Dislikes: Nobles, fire, busy-bodies, losing, being weak, himself, his father, being called short.

As a non-elemental, Junn is at a severe disadvantage in a fight against another demon. But he's a stubborn little shit, and he'll get back up no matter how many times you knock him down. He fights with a katana, and as such specializes in close-range fighting. He's quick on his feet, and has the youthful energy of someone half his age. He makes up for his lack of an element with his sheer willpower and swift movements, but there will come a time when that's not enough...

Standing at 5'7" tall, Junn's short stature certainly doesn't match up with his spitfire personality. He's well-built, and tends to wear more formal attire, ranging from suits to oxford shirts. He has long dark chocolate hair, close to black, usually in a tousled style and longer near the back of his neck. He parts his hair to cover the scar of his burnt right eye, although he also typically wears an eye patch to hide the worst of the damage. Even still, the scar peeks out from his eye patch. He also has various other burn scars scattered across his body, but most of them are well hidden under his clothes. His left eye is a brilliant golden color. His face holds an uncanny resemblance to his father, Mikela Feal, a fact he despises greatly. However, most people don't notice as the eye patch and the differing hair color is enough to disguise him in most cases.

Junn has always been a stubborn soul. He's a hot-head, and can often come across as irresponsible or thoughtless, but in truth he cares about the people in the resistance deeply, even those who bully him. He is loyal to a fault, and perhaps a bit excitable, but deep down he's still a scared child who fears his father's wrath. He still suffers from nightmares often, usually centering around the day he lost his eye. He likes to put on a fearless front, and turns to his training when life goes down the shitter. He's definitely not afraid to cuss, and in fact has quite the foul mouth on him. He's driven and passionate about getting stronger, and can and will take everything to the extreme. But sometimes he just likes to relax with a good book or a card game, at which points he could almost seem like a different person.

❝ Call me Junn.❞

Juniper was born into the noble Feal family, one of the most powerful noble families in Agea. With a strong focus on the fire element and it’s two minor elements, lava and lightning, the Feal family rose in power through carefully arranged marriages designed to produce the strongest offspring possible. The extensive Feal family was practically royalty, with strong ties to many sections of the government. They had enough money to bribe the king of Yarrow if they so wished, and weren’t against getting their hands dirty every once in a while, either.

The Feal family was also one of the largest noble families, and at the time of Juniper’s birth he had well over 100 siblings, half-siblings, cousins, uncles, grandparents, and more. But it was not Juniper’s fate to be accepted into this family. When he received his elemental exam at two years old, none of the elemental runes seemed attracted to him. His father refused to believe he had given birth to a non-elemental, and insisted that he was simply a late bloomer. However, as Juniper got older and continued to show no signs of an elemental blessing, his many siblings began to take notice. He was bullied by his own family, and became an outcast to his own kin.

Despite this, Juniper never gave in. He continued to try to draw upon his element, determined to prove his family wrong about him - and to earn their approval. And when he was challenged by his cousin to a sparring session at seven years old, he managed to beat the older boy with his fists alone. It was in this fight that he lost the use of his right eye. It was burnt beyond recognition. However, the spar was the last straw for his family. They considered him a disgrace, and his father dropped him off in the slums, telling him that if he ever used their name again, he’d kill Juniper himself. He changed his name to Junn Baron, although he still occasionally introduced himself as Juniper Baron.

He lived on the streets for a short time, but it wasn’t long before he got sick from an infection in his burnt eye. He was sure he was going to die when a man with hair as white as snow approached him and asked him if he wanted to live. And when the man saw the fire in Junn’s eyes, he took him in and raised him as his own. Junn soon learned that the man who rescued him went by the name of Relinor, and he led a resistance fighting against the slavery of the beast-born. While he was too young at the time to understand the complicated politics, he did know that this man saved his life, and for that he was in his debt.

Junn did not get along well with the other members of the resistance. He was constantly pulling pranks and picking fights, and he was rarely punished for it. Relinor was not suited for raising a child, for he struggled to discipline the boy. The resistance members despised him because Relinor often played favorites with Junn, not to mention that he was a demon. While they respected Relinor as a leader, they did not understand why Relinor seemed so attached to the little spitfire. Relinor and Juniper were the only two who knew the full story of Junn’s heritage, and this left him often feeling misunderstood within the resistance.

Seeing as he had no elemental blessing, Relinor taught Junn to fight using a katana. Junn dedicated his all to his training, and became a very powerful swordsman in his own right. However, his personality hardly matured in the slightest. If anything, he only became more and more hot-headed and unpredictable with time. However, he was eager for his first mission as a member of the resistance, and finally Relinor could not say no to his incessant whining any longer. He told Junn that if he managed to beat their best soldier, a wolf-born who fought with a spear by the name of Vyrn, then he would let him go on his first mission. He had not expected Junn to ever succeed.

And, indeed, he had failed many times. But every time he failed, he trained that much harder. He challenged Vyrn daily, and it took an entire month before he managed to beat him. When he succeeded, it was because Vyrn was tired from the daily fights, and did not have the youthful energy Junn seemed to possess in spades, but it was still a win nevertheless. Relinor had made an agreement, and he now had to follow through. He sent Junn on a mission to gather intel at an auction, figuring he could at least handle that without getting into too much trouble...right?
— ❝ i won't lose to you. ❞

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