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This thread is meant to be a spot where I throw characters into. No promises will be made to when (or if) I update this after the initial batch. Think of it like a library and feel free to browse, but please take any questions, comments, concerns, or potential RP offers to other avenues, as I wish to keep this thread for just character sheets.

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Name: Vangor, the Dark Necromancer
Gender: Male

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6
Build: Slender build
Skin Tone: Fairly pale
Hair: Purple, which is it's natural color
Eye Colour: Green
Markings and tattoos: Previously, he had the mark of a ghost on his left hand.
Additional notes:

Vangor is a loud and confidant necromancer who believes himself to be future ruler of the world once he conquers it with an undead army. He loves to boast about his grand schemes and loves a good compliment on his evil skills. This, however, is merely a mask to hide his true face. The real Vangor is a socially inept loner who, until the Cult of Phantasma, had no clue what he wanted to do with his life. His status as an immortal only makes forging bonds harder, as he will live while everyone else will eventually die. This, alongside his inability to truly die, has caused him to be fairly detached from the world and people. He still despises the world he lives in, and intends to change it by "painting over chaos with his own shade of chaos." His detachment from the world changed a bit after his first loss to "a certain stubborn individual," pushing him to improve his abilities in hopes of one day killing him and moving forward in his world conquest scheme. He has a low opinion of people who refuse to fight back, considering them better undead than alive.

Vangor has his own sort of "never give up" attitude, born from his admiration for cartoon villains who would always come back for another round against a hero. Since he's immortal, he can hold a grudge for an incredibly long time and act on those grudges, eventually. He tends to keep his real self hidden behind his Dark Necromancer act, both as a way of pushing people away and acting out the role he wishes. He prefers to do things for his own interests, using excuses whenever he has to work with others. While he's generally detached from the world, he's not completely heartless. It's more that the door to his heart is tightly closed, having lost all of the Cult of Phantasma, the people he trusted more than anything else in the world.


Immortality -
Vangor is stuck at age 20, unable to age. He had been "gifted" this ability by a fairy, who never warned him of the downsides of being immortal. Vangor no longer needs food, water, or rest to survive. While he can be killed, his body will restore any damage taken to him after a fatality to the state it was in when he first received the gift. This resurrection also drains him of his mana supply, so he would be unable to fight for a while after reviving. He is still able to feel pain, however, and retains all memory of his deaths. Somehow, his mind hasn't broken.

Necromancy - As a member of the Cult of Phantasma, Vangor was taught the arts of necromancy. He can fill corpses with his mana to revive them as zombies, use bone catalysts to create skeleton soldiers, and temporarily make ghosts appear. Because of his immortality, Vangor lacks "a true understanding of death," making him unable to learn the full scope of necromancy. As a result, he cannot perform specialized necromancy techniques such as Perfect Reanimation or summoning greater undead. He can also perform a ritual to call forth spirits of the dead, using his body as a host.

General Magical Knowledge - Vangor has knowledge of the four prime elements, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. While he prefers Earth and Fire, as Phantasma was the counterpart of the Earth Guardian, he can occasionally use the elements outside the four primes. He does not have any knowledge of Time, Space, Gravity, or Mirage and cannot perform any magic from those branches. He is particularly skilled with dark magic and knows a bit of light magic, but has no knowledge on healing.

Summoning Art: Diablos - Being a (former) cultist, Vangor had been let in on the knowledge of the Summoning Art, a special magic technique that allows one to call a spirit from another plane to aid them in battle. The summon who answer's Vangor's call is Diablos, the Scale Holding Skeleton of the Underworld. Summoning requires large amounts of mana to pull off, as he needs to call out his summon from another world.

Summoning Art: Diablos Prime - Following a battle with a member of the Abyssal Cult, Vangor acquired new strength that allowed him to harness the power of his fallen cultists to enhance his summon's power beyond it's normal limits. Because of the extreme mana requirements to maintain Diablos Prime, Vangor only uses this new power in desperate situations.

Barrier & Reactive Barrier - Being a mage, Vangor employs Barrier Magic as a defensive tactic. He also has a secondary barrier that reacts to harm, but it is weaker than an ordinary barrier. He can also use these barriers as makeshift steps to walk in the air or stand on.

Shadowshot - A dark magic technique Vangor created himself. By compressing dark energy to a certain point and firing it, Vangor can pierce through next to any sort of defense with this spell. Through training, he can fire three at once. He considers this to be his trump card, as blocking isn't an option against it.

Blessing of Phantasma (former) - At a time, Vangor could use his Cultist's Brand to borrow power from the Great Fiend, Phantasma. This would boost his magical abilities greatly, but Vangor was unable to retain Phantasma's Blessing due to a lack of members of the cult.

Background: For most of his life, Vangor lived a fairly tame life. He lived in a pretty safe village and his parents were fairly protective of him. His main form of entertainment was studying the basics of magic and watching action shows on TV, but instead of admiring the heroes in those shows, Vangor was more drawn to the villains, who may have been defeated every time, but always came back for another round. His preference for villains over heroes did cause him to be alienated by the other kids when they played together, as their interests didn't align. This slowly started making Vangor close himself off and devote more time to magical study.

As he got older, Vangor became more and more unsure of his future. With the world in the state it was in, dying was easy. "Would there be any point in thinking about the future if I would just die someday?" was one of many thoughts that clouded his thoughts as he grew older and heard of people going out of town and being killed. One day, Vangor wandered out of town and into the nearby forest, where he found a fairy, a race that should've been extinct. For several days, he would visit the fairy in the forest until one day, where she offered him a gift. What Vangor didn't know at the time was that her gift would drastically shift the direction of his life. She granted him her immortality, leaving him at the same age eternally. It would only be a year later, when his town was attacked that he would learn of his new status as an immortal. The attack was minimal in terms of damage and casualties, but when he learned he was immortal, Vangor decided to slip away from his family's lives and go off on his own.

For a while, he had no direction. He didn't know what to do about his situation or even if he was still human anymore. It wasn't until he was discovered by The Oracle, de-facto leader of the Cult of Phantasma, that he found purpose in his life, and that purpose was serving the Great Ghost, Phantasma. He would study under the other members, notably a girl about a few years younger than him named Sara, who was a banished noble due to her study of blood magic. Vangor grew closer to the members of the Cult of Phantasma, thinking of them like a family. His magical skills continued to grow, despite being unable to reach the true peaks of necromancy like Sara or The Oracle, who himself was an undead revived by Phantasma.

Things began to change quickly a few years later when the Cult of Phantasma joined a joint project with the Abyssal Cult, the Cult of Hellfang, and the Guild of Knowledge, to create a special elixir that could turn people into monsters. The Cult of Phantasma had been responsible for collecting some of the materials, keeping the group busy for a while. While the elixir project was a success, the Cult of Phantasma faced a number of losses in the coming days, including Sara herself, who had died in a battle to conquer a small village harboring an ancient artifact. Many months later, a joint operation formed by the Adventurer's Guild would obliterate the entirety of the Cult of Phantasma and their archives on necromancy on suspicion of being completely responsible for the creation and distribution of the elixir turning people into monsters. This was only an excuse to destroy all the necromancers, as even if the cult had not actually been responsible, which they weren't, the guild would find another excuse to destroy them. In reality, the Guild of Knowledge shifted all blame for everything to the Cult of Phantasma, while the other two cults simply pointed in the same direction towards the Cult of Phantasma.

Vangor had been the only survivor of the whole ordeal, having been revived after the battle's end. Gathering whatever necromancy research remained, he vowed to destroy the other cults and the adventurers responsible for killing his family. His original plan was to conquer small villages and amass an army of undead to hopefully lure out his real targets, but he was killed in his first conquest attempt partway through by a man he knew wasn't human, yet looked like one. From that day on, he vowed to kill this man before he progressed on his conquest. It was later he found out this same man was the one who had killed Sara, lighting the fire of his revenge even brighter than before. Time and time again, he failed, but each failure only served to ignite his deisre for growing stronger. He vowed to be the only one who got the kill on his arch enemy, no matter what. In a way, his newfound desire to kill one person had given him a new purpose in life, even if neither party realized it.

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