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Futuristic The Darkness of Space Characters



Nerdy Vampire
Feel free to post short character bios here just so we can keep track of who is who. We don't need a specific character sheet or anything.

Albaques Delegation

Kas Jaager ( Reynarda Reynarda ), Human Spec Ops
Renza-Korlan Richtail ( Mikotsuhime Mikotsuhime ), Human Priest
Leese Atalasia ( Mikotsuhime Mikotsuhime ), Human Bodyguard

Yassen Delegation

Vanya Zmey ( Reynarda Reynarda ), Vampire Philosopher/Spec Ops
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Nerdy Vampire
Kasper (Kas) Jaager
A human with a nervous system EM field that screws with vampire sight, Kas has worked with UPA Special Forces division of the military since he was fresh out of university. He has done many missions during the Cold War and has come to the meeting to make sure the vampires don't try anything--they could be behind this, after all. He's 31, tall and built. He has red hair, grey eyes, and pale skin.

Vanya Zmey
A vampire with the rare ability to see time, Vanya was roped into YF Spec Ops much to her chagrin. She is also a trained philosopher and so is here for that aspect of her job. She is 30, young for a vampire deligate, and short. She has pure white hair--a side-effect of her sight--dark eyes, and tanned skin. Vanya is gender fluid but will be using she/her at the beginning of the meeting.


One Thousand Club
Renza-Korlan Richtail
Human, 28. A representative of the Great Church, a large scale religious organization on Albaques. He’s an odd one out, with no military or diplomatic experience that’s known. Just a simple priest who does not seem to live up to his job title. Rumours are he fought to be part of the delegation over other older, more experienced church representatives who had relevant experience. Nobody quite knows why. He’s tall and gangly, with light brown skin and brown eyes. His hair is dark brown, falling just a little past his shoulders, and he wears it braided and slicked back.

Leese Atalasia
Human, age unknown. Likely late 20s to early 30s. Renza’s bodyguard. She has an assortment of mercenary credits to her name, but no legitimate military experience. She’s been his shadow for a few years now, and he doesn’t go much of anywhere without her. She’s not quite as tall as Renza, though still quite large and bulky, being someone who likes to brawl. Her hair is a bright shade of red, shaved on the sides and long at the back. She usually wears it in a ponytail, but occasionally wears it loose. Her skin is lightly tanned, like someone who spends a lot of time in the sun.

Not everybody is happy about a priest being on the mission. The separation of church and state is an issue that has lasted many years on Albaques, and in the current era nonbelievers are questioning the right of the great church to insert itself into political matters.

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