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The Cursed Castle!(Open Challenge)

OoC: Hello colosseum, D.Loli here looking for a good old fashioned Powered brawl. First come first served, but the more the marrier. Sheet given on request, and details and rules can be discussed via pm.


Over a thousand years ago, green grass and warm springs rolled across all corners of the great kingdom of Schrade. Its wealth was bountiful, its lords loved, and its people happy. However, like the great kingdom of Atlantis, so too would this courtship be reduced to but a memory. A powerful, never-ending storm struck the kingdom, born of evil magics and twisted sorcery that plunged the lands into darkness. Today, those hills are barren, dead plains. Where once there were villages and towns etched around its circumference, now were only their corpses. Lightning crackled sanguine bolts from a tempestuous, angry sky. Purple clouds, splotched with crimson icor swirled like a hurricane for miles and miles.

Within the eye of the storm, were the remnants of what had once been the fulcrum of the kingdom; Castle Schrade. Once a splendid feudal manor, now it could only cling to what remained of itself.

The Circle, the resident authoritative magical body of the land, long since abandoned its restoration project. The storm was simply too powerful, and the wild magic beyond the ken of even the most astute of their ranks. So it would seem, the castle would fade away into legend.... At least until a particular, black and gold-robed mage stumbled across it. The arch magus Angeille Belisandre stood in the courtyard, brown and decayed as it was, pondering the very nature of magic itself as he worked over a strange glowing bauble in his hand. Milky emerald iris' framed in ebon locks ran over the strange tesseracted jewel, witnessing with celerity offered to him only by his twinkling mage's eye the swirling and keleidescopic geometric shapes dancing across its odd, 4-dimensional surface; insanely complex origami's of 'ethereal code', or runes.

Peering within, one could almost make out a tiny spit of land floating in suspension, like a shaken snowglobe.

"Wow, Angel, it's so pretty! What is it?" chirped the tiny red dragon perched on his shoulder, its tail thrown over his neck and twisted around his opposite arm for support. "It's a reality marble, Parva." He began. "Its like a pocket dimension slaved to a bound field, but the rules are slightly different. These are much harder to crack. Or at least they used to be, before we created the Booster Key." As he finished the last words of his sentence, he gestured to the ground before him with his hand, as though he meant to show something.

All around him the decrepit earth was overlayed with a pitch black burn mark in the shape of a five pointed star. Flame represented purity, and using it as the basis for purification rituals was always a good step. Beyond the symbolic purpose, it served as a Booster, deepening his connection to magic so long as he stood within it and made it easier to connect the astral circuits, as it were. He held his palm out which held the reality marble as though in offering, and looked at Parva with an expression that seemed to ask "ready?". The dragon youngling nodded his head, and then Angeille dropped the orb into the charred grass. With a gentle tap, the reality marble cracked, and the world became drowned in light as the contents were poured into reality like water into a glass.

When the light faded, Schrade was fully restored, as though the cursed land that stood there just miliseconds prior was spawned only out of some bad dream. The grass was tall and green; the sun shined in a cloudless sky, and heat-kissed golden rays showered down over the majestic roiling hills like rain. "Of course it's only aesthetic. Even I can't cure all this corruption in so little time, but this will serve as a much more positive place for a spar, wouldn't you say? I've always hated leery and dreary places."

"Agreed. Speaking of which, where the heck IS this person we're supposed to fight?" The dragon asked, exercising its shape shifting magic as it took the form of a winged fairy.

"Coming, coming. Don't worry."
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If someone doesn't accept your challenge by tonight, I'll be editing this post with a fitting contender from what I see. I'll put forth my vanity empowered aquatic Griffin in what I predict will be an entertaining bout.

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