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Fandom The Cephalo-Force


Oddnesssssss never endsssss

There's a new group of Cephalopod-kids around inkopolis. There's the Squidbeak Splatoon doing their hero stuff and saving the world, soon there will be the Cephalo-Force. While the Squidbeak Splatoon is much more of the plain good guy and save the world group, Cephalo-Force is anything but. They're Anti-Heroes to the very max. Whether it's grudges, dwelling on old wrong doings, oddness, rebellion or just plain being rude, none of them are exactly 'Nice'. Not to mention they work on a much wider scale. Everything to taking down class A menaces, to the worst part of the back market to fighting against prejudice in ways that aren't acceptable by most standards. Well that's what it will be. Flyers are being left around inkopolis in the weirdest places for all kinds of people to find. The question is, who will join such a force?

So basically this is going to be a undercover morally gray organization that operates in inkopolis. This is going to be pretty unusual on the fact that you're more than welcome to play as any species in splatoon, sea slugs, shrimp, sea urchins, jellies, sea cucumbers, even non-octoling octarians. Only three limits to that though, no Salmonoids and any 'lings' (octolings inkling, other fan species like that) must be based off of a ink producing sea creature and anything that isn't a sea creature must have a reasonable explanation. Other stuff is that this may have slight Canon-bending, but not non-canon things. That's it for stuff about this RP!​


Shamrock Shake
sounds pretty fun. Do we have a campaign planned and hidden, or are we going to mainly be winging it in a sandbox-like environment?


Oddnesssssss never endsssss
It's going to be kind of a mix, there's (currently) no overarching plot, but there will be several missions and the like that our characters will be going on, some of which I do have planned out.

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