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Multiple Settings Terminator: Change the Future (Open)

Star stares at Zira and then reaches into her duffel bag, grabbing her pen and her notebook. She begins to write. She draws a trap and a blueprint for the set up and then writes beside it— “We need to start working on this! If we’re going to stay here, we need more traps set! Me and daddy used to set traps together, it helps slow the machines down, supplies are usually near us.” She looks over at Kyle and then scribbles “Kyle, Zira can help us set things up but we need hand signs for quicklyiness, I can’t always get out the pen and paper. Please help me! And we need to find more food and water, I just ate the last bit of mine, ⭐️”

She signed it by drawing a star and handed Kyle the notebook. She gets into her duffel bag and pulled out wire and a couple of pulleys and laid them out, pointing to the notebook. Star looks desperate and she stands to her feet. She runs her hands through her coils that are covered in dust. Star tugs on her cap tighter. She brushes herself off as she waits for them to come into action. she hears her daddy again— (*good job slugger it’s time to get around, machines’ll be here before long, if they work with you, you have a chance. If they don’t, I don’t think it will go well here and you’ll need to move on quickly) and she takes a deep breath.
Kyle bent down and began to nod and make light signs for “We can scavenge for pen and paper if we need to, but we can start with a few basic signs. He bent down for a few seconds, keeping silent, pointing to his mouth and opening it “That means “food”, when a terminator comes, I’ll give you a signal to set up traps, I meant a bad terminator.

Kyle looked over at Zira and was silent, pointing to his mouth “We can look for more food as we go as well.”

Kyle responded by writing back in the notebook. He studied Star’s plans for making traps and understood, writing back to the mute girl.
After John left on the plane, he looked up, ready to discuss matters. “Kyle Reese… is my second in command and something more than that. He’s supposed to do something big.” He didn’t want to tell everything to Rey in case the timeline changed on him.

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Star writes,’ Gotta move, hurry, Zira, please get this part (draws arrow to sketch of trap and to a specific pulley - wire and pole system that would be harder for humans to navigate and take way longer) hooked up for us? Kyle do you understand how to run this catapult style thingy? We need to go to the roof and get started, I have put what we need up ther. Something will come, need to be ready! ‘ She shows notebook to Zira first, letting the machine pass it to Kyle. Star looks at Kyle and points to notebook. Then points to roof and picks up her duffel. Star stands and stares intensely, her grey shadow colored eyes and dark skin starting to blend into the darkness of the room. She looks at Kyle and makes a hand signal for gun with both hands indicating a big rifle and then points at Kyle and puts her hands into a pulling gesture with a questioning look on her fading face. She means to find out if he has guns, hoping he understands.

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