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Realistic or Modern Survivor’s Tales Ep.1 ((Open & Active))


Confuse. Improvise. Overcome.
“So you’re saying that they are one of the few who made it out of that… Place? Interesting.”
“Indeed Sir, but that’s not all. They also seem to be part of some anomaly like the other things in that site.”
“Is that so? Prep them for an interro- Interview. Interview. I’m going to be having a word with them about the events that happened down there…”

Hello and greetings my dear friends and fellow roleplayers, it is I Nekoshu as usual to bring you all something I have not actually done before but wish to attempt to branch out to as an attempt to improve my writing skills and still somewhat give you all at least glimpses of my ideas! A little Quest roleplay! Perhaps one I might make into a series but I always say that about ideas I like.
Now I’m sure you’re all wondering what the setting might be for this Quest given all I provided was some dialogue for you to see which, I know, is not much to look at. But do not worry for I will tell you!

The current idea for the setting is a Deep-sea research station resting upon the bottom of the ocean, I’m not quite sure what I want to say the depth is but I want to say this as an example for I want this type of feeling: Somewhere humans are not at all meant to be. That could be anywhere really underwater, but think absolute darkness outside aside from lights. Possible bioluminescent plants and sea-life, and of course, unknown things lurking about.

That’s really all I got for it so far, but you will be starting aboard a boat and normal sea-level in an “Interview” room retelling the tale of your escape which may occasionally change due to a certain loophole I’ve made for… “Wrong turns” in your story. So all together, I’ll be honest I may be trying for creepy or action-y, or there may just be some memes and references in things! I’m honestly looking for just a few people but any number are welcome to take interest and once I get some I’ll make it all ready!

Link to Main: Quest - Survivor’s Tales Ep. 1 ((Always open to new Voters))
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Happy Necromancer
Sphere is a Michael Crichton book where a bunch of scientists of varying disciplines are recruited to investigate an alien ship under the water that is hundreds of years old. Made into a pretty good movie in 1998 with Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone and Samuel L Jackson.


Confuse. Improvise. Overcome.
Ya know I think I actually did watch the movie, or in the very least think I did. But sounds like I should try and pick up the book too.


Confuse. Improvise. Overcome.
I wouldn’t doubt it, I often prefer a book to the movie version but that’s mostly due to imagining the visuals myself


Confuse. Improvise. Overcome.
I have decided to bump this to try and get one or more people again. If I get one more I’ll try and start it up

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