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NOTE: If we had a prior rp together, let me know. I've been going through a difficult time and might want to resume our rp.

  • 18+ ONLY
  • 2 - 5 Paragraphs
  • Collaborative writing, please don't make me responsible for all the plot developments
  • Literacy is required, occasional mistakes are forgiven - Writing sample will be requested, two paragraphs will suffice, I just need to compare our styles to judge if we're compatible
  • No favoritism towards your OC
  • LGBT+ Accepting \ Poly Dynamics / Love triangles - Accepted, not mandatory inclusions
  • Semi-frequent posting - at least once a day, please, if possible!
Currently Searching For...

Dean Winchester - Supernatural - Longterm RP

Castiel - Supernatural - Longterm RP

  • I will happily double as anyone from the series and if you'd like to request Dean Winchester, I'll write him for your OC in a separate PM.

  • I've only finished seasons 1- 8 currently but I've seen the finale and watched/read plenty of spoilers so no worries there! I do prefer the earlier seasons, though or a completely AU plot.

  • Please be aware, SPN is a mature-themed show and I'm hoping to explore various themes so if you have any potential triggers, inform me soon as possible!
Lucifer, though he is known by many names, is the Devil of Hell. Once an archangel, the most beloved and beautiful of them all, he was condemned to the flames of eternal damnation because God, his supposedly all-loving father, abandoned him from his bosom. Lucifer rebelled against his father's most beloved creations and this act of disobedience was enough, apparently, for his father to disown him from the heavens. Lucifer had loved his father and his family. He loved them dearly and when he complained that the humans were nothing more than failed abortions, his place in the family was eliminated.

The now dishonored, disgraced, and disowned former angel reigns in Hell. Well, that is, he reigned in Hell. Thanks in no small part to the Winchester brothers, Lucifer now walks the Earth. He has been summoned and now eagerly awaits the chance to confront his eldest brother, Michael. There's only one sibling that Lucifer still holds dear in his heart but Gabriel has been missing for so long there's no chance of being reunited with him before the Apocalypse begins. As for Michael, Raphael and the others... Lucifer will take immense enjoyment in watching them writhe in agony, their screams as he plucks each and every one of their feathers will be a melody of his own design.

Until he has the opportunity to inhabit his proper vessel, however, the Apocalypse must be postponed. His current vessel, though he favors it for its appearance, is not sufficient to contain his angelic grace. Only through copious amounts of ingested demon blood is he even able to keep it from exploding. This vessel, Nick, welcomed him into the body but it is gradually deteriorating from the colossal force of Lucifer's grace being contained inside of it. Only in Sam Winchester's body can Lucifer bring on the Apocalypse by fighting his brother, Michael. As it so happens, though, Sam Winchester is a practically stubborn young man that just won't give him permission. So troublesome.
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