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Fantasy Super isekai roster


The one who made Aerth
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Heyo put them here, leave this page for sheets ask questions elsewhere.
Cs is below, delete everything in brackets.
Age: (don't be a child, don't be elderly)
Appearance: (picture and description)

On hand: (What this person had when they entered the portal, most likely clothes.)

Super: (every human who gets isekai'd is better then they were on earth. Super human almost. But individually they are better in one way in particular. Choose between the four...
Athletics, Basically jump height is better.
Strength, Lift bigger and hit harder.
Speed, You move faster.
You can float in small bursts like Peach does.)

Background: (optional, Basically a bit about the character and how they stumbled into a portal on accident. )

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