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Fantasy Strings


I‘m Aperture, and I’ve been craving to start this rp up again. Sadly, the original partner I had lost interest but I’m hoping whoever is reading this will help pick this up.
As for my specifics for wants it’s mostly this rp being more SFW with an animated movie kind of approach. If it’s not too much also, I’d like it when both players in the story come up with other characters for the main ones to interact with. This doesn’t mean the character has to be immediately fleshed out before using them. We will build them up as the rp continues.

With that all out of the way here’s a description of the plot I’m going for in the rp.

Within a clan of kobolds dens an aged but popular songwriter, the pride of his clan and, to them, exceptional in everything that he does. He inspires his brethren with song, dance, and ditty, regaling tales of his exploits in the land far from home. Most are content with this, but one aspirant kobold, untried by the world, decided to seek out his own adventure and too make songs of his life enough to challenge the songwriter. Along the way he meets an adventurer (your character), and together build a tale worthy of laud.

After you’ve read the plot basics and are interested, please, don’t be afraid to reply!

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