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Fandom Steven Universe: Severed Stars- Lore



Oddnesssssss never endsssss

Due to these hybrids being artificially created they have a few differences from natural hybrids.

- A hybrids body will slowly gain physical traits similar to the gem. Hair colors, body shape or other things may shift over the first year of hybridization
- Hybrids retain memories from their gem if any are present much more clearly than natural hyrbids. Other things like a gem's 'base coding' may effect them
- Hybrids need to eat and sleep less than regular humans of only a little
- Gem powers are incredibly unstable with artificial hybrids
- Artificial hybrids will always have problems unfusing, causing a variety of nasty results
This is where any non-canon gems or fusions will be cataloged. If you wish to use a gemsona please pm with info about their gem type and I will add it here.
Moissanite is a high ranking gem and the type of gem that began to new court. They were created mostly to oversee the creation of colonies when the diamonds are too busy. Their exact powers and appearance are unknown. Only one of this kind of gem is known, the one

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