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Fandom STAR WARS: Fallen Order [CS]



broken like glass
Name: (what's on the birth certificate?)
Home Planet: (what planet was they born on???)
Age: (years since birth)
Gender: (male or female...don't get offended)
Species: (rodian, human, zabrak, etc.?)
Appearance: (what does they look like!)
Height: (don't get offended)
Weight: (don't get offended)
Eye Color: (color of their eyes)
Hair Color: (color of their hair)
Attire: (what does your character wear?)
Rank in Order: (Padawan? Master?)

Personality: (3 lines minimum)
Biography: (paragraph minimum)
Equipment: (armor, robes, weapons, etc.)

Force Applications
Midichlorian Count: (how many of the tiny organisms live on your cells? REMEMBER: higher does not mean stronger in the Force!!)
Most Practiced Force Ability: (what are they most proficient in?)
Least Practiced Force Ability: (what ability do they lack in?)
Lightsaber Hilt: (self-explanatory)
Kyber Crystal Color: (green, yellow, orange, etc.)
Practiced Forms: (Form 7 - Juyo/Vaapad? etc.)

Extra{*}: (anything I missed? maybe you own a ship, have control over a fleet, have relationships with someone, etc.)

ye, so basically I just copied the template from the RP before this one. ye I'm that lazy. ik. oh, and not every detail needs to be answered, so don't feel overwhelmed.
Name: Kaldor Sicarius

Home Planet: Mandalore

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Human


Height: 6'6

Weight: 195

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Blue


Biography: Kal's father was a Yovshen Swordsman hailing from Jar Kai on Atrisia itself, his mother a Matukai who had passed through Jar Kai on her nomadic journey. Hwoever, Kal himself was born on Mandalore for after his conception his father chose to accompany his mother on her travels. Although some travels were to appeal to his father as a warrior so they had visited places with renown warriors, the last stop before Kaldor's birth was Mandalore. One thing that clear between his parents from the beginning of his mother's pregnancy is Kaldor would very well be brought up to be a Matukai. The Young Kal found himself performing much strenuous training and in extreme weather conditions, this is standard training for the Matukai Order. Kal’s father couldn’t assist in this training because he’s not a matukai but he did set to tending to Kal’s gear needs. Often his father would take the ship they traveled on elsewhere while he and his mother would set down for a few days on a planet for training.

His father searched as much as he could for the perfect equipment for his son. His father went as far as to present his best pair of blades when it came time for Kal to make his wan shen. Those blades were melted down and as the material for which Kal made his weapon. His father even gave him high grade wrapping for his wan shen. Although the exquisite designs on the shaft were all Kal’s doing.

When they went to Yanibar. It was here that Kal would have a life changing moment. Kal while alone had a run in with a Dark Zeison Sha being hunted by other Zeison Sha. That brief encounter had sowed the seeds of deviation that would take root and grow inside Kal’s mind. The dark Zeison Sha placed doubt in Kaldor that followed tradition is the best option for the Zeison Sha simply sought power not to do evil. Seeing the Zeison Sha and taking into account how his father learns from other warriors, Kal found it best he adopt a similar methodology. Kal found he should do his best to learn a little something from the other force sensitive organizations. Kal plans to then take that knowledge and apply it to new matukai based force techniques.

Powers and Equipment: Wan Shen and Matukai Force Powers

Extra: Kal straps his wan shen to his back.
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    Ezra Starwalker
    Name: Ezra Starwalker

    Home Planet: Akiva

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Height: 5'10"/177.8 cm

    Weight: 143 lbs./64.9 kg

    Eye Color: Blue

    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

    Attire: update

    Title: Padawan - Former Battalion Commander

    Personality: Complicated and stuck in a constant turmoil, Ezra has difficulty controlling his emotions. Despite what the Jedi advises against, Ezra values emotions, and stands firmly when it comes to his intuition and emotions. But at the same time, he recognizes the complications with relying solely on emotions and basing judgement off said-emotions. And that's where rational thought steps in takes over, bringing Ezra 'back to the light'.

    Biography: Ezra Starwalker comes from a long lineage of force-sensitive ancestors, the predominantly well-known being Arcann—a former Emperor of the Eternal Empire. After the end of the Galactic War, and the invasion of the Eternal Empire, the descendants of Arcann had held themselves to great remorse for the crimes that their ancestor had committed. To redeem their names they decided to commit to the Jedi Order and Republic till death. From there, the lineage continued to descend, to the point of Ezra.

    Born on Akiva—a hot, humid remote planet in the Outer Rim—Ezra was the result of union between a local store owner and a retired Jedi Master. His mother, the retired Jedi, sensed the dormant power within her baby boy. She wanted to avoid the potential of her child resulting to the Dark Side, so she travelled to the Jedi Council on Coruscant and asked for the Council to admit the boy. Unanimously, the Council agreed and Ezra was admitted by the time he was two years of age.

    When he finally reached the appropriate age of intiate, Ezra was placed in to the Clawmouse Clan—only a year behind another Initiate, Ahsoka Tano. Ezra and Ahsoka became fairly close, going as far as to say that the two were best friends. Their friendship came to an abrupt halt when Master Yoda had assigned Ahsoka to Jedi Skywalker. Ezra felt a little lonelier, but that's also when he found out that his cousin, Leon Aethyr, was admitted into the Jedi Order. And, while the two rarely saw each other, they still kept in touch every once in a while.

    In a few short months Ezra had also advanced to the level of Padawan. His master, Tshii' Qar, was a dear friend of the family and was asked, by Ezra's mother, to train her child. Master Qar, a Jedi Guardian, taught young Ezra with much patience and empathy. Ezra, being the attached and emotional boy he is, could give in to the Dark Side easily, so Master Qar had to teach Ezra some different techniques to better control his feelings.

    Later, Ezra and his former best friend, Ahsoka, had reunited during the Battle of Bothawui. Together, the duo had taken on endless droids and even held their own against General Grievous. During the battle, Ezra had also encountered Anakin Skywalker. Both Anakin and Ezra took notice to the similarity of their last names. And after the battle, Master Qar and Ezra had celebrated alongside Jedi Skywalker and Ahsoka. Afterwards, Ezra's relationship with Jedi Skywalker had grew, to the point where it felt like Anakin was Ezra's father. With the lack of actual parents, Ezra barely remembers what the love and care from a mother and father felt like. But at the temple, he had his master and Anakin to "fill the parental role".

    Equipment: His lightsaber , His master's lightsaber , His robes, A matching cloak, His Padawan braid

    Midichlorian Count: 18,375

    Most Practiced Force Ability: Force Grip

    Least Practiced Force Ability: Shatterpoint

    Lightsaber Hilt: bloop

    Kyber Crystal Color: Purple

    Practiced Forms: Form VI - Niman , Form VII - Juyo/Vaapad

    "the force is out of balance, and it's up to us to fix it."

    codedbycrucialstar | pastebin: x
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literally a child
Name: Ami Orbaine
Home Planet: Alderaan
Age: 12
Gender: female
Species: human
Appearance: 564228Height: 4'4"
Weight: 97lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: brown
Attire: padawan robes.
Rank in Order: Padawan

Personality: Ami is a rambuncious and curious child. she has always had an affinity of luck about her. she is prone to flights of energetic emotion, though she almost never caves into anger or sadness. her ability to see the good in any situation is how she became a padawan so fast into her training, as it was decided by the council that she had already reached a point where her emotions would not hinder her skills as a jedi.
Biography: Ami was taken from Aldaraan at a vary young age to be raised by the jedi council as all younglings where. she was seen to be highly skilled at natural use of the force, though her practical usage was not as quick. she seemed to be able to naturally control her own luck, but in training situation which involved practical use such as force pushing and force pulling she wasn't as strong as other younglings. still she was fasttracked by the council due to her ability to keep her negative emotions in check, and was given a master who would train her to keep in check her strong happy emotions as well and would train her to use a lightsaber. on her second mission was when the order 66 was announced and it was at that time her master was killed by the clones, he fought and allowed her time to escape. as she ran she suddenly heard her master fall and at that moment her emotions did get the best of her and she released a massive wave of the force powered by sadness and anger which knocked all the clonetroopers out nearby. she quickly ran and used what little flight training she had as well as her natural forceluck to escape the planet and is now hiding like all the other jedi in the galaxy.
Equipment: her own lightsaber and her masters.

Force Applications
Midichlorian Count: I don't know....a thousand or something? midichlorians are a dumb thing.
Most Practiced Force Ability: natural application (such as heightened senses and physical ability, luck and priminition)
Least Practiced Force Ability: practical usage (such as force pushes and pulls)
Lightsaber Hilt: hers is small and single-bladed, made for precise movement.
Kyber Crystal Color: Purple
Practiced Forms: Trakata-trakata was a form that focused on the ability to turn lightsabers on and off. basically you would catch the enemy off guard by turning your lightsaber off at moments to throw the enemy off balance, for instence they swing at you, you catch their saber and before they have time to readjust you turn off your own saber and let them fall forward and then turn your lightsaber on while the hilt is aimed at their body.

Extra{*}: (anything I missed? maybe you own a ship, have control over a fleet, have relationships with someone, etc.)


Doujin Expert
Caena Tivra

Home Planet:
Nar Shaddaa






Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Full Leather Bodysuit, jacket is slightly short, allowing for her stomach to show. Zipper is midway down, allowing for her cleavage to be seen. Typically wears goggles around her neck, no real use other than fashion. Belt that has her dual holsters, multiple pouches, and a sheath for her vibroknife. Military style black boots.

Rank in Order:

Caena is very much your typical outgoing, bubbly person, but she isn’t naive. Due to her countless years witnessing and partaking in crime, she can seem rather cold at first, and is very decisive when it comes to making decisions on the fly. Caena is very protective once she really gets to know someone, and is your typical suave, charming ruffian. She is also extremely intelligent, and is very resourceful in terms of goods and information.

Biography: Caena grew up on the Hutt controlled moon of Nar Shaddaa, of course not of her will. Her family had been captured by slavers and sold on the moon, where she was separated from her mother and brother. The man that had bought Caena was a despicable man, who would abuse not only Caena, but his other slaves too; physical, mentally, and even sexually.

After about seven years into being owned by her master, she was sold to different person. Her master had a bad habit of buying slaves frequently and damaging them beyond use. He never did this with Caena, and to this day she can’t determine why. Perhaps it was because she was a child. The new master was a massive improvement on her old one. It was an older woman, in her mid to late fifties. She was a bright blue Twi’lek who treated Caena like a person, and not property. Her name was Pim, and she was extremely honest and forward with Caena. The first words Pim ever said to Caena were: “When you turn sixteen years old, you will work at my brothel as one of the merchandise, until then, enjoy the rest of you adolescence.”

Those four years went by in a flash, but they were eventful for young Caena. She became a bit of a trouble maker, and would typically commit petty crimes such as theft. As she got a bit older, she’d be a runner and messenger for some of the local gangs around Nar Shaddaa. She made multiple friends, and began to network with the gangs and fences she had interacted with. Sadly, those days came to an end on her sixteenth birthday. Pim had confined Caena to the brothel, and turned into a vile old woman who cared for nothing but money. Pim had finally showed her true colors, being more abusive than Caena’s previous master at times.

For the next five years Caena was subjugated to being a prostitute for old Pim. The old woman would even get the girls, including Caena, addicted to Red Sand and other narcotics. Caena had pretty much became a husk of a person who was used by others to get pleasure or profit from. Luckily for Caena, and old friend of hers, Vuste, had became one of the captains in the Hutt Cartel, and caught wind of Pim’s operations. Pim never payed the Hutts any slice of her profit, and when the Hutts caught wind of this, they weren’t very happy. Vuste, with the help of the Cartel had raided the Brothel, liberating the drugged up women. At this moment Caena took it upon herself to stab Pim in the throat with a fork, and watched as she bled out, flailing on the ground. Vuste saw the whole thing, and took the terrified Caena away from the Brothel, making sure she never looked back.

Vuste had managed to get Caena a position within the Cartel, after she had kicked her drug addiction. Vuste was a smuggler herself, and she ran a tight ship. For five years Caena would travel the galaxy with Vuste, smuggling goods for the Hutts, Republic and Separatist. They nearly died on multiple occasions, but Vuste always managed to get them out of any troublesome situation. Eventually, the Hutts decided that Caena was worthy enough to have her own ship, and crew. She’d proven herself multiple times, and was considered their second best smuggler, behind Vuste of course.

This was the big break! Caena would never admit that she wanted to shine on her own, but deep down that is how she felt. Caena would take on any sort of job, whether that be as a smuggler or even a bounty hunter for the Hutts. She explicitly said that she would never smuggle narcotics or slaves due to her past. The Hutts weren’t happy at her demands, but conceded due to her being good at her job. Aboard her ship, Caena was pretty much a motherly figure. She protected her crew no matter what occurred, and was known for her efficiency and hundred percent job completion record. Caena and her crew soon outshone that of Vuste, causing a small rivalry, and even falling out between the two. They nearly killed each other once, over a job that the Hutts chose Caena over Vuste for. It is implicated that Caena had romantic feelings for Vuste, but she’d never admit she did.

Eventually Vuste was killed on a difficult run, attempting to get supplies to the besieged planet of Christophis during the Clone Wars. This wrecked Caena, even though they were rivals, and no longer friends, the fact that she could never reconcile with her savior and old friend, wrecked Caena. She soon left the Cartel, deciding to go independent. She still did jobs for the Hutts from time to time, but mostly just worked for the Republic and Separatist. She never really chose a side, unless it was her own. She would continue this line of work until the Republic fell, making quite a name for herself as a suave, but honest smuggler who could achieve the impossible. Once the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared the formation of the Galactic Empire, Caena decided to lie low.


Twin DL-44 pistols


Twin Vibroknifes



Scramble Key

Personal Deflector Shield

Locket with a picture of Vuste.



Secretly a bookworm.

Openly Lesbian.

Deathly afraid of butterflies.

Has a multitude of connections with the Black Market and shady underworld.

She is on good terms with the Hutt Cartel, and most other large criminal organizations.

Has her own ship, named Xerxes, a XS stock freighter(Same model as the Ebon Hawk… Best model. Plus couldn't find many other, better looking ships)


Senior Member
Rhonan Tor, Fallen Guardian


Rhonan Tor
Home Planet: Cathar
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Cathar

A creature of immense stature and imposing demeanor, the beholder may mistakenly take the Cathar as little more than a brute. Measuring in just over two meters and wrought entirely of steely sinew, Rhonan fills out his layered colthes and armor, cutting a sharp and broad silhouette in the battlefield. His mane cropped and plaited into a series of bead-woven braids, the scarred Knight takes after his Master’s ironclad discipline, and the mirth, as well as the melancholies of his purpose are etched into the lines of his face.
When he was still a Padawan, it was estimated that nearly ten percent of Rhonan’s surface tissue was covered in scars. As the years went on, that number slowly increased as Rhonan constantly threw himself between harm and those unable to defend themselves from it.
Height: 2.1 meters
Weight: 270 lbs
Eye Color: Opal Blue
Hair Color: Rusty red-brown
Attire: Rhonan dresses in a mixture of classical Catharese tribalism and outer rim utilitarianism, complete with mandalorian armor that he has taken and painted with his own markings and colors.

Rank in Order: Temple Guardian; Knight (barely)

Though passionate, stubborn, and occasionally foolish, Rhonan is a man with nothing but good intentions. Through his time and training with the Jedi, Rhonan's strong sense of bravery was encouraged, even bolstered, by the teachings of his Master. But bravery requires hot blood, and that blood can, at times, boil in anger. Especially during his recovery following his time in slavery, Rhonan was extremely withdrawn, untrusting, and bitter. He had gone from one alien place to another, and sought only stability both within and without. As a Youngling, such stability and security is imperative to him. Finally, among the Jedi, he feels like he is in a place he could call home.

With memories of Cathar muddled and faded, Rhonan clings to the certainty of the Jedi and their teachings and the histories of his people. Never being partial to the taste of defeat of failure, Rhonan remains extremely critical regarding himself and his abilities. This often leads to frustration and, in his younger years, bouts of anger. After what he percieves as his greatest failure as a Temple Guardian, Rhonan fell into a bottle to numb the rakish pain of his own self-loathhing.

Rhonan is typically gentle despite appearances, and while he possesses a temper, he slow to anger without particular triggers. Due to his naturally imposing strength, one of the first things he learned as a Youngling was how to restrain himself so as not to inadvertently harm others. This self-restraint carries to his mentality, constantly checking his temper and measuring his words as best he can, striving to say only what needs saying. Even then, he is prone to adolescent awkwardness. Though slow to anger, he can become an implacable adversary when roused. Due to his Catharese nature and past trauma, he can descend into barbaric frenzies when his blood is brought to a boil.

From Small Beginnings

Rhonan Tor was born on Cathar, one of three cubs in his litter. His parents were both Shamans of his city-tree; holy individuals of considerable reverence and influence. Ever since Rhonan, his brother Dovun, and his sister Syrine could walk and talk, they were trained harshly by their parents, Elders, and the Tree’s Warriors. Rhonan, being the first of the three to leave his mother’s body, was treated the hardest. Tears were left to fall rather than wiped away by a caring hand. Scrapes and cuts and welts were left to be tended by Rhonan himself rather than a guardian’s gentle touch. There was no coddling in the relationship between Rhonan and his parents - they were training him to survive. The only time there was any closeness among his family was when stories of eras long past were told from the carvings on their city-tree. Tales of Cathar Jedi who fought ancient Sith Lords; heroes of myth and legend. It was in those stories that Rhonan found solace from the harshness of his upbringing. How he dreamed of meeting one of these Jedi, with their boundless wisdom and swords of light; to traverse the mantle of the stars as one of them, cutting down those who would harm the innocent.

With his peers and siblings, Rhonan found camaraderie. They would play and roughhouse among the sprawling branches of their city-tree in the shadow it cast over the land. Armed with twigs and their imaginations, they played out their favorite sagas with great flourish and fanfare.

Alas, these were the dreams of a boy.

The Wild Child

War came to Cathar once more, a Mandalorian raid swept down on Rhonan's city-tree, its people scattered into the spanning savannah. There, they were hunted by Mandalorian Separatists as well as the savage beasts of the wild world. Rhonan, along with a score of his kin, were apprehended within a week of the attack. Caged like beasts, they were shipped to some forsaken moon in the Outer Rim, where the longest arms of galactic law could not reach them - or simply did not care.

On that cold and barren rock, Rhonan and his fellow captives were subjected to crushing physical and psychological torture. Each of them steadily broken for shackles or cast aside for target practice. Secluded in complete darkness, Rhonan was isolated from the others - his cell little more than a cage fit for a tusk cat cub. The only light he saw for weeks was the crackling of an electrowhip in the hand of his tormentor. Rhonan the child broke under the assault. Rhonan the savage was born in order to cope.

In the slave camps, only the strong survived. Rhonan scavenged and, in time, killed in self-preservation. Bonds of fellowship came undone under the pressure of their surroundings, turning blood against blood. In a handful of years, Rhonan was cold, starving, and all alone. The abuse continued, and Rhonan was slowly being devolved into something twisted and horrible. Understanding of speech started to slip, culture that he had only a briefest chance to experience was burned away by searing pain. Instinct became Rhonan’s greatest ally, keeping him alive until the intervention of the Star-Warriors with their swords of light, just like in the boy’s fleeting dreams.

When Rhonan was discovered by a Jedi Master, he was a sickly and emaciated creature who could hardly keep himself upright. Despite his sorry state, he attacked the trooper that opened his cage with surprising physical strength and ferocity. In order to prevent Rhonan from doing any additional harm to his rescuers, or himself, he was stunned and loaded into a medical capsule. With the boy inert, proper medical examinations were in order.

It was estimated that the Cathar cub’s surface body was somewhere around ten percent scar tissue, and that he had been subjected to a broad spectrum of barbaric and inhumane treatment that would break most adults. The Jedi present, who would later become the cub’s master, sensed a great and terrible well-spring of Force power in the boy. At his age, many of the memories of what he had endured could be easily repressed, but that was a band-aid solution. One day, he would need to confront the ugliness of his founding.


Becoming a full-time resident at the Jedi’s medical wing for a time was about as exciting as it sounds. For several weeks, Rhonan was bound to his bed, forced to be still while galactic medicine did its work. It was almost a month until he could eat solid food, and two more weeks after that until he started to open up and speak with the Jedi.

In total, it was a rough thirteen months of physical recovery with the assistance of advanced galactic medicine every step of the way. In little over a year, the cub had gone from nearly sub-sentient to almost fully healed. Whether from medicine, the Force, or Catharese stubbornness, what mattered was that Rhonan had recovered, at least physically. After that period, Rhonan was finally considered physically capable of beginning his Jedi training. With nowhere to go and no idea if his kin still lived, Rhonan saw no other option. His childhood dream was upon him, but he wondered if it was worth the price…

Only time would tell…


Like all Younglings in the Jedi, Rhonan was subjected to the fundamentals of the Order. However, there was a constant shadow hanging over him. Due to the corrupting nature his time in captivity could have on an individual’s psyche, Rhonan was placed on a probationary period by the Masters. The cub was closely monitored by his teachers, fearing that the dark side lingered far too closely to the cub’s heart.

Naturally, young Rhonan was fearful of the new environment of the Jedi, and the new people he was slow to trust, but they showed him no ill will. The first few weeks, Rhonan remained solitary, not wishing to speak with the other Younglings, or even associate with them, but over time the walls came down. Slowly, Rhonan opened up to those around him, acting more like a child his age. Through socializing with his fellow Younglings and entirely dedicating himself to his studies, Rhonan kept the lingering specters of trauma in the corners of his consciousness.

Rhonan’s probationary period lasted through the majority of his training, gauging if he was mentally fit and properly self-disciplined enough to begin his training with a lightsaber. If Rhonan did not display that he could adhere to the Jedi’s doctrine in the absolute, he would not be permitted to train with a lightsaber, and in turn not have a chance at the Trials. This close monitoring went on for several years, however Rhonan had shown no indication of succumbing to his demons. The boy was resilient and stubborn to the very last, and when asked why his past did not scare him, he simply answered,

“Because if I stand like prey, I am prey,”

Duty Like a Mountain

In time, death once again visited those Rhonan considered family. In the conflict that sparked the Clone Wars – the assault on Geonosis – Rhonan’s master was slain in the chaos of the arena. The great battle-master of the Order laid low by blaster fire. Even with his master dead, Rhonan felt the bitter cold of the man’s shadow. Knighted shortly after the battle, Rhonan was thrust headlong into the war, cast into the Far Rim theater with little ceremony or preparation. Now bearing his late mentor’s lightsaber, he was given the rank of Commander and a battalion of clones under his leadership.

Much of Rhonan’s present expertise in the arts of war were indeed learned on the job, where wounds quickly became the wisdom of age. In but a few short years, Rhonan had shed whatever boyishness remained, becoming a celebrated, if not reviled warrior. Yet, the price of Rhonan’s success was high. More so than his late master, the Cathar had become a warhawk, sharing more in common with the Jedi Lords of old than the monastic Order of the present era.

In light of such reports, the Jedi Council believed it time for Rhonan to put his unbending resolve to better use as a Temple Guardian. Enigmatic and highly trained; revered and feared with their pale masks. The personal honor was staggering, but short lived. The fateful order from a phantom menace whispered in the ears of the clone troopers the Jedi had trusted so implicitly... and Rhonan’s joy turned to ashes in his mouth.

He wasn’t ready for what happened.

RSKF-44 Blaster, Blood-Hunter knife, Ration capsules, Rebreather, Holo-communicator ,Commlink, Flash and smoke capsules, Tracking beacons, improvised armor (mando), survival cloak, flask

Midichlorian Count: 9,987 - Rhonan is the equivalent of a sledgehammer in terms of the Force. He doesn’t do subtle, he can hardly levitate a glass of blue milk without spilling... but the holo-records of the Lothal Temple will recall him using Shatterpoint to explode a foe with a touch, and his Force-empowered roar shattering droids to scrap.
Most Practiced Force Ability: Force Bellow
Least Practiced Force Ability: Mind Trick,

A “trick” lightsaber with a golden yellow blade, the chassis able to extend into a spear-like shaft, the construction resistant to even opposing lightsaber strokes. In both states, the blade is full-length, making it roughly “greatsword sized” when in standard laser-sword format. Wrought from dense breskar-durasteel alloy, even when inactive it has served as a formidable baton.
Kyber Crystal Color: Golden Yellow
Practiced Forms: A mixed martial art of Djem So, Vapaad, and Shien
Rhonan is terrified of confined spaces, and isn’t all too hot a pilot. He owns a nice-enough speederbike, which is the extent of his true piloting skill, but he’s been shot down and crash-landed in so many large craft he hates being behind the wheel of one.

As an adult Cathar, he has a powerful paternal instinct. Any other Cathar his age would have a life-mate and a small platoon of cubs. His people, an endangered species, expected this of him even as a Jedi, and he never got around to it, serving as another albatross around his neck. Instead, he overcompensates by helping the lost children of the galaxy; orphans, urchins, the downtrodden and the dispossessed. One day, he hopes to be a life-mate worth having and a “true father”, since the dreams of being a star warrior seem to be just another pile of ashes.

Rhonan harbors a deeply-seeded distrust and hatred towards Mandalore and the Empire.

Rhonan puts on a brave face and drinks to try and forget.

Rhonan frequently considers cutting himself off from the Force, and just vanishing entirely.
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Elekta Kount

Da Warboss

“Follow no path. Make your Own.”
-Jared Leto

Name: CT-7231 "Stiff"
Home Planet: Kamino
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Species: Jango Fett Clone
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 lb
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Rank: Clone Trooper
Role: Weapon's Specialist

Personality: Stiff is a soldier is a simple, uncomplicated soldier, or at least he used to be. Stiff was named Stiff because of how regidly he followed orders and protocol, often hesitating back then to defy orders. But these days? Things are different...they arn't as black and white as it used to be...it's all...complicated...and it's somthing that Stiff still struggles with. Stiff knows a lot about fighting, but the clone still has a lot to learn about life outside of fighting. Still, assign him to a combat task and he'll carry things out without a problem. One of Stiff's greater attributes is his ability to synergize with other people, often adapting to their style of fighting, trying to make up for their short coming. In a sense you could even say the same about him, a true friend who will give his last for his comrades at arms. Stiff talks proudly of his past battles, brothers and jedi he served with, but he refuses to talk about Order 66 itself. Sometimes he could be heard loudly waking at night or just staring off into space, presumably remembering what happened during the wrenched order.
Biography: The existence of CT-7231 was no different then any other clone; a being manufactured to fight and die for a cause that they were programmed to support, truth be told they were no better then droids. They were ordered to fight the separatist, they were ordered to obey the jedi...orders were the only thing CT-7231 ever knew, and it was somthing he had abide by. CT-7231 didn't know what life was outside of orders, how could he? The only thing he was taught was how to point and pull the trigger of a blaster.
"Stiff" was the name that was gifted to him, it started out as a joke...a joke that CT-7231 had trouble thinking outside of direct orders... but...it stuck, and CT-7231...Stiff, kept the name...a name to clone was important, after all, it gave them an identity beyond just...a number. Perhaps was it was Stiff's name that began his...learning process, with the help of
Stiff's first encounter with the Jedi master hadn't been under great circumstances. Stiff had been hit to the head by shrapnel from an incoming bombing run, and truth be told, he could of and probably would have died that day, and no one really missed him...at least, no one of note would have cared. But it was a miracle really, when he came to in the medbay. Turned out, the Jedi Master he had served under had...saved him. But why? Protocol stated otherwise, why did this Jedi save him? Stiff was more then expendable, afterall...he was a clone.
Well, the Jedi Master seemed to have thought otherwise...and although Stiff never fully understood the logic...he started seeing life in a much different life...he started seeing his general in a much different light.
The Jedi Master became more then just a commander to Stiff; the jedi was a hero that Stiff would follow, a teacher that Stiff learned from, a friend that made his existent feel...human...
Above all, the Jedi gave, not just Stiff, but all of them a reason to fight, a reason beyond just orders...a true purpose, so to say, a cause worthy of dying for. Sure, all clones began developing different reasoning, but like their own individual names, it granted them individuality that none of them would have given themselves. Purpose in war, perhaps it was never the greatest of circumstances but...it was the best Stiff had ever known. Stiff had his bond with his brothers, a bond stronger then any known steel in the galaxy, and the Jedi whom he was able to look up to and find council in his own purpose in life...and a side that he could stand for...a side he could die for.
Everything was so simple back then.
But all it took to topple all of that were the utterance of four words:
"Execute Order Sixty-Six"
What was the worst part of that day? Was it when his brothers turned their rifles on the jedi whom they had fought side by side all their lives? Or Perhaps it was when he found the Jedi Master shot to bits? Or was it when one of his brothers turned the barrel of the gun towards him? Calling him a traitor? How about the moment he had to shoot his own brother when he failed to make him see reason.
To say that life had spiraled into a mess was putting it lightly, everything that Stiff had every knew was being thrown into chaos.
But...Stiff, of all his brothers...was able to resist the accursed order...an irony that always earns a bitter laugh from the clone...Stiff, a clone who'd always been comfortable with simply taking orders...defying a direct order from the Chancellor, his supreme leader, like he was some independent minded ARC Trooper.
Stiff didn't know why he was able...but he knew that at the time, he didn't have time to think.
Action was required...it wasn't just his life at stake...the life of someone his general had left behind was at stake...somthing greater then him...and he had to see to it's destiny...her destiny...even if it costed his own life...at least it was his life to spend....

-Modified Phase II Clone Trooper Armor
-Tattered Cloak
-Combat Satchel
-OPTIONAL Combat Pack or Rocket Pack
-DC-15 blaster rifle or DC-15A blaster
-OPTIONAL Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon
-OPTIONAL RPS-6 Rocket Launcher
-Combat Shield
- Electro Magnetic Pulse grenades
-Thermal detonators.
Other: N/A


Random Schemer
Name: Markus Trelk
Home Planet: Dxun
Age: 31
Gender: male
Species: Mandalorian (human)

Height: 1.83 meters
Weight: 83.5 kg
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown

Rank in Order: None

Personality: Marcus is a cunning and patient hunter. Whether on the job or off, he is generally friendly with all he meets, though this can hide a brutal side that comes out when necessary. His default mode is relaxed and can be quite witty when the mood strikes him. He tends to be mostly honorable, though not above stacking the deck in his favor when dealing with more powerful foes. He’s very pragmatic, dealing with problems as he comes across them and making the best of it. He is very loyal to his clan, those he calls friends, and, above all, his wife.
Biography: Son of the chief of Clan Arstec, Markus was born after the Clan was betrayed by the Trade Federation. Though most of the clan was focused solely on their revenge, Markus was taught the finer points of Jedi Hunting by his father, who felt the old traditions should be preserved. Even so, he took part in his clan’s actions versus the Trade Federation, working with the Republic and Jedi on a couple of campaigns. After the Clone Wars, Clan Arstec went back to its mercenary ways. Markus honed his skills hunting down fallen Jedi and other Dark Force Users. During a more mundane job, Markus ended up having to team up with another Mandalorian merc names Mirja, who had been hired by another party to do the same job. After a harrowing adventure, Markus hired Mirja on as a combat tech. Their relationship progress from playful flirting to something more serious, which led to their marriage.
In recent years, Markus and Mirja have been heading Clan Arstec’s efforts to save Jedi lives. Markus is very dedicated to this effort, saying an old debt has to be repaid. And if he can recruit a few not firmly committed to the Jedi ways, all the better.
Equipment: Tactical Mandalorian Armor (includes boot jump jets, internal air supply, audio and visual compensators, integrated comma, sensor package, grapple lines, paralyzing darts, and a flame thrower. Bracers made of beskar.)
Magnetic slugthrower
EE-4 Blaster Carbine
K-16 Bryer Blaster Pistol
Baskar vibro dagger
Poison and sonic mines
Various grenade types, including sonic, poison, flash bang, and incendiary.

Extra{*}: co-owns a Kom’rk Fighter named
the Revenant with his wife.

Name: Mirjahaal “Mirja” Trelk
Home Planet: Voss
Age: 29
Gender: female
Species: Mandalorian (Voss)

Height: 1.88 m
Weight: 85 kg
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: None

Rank in Order: None

Personality: Mirja can come off to new comers as grumpy. She’s pessimistic and has no problem expressing this in the most sarcastic way possible. Despite that, she’ll stick with a problem till the end, not giving up despite misgivings. She sticks by her friends and clan in the face of anything. She’s intelligent and inventive, showing way more patience for technical problems than people problems.
Biography: Mirja was a war orphan on the outer rim who was adopted by a Mandalorian couple who had lost their child during a dispute with a rival clan, and named "Mirjahaal", Mando'a word for healing. As Mirja grew up, she showed an affinity for technology, which her parents encouraged. With training from engineers and slicers her parents came across and the combat training they passed down, Mirja became a highly skilled combat tech, able to fly, fix, or slice anything. After her parents died on a job, Mirja found herself more openly ostracized by her bloodline concerned clan. Taking the hint, she disavowed the clan and went her own way. Going into mercenary work, she was highly sought after for her skills, primarily hired as a Slicer. On one such job, she was hired to slice a rival gang’s records for spice routes when she ran into another Mandalorian named Markus hired by another party to take down one of the gang’s bosses. Deciding that they had better odds together, the two formed a partnership to complete the missions. The whole thing ended with her being double crossed by her employers, forcing her and Markus to blast their way off world. Despite the trouble she caused, Mirja was surprised by Markus offering her a job and place in his clan. Wanting the security of having an actual clan, Mirja agreed. Over the next few years, she worked closely with Markus, and found she liked him more than just as a friend. After she found out he felt the same, they wasted no time tying the knot.
In more recent times, Mirja and Markus have been heading up Clan Arstec’s efforts to ensure the safety of surviving Jedi, even recruiting a few for the clan.
Equipment: Mandalorian Armor (includes internal air supply, audio and visual compensators, integrated comma, sensor package, grapple lines, dart launcher, wrist shield generator),
customized data pad
Small data pad
RSKF-44 Heavy Blaster
EC-17 Holdout Blaster
Stun Baton with Modified lethal setting.

Extra{*}: co-owns a Kom’rk Fighter with her husband named the Revenant.

Dante Verren

Back from the Abyss
Home Planet:
4 years
Male Programming
Eye Color:
Green Scanner Dots
Hair Color:
Does not wear clothes on a normal basis
Rank in Order:

IC33 is an intelligent droid who was programmed to solve complex construction problems and to be able to independently carry out these orders. Thanks to that he is able to think quickly and rationalize his way through problems. This developed a desire in the construction bot to want to various different types of complex problems including emotions and moral issues. His programming is set to have a chipper male voice and it doesn’t change it’s tone despite the situation. Since he is a droid he is not very good at reading emotional situations but he does his best to learn and interpret them so he can do better in later situations.
IC33-34 also known as Intelligent Constructor 33-34 is a more experimental design. Only about 50 of his type were created and even then fewer of that made it past final testing. IC33-34 is actually a combination of IC33 and IC34 as both were deemed defective and due to lack of funding parts were taken from both to make the final product that exist now. You could say the company who made IC33-34 were desperate and rushed him through final stages giving him the greenlight when they should have tweaked the AI inside a little bit more. It is thanks to this lack of proper inspection that IC33-34 would be able to gain his interest in emotions and the argument between right and wrong.

After being given the green light the construction droid was sold to the highest bidder to one of the gangs in the lower levels of Coruscant. Working as essentiality a pack mule for the gang IC33-34 did his job moving things back and forth, building things here and there, and working. Occasionally the gang needed some extra muscle so they started to train and equip IC33-34 with weapons and proper training. With the reinforced armor he received and some weapon training IC33-34 was an asset to the gang and racked up a respectable kill count of rival gang members.

IC33-34 had heard of a war going on and seen clones ever now and then when they came down to the lower levels but he never had any real experience with it. All he knew was that the Clones and Jedi were the good guys fighting valiantly for the republic. From his perspective the Jedi especially were doing what was considered the right thing and were peacekeepers. That’s why the so-called betrayal of the Jedi and Order 66 made no sense.

The day order 66 was sent out and the Jedi Purge began was the droids first time at the Jedi temple. One of his owners had accepted some actual legitimate work and although it was late at night the Droid was still busy unloading cargo from the ship that was supposed to be handed over to the temple. The sounds of gun shots rang out in the air and IC33-34 paused his work. Turning around he could see blaster bolts flying from the temple. A moment later what seemed to be a younger Jedi, pada something. He couldn’t remember what they were called but the teenager seemed injured and coming his way. As IC33-34 watched a few clone troopers came running up the steps that the Jedi had just come up. One of them fired and struck the Jedi in the leg causing them to fall. The clone’s surrounded the Jedi and aimed their blasters ready to execute them. Watching this IC33-34 didn’t know what anger felt like but if he could feel it he was sure he would be feeling it right now. Grabbing the blaster that his owner kept in the ship the droid took aim and opened fire. After a quick exchange the droid had dispatched the clones but not without taking some damage. Moving quickly the droid grabbed the teenager, carried them to the ship, put them inside, then got in and took off at full speed. The droid’s goal was to find someplace off world where the Jedi he had saved could be healed and IC33-34 Could be repaired.

Since that day IC33-34 has traveled around taking jobs where ever he could. Construction, Enforcement, anything really as long as it fit what he had heard was classified as morally good. At the same time the droid has spent his free time doing his best to study the emotions of living beings with the hope of one day fully understanding them.
E-5 Blaster rifle, Blow torch built into his arm, Modified Armor to be slightly more blaster resistant

Has a small amount of pilot training due to the gang he worked for but does not own a ship due to crashing the one he “Burrowed” to get off of Coruscant.

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