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Hypnosic 23 She/Her GMT-7

Greetings, I'm Hypnosic but feel free to call me whichever you like. I go by many names, what's a few more to add to the growing list? I'm a twenty three year old medical student who's currently drowning beneath piles of work, why I decided I wish to become a nurse is beyond me, but recently for my own mental state I've gotten back into roleplaying to escape from it all. My schedule is currently unpredictable, but as of now I have some free time between the daily happenings to spare for roleplay. I will provide a schedule or notify if anything has been changed, my current schedule will be provided at the end of this post. I'm overally friendly and some say a bit overwhelming, don't let that scare you away, simply tell me if you feel suffocated and I'll reel back my energy and dial it down. On that note I can be a tad bit dramatic, so expect overally exaggerated ooc text about anything that may be happening within my life, I tend to spam these considering I'm very chatty ooc and can get comfortable with a person rather quickly. I'm a lit to novella, it simply depends on my motivation level and weather or not I'm burnt out from interning. Do expect however up to six paragraph minimum, that is my default and only when I'm truly drain have I send three paragraphs and even then there very choncky. Simply you gain a friend and a roleplay partner in one, what more can one person ask for?

I'm a simple person, I like to think I'm pretty chill when it comes to things but there are some things I can't over look in a partner. Not trying to sound pretentious or anything but we all have our preferences, I'm sure you yourself do to.
must be lit, I understand when motivation starts running low but anything less the three paragraphs or heck even a singular paragraphs on really slow days are fine. Just please, to the gods or whomever is in charge of this universe, no one liners. I will never responded back to those, it gives absolutely nothing for me to go off. Lit to Novella if possible.
OOC friendly, like I said I'm a very chatty person. I like making friends with my roleplay partners, getting to know them. Gets me more invested and make the roleplay feel more personal and special that way. I've met many long time friend through roleplay. Not saying we would grow that close but one can hope.
Please tell me if you have any triggers, I have a very low bottom line so I would love it if before we start planning you let me know what you are comfortable with. I value the comfort of my roleplay partner above else, so do let me know.
I'm not ghost friendly, I understand we all have life outside of this site. A simple "can't do this anymore" or "I'm leaving" is good enough for me. I'll try to communicate with you about anything, any changes or long term hiatus and I expect the same from you. I mostly post, again depending on my schedule one to two times a week. Maybe three, that's my standard, my minimum. It would be absolutely wonderful if you can meet that as well.

I don't exactly have anything else to say, I'm sure we all understand being a decent humanbeing isn't anything someone should ask for. Respectful, no bigotry or homophobic remarks or anything harmful. If you have your opinion, keep it to yourselves. I don't tolerate any form of disrespect in any way.

With the rules out of the way, here are some plots I'm currently craving and the characters(my oc) I had in mind for them(will post them later) . The amount of stars next to them is how much I'm currently craving them, some fandom plots would be posted as well but currently I'm craving these plots then fandoms. Feel free to do your own plots, I honestly don't mind! I'm open for anything.

•You can't run away forever★★★☆☆
"so" she trailed of, brightly painted nails scraping against the wooded counter, creating small grooves within the well worn surface, marks mirror it were scatters about. "Your back" it wasn't a question, it was a statement. Almost as if she knew for certain, before he did, that he would be staying. If he was being completely honest, he hadn't expected to return to this sleepy town. Hadn't expected to find himself within the rundown shack of a bar sipping lukewarm bear he could barley stomach, sitting across from the one person whom he swore he would never speak to again.

She hadn't change within the years he was gon, totall of twelve-twelve years since he had escaped with barley anything on him. Running from a horror only he could see and nobody seemed to believe existed. She still wore her hair high up on her head, pile of bleach blond curled carfuly placed and styled to look like the backside of a poodle. Still wore That worn leather jacket her ex had thrown at her that one night in the summer after he had cheated on her with his best friend, why she kept it he didn't know. Frowning he took another sip of his drink, her pale blue eyes scanning him with an unnerving amount of curiosity that made his skin crawl.

"Well.." He chocked, swallowing the awful tasting alcohol down his throat. "Not sure I'll be staying, Martha called. She needed someone to be there when the lawyer read his will"

"So he's dead" another sound of her nails scratching the surface of the table, she picked at it before resuming the action again. "Been confirmed?he's actually dead, ain't gonna spring up like the last one? "

"Who knows, man had three bullets shot through his skull, clean. Would be a miracle if he rose up again"

Muse A return to the one place they swore they would never set foot in again. Not after an incident, the same incident that had drove them away, barley clinging to life and their sanity. Yet when receiving a letter that implored them to return due to the recent passing of a great uncle of theirs, he couldn't refuse, especially considering the person had been the one to have raised them before shit happened. Yet returned they quickly regret it, the town had seen better days and an almost invisible threat seemed to look over everyone. People have gon missing and more and more bodies are showing up. The thing is though, those bodies don't stay dead for long.

Partnering up with someone they wouldn't likely have, Muse B, they soon discover that whatever had haunted them in the past hadn't left. Simply waiting for their return, and it wants something. Muse A isn't the only target of it, nor is it goal the town, but something much more sinister.
good ol mystery/supernatural horror sprinkled in small town vibes and that's the base of this idea. I don't know exactly what going on, we can flesh out everything together. There will be side characters since this is a town anyway all, and they will be involved in this. World building, although not much, is kinda necessary.

•The Most Unlikely of friendship★☆☆☆☆
They weren't sure how it was plausible, really it came almost as a shock to the school, when these two were found together beneath the bleachers with what looked like to be the remains of the principal prize painting. No they had expected it from her, she after all was well known for these types of stunts. They however hadn't expected the principal very own daughter to be roped in, holding the very frame of the painting with a lighter held up to it.

Of course the principal had been furious once he learned about it, even more so considering his own child was involved. It was inevitable detention was in their future, but for some reason they got out of it, instead being forced to repaint the painting to resemble the one they had destroyed.

"Can't you like fix it" draped over the plus leather seat of the principal, the blue hair teen looked over at her friend. Poking whatever she could find on the desk, pushing them over so they could shatter or bounce or anything.

"Isn't that like your thing? Bibity bobity Boo it up"

"That's not exactly how it works, if I'm being completely honest. It takes a lot more concentrations and energy then simply saying nonsensical words-would you stop that. Your ment to be helping, not creating even more of a mess" glaring, the principles daughter flickeed her finger. The things that the blue hair girl had been teetering over the edge rightes itself. Returning back to its original spot. With a pleased smile she raise an eyebrow at her friend who only grinned back. The wide Cheshire like smile that would unnerve others, but not her, it only cause her to smile more.

Soon the two of them were giggling amongst themselves, some hidden joke having passes between them as they tried to catch their breath.

"Remind me never to get on your bad side"

"Don't worry, I won't hex you. Besides, I need you"

"What do you have in mind? "

"Turning the pool into an ice skating rink doesn't sound to bad"
More of a light hearted plot. Muse A is confine to her role of the perfect daughter, her father being the principal of a school that is focus on training the magic out of wayward teens. Considering how she herself is a witch, to say she isn't quite comfortable beneath the roof of her home would be an understatement.

In come Muse B, a person who doesn't seem to care about any consequence of her action. She does as she wishes whenever she wishes, and Muse A is quick to befriend her. Their friendship is lowkey. Both of them only meeting in secret, until they are caught.
this can be light hearted or heavy where they try to fix the views of magic within their community. Or just a serious of adventure of two people who on the outside wouldn't look like the could ever be friends it somehow click very well. The genders can be changed.

•Neverland Wonder★★☆☆☆

Neverland is the land where dreams became reality and lost hopes thrive. Those who wish to remain in their childhood days flock to this place, the land where the immortal spring water never runs dry. Time holds no one here r, has no power over the creatures that inhabit the enchanted jungle. It always peeved him, a constant threat to his good order world, one he one day wish to venture into and crush.

“The queen” she whispered into the still air, nose scrunched as the smell of damp earth and mildew reached her nose, "most likely wish to accomplish as well, I wonder who would beat whom". With a thoughtful hum, she flipped the page of the old weather-worn book, hands lightly skimming over the image of a mermaid. Her hair, a sea green, seam to flow and wreath-her delicate features pronounce and clear grey eyes shone as if alive.

" the mermaids, though vain and selfish by nature, are only loyal to one other thing besides themselves, Peter whom they love-" a small smile slither across her lips, the hand that was lightly caressing the image of the mermaid, ruthlessly pressed down between the shoulder blades. The image squirmed, a look of pain contorting the beautiful creature's face, what used to be something of effortless beauty turned into a twisted image of pain and grief.

"Yet that love isn't one to trust-" like this book, Neverland wasn't what it seemed. The worst thing one could do within this world was to fall victim to beauty, if you do you'll most likely end up dead. The sun shone through the tree leaves that were as big as her hands, casting an emerald glow on everything it touches, golden drops of sunlight dotted the ground like forgotten doubloons. A truly beautiful sight to behold, out of all the realms, Neverland held the most death.

"Well, reality is just an illusion we try to deceive ourselves with, a loose figment of control that we delude ourselves in just to make us feel safe and secure" shutting the book closed, the muffled scream of the mermaid reaching her ears, "Neverland strips all that away, scaring those who are too feeble-minded into madness" the small smile that she wore twisted into a sadistic grin, eyes shining with a strange light.

"I truly have to admire Peter's way of control, a honey lace trap-a drug that one willing got addicted to, the queen could learn a thing or two"

Theophilus, jack of all trades, wondering soul-vagabond of society could appreciate places like this, okay appreciate wasn't the right word. Perhaps admire? Neverland was the ideal playground for those who found drinking poison for fun, sadly for her, that wasn't the reason she came here. She had no time for pleasure, though if everything went by plan she'll have plenty of that, there was a mission she had assigned herself.

Stretching from her perch, Theophilus hopped down from her perch, shaking her orang-red hair, water droplets spraying everywhere. She hadn't bothered to take cover from the rain, boldly walking in it as if it was merely most, for that action she gladly paid the consequence of being drenched and cold to the bone. Shivering, she slung her bag-which was magically dry despite the owner not being, over her shoulder and rebegan her track through the wilderness of Neverland.

It wasn't long before she arrived at her destination, the gem-like sea sparkling brightly, the sounds of seagulls shrieking lovingly welcoming her to the Neverland shore. She scanned her surrounding, eyes squinted against the glaring light-where was it?

She had seen it during the storm from her perch within the tree, had watched and followed its course as far as she could, before losing it within the island trees. That hadn't faced her, even though it had disappeared from her viewpoint, its image was still strongly branded in her mind. A ship, one that seemed to glide through the mist like the ghost of the sea, an ethereal being. It was mysterious, an allure she was weakened to and couldn't resist.

Now standing on the sun-drenched beach, the souls of her feet already beginning to be burned from the rapidly heating up sand, she spotted her ship. It didn't look as impressive as it did it looked quite dinky. The sunlight wasn't forgiving on it, the mast having looked like-from her viewpoint, it's been broken in several different places. The ship's body seemed to resemble something that was put together roughly, despite that it float.

That was a miracle on its own, and she didn't come across miracles that often. Shaking off the sand that somehow managed to climb up her leg, she headed towards the ship, boarding it with as much difficulty as a newborn colt learning to walk.

Once she did manage, she found herself liking the view far more than she thought. Right then and there, she decided that this would be her ship and if it already belonged to someone else. Well, founders keepers, losers weepers.

This plot is big on woled building, the children of fairytale character all find themselves in some way stranded on Neverland. A land that is controlled by Peter, who in this universe, is a wild unpredictable ruler. In this universe, each fairytale is a kingdom run by there respective rulers from each story. Muse A and B are all villain children whom had escaped a prison island and ended up stranded on Neverland.

Basically a pirate adventure with found family esc while motivation to either destroy or save the world and being about change. However positive or negative it might be.

•SunnyHallow Orphanage★★★★★

"As I raise my hands to the sky, Rian of molten lava shall falll, searing the flesh of those mortal bodies of yourself." He bellowed, chest pushed out as he raised his tiny fist towards the multicolor ceiling. Eyes blazing a bright gold that almost made it seem like he could possibly do it. Martha wasn't quite sure if she was convinced he couldn't do it, she had seen the kid bend reality to his whim mearly by saying what he wanted. She wouldn't be surprised if he could make it rain molten lava, in fact she took a glance outside the small room window. Eyes scanning the sky for any possible signs of the end of the world, nothing..yet.

The child continue his monologue, using his entire body to convey the message of how he could bring the world down to its knees before him. Not exactly a comforting thought, though the rest of the children seemed to be enthralled by him. Hanging upon every word he spoke, the case worker however didn't look exactly pleased by his performance. A perpetual frown creasing his brow, forming what she would only guess permanent frown lines, which added to the ones already present.

"Alright Arthur, that was quite lovely" realizing it was probably time to stop him before the men fainted, she Shepperd him toward his seat. Ignoring his protest at being cut short with a simple look.

"Everyone give a round of applause for Arthur and his wonderful narrative. Beverley, darling your up next"

A shy girl with leaves for hair, flowers sprouting about her skin took center stage. Satisfied Martha sat back, Beverley was a quiet girl. Her presentation mostly consisted of her showing of her plants, this would certainly that ghastly man in the corner at ease.

"Today I'm gonna show you the difference between using human fertilizer and human as fertilizer, no Chauncey they aren't the same thing"

"Oh dear"

The case worker pailed even more, Martha, despite the situation had to hold back her laughter alongside the children. Certainly this wouldn't bode well for them, but children would be children after all.
This isn't an original idea, I got it from the most amazing book I've read and absolutely had to write a plot about it. Although the example I gave above used a female protagonist, I prefer a male protagonist and M"M parings for this one. Though I can be convinced to do other parings.

The plot mostly consist of Muse A who's the head of a very special orphanage filled with kids who were deemed to powerful to be placed with the other children their age. They take care of them I a secluded island not far away from a mainland town. Muse B is a case worker whom was sent to make sure that the orphanage, despite being specially made for more dangerous children, is safe for them. Romance is optional but it's mostly wholsomness, found family as they try not to get their home taken from them.

Those were the main, well fleshed out plots. Here our simple sentence prompts that I liked.

What did you expect when you buend down the house? To find a pot of gold?
The women was to stunned to speak
Your my mother too!
you should be out having a life, doing poppers and flapper dancing. i don't know what kids do these days.
we need to talk about what happens if you give up the ghost here in my living room.
this is my night off. i'm really not looking for some guy to die on my couch.
i want to believe in what you're doing, i really do.
listen, i need you to know why i'm hurting you. i'm doing this 'cause i enjoy it.
here's how this is gonna work. i'm gonna ask you some questions. you're gonna answer them. if you're lying to me... trust that i will know, and i will be unhappy.
i'm about to go be me. you know better than anybody that doesn't always go so well.
i can't um, i can't get their blood out of the carpet.
you gaze at me lovingly when you think i'm not looking. what? you might. how would i know? i'm not looking. just let me live in it
climb off whoever you're on and get down here.
see? no reason to get all stabby.
you've got two or three broken ribs, probable concussion, some kind of puncture wound, and that's just the stuff i know about.
do you mind telling me how a blind man in a mask ends up beaten half to death in my dumpster?
are we about to kiss right now?

If you made it this far, wow thanks. I apologies for any spelling errora, I'll fox wm in the morning. Your official my favourite person in the world. Hopefully these cought your eye. Looking forward to roleplaying with you future Partners.


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Black Butler
Full Metal alchemist
once upon a time
My Hero Academia
Greys Anatomy (still catching up)
Bones(on season one)
Cyberpunk Gneiss
There's many other. Cant think of anything else right now
suddenly I'm craving a high fantasy roleplay with like time traveling into it? Maybe a dragon and stuff. Idk just want to write a high fantasy thing I can sink my teeth in. Might make a plot for this later.

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