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Fandom SRT's Justice Never Wavers - OOC

I was originally planning on going with an AR, but I saw we already had someone with one. And an SMG. So I went with a handgun. Are there different things these are better or worse at in universe as like game mechanics?

The character image looks cool, did you commission it?
Yes! I commission all of my art!
The student's gun type or choice doesn't affect their gameplay much from what I've seen myself.
It took a lot longer than I should've but I set up a discord channel. To make discussion a bit easier, and make sure everyone can quickly agree on what to do moving forward.

The link was sent to anyone whose posted a character so far, showing their intention to join. Hope to see you there.

Hopefully everything should be clear enough to start things very soon. s0ufflecake looks raring to go. But the discords a final chance to iron out any other questions or uncertainties people might have.

On the topic of cast size. Honestly a small set of dedicated players is better than anything. But, it might be worth giving an interest check, with the full idea for the RP laid out for those lurking Blue Archive players a chance to decide.
I'll have to wait another day or two to get in the Discord,away from my PC now.

s0ufflecake s0ufflecake how do you feel about posting a second interest check with the plotline we have decided on?
Still open? If so, how many more after one more?

I definitely didn't get revived from the dead by the smell of the big BA
If I'm not wrong based on reading some of your Interest Check, this roleplay takes place in the "Terror"/dead timeline, right? Or does it take place in the worldline where the game occurs in?
Can't wait to see everyone die!

Well, actually I can- I meant I- you get me. It's gonna be quite the wrench in the gut when we discover we're the ones behind Hina's death.

If we're going with that idea, I wonder if I should play someone who's a bit fond of Sensei and believes his decisions holding more weight would help with things, or if I should run with someone a bit more cold-hearted and order-following.

Since SRT has way more funding in this timeline, I take it having tanks like Red Winter or Gehenna is on the table?
Right now my plans for additional equipment are 'summon tank for big deal stuff' and 'use heavily-armoured vehicle to carry team around and patrol'. What do you think? Should I forego the latter so that the gang can stuff themselves in a sweaty tank?
Hi Crow. I remember you mentioning wanting to RP Blue Archive when looking up the topic. I invited you to the discord.

We've... kind of been trying to put this together democratically so I've made that discord to make sure we're all going into this expecting the same thing. My current consensus on the plot is that we're starting out the story with the students transferring to SRT, soon after it was founded, and while it was still active.
Chibistaryuu Chibistaryuu
Indeed, welcome. Feel free to hop on over to the character sheet thread and make a character, then pin the GM to for final review and acceptance. This ooc is a little quiet since everyone is mostly leaning towards using the discord for OOC stuff.
I have an Idea for a Character, It was supposed to be a Gehenna transfer Student who likes blowing things out and being chaotic, Her weapon is a RL. Is this a Good concept?
Chibistaryuu Chibistaryuu

It's good to see that Moe's love for blowing things up is seeming to be a systemic issue in the academy.
So there's the GM Notes' commentary on that idea:

You can make a character like that if you want. Though, I would imagine that in-story, if that student kept on acting on their instinct to blow things up - and it's indiscriminately, it would lead to a humorous progression of events where their assigned ammunition would be downgraded to to some kind of airburst dud to mitigate their collateral damage with only a few actual explosives, then soley training duds, and in the worst case scenario threatened to be downgraded to a handgun to minimize the damage they've already caused.

Despite me saying that, there isn't anything I have against the concept, but note that from a GM/Story perspective SRT is under the purview of the General Student Council. Your character would get away with solving 'a problem' by blowing up an entire building/neighborhood exactly once before (in character) becoming the biggest issue for the squad. That's conflict. That's great! But note that your character is going to find themselves the focus of that conflict.

It's great that you have a discord! As mentioned in the Interest Check, invite to the discord gets sent out after you drop a character in the character sheet thread.
Crow Crow
Alrighty. Just let me know when you're done with your character art. But you're good to post.

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