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Fandom ...Sonic Movie RP?

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Jenn [Trash Remastered]

< Okay everyone, I saw the Sonic movie and it was pretty cute
< I honestly don't think many people would be interested in a movie-verse rolepay, but damn you I want Jim Carrey Robotnik

< I am offering doubling, I write a canon character for you (yes, obviously not just the movie characters the game ones too) and you write one for me
< If you also want Jim Carrey Robotnik like me, which feels even rarer, I will solve the problem by inventing a second mad scientist OC for myself that will be ROBOTNIK 2
< Movie Sonic lore is pretty open so we can make up whatever fun stuff we want
< Yes OCs, yes romance
< I respond in single paragraphs so I can get replies out frequently and not get bored while writing, I've been roleplaying for 10 years so you will get quality
< I am not a hardcore Sonic fan so don't expect me to be super familiar with Archie comic lore
< I keep my characters balanced and not OP unless my writing partner wants to sin and also make a broken ass cool character, in which case I will embrace the spectacle wholeheartedly

< Private message me if interested (I'll be surprised if I hear from anyone, hahah)

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