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Fantasy Soaring Character Thread



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Hey everyone! Welcome to the character thread! We all know what you're here for, so once you brush up on the guidelines, then feel free to chuck your CS up here. I would prefer to keep this roleplay to a small-ish group (preferably ten or under) but if more people than that apply, I might make two seperate groups in the roleplay (like two different classes) that can come in contact on occasion.

1. There is no form, you get to make your own! Of course, I do want the basics, Name, age, gender/pronouns, wing type, appearance (if you use a faceclaim, please add a little bit more detail, like height/wingspan/etc), personality. That stuff. If you want to add anything extra, go ahead! This is gonna be your character, and they're yours to develop however you want (though, I do expect you to use common sense). P.S. be sure to also mention any extra abilities your character has (falcon being extra fast, bat hearing really well, etc)

2. Don't just put "will develop" for personality. It's a given that the character will develop over the span of the roleplay, that's kind of the whole point of doing it. If you don't want to be extra specific, just a few bullet points is fine, but I want at least a basic definition of what you're character is like (though, the more fleshed out the character is, the better).

3. Regarding duplicates on wing types... Make a duplicate if you really want, but talk it over with the other person who owns the character with the same wing type as yours. If they're okay with it, I'm okay with it.

Have fun, be creative, and go wild!


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Name: Zephyr William
Nicknames: Will, Willy (he doesn't care much what you call him, as long as it's not Zephyr)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Orientation: He's bisexual, but has a bit of a preference toward men
Wings: Dove/Faint magpie resemblance (his dad had magpie wings)
Abilities: Will isn't very impressive when it comes to extra powers. He whistles a lot, which seems to interest birds, specifically doves, a lot. He can't quite talk to them, but happy tunes usually excite them, soft tunes calm them, etc. Oftentimes they'll whistle back, but he really only recongnizes warning calls (which are usually pretty easy to notice even if you're not part bird).
Appearance: Zephyr has a tan complexion, and a shock of short, pale blonde hair, like clean beach sand. He has a lot of lean muscle, but he isn't any body builder. He's about 5'5, with a wingspan of 5'9. He usually wears comfort clothes, such as jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, etc. He has literally no fashion sense, and his clothes tend to lay on either extreme of the "plain to gaudy" spectrum. His shock collar is almost always visible, and he wears it more like a badge of honor than anything else.
His wings are a yellow-ish cream color on the underside, and gray on the back, with a few jet black, reflective feathers mottling the outer edge. A small bunch of feathers reside on his back, radiating from the point between both of his wings, and ending just before it reaches his waist, and the top of his neck, forming a vaugely rhombus-like shape. They're a similar cream color to the ones on his wings, but slowly grow more dark gray toward the outer edges. Only a few black specks dot his back feathers.
Personality: Will's personality is best described as aggressively optimistic. He'll always look on the bright side, finding reasons that everything is gonna be fine (admittedly, they're oftentimes pretty silly reasons). He is also very trusting toward other winged. Will is a classical prankster, always trying to make everyone laugh, or just trying to brighten their day. Sometimes he'll go to far and end up knee-deep in trouble, but he plays it off as if it's no big deal. He likes company, and is usually the type that needs to be occupied at all times or else something is going to go wrong. Even when you do give him a job to do, he's very likely to break something, or get distracted anyway. Despite this, if he wants to, he can be pretty stubborn.
Overall, he acts carefree and chipper, but he prefers not to let his negative emotions surface, so how he acts often isn't how he actually feels. His neck feathers will puff up if he's anxious, angry, or excited, and press flat if he feels sad. This isn't something he consciously does, and he rarely notices it when it does happen, but it can be a good indicator of his actual mood.
Will is very easily distracted, by things that seem interesting (people talking, a particularly talkitive bird, a wierd looking tree), movement, or shiny things (the magpie in him shines true). He's been known to answer questions that someone six feet away asked, and then continue talking like nothing happened (half the time people don't know someone six feet away asked a question, and are just left feeling confused). His eyes are always darting aeound, looking from one thing to the next, observing random detals. He'll point out every rock and leaf he finds interesting, and often forget what you were talking about three seconds later. In fact, he's pretty forgetful in general when it comes to things he was supposed to do, or things for school, but if you want a useless fact, he can talk your head off for hours (that is, if he doesn't get distracted).
Despite his chipper attitude toward most things, when it comes to humans, he's dismissive at best, and fuming at worst. He only really listens to them if he has to, and even then he'll mess up most tasks given to him (he uses his reputation as a klutz to his advantage). But he knows when to bite his tongue, and can keep his temper contained for quite a while, though, when he finally does release it, it's best to keep your distance, if the sheer volume of his 'creative curses' doesn't deter you, the content of them will (occasionally he'll start picking fights with people, but that's more his problem than his opponent's).
History: Will led a pretty average life when it comes to winged. His mom worked as a maid (for a service that promised "angelic cleaning", it was run by humans, and she was only able to get the job because her wings looked right), but the job didn't pay much. His dad left when Will was four. He had two siblings, one older brother by six years (his name was Wally), and one younger sister by four years (Arin). His brother went into a coma eight months ago after getting hit by a car. Will got a job (by the same service that employed his mom) to help pay for the medical expenses, but a few months after his brother got hit, he died from infection from one of his wounds. Eventually, Will heard about the academy, and his mom urged him to go. He went mainly to meet other winged, but also in hopes of getting a good enough education to get a job that can keep his family afloat.
Likes: Whistling, birds, weird and/or shiny things
Dislikes: Staying still, humans, the idea of people 'reading his feathers' (telling how he feels by how his feathers move)
Fears: Letting people down, being alone forever


Name: Harper Cedar
Nicknames: Ms. Cedar, Cedar (by students), Harps (by some not-students, mostly Vasile
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Orientation: Asexual
Wings: Dragonfly wings
Abilities: Harper is very maneuverable due to the nature of her wings (dragonflies are strange creatures) and also adept at fighting, both in the air and on the ground (this is due more to experience than anything else). Her wings are relatively fragile since they're thin, but they heal over the course of a few days when injured (this ability does not work for the rest of her body, and she does have to wear a splint when this happens to ensure it heals straight).
Appearance: Cedar is about 5'6 with a wingspan pf 6'7. Her build is agile, but she has a moderate amount of visible muscle. Her skin is pale with a strange sapphire-y sheen to it which is most noticeable in direct sunlight. Her forearms have a small patch of smooth sapphire-blue colored skin on top, resembling that of a dragonfly, that stops just before her elbow. Her hair is ginger (more orange-y than red, falling somewhere between classic red and strawberry blonde), and reaches an inch or two past her shoulders. Her eyes are amber, only a few shades off of her hair color.
Her wings stretch a about a foot past her arms if she was holding them all the way out (a.k.a t-posing). They're long and thin, like most dragonfly wings, and there are four of them. They shine with an emerald-y sapphire-ish color, but are mostly translucent, with the signature web-pattern of dragonflies. On her back, they connect to another sapphire patch where a few black streaks reside.
She usually wears clothes that she can easily maneuver in, but doesn't necessarily care what she wears. Oftentimes, they are darkly colored, ranging from cool gray, to jet black, to the occasional dark blue or green.
Personality: Talking to Cedar is like taking to a brick wall. She only says what needs to be said, and in as few words as possible. This would make her sound like a pretty bad teacher, but, surprisingly enough, she is pretty adept at knowing almost exactly what to say. She's strict and quickly grows impatient with students who deliberately cause trouble, happily making examples of them by using them to demonstrate fighting moves. Her face is kept neutral 99.9% of the time, and, of the emotions she does display, it's usually a gaze of boredom or mild impatience.
History: Cedar is a bit of an enigma. Presently, she is the only winged teacher at the academy, working in the self defense class. There are a few rumors that she used to teach in a different place, but no one is quite sure where.

NPCS (there for plot purposes and probably won't get very fleshed out, but who knows)

Principal: Vasile Shepern - human, 28, Black hair that reaches down to his forehead, about 6'1, relatively muscular, pale skin

Vice principal: Andrea Wilton - human, 27, dark brown hair, hair reaches shoulders and is kept down usually, lean muscle, carmely-tanned skin

Nurse: Richard Anton - human, 29, 5'9 , bald, also pale skin
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Name: Zack Frothingham
Nickname: Hunter, K-15782
Gender: Male.
Age: 18.
Wing type: Hornet Wings, his wing span is 220 cm (7.2 foot).
Abilities: Exoskeleton Like all bugs, Zack has strong exoskeleton that can defend him from physical harm. Antennae As a hornet, Zack can use his antennae to sense air vibrations and thermal changes in the atmosphere. Strong mandibles Zack has a stronger bite force than the average human. Culinary skills Zach is a great cook, able to make food for any dietary need of the individual.
Appearance: Zack is part hornet, possessing a hornet's yellow head and it's multiple segmented eyes, he has 13 segments on his antennae and 7 segments to his abdomen, however, like a normal hornet his body isn't separated in two and instead it is joined like a humans, he also possess a fur going from the base of his skull to the middle centre of his body, thicker in the beginning and ending in a point. He has yellow exoskeleton arms that appear beefy and strong, although while being strong that is actually his exoskeleton appearing beefy. His legs are humanish except for the digitigrade stance that give him a more buggy look, Zack is 6'2". He wears jeans.
Personality: Zack is a cautious person around others, even other winged people, he only feels at ease when he encounters others of his kind, he is extremely racist towards humans and would only interact with them if it was mandatory. Zack typically cares only for himself and always tries to find opportunities to benefit himself, unlike other hornets however Zack has a higher degree of free will and a sense of self, which is why he is usually selfish, he also is anti social for the same reasons of trying to distance himself from hives. He always appears tired. He prefers reading human books and acquiring their knowledge to benefit himself and always entertains himself with them, when he is actually alone, he is very laid back, not caring about the happenings of the world.
History: Zack was born in Hivenest - 57832 to a lowly soldier and the female queen, when he looked upon the others for the first time and saw how empty and mindless they are compared to his father and mother, he wanted to leave the hive nest, his mother allowed him to do so, however warning him of the dangers and hatred of the winged and humans, he did not heed the warning and his first encounter with humans was bloody, he only had his spear and it ended horrible, he killed several humans and sustained scars on his exoskeleton and his left wing had a small cut that healed badly, when he was imprisoned he was placed in with other winged in which they began to ruthlessly beat him up, he fought back and was placed in solitary, he was later pardoned on the behest of his mother and his mother urged him to enter the winged academy, he agreed to enter the school.
Likes: books, sugary drinks, steaks, spear fighting and gladatorial esque combat.
Dislikes: Blind-obedience, firearms, powerful people (in anyway) and chocolate.
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Name: Artemis Tresouski

Nicknames: Arty, Bea, Tree

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual, no real lean

Wing type/ Abilities: Osprey; Artemis doesn’t have much in the way of abilities, but she isn’t half bad at hovering around for decent amount of time, a tad extra boost of speed if she puts any effort forth.

Appearance: Artemis wanders with these beautiful bright brown locks she keeps on the longer side, either letting it wave out naturally or will put it in braids or even quick messy buns. Her bright eyes shock people at first, seeing her with two completely different colored eyes throws people off at first. Emphasis on people. Her left eyes is a bright blue with flecks of green and even gold around it. Her other eyes is a rich brown that is extremity and almost shockingly bright. Her eyes are usually the easiest way to see her true emotions, usually displaying them with unconscious ease. These days, she stands at about 5’4, being on the shorter side for the winged in her family. She doesnt do much to hide her shock collar, accepting the fact that she wears it, even if she feels like a pet wearing it. Her wingspan does stretch out to be 5’7 and are shaped as an ‘m’, this especially stands out when flying around. Her wings are a basis of this creamy white that reaches to the wings wrist. From the wrist to close to the tip is a brown a tad bit darker than her hair, the next line of feathers below being a lighter brown going to tanned colors and even a few feathers that speck with white. Inspiration for her wings

Common clothing: XYZ Most of her clothing is tank tops and even tube tops, trying to find items she can slip over or ties around her wings, seeing as she can’t easily walk around shirtless. Sleeveless shirts are always her best friend, but if she can, she will find large enough scarves she can layer over and ties around her chest. When she needs to, she cuts out holes in clothing to fit her wings through them. She usually wears shorts or ripped jeans, have a horrid distaste for skirts and dresses, mostly the reason being for when she flies. Side note: If she knows she doesn’t have to fly, she will wear dresses if she absolutely wants to. She usually wears very short athletic shorts underneath them. Example

Personality: Artemis is a very warm and decently well rounded winged. She has such an inviting aura that gives her an almost motherly personality. She cares deeply about her kind and would risk her life for those she loves. She does tend to get a little abrupt and straightforward at times, not having much patience for anything these days. She gets typically more anxious around the humans, especially remembering the collar can well.. shock her. She usually completes their given tasks with out any issues, but usually steps away after wards and breaks down. Too much pushed pressure and stress on the winged always troubles her emotionally, taking in everything as if she needs to worry about it. Yet no one really has seen her break down, pushing them away only because she doesn’t want everyone to worry too deeply about her.
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Beautiful Disaster

Name: Ingrid Draven

Nickname: Raven, Thunderbird, Witch

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Wings: Ingrid carries the wings of a Raven/ crow and a wingspan 7 feet much like the famous cryptic monster known as "Thunder Bird". Her form and her appearance lead people to believe such a creature still exists after one of the humans has captured one of her ancestors. She is the first generation in her family to obtain double wings. A total of four, however the second pair below her shoulder blades are smaller and mostly used for balance or a boost in the air; therefore allowing her to be possible to fly at a faster pace than most winged people. The shorter wings have a height of only four feet.

Appearance: Just like the picture, Ingrid has silver hair rather than black. Her original color being black, but lately she's been granted strands of white. Her signature look is usually a black Brim Boater hat, along her tatted sleeves. She usually wears a black, baggy jacket over her black top, jeans, and leather boots. She chose this appearance as the humans often saw her more of a person whom practices Wicca or being a witch therefore owning the look and accepting the style to spite the humans whom has printed her to be as one.

Abilities: Unlike the eagle's vision, Ingrid is quite the observer whom can only see a radius of 25 feet in a limited time of 10 seconds. Her eyes glow a white color when activated and must be focused or standing still to do so. The price to pay is vertigo/ migraine which lasts for three minutes. Ingrid can often presence other beings as she is affiliated with the supernatural. Aside from being able to fly a bit faster with the help of her secondary wings, she has a simple skill of mimicking voices and noises like a parrot.

Personality: Mysterious, is usually reading a book about medicinal herbs and how to create potions, superstitious, knowledgeable, oddball

Background: Ingrid's background is a sad one. At a young age, the girl has experienced a superiority complex due to her being different by wings. Her parents often praised her for her double wings only to realize it's to make her feel better. Everyone including humans bullied her for having double wings, appearing different like a pale ghost with violet eyes and unusal silver hair with black wings To her kind it was obscure, to the humans it is beauty. A rare thing to have whether it's a defect or not. Her appearance often feared for seeming to look like a witch since her home town is nothing but country often thought witches do exist. Around the age of ten, matters have gotten worse. A high nobel wished to pet a rare winged. One being Ingrid with her unusual secondary wings and extent it grew. Ingrid learned of her burden everyday as her parents decided to hide her and protect her from the world often having her parents come home with injuries from their work for rejecting to show their children. Ingrid decided to run away from home taking refuge deep into the forest away from human civilization. There she made a treehouse. Her humble abode high from visage and camoflauged for any hunters. Every now and then she would travel the skies at night to see her parents and check her well being thus, every night she will stare at the night sky thinking of her family knowing she cannot return. There is a certain flower that always grows around the world and blooms at night. An indigo flower called, "Ingrid" which she is after and often searches for it as a reminder of her parents.

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Name: Setsuro Scrivenor
Nickname: Setsu, and whatever name where he recognizes it refers to him
Gender: male
Age: 17

Wing type: Origami (paper) wings. When unfolded completely, they are just quadratic sheets of paper growing from his back at one corner, with each having a diameter of around 3'3". They are usually folded into some other wing shape though, with wingspans from 4' to 5'6".
Abilities: Aside from being able to fold his wings into whatever shape he wants, folding origami of any kind comes natural to Setsuro and he can make about any object from paper on first or second try without a guide. His wings being paper (somewhat living, organic paper, but still) makes it hard for him to fly properly if the wind is too strong, and water (e.g. from rain) would soften the paper too much for him to fly at all. Also, to apply his origami skills, Setsuro still needs extra paper to make anything. While his wings would eventually regrow, ripping parts of them off would hurt like ripping off bits of your skin, so except for maybe an emergency, he wouldn't do that.

Appearance: As both of his parents were fairly short, currently Setsuro too only stands at 5'1", but since a good two inches of that added themselves during a fairly recent growth spurt, he hasn't given up hope on reaching 5'3" yet. He has some Japanese winged ancestry, and it reflects in his facial features, mainly through a slight slant of his eyes. His eye colour is a light shade of warm brown, and while his hair is dark and straight, it's not quite black and has a slightly reddish tone to it.

Setsuro prefers clothes made from fabric that can be put into permanent creases through ironing and the like, so he is often found in cloth pants and collared shirts. The formal look of these items is a bit diminished by the fact that he can only afford them second hand, and a good amount of his clothes can be considered threadbare at this point. He generally tries to hide his shock collar by turning up the collar of his shirt or wearing a scarf, because seeing it in the mirror or touching it on accident makes him feel uncomfortable.

Personality: In general, Setsuro is fairly curious and a bit childlike, as he has not many experiences with the "real" world outside of books, except for watching humans go about their daily business and ignore him. He knows basic etiquette, but he'll ask most questions that come to his mind whether they are appropriate or not, stupid or not and irrelevant or not, simply because he has no way to tell if the situation hasn't come up in a novel he has read. He is excited about spending time with other people and getting to know them, though.

When a situation bores him, Setsuro takes refuge in daydreaming or folding origami, depending on whether he has paper available. The only paper he wouldn't use is the one from his wings or pages torn from books (because of his mother's wings). Through his origami creations, he usually has an easy time making a connection with children (or anyone interested in origami, of course) - even most human children. Adult humans, however, make him uncomfortable; like his collar, they remind him that he is not really wanted by most people outside his own kind.

History: Setsuro is an only child, and inherited his paper wings from his mother, whose "wings" are basically a giant leather-bound book which opens and closes to lift her into the air. This physique made her a perfect mascot for one of the town's bookshops, and being able to fly meant that Linnea Scrivenor was also responsible for restocking high shelves. She fell in love with a silent but kind man with moth wings and Asian features who only ever gave his first name of Gajirou and after marrying Linnea adopted her surname. Setsuro grew up between bookshelves and had a fairly nice early childhood, as far as winged childhoods in the human world go. He learned to read from his mother and made his father smile with the origami critters he folded out of every loose paper he could get his hands on.

Things took a turn for the worse when one of the bookshop's customers decided that one winged employed there was already a nuisance, but having three of them around was something she couldn't stand. She wrongly accused Setsuro's father of harassing her, and despite the ridiculousness of it (Gajirou rarely interacted at all with anyone but his family and was hardly ever present in the salesroom), the owner forbade Gajirou to come near the store ever again, much less enter the room he provided for the winged family. Thus, Setsuro saw the last of his father when he was around eight years old. From then on, the store owner also tried to minimize Setsuro's own presence in the bookshop by "lending" him to stationary shops or Japanese restaurants to act as a mascot. Setsuro wasn't too bothered by it, but it was a fairly lonely and boring everyday life. When his mother found out about the academy for winged, the store owner was all too happy to see him off, even going so far as to promise to cover part of any upcoming expenses, as long as it kept Setsuro far away.

Likes: good weather, paper, anything that can be folded neatly, books, the colour blue, trees, small birds and butterflies
Dislikes: rain, scissors, aggressive people, sticky things, dogs
Fears: fire, storms, adult humans
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Name: Marcus (Mark) Irwin
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight, but curious/experimenting atm

Wingtype/abilities: Mark has the wings of a monarch butterfly, which he hates considering he finds them girly and embarrassing. Mark's wings have a span of 4 feet and they are somewhat translucent. He tries to hide them best he can and doesn't like to reveal his identity, though it's obvious by the shock collar. He hides them by bending them behind his back and tying them down underneath his shirt, which is obviously painful, but he'd rather not be embarrassed by them. His wings don't give him any real sort of ability, but flying is an obvious advantage on the humans : )

Appearance: Mark has short brown hair and eyes, in addition to freckles and tan-ish skin. For a face claim, here. He stands at 5'8, and he is fairly average looking in human terms, despite the wings. He's typically not one to be active in conversation and is fairly shy, so he'll go mainly by without interactions in terms of mannerisms if he can. Mark will try to wear whatever he can to hide his shock collar to look normal to the humans. A varsity style jacket with a high collar and softer pants like joggers is what he'll typically wear, but he won't object to dressing up nicely once in a while.

Personality: Mark's personality is a complicated one... one minute he'll be having a great time talking and joking around, the next he can get angry about his very own existence. So a bit erratic and irregular with his mood, but he tries to be level headed at all times, unsuccessfully. Mark is a worry wort for sure, despite the fact that he puts out a cool, calm, and collected appearance to the people around him.




Reserve monarch wings : )
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The Autumn King
Name: Jonah Corvidae

Age: 19

Wings: Pure white dove wings. A span of roughly 7", though he grows black raven feathers from his head amongst his hair.

Ability: "Olive Branch", as he calls it, has the ability to mellow out anyone, but only if he's touching them, and only a few at a time. It has the same effects of a calming tea or turkey. It has the capabilities of helping to resolve conflicts, put to sleep and even reduce medical anxieties.

Pale skin with dark features. Black Hair grows amongst a ruffle of feathers resembling that of a raven's. Standing roughly 5'7", his posture is confident, but not proud. Under his clothes is a multitude of scars and wounds, which he doesn't like talking about much.
His clothes are typically dark, consisting of a very militarian style. Mainly jeans and coats. His shock collar is typically hidden under an up-turned coat-collar, providing further fuel to his general brooding look.
He's well built but compensates his frame with a wider wingspan.

Though many may judge him by his appearance to be dark, edgy and broody, Jonah has quite a light soul, always happy to be polite to all in his path, regardless of who they are. He is happy to engage in conversation and enjoys reading when he can fit the time. He is quick to forgive and is ready to make jokes, even though they can be kinda lame sometimes. He longs for a time when he can soar freely, even though he has never been able to get any further than his collar allows him.

As a child, Jonah scorned the humans and how they treated him. He'd go out of his way to be a menace, always seeking vengeance for his lot in life. His parents would come home late and tired, their wings constantly shedding feathers from stress. It didn't help that his own wings were an almost glowing white, making him an easy target for mockery in public. When he turned 10, a siege occurred in his street, in which a group of radical humans burned down many houses and murdered any winged they could find. Jonah's parents were among them. Orphaned and alone, he flew away through the back door in search of other winged for refuge, though they all turned him away, seeing him as nothing but a filthy street urchin looking for handouts. Fatigued and tired, he collapsed on the staircase of a human church. When found, he was taken in and taken cared for, despite his hatred for these people, he couldn't fight back against their kindness. Even when he ran off and got hurt, they found him again and aided him back into health. Here he learned that not all humans were bad. 9 years later, the church was closed down and Jonah was once again homeless. He heard about the experimental academy in a paper and now seeks shelter there.
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The Autumn King
Name: Sericea Kkachigale

Age: 18

Oriental magpie. Unlike a regular magpie, the Korean magpie has a blue hue splashed into the mix, with a more controlled spread of white and black. She boasts a span of 8"5', which functions incredibly well with her smaller body, helping her reach heights beyond most other winged.

Can sing really, unnaturally well. Legend has it that her songs can inspire emotions in people, much like the ability of another winged in this story, often emotions of peace, calm, and serenity. Unfortunately, this ability isn't all that potent and cannot, for instance, counter other attempts of emotional/behavioural manipulation.

Pale skin contrasting darker features. Brown, slanted eyes depict Eastern heritage, though brownish-red hair suggests Irish. A slender figure indicates her lack of physical strength and lighter weight, which is not so much a weakness as it is an advantage considering flight capabilities.

View attachment 1.png
(Just pretend she has wings)

She's one of those people who enjoys scaring and freaking people out but would never harm anyone. A prankster by nature, she is sly and cunning, but awfully sweet when genuine. She's never scary herself, but when she is upset or angry she grows sullen rather than mad. She's quite intelligent and can set up elaborate contraptions for her own benefit, though she does not enjoy reading.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Sericea lived a life envied by most other winged. She was very close to her Aunty, Uncle and Cousin, who lived in New York but soon lost touch with them after her 9th birthday. The newspaper recorded them dead, due to implications related to a siege in a street in Brooklyn that ended with many Winged-folk dying and their houses burned down. Her cousin, however, was never found again. Rumours had been that he escaped and was in hiding.
Sericea spent nearly 10 years tracking him down but could find no legal papers connected to someone appearing like her cousin. At least, that wasn't the case until she found a document of enrolment for an academy down in California. Though unenrolled, she planned to sneak in and see if she could find her cousin.

Cousin of Jonah
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- Empty


So this was a character I used in a different school rp. that one was more modern but it sorta fit. If I need to get rid of a few things please let me know.

[div=background:url('https://clip2art.com/images/drawn-girl-black-hair-5.jpg'); height:400px; width:400px;border-radius:200px;background-size:100%;margin:auto;border: 1px Black solid;][/div]

//Aliyah Lyn Jones// //17// //F//


Weight: 137lbs
Build: medium build. Not skinny, but not overweight either.
Eye color: green
Hair color: Black with lighter grey highlights
Piercings/Tattoos: has pierced ears, and 2 tattoos. One on thigh and one on her wrist

Wings: Black swan wings, 20 feet in size

Fashion: I apologise that there is so many, just gives a good idea of her sense of style



(I suck at personalities cause i go with the flow of whatever I think will fit them but I'll try)
Jesse is a up-beat person. She is friendly towards everyone and anyone, no matter how bad of a person they are or were. She thinks everyone deserves another chance, no matter if other people has screamed at her not to. She is always there to help others in need, even if she is struggling with anything in her life, she won't pass up the moment of helping a homeless person or a friend who is struggling. Mannerisms were drilled into her mind as a young child so she would never disrespect a adult or anyone for that matter. She was never the one to "talk shit" about anyone and always saw the good sides of people. She never spoke bad to anyone's face. No matter how upset they made her, she would never tell them to their face that she was upset with them. She would always get over upsetting things quickly and never let anything get her down.

Now onto another part of her personality, she is a hopeless romantic. She's always fantasizing over someone who is just gonna sweep her off her feet, bring her flowers, walks on the beach to watch the sunset amd cute picnics. She was always reading romantic books and fantasizing being with the guys in the books and just wishing she would get what those men gave to their lovers. Honestly anything got her fantasizing romantic things of being swept off her feet by certain characters in movies and fantasy books also. She was a notorious reader and always had her nose in a book when she had free time. Not much interaction with other people, she wished everything was as easy as it is in the books.

Jesse isn't much of a athletic person either. She's healthy, fit enough to not be over weight, but will fake a sickness when it comes to any kind of exercising. Never joined athletics, she was a PE child that avoided the hard work in PE. Even though she loved reading books, she never liked school or doing school work. Never turned in her school work, always late to school, just never cared for it. She did enough work to pass her classes and to go up to the next grade, but never fully cared for the work that was supposed to be put in to school. She wasn't a lazy child, but didn't see the point in putting so much effort into school.

Now putting in effort to find out what she was gonna have for dinner, she will gladly put effort into that. She was always the one that after she had lunch, she was wondering what she would have for dinner. The girl loved to eat. Picky eater, but loved to snack when she was bored. Now with her picky eating habits... When she was little she wouldn't eat cheese or cheese pizza. With cheese pizza, she didn't like it was just cheese.. but would take off the pepperonis on her pizza and eat it that way. She was honestly a child that didn't make any sense but now that she's a little older she's trying new foods.

Tiny add on that doesn't need much describing: she is a little shy. Although she isn't afraid to talk to people, she won't go up to new people and start a conversation. She wasn't big on partners in class with people she didn't know and would rather work on things alone. In social situations, she will sit in the corner and listen to the conversation around her instead of joining in. She honestly thinks her opinion in most situations isn't needed.

If I think of more things to add to her personality i will add it, but this is the basis. XD

Vices: refuses to speak her mind when she's upset or on any topic for that matter; I would say her being a lil shy is one as it stops her from talking to people she wish she could just go up and speak to them; not very strong. Since she's against working out, if she ever got in some sort of fight, she would have no idea what to do; she puts others before her own well being; Beyond this point has been added on: She has horrible anxiety, constantly worrying about who is happy, and what others think of her and constantly worrying about her actions and what she does and how it would affect others. Her mind is a constant what if on every situation.

Virtues: very book smart; friendly ASF; get to know her and she's honestly really funny and has some funny memes; gamer and owns a ps4 so she's big on those games; respectful to adults; just very helpful

Likes: Bob's burgers; any and every animal on the damn planet; videogames; Undertale; Pokemon; cartoons; fantasy and romantic books; big on history class; romantic things; the Bachelor and Bachelorette; Star Wars; chips and homemade salsa;

Dislikes: animal abusers; Gilmore girls; any type of exercising; school; drama; people who start drama for no reason(but won't say that to their face);

Fears: disappointing anyone; hurting someones feelings; geese; being alone;

Favorites: doesn't this go along with likes?

Hobbies: playing games; reading books; sleeping; eating; watching cute Disney movies; binging Netflix shows;

Habits: picking at her own face a lot when she gets a blemish; I'll think of more and add them here.


SO, this is a character I used with a different rp. Some of it is the same but I changed a few things. Including the history which I can't think of at the moment, but I will add it later when I think of one, at the time being, this is finished.

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