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Fantasy slow burn in fantasy land || fandom or fandom inspired!


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helllooooo 🐉like always, been a while!

I'm looking for a slow burn, eventual romance in a fantasy setting - could be fandom or fandom inspired, or original, I'm open. As a rule I do F/F or M/M, but there's a very slim chance I miiiiight consider M/F if the vibe is right.

Fandom vibes I'm into: Earthsea, Lord of the Rings, The Witcher (books/games/TV), Breath of the Wild (not finished yet!), House of the Dragon, Elden Ring/Soulsborne, Dungeons & Dragons...

I would be happy to take inspiration from the above or to play OCs in one of those settings (witcher OCs anyone?). I'm also big into Western vibes so some kind of fantasy-western-mashup could be fun.

I'm also interested in canon/canon for The Witcher - mostly Geraskier/Gerlion, but I might consider other pairings. I'll happily write Geralt or Jaskier/Dandelion. Potentially would write Geralt for Yennefer or some kind of throuple situation as well.

I want character development as much as I want adventure; I want to take a couple of characters, throw them into some Situations(tm) and watch what happens. Trope-wise, I love angst, whump (do people still say whump? I just love tormenting characters), hurt/comfort, slow burn (obviously), enemies to lovers but also friends to lovers, reluctant romance, mutual pining, to name a few off the top of my head. I want crazy tension but it needs to have time to build and breathe. I also enjoy interesting family dynamics. Specific to fantasy, I love plots that involve devoted knights and the people they serve, knights errant, mercenaries, characters dedicating their whole lives to a quest until they forget who they even are anymore/being burdened with glorious purpose, religious fanatics, curses, characters being made to go on adventures against their will, characters being given power they don't want... let's talk about it!!!

My characters tend to be grumpy bastards who take their time to warm up, so if you prefer a mushy love at first sight type of tale (don't we all sometimes?) I am probably not the partner for you. Love at first sight that manifests as years-long pining without a confession I definitely enjoy, though.

I like grittiness, and I try to stay on the realistic-ish side of things, but this would be fantasy so there's plenty of room to play around!! For fandom, I tend to look stuff up as I go, so please bear that in mind if canon accuracy is a big deal for you!

General stuff:

I am only looking for partners over the age of 20
. No shade towards younger RPers but I am in my late 20s and I don't feel comfortable RPing romance with people much younger than me. Also, please be friendly! I'm friendly! I like to chat OOC about our RP, our plans for the plot, I love character chat. We don't need to be besties or anything, but I'd like to be able to comfortably chat and feel like my partner is enjoying things as much as I am. I prefer to start out here, but would consider moving to email or Discord if things are going well.

Style-wise, I guess "literate" in that I write like... full, punctuated sentences, lol. Average post length is probably anywhere between 300-1000 words, but it's not a big deal to me as long as I have enough to respond to and it feels appropriate to the scene. Constant very long posts/purple prose is a turn-off. I can't do funky formatting, I find it time consuming to do and distracting to look at - sorry. Happy to send a recent post from an existing RP as a writing sample on request.

My timezone is GMT. Reply frequency varies a lot, so please be patient and I can be patient in return! I enjoy frequent posts, of course, but it’s not at all a requirement, and if you need a break or even end up ghosting, I get it. If there’s anything I could do to make the RP better for you, please let me know - but if you’re just not into it anymore, it’s chill.

Okay, if you're still with me - send a PM if you're interested! 💛⚔️
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