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Futuristic Skeleton Crew [Postcyberpunk/Dark/Psychological]



The Person formerly known as Anii ⚧
Plot: It seems so empty in this large city. You only see service robots and the "custodians". It isn't that no one lives here else than the custodians, but rather almost all of the people in the city are in cyberspace and never leave their homes. The truth is, the city is rather just one gigantic prison and it's inhabitants are the prisoners. Cyberspace is their only chance and getting to do something and getting to do some work. Everyone wants to stay in cyberspace. Those who act up or step out of line could face a temporary ban from cyberspace to which they may be forced to step outside of their apartment like cells. When outside of cyberspace, there isn't really anyone else to take to than others have have bans and the custodians. The custodians however make it so that you just wish you were back in cyberspace already. The custodians will put you on edge. They will make you uncomfortable. To some, they seem creepy. To others, they seem psychopathic. You will very quickly realize that they custodians aren't just the skeleton crew of the city that run the few open cafes, maintain the robots and offer casual conversation. The custodians may be the wardens of this giant prison. If you try to escape, the custodians will find you. The custodians will use force, even deadly force if they must.

Setting: A large city like prison on an island in a bay. Even if you manage to evade the custodians and scale the walls, you would need to swim back to main land, but until then, the custodians would have caught up to you already. Not like it is possible to actually escape. The exact location of the prison is not known. It is only known that there are over 100,000 prisoners here and nearly half of the nation's higher security prisoners are here. The city was built as a more "humane" form of imprisonment, where prisoners still lived somewhat in a society. Though for some, a normal high security prison may be preferable after all as at least the guards there are kept somewhat in check. In the city, you are left at the mercy of the custodians. Though they will usually not do anything if you behave.

Also, there are no AI in the city. The robots in the city are often controlled by people in cyberspace who think they are doing minigames or are working in a virtual space.

The city/Prison - Population nearly 200,000. Mostly mixed residential and commercial districts. Most prisoners have their own small apartment/flat. Some prisoners can share a larger apartment/flat. The weather is almost always cloudy. The streets are usually only bustling with robots, though some humans are about: Some temporarily locked out of cyberspace, some voluntarily avoiding cyberspace and then there are the custodians. You can tell who is a prisoner and who is not, since prisoners always wear a wristband and have a chip implanted in the back of their necks with usually a white light the size of a pimple still visible.



Custodians - They are the wardens of this city of a prison. Their usual job is to maintain the infrastructure and run the few cafes and shops that seem open. When a prisoner gets locked out of cyberspace, the custodians have to take care of the prisoners. At least keep an eye on them. Give them the impression that cyberspace is more comfortable, more safe than the outside. Custodians are/were humans. They range from humans with specialized combat skill to full body cyborgs in a seemingly human disguise. The custodians have a lot of power. They could kill someone who is away in cyberspace and get away with it. They sometimes consider doing it for fun. Actually, no where is safe as long as the custodians are around. You will just feel safer in your cyberspace chair.

Prisoners - There are over a million of them here. Pretty much all of them are in cyberspace. There is nothing else you are really do here. Most are oblivious of the custodians. But those who get locked out of cyberspace for doing things they shouldn't such as harassing other prisoners or gambling, they find out about the outside, about the custodians. They find out that there is no escape and that outside of cyberspace there is hell. Only those with a strong mind last more than a week outside. Within the city, prisoners can move about freely and cyberspace isn't mandatory. However if you try to escape the city before your sentence is over, the custodians will come for you.


No powerplaying. That means you arent allow to control or harm another persons character without their consent.
Keep any romance non-sexual.
Please no cliffhangers (don't leave people without any content to work with).
Have fun.
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