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Simple 1x1


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I would like a partner for a 1x1 role (you probably already know that). I am new to the site and everything is still pretty confusing to me. But I would like to begin a role play soon,

My requirements:

  • Give me at least 2 paragraphs, 1 if your having writers block, but please no one liners

  • I would like to play the female, although I can play the male if I really have to but I don't really like too

  • Romance is a must for me, but any plot line will work just have it contain romance

  • Please try to have good grammar, I can understand typos but if you don't know how to spell a word try looking it up.

I don't have any ideas at the moment but we can work something out, also since I'm new I can't really pm right now so we could make a private forum, or just wait until I post about 10 messages (I'm at 3 after this)
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What sort of plot lines do you like?I'm not great at males in romances,actually I don't even like playing males in romances ( xD ),but I think we could work something out.Do you RP fandom-based plots?

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