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Fantasy Sickly Hero x Villain (Closed)


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“How’s that?” “Tight and slightly uncomfortable, couldn’t I just wear my uniform?” “Unfortunately this project isn’t associated with the military so you will be needing to look for the part Miss Lea, or should I say, uh have you got a name yet?”. “At the marketing board meeting they were tossing around ideas, someone even suggested Flying Girl”. Lea started to giggle remembering the ridiculous names some of those people came up with.. Even the seamstress who was tending to her let out a chuckle.She did admit it though since most suggestions only encapsulated one part of her powers, it was hard to find a name to capture them all.

”Alright, face the mirror please”. Lea turned around to see what looked right out of a movie or a comic book. She almost couldn’t believe the woman in the mirror was her, she looked so… well heroic. “Do you like how the suit matches your eyes? Electric blue is always a nice colour, especially on blondes”. “Oh, uh, yes ,ma’am your work is phenomenal”. “Please, I’m not a drill sergeant, call me Abby”. “My apologies, still getting used to not being a soldier you know, can’t believe how quickly things can change in a year, also I guess in this outfit you Abby can call me Electrode”.

It was her first patrol since everything. It was quite overwhelming, she had her military training as a take off point but there was so much more. Who even knew press training was a thing. Plus, there was the marketing of her debut, public appearances and the months she had put into learning these powers. The amount of people she had electrocuted through hand shakes in the first month was shocking. This though, this was nice, just flying, above everything. Lea took in a deep breath of fresh air, would she ever get used to the feeling of flying?
François, better known as NextGen, was ready. A lot of planning went into this; If everything went according to plan, he would be in and out in less than 15 minutes.

"No point delaying this any further. Bots, advance upon detonation. ExploHack, detonate."

The blast echoed throughout the entire city. The explosive charge had to be strong and well shaped to pierce the walls of a military blacksite. NextGen stood up in front of the cloud of dust that had been thrown up by the blast, he smiled, his calculations had been correct.

The two robots at his side charged without hesitation, firing their railguns blindly inside the room. Their construction was crude and the hardware was barely hanging on. If not for the brilliant compensation algorithms included in their software, they wouldnt have been able to walk, much less use a weapon, recoilless or not.

François walked forward too, his left arm having turned into the prototype plasma weapon he had assimilated a year ago, he really should have taken time to optimize it, for it generated too much heat and drew too much power, but that was the most devastating weapon at his disposal.

The guards fired their guns at the robots, inflicting some structural damage, but the bots shrugged it off and fired back, wounding the few that had time to stand after the blast.

The objective was close, behind yet another security door. The plasma canon ignited, a large ball of energy grew in front of it before being hurled toward the door. It tore a hole large enough for NextGen to pry it open by morphing his right hand into a powered tool.

Bullets ricoched over his back, he turned around and fired his canon at the fool that attacked him. It struck the man in the leg, the limb vaporised and his assaillant went uncounscious from shock shortly thereafter. He would live... Probably.

The lab was filled with computers, testing equipement and cowering scientists. He ignored the employees and went for the computers, ripping some hard-disks away from the cases. The scientists were more surprised than horified when they saw NextGen eating their data storage bite after bite.

Analysis of the data would have to wait, François was low on power from the plasma shots and one of his bots was immobilized. Not great, not terrible. He headed for the center of the room, finally... The S.H.A.R.D system prototype, in his hands.

A scientist, probably the project lead, stood up and pointed at the interloper.
"Do you have any idea what you are doing !? This technology can save people ! If you take it, it will set our research back years !"

"Good." Replied NextGen, as he grasped the object, it looked unimpressive, a carbon circle covered in cabling and meters, onto a podium that would no doubt pump tremendous power into it.

He ate it in two bites.
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“What the…” Lea glanced below to see people coming out of cafe’s and buildings looking equally perturbed. She might not have super hearing but if crimes were going to be that obvious it didn’t seem necessary. Flying through the air she made her way towards where the noise had come from. There was debris and rubble rising from the entry point. From how it looked there seemed to be some sort of explosion but this looked purposeful. People are getting so out of hand with DIY these days; the doors at the front of the building would have worked perfectly fine. A smile cracked across her face, god she was good, that was funny. Wait, don't smile when you go into the building, this is a crisis. Lea mentally facepalmed trying to remember her media training. A picture of her smiling at a gaping hole caused by an explosion on her first mission would have been detrimental to her image.

Hovering closer to the ground she recognised the building, she’d been here before. As she walked through the settling smoke she heard gunfire. If someone was injured she needed to make sure the coast was clear for any paramedics who would arrive on scene. That ultimately meant this needed to be ended quickly. As she walked in mostly unnoticed she saw who she assumed was the assailant vaporise a man's leg and she froze. Her eyes went wide as the man passed out. Flickering between all the people hiding she could see them quivering in fear. How could someone do this? She knew super villains were on the rise hence her existence. That didn’t explain their motive though.

Clenching her fist she stormed in after this guy entered just to watch him eat a piece of technology. A piece of technology he knew could help people. How selfish could someone be. A mix of anger and false confidence filled her aura. “Hey asshole, I know they say an apple a day keeps a doctor away but I don’t think they meant the brand”. Blue sparks flickered as she put her hands out absorbing the power the robots were running on. It was seconds before they both dropped to the ground. She walked over to one of the bots, it looked relatively heavy. She picked it up with both her hands flinging it across the room at him. While all this was happening the remaining people in that room scurried out behind her. People had also started evacuating from the section of the building she was just in. She needed to protect them but most of all she wanted to fuck this guy up.
The bots had been brought down. EMP ? It's possible. He didn't expect much from them anyway. The lady in a colorful elastic body suit was the greater obstacle to his escape.

"Im more of an android type of guy."
He charged up a plasma orb, he had charge left for maybe two... Better make them count.

The huge mass of one of his bots was approaching quickly. What the... !? He fired reflexively at it and it melted away, leaving François unharmed.

It would have been fine if the other bot hadnt been thrown directly behind the first. This time, NextGen didn't have time to charge up, worse, the shot had taken too much power and he couldn't keep his armor morph activated.

A loud bang, like metal on metal, was the last thing he heard as he collapsed onto the floor from the blunt force. Ouch.

What kind of freak was that new thing ? He would have time to ponder about that in the sea of unconsciousness.
Did I get him, wait was that it? Oh my god that was easier than I anticipated.Electrode slowly walked over to the fallen villain and poked him with her foot. He didn’t move. Was this a trick? Looking around the lab she saw some steel pipe and yanked iit off the wall. She gently sat him up, careful not to hurt him more than necessary and wrapped it around him. Unless he also had super strength he should be pretty stuck.

She decided to leave him unconscious on the floor for a minute and poked her head out to check if everyone was alright.Most people had evacuated while she was throwing his robots at him and also helped the injured out on the street away from the building where they were being treated. Coming back in she contemplated carrying him like a princess and handing him over to the police. That would be funny but it wasn’t the correct thing to do. Grabbing the steel wrapped villain she dragged him out behind her. Once she exited the building there was a roar of cheers and a sea of lights. She had been prepared for this but wow. It actually felt good to be a hero.

She learnt from the police about this guy, apparently he was called NextGen. After she handed him over she was straight in front of the cameras. Then there were pictures with people who just learnt about her, autographs. Thank you from the injured. The overwhelming support and positivity just blew her away. This moment would be one Lea would always remember.
NextGen opened his eyes with difficulty. Ouch. Quite the headache. He couldn't move his arms and there was something cold around his wrists. He looked up and saw that he was sitting down in the back of a SWAT van. An officer was just in front of him, weapon slung over his chest. There were two more policemen here, plus the driver, François considered his options, he was running low on juice, so their guns were a real threat.

He morphed his left leg into a number of small cables, in perfect silence, he was able to connect a few strands of it to the van's electricity network through a small lamp installed under him. He drained the battery of the vehicule over the course of a few minutes. It would be enough.

He morphed away from his binding by turning his arms into a flexible bundle of cable aswell. The guards reacted, shouting and trying to raise their weapon to aim. Unfortunately for them, they were not fast enough, and NextGen managed to restrain them with his limbs. It took extreme concentration to control that many cables and he couldn't keep up for long.

He managed to open the van's shutter and jump down into the street. Cop cars escorting the van came to a stop, and soon, he was being shot at.

NextGen swore. "Fuck. This is ill fitting of m'y genius, but you gotta do what you gotta do." He opened a nearby sewer grate and jumped in. Soon enough, the police had lost him.

He was free. Once again. Wounded and beaten, but there would be another day... Who was that hero girl ? He would learn of her name in the papers. "Electrode"


“Here, you’ll need to start wearing these”. Lea gave a half smile to the new seamstress. All the staff at this place would come and go, get fired and hired. She was never able to form a connection. I guess it had something to do with the delicacy of this project and the secrecy needed to be maintained. The threat of working with a hero and being potentially targeted. Everyone had their own reasons to move on with their life. Putting on a blue visor and gloves she sighed. This costume had changed so much since her first mission. She remembered it like it was yesterday. What was funny was that he was the only thing that had stayed constant these last 5 years. Once a rookie that she could throw a robot at and knock out was now her nemesis and god did he make her life a living hell. With every bit she improved, so did he. She no longer had time for petty theft, all she was told to do was focus on stopping him. Leave the small stuff to the police.


“I’m quitting”. Lea was honestly shocked that it would ever come to this but she just couldn’t keep doing this anymore. “Who will protect us from NextGen then Electrode WHO?” The executive of the hero’s protection program slammed his hands down on the table. “I don’t know how I’m going to be able to keep protecting the city, you have to find a replacement”. “THE LIFE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE IN YOUR HANDS i-” he paused to take a sip of water and refocused on the hero in front of him. “Look, we are trying but we cannot find anyone who is compatible for the role. We’ve been trying since you brought this up 6 months ago, I know you’ve given us time but it took us a year to prepare you for the scene, you have to keep going”. Electrode hung her head taking in a deep breath. “I know,” she breathed out in defeat. “You're a lifesaver”. She was given a big thumbs up before walking out of the office. Maybe she could try again in another six months.

That’s when her watch started to vibrate. “NextGen” she muttered. Could his timing be any worse?
Ah. Flying. Once that was something simply out of his reach unless he was willing to strap himself to a rocket. Now, with the improved anti-grav prototype, the sky was his plaything. The control was excellent but the cruise speed was bad. Still, good for sightseeing... and close combat.

NextGen looked down onto his robot squad. 60 pristine Model-44 "Hunter-Gatherer" that had been produced the week prior using SHARD. They moved fast and used their weapons accurately. From where he was he could see civilians fleeing the powerplant alongside a few guards. Rumor was the powerplant had received a new alternator prototype. Low priority target, but it was a good place to test the bots.

He looked at the clouds. "It's lonely at the top." He said to himself. Almost everybody in this city hated him, and nobody understood what he was trying to accomplish. That was fine, he needed no one. His communicator buzzed.

"SECTOR 2-B CLEAR. MOVING TO 2-C" declared one of the Leader robot in his deep synthethised voice.

François acknowledged and looked at the time displayed his helmet's HUD. Weird, Electrode was 4 minutes and 21 seconds late, according to his calculation. Maybe held up by some other crime or, who knows, on holiday.

Electrode on holiday. Ah, what an idea ! That was almost as funny as the thought of her retiring.
Electrode made her way to the powerplant watching the army of bots roll in. Unlike NextGen she did not have any assistance. Then again he needed it, asshole. Wait, that was him. Cool, great he was flying now. “Back at it again Jennie?” She teased flying past him at speed heading straight for the bots.

She had started playing around with his name once they had gotten more ‘familiar’. Electrode had come up with a plethora of nicknames for him over the years. Extra, Cord muncher, TV boi, bot #3, Mega Byte my ass. Jennie though was a favourite, it had definitely stuck more than others and seemed to irritate him the most.

She landed on the ground pulling a classic hero pose. Without skipping a beat she started to clear out some of the bots, they were definitely bigger and better. Who was she kidding, every time they were improved. Also why were there so many of them, what a pain.

As she continued to clear them out her breath began getting shallow. It wasn’t like she didn’t work out, things were just becoming more difficult with time. Putting her hand on a telephone pole the lines started to spark as she absorbed electricity from the grid. She ran over kicking the top off of a nearby fire hydrant which pierced a bot. A puddle started forming at the feet of a larger group of bots, that’s when she shoved her hand in it, electrocuting them all.

After releasing all that electricity she was a little slower getting up and a bullet from a bot clipped her shoulder. She gritted her teeth in pain. 40 down, 20 to go plus Next Gen.
"THAT'S NOT MY NAME." He shouted as she flew past. 'Jennie', he didn't even understand the pun with this one, which made it even more frustrating. Was it based of the word 'Genius', 'Generator' or maybe 'Djinni' ? Anyhow...

He went down to ground level, checking his robot's performance. Pretty darn good, maybe a bit too good. Some unknown factor at play ? Those considerations will have to wait for the post-mission analysis.

He armored up and morphed into a form suitable for the situation. Mechanical muscle fiber, pneumatic knuckles, wired reflexes, assisted defensive subroutines, bioelectricity isolation. Ablative armor produced by SHARD in real time.
The bots had to be on par technologicaly with the hardware that existed in the military, because François didn't want to turn over any tech that would benefit the powers that be if reverse-engineered. But him ? He could use all the prototypes, all the enhanced materials, all the tangential theories and all kinds of extremely power hungry systems. He truly was NextGen.

He entered the facility. The rumors about it were false, or at least wildly overstated. The bots had made sure of that. Still... Why not rough up his enemy a little ?

The last four robots had gathered around him. Electrode was right here, finally a good fight.

"It looks you had your fun with my creations here. Speaking of fun, here's a joke. Knock knock, who's there, Aphist, Aphist who, Aphist Inyourface." He said as he rushed forward, his left arm ready to deliver a devastating punch.

Now, he knew how she thought, obviously this punch wouldnt connect. But she would end up behind him, the micro flash rocket rack on his back would trigger, stun her for long enough to grab her legs with his right arm, then boom, let her taste the concrete, get on top to pin her down and finally, deliver a fistful of plasma straight in the cranium to knock her out...

And since she'd probably still be standing, he'll have to improvise after that...
“Damn who’d you impregnate cause that was a Dad Joke and a half Jenny”. She watched him run at her and smirked. “You know you shouldn't announce your moves”. Grabbing his arm she twisted it behind him. She was about to throw him forwards but something sent her stumbling backwards, she was dazed for more than a second. Something on his back. Ugh how annoying. Blinking back to reality it was almost too late before she was on the ground. As he dealt the blow, her blood shot eyes which were previously hidden behind her visor rolled into the back of her head. His blow had cracked open the visor to reveal a set of sunken eyes with deep bags underneath them. If it wasn’t for the slow rising and falling of her chest she could have been mistaken for a dead. Unlike how she normally would, she didn’t get up.


“That fight was deplorable, you need to go back to the lab to have some more tests run,” announced the executive of the HPP. A sigh left Lea’s lips. NextGen was close to beating her for the first time. “You know the drill”. Electrode rolled up her sleeve as a vial of dark purple serum was injected into her bloodstream. She winced in pain. This was for her country and the people that needed to be kept safe. This was bigger than her.

Electrode continued to lay there unmoving. This was NextGen’s chance to eliminate the competition. After finishing her off nothing and nobody would get in his way. With how much he had improved even if a new hero came on scene they didn’t stand a chance.
With crackling plasma stabilized in the middle of his palms, NextGen paused. She wasn't moving. She wasn't getting up.

This moment of triumph felt unearned. He expected relief but he felt nothing else than inner conflict. She was a thorn, he'd been humiliated time and time again, even captured once or twice, but it's not like she ever killed him. Then again, maybe the higher ups wanted to study him or make a big show trial where he would obviously be sentenced to death. He had to kill her. He had to.


"Major, this research... Our research. Is intended for medical applications. Nothing more. What you suggest is crazy." said François. The Major, a team of military police with him, seemed indifferent to the Doctor's complaints.
"Ay. You didn't seriously think that we gave you all that funding simply so we could help veterans, people who stepped on mines and old uncle Joe who has arthritis. Did you ? Listen boy, I get that it's rough. But you help us or we help ourselves, you can be replaced yknow." François sneered at this proposal, the soldiers advanced toward him. In a moment of furious enlightenment, François rushed toward the vat that contained his research...

SHARD finished creating a set of heavy handcuffs, the design had to be made on the spot, but it should be sufficient. A pair of sturdy fetters were already installed. He cuffed the heroine and placed her on his shoulder. He retreated to his hideout. While this mission had been a gigantic success, NextGen was in no mood to celebrate.


Electrode was safely harnessed to a rotating table, it was normally used for designing robots, but careful changes had turned it into a comfortable bed. A bed that, thanks to bands of plasteel, even she couldn't escape. Her broken helm had been removed, along with her gloves.

NextGen had changed into his regular clothes, a lab coat over a simple white shirt. He was busily tapping on a console's keyboard, scanning the media for any reports of his actions. But nothing, barely anything about the powerplant and nothing at all about Electrode disappearance.

From time to time he checked on the progress his bots were making. They were digging and reinforcing a room, Electrode's future cell.
A groan left her lips as she slowly opened her eyes. Everything she saw when she lifted her head was in doubles and it was giving her even more of a headache. What on earth happened? She went to get up but something was restraining her. Was she back in the lab, was this a new part of the lab? Relaxing back down she knew the drill. That was until the memories of what occurred hours ago flooded back into her brain. Shouldn’t she be dead, she lost... Electrode gritted her teeth. She had only had that conversation this morning, it was so ironic. Then again though if she didn’t go who would. Not that it even mattered that she went anymore. Turning her head to the side she looked to see her hand and blackened fingers restrained to the bed. That’s what happens when you use yourself as an electrical conductor, burns. She had practically fried the nerves in her hands, hence the gloves. Couldn’t have the city know their favourite hero wasn’t coping.

She went to pull up the restraints to no avail. This wasn’t technology from the lab, the only person who had technology this strong was. She turned her head again to see a man typing on a keyboard typing away on a keyboard in a lab coat. There were tabs open with news pages, gossip sights and live reporting. “They’re not gonna report if I lost Jenny, they will keep it under wraps for as long as they can '' she said moving her head back to centre. “You know I thought when this happened you’d kill me but I’m surprised you put in the effort to bring me back here to torture me”. This might be a grim way to go but at least she didn’t have to keep pushing herself anymore. She could just die, maybe not in peace but after death would hopefully be peaceful.
François turned around toward her. "Ah, yes. As witty as ever, even in the worst situation imaginable." He took a few steps toward the mechanical table, going theatricaly slow for each step.

"You think too little of me, hero. And that's still not my name... My name is François. But you do know about that, don't you ? I mean, your employers knew who I was from the start. Doctor François de Fontaine... I never knew your name, come to think of it, I've got some idea of where your HQ is but it never became a priority. They hide it to protect your family humm ? Protect their best weapon's emotional state."

NextGen walked away, still within sight to look through the new cell's doorway. It was close to finished. Gotta add plumbing and batteries, can't afford to allow her to access the main power source. He came back toward his captive. "I'm sorry to keep you waiting, your cell will be ready soon." He started heading back toward his console.
As he mentioned her wit she gave him a smirk. Stuck to a table her only weapon was her mouth so she might as well use it. “Jeez, the dramatic walk give me a break” she mumbled rolling her eyes at his theatrics.

“Yeah Yeah yeah, I know your story, we’ve been fighting 5 years, you act like I have no idea. Also I know Jenny isn’t your name idiot, uh duh, it’s your nickname given to you by your favourite nemis, me” she retorted. “Also a weapon is something that attacks, I’m more like a shield they use to beat you over the head with, you're kinda depressing you know that”. Also if he thought he could get anything about her family out of her he was sorely mistaken.

“Ohh a cell, you gonna keep me as a pet or a bargaining chip, I got new for you Jenny, once you beat me they aren’t taking me back and I don’t bark. Also I’ll let you in on a little secret, I know you’re not an idiot and you can probably tell but I’m dying”. Lea paused letting out a small sigh looking over to where the room was “too bad you put all that effort into a nice room for me and I’m not even going to last 6 months”. She flashed him a pained grin as if to say you won but I still beat you.
"Your superior's orders caused more civilians to be killed in the last month than I ever killed in the last five years. You just don't see them. They live thousands of kilometers away. If not for you, I would have prevented this long ago." François sighed, he had rarely talked to Electrode for long, most of the time it was just quips and jokes before battle. At least, it was somewhat interesting.

"Reality can be depressing... I am sorry about your prognosis. I didn't realize it was that bad." He approached the table. "Do you feel any pain at all ? I can give you a painkiller if you'd like."

"You must have known about your condition for a while now. Did they take no steps to alleviate it ? I always assumed you had a small healing factor."
"Sorry Jenny but I find it hard to believe that they've killed more people than a literal supervillain. I mean people don't just create and release 60 bots onto the city for peaceful fun, not to mention all the countless other things you've done" Lea signed. She was surprised he was offering her compassion and painkillers, wasn't he supposed to be torturing her or something. He was literally building her a cell. If that was not the point then what was. She was confused as to why he would even want to keep her around. It would be so much more effort to house her, give her food... if he was going to do that, and offer her general basics than it was to kill her.

"Also let's just say I am hindering your good work, why wouldn't you just put together evidence and challenge the big evil corporation, there are so many other ways to go about this, you act like you didn't choose to be a villain but you chose that over so many other pathes. You could be a doctor at your own firm doing great things right now François". One could tell the seriousness behind her words as she used his actual name for the first time ever.

"Also in terms of painkillers I'm fine for now, I'll let you know if it changes but it kinda defeats the point if you plan to torture me. As for that other stuff yeah, It's been about a year since whatever it is started, they don't actually know but it has something to do with my powers. To think I've been kicking your ass and dying up until now. I'm such a good multi-tasker. Also they did everything since I'm their only hope, can't find a replacement which is weird I thought there would be hundreds of people jumping at the chance to be a superhero". Lea just shrugged it off. There was of course the downsides of the job but she couldn't be the only one suitable on the entire planet.
"You misrepresent my actions. Surgical strikes to key weapons lab are not similar to me just killing people at random." He raised a hand to his forehead, "What did I expect." He thought.

Electrode's comments stung. They felt misguided to him, of course, she didn't know what she was talking about, but they displayed a certain innocence that was endearing. "I don't plan to torture you, torture is proven to not be effective as a method of interrogation. You've already given me more information than I would have obtained otherwise." He smirked. "For all these years, you've been 'beating' me up, destroying my robots, yes, but the great majority of the time, I've achieved my objectives. Of course, there were some complete failures aswell... But for years, I've kept true to my raison-d'être : 'To stunt technological growth and to safeguard new technologies from weapons development'."

The bots had exited the new cell. NextGen went to investigate the room and nodded to himself, he excused himself and, over the next 20 minutes, he used SHARD to produce various pieces of furniture. A simple bed, table and chairs, a shower, a toilet. He also created a small terminal with no networking capabilities, he filled it up with books, movies and tv shows. That ought to keep someone from going insane in that containment. The last part that needed to be attended to was the door, he decided to make a pretty massive polyplastic door, in terms of security, it wasn't great, but it allowed for easier conversation and he had his doubts about Electrode's ability to escape. The hideout was extremely well defended and he'd be notified of any attempts.

He went back to the main room and moved his guest to the cell, restraints and all. "It's a bit bare but I trust this will be better. I'm glad I got it finished before I had to worry about feeding you or... what comes after feeding." He moved outside the cell and remotely unlocked the restraints. "I'll get you some more clothes. Do you have any other requests ?"
As he mentioned that he was using this lovely old chat to squeeze information out of her she immediately shut her mouth, teeth grinding in annoyance at his smirk. If she had the strength these restraints would have been ripped off and so would his lips, stupid idiot. “Yeah, you have and all the people that could have been helped with those technological advancements are now dead because it would take years to build back what you’ve taken, I would at least like to think I’ve hindered your effort and saved people but you’re really making me sound useless” Electrode spoke turning her head to look to the side. He’d always achieved his objective? Had she really not done anything… No he said there were failures, she had successes and saved people. No point about getting melancholic, Lea knew she did all she could for the people. He was probably just trying to get her feeling down about herself, she wasn’t going to give up. Despite her dying she was still the city's protector until her last breath. He was getting nothing.

As he worked she dozed off napping slightly, she was still weak from their fight. Her regenerative skills had slowed down rapidly as an accompaniment to her sickness. After making her way into the room and having the restraints released she rubbed her wrists taking a look around the room. She placed her hand against the wall. She could feel the lack of the ebbing and flowing of electricity. Well he wasn’t that dumb but hey, people can make mistakes. She sat on the edge of her bed rolling onto her stomach and propping herself up on her elbows facing the door. This was a holiday house now, that’s how she had decided to view it and he was her butler. It was like palliative care! Considering she was dying, might as well make the most of it. “What comes after feeding? What pooping? You're weird” she paused looking at him completely seriously, why was he worried about that, well whatever. “The clothes in my apartment work, you’re a supervillain I’m sure you can pick a lock, I just hope you’re not a perv who will go through my underwear drawer” Lea poked her tongue out at him in a childish manner. “Also I want a Meatlovers pizza with garlic bread and Fanta please and thank you Jenny, byeeee” she added, giving him a wave before flipping over so she was facing away from the door. “Oh wait actually” she stood up and walked towards the door putting her hand out, “Give me a shirt before you go, I want to get out of my sweatsuit and I’m not sure how long you’re gonna take”.

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