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Multiple Settings Send Me A Random Starter


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Hello, my name is Kerenza, and I'm a 27-year-old female. I am looking to vastly broaden the types of roleplays I'm in. Because of that, I have a weird request.

I want you to send me your starter, any tense, any POV, any length from 3 sentences to 10 paragraphs, any genre/pairing etc.

I need the starter in one message, and in another, I want you to fill out this form:
Your Name:
Your Age: (at least 21)
Any Hopes for the RP:

My hope is by me coming randomly, you will also get an rp you couldn't imagine. After three posts each, we'll decide if we're a good fit and want to continue. Have a rp no one else wants? Send it my way! You may be happily surprised.
Hold up one second, does this involve certain fandoms or is it strictly OCs? I think you should've specified about that a little.
Hello, you're right, I should have! I am not very fandom-aware, but if you have any well known ones you're interested in let me know, and I'll tell you if I've read/watched them.
Is the starter just to see if we're a good fit? By that I mean will we continue from the starter if we gel or will we discuss a potentially different plot after the starter?

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