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A Moronic Oxymoron
Grand Crusader Alex Steelborne

"Grand Crusader", "Highlord", "Headmaster", "Fury of the Light"


Occupation (Teacher or Student)
Headmaster of the School of the Magi


Class Skill(s)
Divine Storm
- A storm of Light circles around Alex, damaging enemies inside it.
Light Rush - Alex bounds towards his foe, using the Light to propel himself forwards.
Light-forged Strike - Alex empowers his blade with Light, dealing additional damage on top of his blade damage.
Beacon of Hope - Alex becomes a beacon of hope, empowering his allies and restoring their vitality.
Battlecry - Using his voice, Alex instills his allies with vigor, restoring their stamina.
Flash of Light - Alex heals the wounds of himself or an ally. (Doesn't restore vitality or stamina.)
Divine Shield - Alex casts a shield of Light on himself or an Ally that reflects one spell or physical attack.

Grand Ability/Abilities (Limit; 2)
Fury of the Light
- Once a day, Alex unleashes the Fury of the Light. Casting an empowered version of His Divine Storm ability.
Guardian Circle - Once a day, Alex creates a circle of Light. Alex calls down a beam of Light from the sky then expels the Light in a circle around him that extends about 50 yards out, restoring the vitality, stamina and closing the wounds of his allies. If any dark, undead or shadow beings are in the circle, they take damage instead.

Preferred Magical Construct type

Personality (Optional)
Being a man of the Light, Alex prides himself on being benevolent but he does not see himself as a God as some do. He's humble, putting others above himself. Despite this, he's a normal man and makes mistakes as well has dark secrets, he only wields the Light as a weapon and fights for good.
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Final Dawn
Name: Lena Cross
Lena is incredibly beautiful. She's so beautiful it can be intimidating. She has medium length blonde hair and golden eyes which turn red during her use of magic. She has a slender body.
Age: 16
Occupation: Student.
Class: Blood Sorcerer
Class Skill(s) Blood Siphon, by injuring her opponent, Lena can siphon some of their blood, increasing her power and healing some of her injuries. The amount depends on the amount of injury she causes to her opponent.
Bloody Mary, By injuring herself, Lena can temporally go into a state of greatly increased power, this however is shortlived and requires her to hurt herself
Strike of Disease, Lena can strike her opponent with incredible power, causing them great injury which can potential leave them weakened
Blood Minion, by using some of her or somebody else's blood, she can summon minions made out of blood
Blood Weapon, Lena can form weapons out of her own blood. This causes damage to herself as a cost
Grand Ability/Abilities (Limit; 2) (Can be used once per day)
Curse of The Demon Queen, Lena summons a powerful destructive wave of Red Energy which causes mass destruction in a 10m radius, this leaves her greatly weakened afterwords, meaning she can't use it often.
Blood Eye, Lena can lock eyes with an opponent and create illusions. The effectiveness of this ability depends on the individual's resistance to illusion magic

Preferred Magical Construct type Blood-Pact
Bio (Optional) N/A
Personality: At first glance Lena appears to be a slacker who doesn't like to do much. But infact she's quite cynical and powerful. She has a unique outlook on the world and would rather do anything to obtain more power which often contradicts with desire to be left alone. Her solidarity usually means she doesn't get challenged to fights at the school much because she seems nonimportant to those looking for a challenge. Although those who spend time with her can quickly learn otherwise
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True Black Rose Beauty
Name: Scarlet Hartline

Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Class: Dark Knight
Class Skills:
Volatile Negation: Negates enemy healing and increases dark damage done.
Terror howl: Release darkness aura to stun a enemy.
Moonlight Slash: Attacks enemy to the front and back with strong dark slash. Gradually increases attack speed and decreases vitality.
Ravage Rake: It is a horizontal dark slash that can hit up to 7 targets and recover a medium amount of mana and vitality on each hit.
Dark Nebula: Sacrifices some of the user's vitality to unleash a dark explosion on all enemies.
Sole Survivor: Marks the target with the status: Another Victim. If that target should be KO'd in battle, some of Scarlet’s vitality and mana will be restored.
Blade dance: Slashing and creating multiple moon-shaped projectile.
Pressure: Slows the enemy with immense dark power.

Grand Ability/Abilities: ( Only one time use. )
Deathbringer: A bunch of swords fall from the sky to affect a random status effect on the enemies. The status effect: paralysis, burn, sleep, poison, and freeze, and the swords doesn't do any damage.
Burn in hell: Scarlet twirl her sword around, and a dark aura boost all of her stats to max.
Preferred Magical Construct type: Dark-forged
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Maybe I want Happiness not Turds
Name: Doran Sandford

Occupation: Student
Class: Magus
Class Skills:
Weapon Creation-
Can create different types of weapons which he is proficient with.
Dash- Ability to dash up to 25 ft.
Enhance- Increase his reflexes and be able to react to others attacks quicker than normal.
Summon- Able to summon a beast to fight with him.
Eldritch Blast- Fires a large ball of energy from his hands
Grand Abilities:
Once per Day he can Summon a large scale group of different types of beasts that attack enemies around Doran
Area of Conquer- Once per day For about 10 minutes, within an area of 30 ft Doran is able to teleport seamlessly in the area.
Preferred Magical Construct Type: Spell Sword
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Oddnesssssss never endsssss
Name: Melania 'Mel' Symphony
Age 15
Occupation: Student
Class: Shadow Conductor
Class Skill(s): Eldritch Melody- A melody that temporarily allows her to solidify her shadow and trans form it into a tentacle she can control like an extra limb
Shadow Staccato- A song that summons a bunch of arrow like shadow projectiles to shoot at people.
Night Parade- A melody that turns shadows into greyscale 3d illusions that Mel can control.
Darkness Dolce- A soft melody that makes shadows spread around her and heal anyone within them except any light based magic users or ones weak to sound type music.
Puppeteer Tune- allows her to manipulate one person for 7 minutes. The person must have their shadow visible and be able to hear Mel's music.
Ghost Orchestra- Whenever Mel waves her baton music plays as if she was conducting a ghost orchestra
Grand Ability/Abilities: (Limit; 2)
Their Shadow Song- Allows Mel to replicate the effects of any spells (minus grand abilities) that have been cast in the last 7 minutes, albeit much weaker than the original. Has a limit of one use per a day.
Symphony of Silence and Shadows- A Symphony that turns out all the lights around and silences everything except for Mel's music for 7 minutes Has a limit of one use per a day.
Preferred Magical Construct type: Musical
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Senior Member


Eric Amari

Eric's hair is very long and he almost always has it in a high ponytail with a bit of it left out in the front. His hair is also white with strands of silver. His attire is completely white, some have said that they have never seen him wear any other colour. His skin is ice cold and very pale. There is a tattoo on the left side of his face that glows whenever he is using magic, the tattoo appears to be a series of symbols that go from just to the left of his nose to above his eye.

Hydromancer (Mostly Ice)
Class Skill(s):

Weapon Creation: Eric has the ability to create weapons out of ice, usually bows or spears as those are the weapons he was trained with.

Wall of Ice: He has the ability to create a 7ft high wall of ice that can only be destroyed by fire spells or a lot of shadow magic. This wall can extend as wide as the amount of stamina that Eric has left.

Ice Healing: Eric can cover any open wound in ice and it will start to heal quickly, this spell only heals open wounds and not vitality or stamina.

Frost: Eric can create a thin layer of ice that will very slowly surround what he is touching, once it completely surrounds the object or person the ice will shatter causing major damage to the object or person. When he touches the thing he is covering in ice he can stop anytime, this causes the part that was covered in ice to be damaged but leaving the rest untouched.

Mist: He can emit a thick layer of mist out of his mouth.

Ice Soldier: Eric can create a single soldier out of ice that will fight on his behave or alongside him with the weapon of Eric's choosing. They will shatter if they are struck where the heart should be, it will continue to fight if their head is detached

Other: He can freeze water but is able to melt ice, the same can be said for water vapour.

Grand Ability/Abilities (Limit; 2):

Enhanced Ice Healing: Eric can cover his entire body in ice that heals his vitality can wounds very quickly, however, it also drains his stamina very quickly.

Ice Army: Eric can create 3 Ice Soldiers, 2 with ice swords and shields and 1 with an ice bow and arrows. These soldiers are stronger than the one he can create by itself, for they can not be destroyed in any way other than breaking Eric's focus. These soldiers also take a very large amount of stamina from Eric to create

Preferred Magical Construct type:


Bio (Optional):

There are many rumours that Eric is of royal descent, but no one knows if this is true. He had a luxurious lifestyle growing up, he got everything he ever wanted. Where his family lived, the war didn't quite reach them, but when they heard that the war was getting closer and closer his parents decided to send Eric to the School of Magi, this was over two years ago and Eric has not heard a word from them since. When he was born, he was freezing cold, the couldn't keep him around liquids, for they would freeze after a while. His parents knew immediately that he would be able to create ice, so that's what he trained in for the majority in his life. Throughout the years of training his parents put him through, he learned how to control his abilities and now can control when he freezes liquids and is no longer as cold to the touch. His parents also trained his in many different weapons, but mainly spears and bows, although he still is able to hold his own in a sword fight.


Eric is a very polite and generous person. He always says "yes ma'am" or "yes sir" when responding to questions, if he is talking to one of peers or someone that is younger than him, he will use their last name instead if he knows it. He never interrupts people when they speaking, seeing it as a sign of disrespect this can be seen as him being shy, but, he is actually a very outgoing person. Furthermore, he gets frustrated and irritated whenever he is interrupted. He always tries to impress people even though he doesn't have to. He also enjoys meeting new people, probably because his family lived in a secluded area and he didn't have a lot of friends growing up.

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Vagabond Spectre

Lucky Scholar

"I see great potential in you! You make me proud~!"

Elaine Hearthmann

Preffered Nicknames:
Mrs. Heart or Mama Lannie




Class Skill:
Force field: A basic magic barrier that prevents most physical and magical attacks from reaching her. She will emit a light glowing aura, outlining her body. Protecting her from damage. Although despite the fact that she can walk around shielded like this. This chews up alot of her magical energy. Most magical attacks will only be absorbed by the shield and will be converted to her own energy but this will not work on physical attacks. Give enough physical damage and it will break over time

Counter shield: Similar to her force field spell. Instead of a aura shield, this ability will give her a magical shiel in the shape of a magic circle. She can use it as a regular shield, doing this will expose her more to other attacks. Instead of absorbing it bounces the attacks back to the attacker, both physical and magical alike. Although this costs more energy than the shield.

Enchanted body: She can enhance the physique, health, speed and intelligence of others by casting an enhancement spell on them. This can only target one individual and she can only give one. Upon physical contact. Her glowing hand will enhance the target boosting them temporarily which lasts over 20 minutes. Using this on herself will only enhance her senses because of her old age.

Drain: She can drain magic energy from others and use it as her own. Anyone who is 15 ft closer to her omni-directional range will feel their magical energy slowly draining from them. This is Elaine's least used skill because of how energy consuming this can be. The more targets approaches her range the more she absorbs.

Weaken: Similar to Drain. This similar skill drain's the person's physical energy instead of their magical. Same function as Drain, this is another hardly used skill. Compared to being Magically drained. They will feel tired while drain cannot.

Heal: Finally, healing. Her trademark ability, unlike other healing. Her's can heal faster and better. Sealing off wounds and curing poison alike at rather fast speeds, almost like ultra regeneration. Upon physical contact. She can heal others very quickly and if done too much. The patient will receive a little extra buff of strength, speed and intelligence for a short period of time. (Longest 2 minutes) She can also heal herself but it cost alot of energy more than the one she heals.

Ghost eyes: Because if her eye-based grand ability. She learned how to use a substitute ability that will help her see her surroundings. This ability doesn't seem to be visible to the naked eye for she is using magic to see what is ahead of her like normal eyes. This magic is passive and can help out see spiritual things too.

Grand Ability/Abilities:
Shutdown: Elaine has one powerful ability and that is called shutdown. A powerful non-lethal ability that can only be triggered once she opens her eyes. Her glowing white eyes will flash a blinding white light that will put a person to sleep, be stun or even be put in a state of unconsciousness. This white light still can be avoided by not looking directly in her eyes or not looking at the light at all. Anyone who is in the range of 160 ft on her sights are affected by her shut down light ability. Even those who look away can still be affected because being exposed to the light will cause temporal blindness for at least 30 minutes. Those who are affected by sleep or paralysis. Will return to normal depending on how magically and physically strong they are. Naturally this lasts for 26 hours if done on a regular human body. She rarely uses this ability because of it's extremely powerful properties. It had made her temporarily blind for three days before recovering.

Preferred Magical Construct type:

To be revealed... Although she is open to telling it.

Genuinely peaceful and laid back. She seems to portray the typical kind senior-citizen stereotype. Wise by default. She hardly expresses any negative emotions unless necessary. Always willing to give out a helping hand and accompany others. In fact she treats everyone like they are part of her small family. Easily approachable and hardly judgemental. She is one with quite the mystery woman with a positive aura.
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Ever Present Lurker

Theodore Lavender
Age: 16

Occupation: Student

Class: Hero (self-proclaimed)

Class Skill:
Running Away - When in doubt, use legs.
Hide - When running away isn't viable, keep head low, keep out of sight, and keep quiet.
Play Dead - When the above options aren't viable, lie down, stay still, and pray they leave you alone.

Grand Ability/Abilities:
Absolute Avoidance - With this power, Theodore may avoid any one attack again him without fail. What happens when it's an attack that can't miss? No one knows.
Nine Lives - Upon receiving a fatal wound, the power automatically activates and immediately revives Theodore on the spot.

Preferred Magical Construct type: Steel Forged

Bio: Was one of the six know as the Heroes of Elmore who defeated an evil wizard some years ago, or so he would like others to believe. In truth however, Theodore was but the runt of the group, the annoying tag-along, that one kid who's a dead weight to the rest and causes nothing but trouble. Really, it's wonder they didn't just kick him out or left him to die. After finally returning home from his quest to defeat the wizard, Theodore lived comfortably off the rewards and loot spoils gotten from slaying the wizard. However, eventually, the money ran dry and Theodore had to use his reputation as a hero to enlist with the military of his kingdom which promptly enrolled him into the School of Magi to expand his supposed "potential".

Personality: He'd have you believe otherwise, but Theodore is as cowardly as they come. This isn't helped by his massive ego however, which compels him to let any one withing his vocal range to know that yes, he is indeed one of the six Heroes of Elmore, and it bring him no end of troubles. Being raised in a noble house, he is also highly condescending towards others, to the point where one wonder is there is anyone in existence that can actually impress him. Strangely enough, he seems to be enthusiastic about studying and strives to improve, though he'd rather die that have anyone see him work hard at anything.


Joanna of Asthal
Titles: Sister
Age: Twenty-Nine ( 29 ) years old.
Occupation: Teacher
Class: Spellsword

Class Skill(s)
Banner Style
– Infuses the staff with Light-elemental properties, resulting in the creation of a spectral banner hanging from the lower two bars on the staff. Most mana demanding Weapon Style.

Banner Style: Unity – Only usable when in Banner Style. Rooting the banner in the ground and chanting creates an area of effect wherein allies’ natural power is increased.

Banner Style: Territory – Only usable when in Banner Style. Continuously drains mana from the user to weaken surrounding enemies.

Glaive Style – Infuses the staff with Fire-elemental properties, resulting in the creation of a spectral axe blade attached to two of the staff’s bars on one side.

Scythe Style – Infuses the staff with Dark-elemental properties, resulting in the creation of a spectral curved blade attached to one of the staff’s lower bars.

Spear Style – Infuses the staff with Fire-elemental properties, resulting in the creation of a spectral spear-tip attached to the end of the staff.

Elemental Burst – Creates an elemental flame in hand, combusting in front of the caster. Element dependant on the Weapon Style in use. (Light, Fire or Dark)

Grand Abilities
Sacred Fire
– Breathing into the palm of one’s hand to ignite a small flame. Grabbing onto someone with the same hand will cause the flame to enter their body and combust in a large ball of fire. Slow wind-up, highly taxing on mana and concentration. The flame remains in hand until the target is grabbed, the hand is closed or the caster's mana reserves are drained. Casting limited to once a day.

Preferred Magical Construct Type

Joanna hails from Asthal. A small, closed-off community with a deep-rooted disdain for everything magical. Believing that both magic and anything related to magic goes against their beliefs and deity’s will. Because of this Joanna didn’t discover her gift for the arcane until she was well in her teenage years, a discovery that would change her life forever, not necessarily for the better.
Her powers grew exponentially when she began to nurture her gift over the course of a few years, until she was found out. Labelled unholy, a monster, a disgrace in the eyes of Asthal’s deity. The decision was unanimous, agreed to even by her parents, she would burn. An act of inhumane brutality disguised as a display of devotion to their god. Joanna would burn. Forced onto her knees and chained to the woodwork of her pyre. Left to live her last day in misery. Yet, a little over an hour before the fire would be ignited the sky darkened and rain started to fall, and continued to poor down for days. Preventing the pyre from being lit up.
To Joanna this was a sign. An undeniable sign that their deity did approve of the arcane arts. She would prove her worth by denying the falsely guided from acting out their witch-hunt. In the end, there was a fire, and there was death. Summoned fire that reduced Joanna’s chains to molten steel. Unbound, she brought death to those who approved this inhumane punishment.
Her tool was a staff, a sign of their fate. Engraved metal with a double-barred cross at the top. Her magic brought it to life. God’s punishment of the falsely guided. She pursued this devotion, cleansing the world until she realized the path she walked was no better than Asthal’s. She’d lost her way, just like her community before her.
In due time she found a way to repent for her past. Though unwilling to share the reason behind her decision to teach at the School of Magi, she finds peace in teaching her students there is more to fighting than 'your beliefs against theirs'. Nothing in life is that black and white, something she’s still learning alongside the ones she tutors.

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Seven Thousand Club

Name: Zendhel M.

Nickname: "Magic Kid"

Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Class: Spell Caster

Class Skills:

Mimic - Zendhel is able to mimic and cast a spell after he has seen it being performed. The magical expense and effect will be the exact same of the normal spell.

Portal - Zendhel can transport himself to any area that is in a 65 foot radius around himself.

Maga Bolt - Zendhel can fire a bolt of magical energy towards his opponent. The magical properties of the Maga bolt can be changed to Zendhel's liking, usually to the magical weakness of his opponent.

Rune of Cain - Zendhel can create a seal on a physical surface. This seal is invisible, and will explode when walked over or activated. The magical property of this magic depends on which magical property Zendhel gives it.

Grand Abilities:
Screaming Ravha Bolt - This is a much more powerful version of Maga bolt. This spell can only be used once Zendhel finds the magical property that his opponent is weak to. If he cannot do this, the magic cannot be performed. Once this prerequisite is achieved, Zendhel can fire off this massive bolt that will take the property his opponent is weak to.

Grand Mimic: Permanent - This is kind of like an extra slot that Zendhel can fill with anyone else's magical spells. He can permanently copy a person's magic spell until he decides to switch it out for a different magical spell.

Preferred Magical Construct Type: Any

Biography: Zendhel is a magical kid with a boring history. He was raised by magical people who saw that he was extremely gifted in magic, specifically magical properties. And so with that knowledge, they kicked him out of the house and sent him to school. Zendhel then spent his time at the school, learning the specifics of magic. He started to make a name for himself in the school with his extreme talent and skill in magic, and is usually seen in the most unusual places in the school.


Knight of yip
Name: Niviera Tantoco

Age: 15
Occupation: Student
Class: Shaman
Class Skill:
Sunshower: Niviera summons clouds that begin raining on a small area. The rain slowly restores the vitality of all living creatures under it over time.
Blossom: Niviera touches a single creature and encourages the growth of new cells. This heals the wounds of animals and rapidly grows plantlife, all while restoring the vitality of both. Side effects may include hunger, thirst, and a strong desire to sunbathe.
Floral Breeze: Niviera summons a soft breeze smelling faintly of fresh flowers. This breeze slowly renews the stamina of anyone in it.
Morning Mists: The air around Niviera cools, causing the moisture in the air to cool into a thick mist. The mist obscures vision, but has no magical effects and disperses after about five minutes.
Whirlwind: Air spins around a location or target. The wind is strong enough to lift smaller objects, but may also blow small projectiles aimed into or out of the whirlwind off course.
Sundog: Niviera summons a multi-colored orb in her hand and hurls it at an enemy. She can somewhat control it's direction, but it isn't very strong. It feels like getting a basketball thrown at you. Smells mildly of berries.
Grand Ability:
Equinox: 1/day
This ability changes depending on the time of year. If the Spring Equinox is closer, it becomes Monsoon. If the Autumn Equinox is closer, it becomes Tempest. Niviera cannot actively change between the two; only the passage of time changes how this ability functions.
  • Monsoon: Niviera raises her hands and summons thick clouds that begin raining in a wide area around her. The rain restores the vitality, body, and stamina of all living creatures caught in it over time.
  • Tempest: Niviera summons swirling winds around herself and her allies. Debris is picked up, turning the dome of wind into a shield that reduces incoming damage. The shield loses debris with each blow and becomes less effective with less debris, but continuously gathers more for it's duration.
Solstice: 1/day
This ability changes depending on the time of year. If the Summer Solstice is closer, this ability changes to Draught. If the Winter Solstice is closer, it becomes Frost. Niviera cannot actively change between the two; only the passage of time changes how this ability functions.
  • Draught: Niviera generates an area of extreme heat around herself, draining the stamina or anyone caught within it. Healing magic fizzles out in the heat, halving the effectiveness of any healing abilities cast into, out of, or within the area.
  • Frost: Niviera lowers the nearby temperature and condenses water particles around her. The resulting icy mist drains creatures of their vitality while slowing them as a thin layer of ice forms over their bodies.
Preferred Magical Construct type: Plants
Bio: In times of war, Shamans were meant to protect their people and their lands. In borrowing the power of the land, they stood between the verdant land and the broken battlefield it could become. Niviera had the potential to become a Shaman from a young age and learned from her village's greatest shaman. She learned to weave winds and summons rains quickly, but for all her potential she could never harness nature's wrath. Nor did she want to; she was perfectly happy with her weakness if it meant she could spend more time focusing on the healing arts. However, her teacher was fully intent on making her a true Shaman and sent her to the school to learn the ways of war. Niviera agreed, but she planned on turning this sentence into an opportunity to refine her talents and become an even greater healer.
Personality: Niviera's energy is as positive as the spells she casts. She's slow to anger, quick to forgive, and always happy to be around people. She is playful and has a mischievous streak, but rarely causes any lasting harm to anyone. She's empathetic to the point that not being able to help someone makes her feel physically sick. Niviera will even heal her enemies if they show no intention of attacking afterwards. She has absolutely no interest in hurting anyone, which mixed with her stubbornness makes teaching her any offensive spell a nightmare.
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A Moronic Oxymoron
ea6dd597f613bf41c136f0fcd21e9bf1.jpg (No Weapons)



Occupation (Teacher or Student)

Fire Elemental (Unbound)

Class Skill(s)
Searing Flame - Leena sears an enemy with flames.
Dragon's Breath - Leena spits flames from her mouth and damages anything in front of her.
Fire Storm - Leena explodes in a gout of intense flames, dealing damage ANYTHING caught inside this attack.
Fire Suppression - Leena cuts her attack power in half to double her cast speed.
Fireblast - Leena blasts an enemy with intense flames.
Mirror Image - Leena creates an exact copy of herself that shares her attacks. Each image she creates uses exactly half of her attack power. The more she creates, the weaker she gets. (The Mirrors also get their power halved as well.
Summon Living Flame - She can use a bit of her power to create a Living Flame that act as a guardian for a while. When the Living Flame dies, her power gets restored to her.

Passive Class Skills
Fire Immunity - She is completely immune to any fire-based attack.
Curse/Disease/Poison Immunity - Due to her Elemental race, she is immune to any type of curse, disease or poison.
Weakness to Water/Ice - Being a Fire Elemental, she has an inherent weakness to water or ice attacks.
Elemental - She is able to be bound to a sorcerer who is strong enough to bind her to their will. Alternatively, she can bind herself to someone she really likes and chooses to bind herself to. Binding herself removes Unbound Rage and Fire Eclipse and replaces them with Cauterize and Sun Scorch.
Leena uses a flaming touch to seal any open wounds to prevent further bleeding.
Leena scorches an enemy with heat equal to that of the sun.

Grand Ability/Abilities (Limit; 2)
Unbound Rage
- Giving in to the nature of an Unbound Elemental, she goes into a rage, increasing her attack power by nearly 10 times her normal power. However, she is unable to tell friend from foe and will attack anyone/anything that gets in her way.
Fire Eclipse (Passive Grand Ability) - If Leena enters Unbound Rage while the sun is out, her attack power is increased by a further 10 times and she also learns Jumping Fire for the duration.
If an enemy gets hit with this attack, and takes damage, the fire will jump to a new enemy and will repeat this process until the flame is extinguished or the flame is unable to jump again.

Preferred Magical Construct type
She doesn't want one.

Personality (Optional)
Leena is an open ended girl, normally happy. She has a strong drive to wanna get things done, she also has a strong drive to wanna make friends and would do anything to do so. She can, and will, get pissed from time to time and you wouldn't want an angry Fire Elemental after you.

Extra Info
Force Binding an Elemental puts a permanent lock on the amount of mana you can have. Whereas, Friend Binding one has no magical detriment to the sorcerer as the Elemental wants to be bound to you.
When you bind an Elemental, you automatically learn "Summon [Elementals name]" as a spell. This is where you can summon your elemental should they not be near you.​
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