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Fantasy β˜… 𝕣𝕑 𝕀𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕔𝕙 - π•—π•šπ•£π•– π•–π•žπ•“π•π•–π•ž π”Έπ•Œπ•€ β˜… (updated 1/17/24)


ikesoren rights

ikegif.gifI'm lacc - I've been rping and writing for ~7 years now. I would consider myself literate; my replies run the gamut from 400 words to 900 words, and I'm always looking to improve and will strive to match my partner! I am 21 years old and my ideal rp partner would be around that age. Please be at least 18 years old! EST is preferred. Please DM me with a writing sample!

I am looking only for Fire Emblem roleplay. I enjoy crossover (Heroes-esque/Engage-esque) plots, and I'm also down for rarepairs. I also don't mind if you play OCs, but I will (generally) not be playing OCs. I will state on my muse list who I'm comfortable shipping OC x Canon with (spoilers: it isn't Ike. Lol).

Ike (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn/Engage)
Can you tell I'm biased?

Ike is my favorite Fire Emblem character, and it's a fairly distant contest. He's great. We like Ike!

As for ships, Ike x Soren is a non-negotiable for me. It's the peak Fire Emblem ship IMO and I can't see Ike with anyone else. However, I'm totally down for platonic Ike RPs!

Leo (Fates/Warriors 1)
Ike is my favorite character, but Leo is my most played character. I've done several RPs with Leo, and I consider myself to be very good at playing him.

The only caveats: Niles x Leo is non-negotiable, and I prefer to play Leo as a villain (something like Mad King Leo from the Cipher Card Game). Not into LeoKumi, sorry!
Angst to the max with this one, y'all.

Anna (Like all of the games except for Tellius)
Newest character to my roster, but one I've been enjoying a lot! I've mostly played her younger form from Engage as well as AU versions of her.

No ship preferences, but platonic only for young Anna for obvious reasons.

I really like Anna, but you'll have to forgive me if I get a little OOC with her! I'm still learning her quirks and how to write her in character.


Xane (Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem)
The only character that I literally could not find a gif for. Womp womp.

Xane is a character that I've mostly got into playing by creating AUs. I just find his trickster personality, reluctance to trust humans and guardianship of Tiki to be SO charming.

This is my "ship with whoever" character - I do ask that it's a MxM ship, however, because of my headcanons! I do legitimately mean anyone, though; I've shipped him with Marth, Pandreo, and Fogado before. Why? Because it fit into the AU, that's why. Lol.

If you have a character you'd be interested in playing against that isn't listed, please let me know! I've played most of the games - these are just the characters I am most excited to play. I am also willing to double if you have a specific ship!


Please let me know if you have any plot ideas in DMs! Most of my plots will focus on playing multiple characters at once - please be comfortable with that or suggest your own plots!
  1. Multiverse RP: In the Outrealms - portals between worlds that exist beyond the boundaries of time and space - an ancient and malevolent force grows restless. Heroes from different Fire Emblem worlds, each bearing their own legendary tales, have been lured astray into these portals by a mysterious bard named Xane. The shape-shifting trickster from Archanea has been gathering heroes from different worlds to stop a chilling threat; the sacrificial rituals forcing heroes from their bodies into emblems. (If you're interested in this plot even a little bit, PLEASE reach out I have so much more on it, I just wanna leave room for other plots!)​
  2. Modern Mafia/Kingpin AU (Angsty, heavy subject matter): In the bright lights of the city, the first shots of a bitter drug war have rung out. Factions are pitted against each other in a secret underbelly of violence and chaos. Our characters are up-and-coming kingpins, running their business out of a measly apartment before finding themselves a part of this war (this could be a drug ring/assassination business/any sort of crime related thing). Grand Theft Auto inspired, sort of?​

I will update this with more plot ideas in the near future!

π•¨π•£π•šπ•₯π•šπ•Ÿπ•˜ π•€π•’π•žπ•‘π•π•–
For the first time in a long time, Xane felt the cool breeze of the sea brush his cheeks. The thick scent of fish and salt wafted from a cozy marketplace, just outside of the alley he and his young companion found themselves in. Xane looked behind to the portal of sand and heat and a lack of water that was fast closing. At least he could provide Anna with a proper meal here.

β€œWoah! One sec, little lady,” The hand that was interlocked with his own had broken free. β€œCan’t go runnin’ a fool in a brand new world.”

β€œWha- but, Xane! This is my element. These are my people,” Anna breathed in the crisp air. β€œWe gotta get out there and explore!”

β€œYou’re not goin’ anywhere like that,” Xane said, fishing through their meager belongings. Anna huffed and puffed as her guardian draped her favorite red cloak around her shoulders. The girl pulled her hood over her head as Xane made for his own cape.

β€œCan we go now?” Anna pleaded.

Xane let himself be pulled from the dark of the alley into daybreak. The colorful shops and the day-to-day haggling between merchant and patron had Anna dragging Xane along with the strength of a mighty axe wielder.

β€œYou’re pretty taken with this place,” Xane said.

β€œOf course I am! It’s a merchant’s dream,” Anna gushed. β€œPrime location, easy access to cargo boats - and regular business, to boot! What’s not to love?”

Xane nodded along, as if he understood anything she was saying. Humans were so funny, with their shameless love of creating wealth.

β€œToo crowded for my taste,” Xane admitted. β€œI’d take the underworld itself over another desert, though.”

Xane could not deny the lure of peace; it was a far cry from the Zofian deserts, with their unfriendly strongholds and unlivable conditions. Still, the deeper they walked into the crowds, the more uncomfortable Xane felt in his own skin. It was as if the entire town was appraising him; as if they knew something he did not.

β€œHey, you hungry?” Xane bent down to Anna’s level, pulling out a small satchel of gold. Anna enjoyed the clink of the coins as Xane dropped it into her open hands. β€œWhy don’t you go check out the food stalls?”

β€œHuh?” Anna’s brow furrowed. β€œYou mean, by myself?”

β€œβ€˜Course,” Xane said. β€œI’m gonna see if the inn nearby’s got any open rooms. Get me something good, β€˜kay?”

Anna’s gaze was downcast. A moment of awkward silence, then Xane cleared his throat.

β€œWhat’s eatin’ you, kid?” He asked. β€œFigured you’d be leapin’ with joy to run off and chat up the other merchants.”

β€œNo, no, I am! Really, it’s just…” Anna pocketed the gold and grabbed the hem of Xane’s cloak. β€œ...When will you be back? Soon?”

β€œFifteen minutes, tops,” Xane held out his pinky finger. β€œJust gonna secure us a bed and a roof over our heads. A real bed, too - not those old sacks in the forts.”

Anna beamed, interlocking their pinkies together.

β€œOkay! I’m gonna get us, um…” She tapped her chin in thought. β€œ...Some of that smoky fish, over there.”

The girl pointed towards a seafoam-colored stall, where a gruff man was waving around skewers of slightly burnt fish around like a loon.

β€œI’m gonna go right now, so hurry up before your food gets cold,” Anna waved as she bounced down the rugged path.

Xane waved back, before weaving into the crowd and heading west. His fast footsteps slowed as a crowd began to form. He peeked and prodded around, trying to get by, until a shout pierced through the masses.

β€œAttention, citizens! We've received reports of Crimean army stragglers hiding in this town! From this point forth, the Daein army will blockade all points of entry,” A soldier in jet black armor said. β€œNo one comes or goes without our leave! The harbor is also closed! No ships will be allowed to sail!”

Hushed uncertainties passed through the townspeople. Xane burned the soldier into his memory, noting the dents in his armor and the odd shape of his nose beneath his helmet.

β€œI smell trouble,” Xane thought. β€œNothin’ I can’t handle, though. We’ll slip right under their noses-”

Xane’s thoughts were broken by the shrill shrieking of a disgusted woman. The crowd was in an uproar and formed up towards its target - a man with the ears of an animal, being beaten in the street. Naga above - he was being beaten in the street.

β€œAnna,” His breath was a lump in his throat. He looked at the man a moment more, cursing himself before turning his back. β€œANNA!”

Before he could head to the stalls, however, a young man ran past him and knocked the wind out of the manakete. Wising up to the way this strange world worked, Xane readjusted his hood and took extra care to hide his ears with his hair.

β€œYou there! Daein soldier,” A man in the crowd called. β€œThere are some suspicious folk over here!”

Xane broke into a sweat as the soldiers boxed everyone into the chaos. With a crowd this large, shapeshifting was out of the question - he stood on his toes to try and find his travel companion over the crowd, but the familiar mop of red hair was nowhere to be found. He looked between the young man and his cohorts, to the Daein troops and a wild group of town vigilantes that had formed. Xane’s blood ran cold.

Thank you for reading this far!! I look forward to hearing from you.


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