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RP recruitment

Ben Douglas

Diet Dew, grapes, and my 3DS= My Life
Hey guys what's up? Palecorn here! I have a few RP ideas that I want to share with you guys and I want to RP with all of those whom wish to RP with me. I need one girl for each different setting/plot, because they are to be Romance RPs. PS, you can mix and match the settings and plots however you want, as long as it isn't already taken.


High School




Mid Evil Times

Camelot BEFORE King Arther


Gallant (Knight and Princess)

Forbidden Love (Cliché I know)

Life (Boy meets Girl)

Tourist and Liver (Tourist meets a person he/she likes but that person live in that place)

Warfare (The two different places that the character live in are at war, but they fall in love. Also cliche I know)

The Help (One person helps the other out and they fall in love)

Thank you for reading this if you did. Comment if you want to be one of my RP partners in one of these RPs. Remember, you can mix and match the Settings and the Plots all you like, as long as that RP setting/plot isn't already taken.


Music soothes the savage beast
I would love to RP with you! The Help set in medieval times sounds very interesting to me.


Be foolish & have fun
Hello there! I would love to RP one of your ideas. The Gallant idea in Camelot seems like it would be awesome or maybe The Help in Chicargo? Either one of them sticks out and I would happy to roleplay any of them with you.

Ben Douglas

Diet Dew, grapes, and my 3DS= My Life
Ok. I'm gonna need to see our OC. Oh, here is another rule; I DON'T care if you have one liners. I really don't care if it is a one liner or a 15 liner.

Also, this is my RP key:

*= Action

"= speak

( )= out of RP

You don't have to follow this key if you don't want to.

Ben Douglas

Diet Dew, grapes, and my 3DS= My Life
Here is an example for my RPing style; "She is cute," I think. *I stand up and walk to my locker* (That I how I RP. After the ""s, I'll say; "" I say. Or "" I think.


Be foolish & have fun
[QUOTE="Ben Douglas]The Help was already called. Gallant in Camelot is great.

Cool cool! I am happy to do that then!

Ben Douglas

Diet Dew, grapes, and my 3DS= My Life
Name: Alex

Age: 18

Appearance: Wears casual clothes, refusing to wear royal clothes.

Des.: Often slips away and is often in the commons, jumping off of stuff and climbing.

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