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Avenger in Training
Hello to all of you lovely writers out there! I've been away from roleplaying for almost a year now due to personal reasons and just an overall crazy schedule at work. Everything has settled out now and I am on the search for new partners (or even old ones who want to start something up again)! I am fairly laid back and easy to get along with, but of course I have some expectations and rules.


1. I would prefer for you to be over 18 since I am as well

2. Let me know your limits and I will always respect them.

3. I write in 3rd person, past tense and would prefer if you did the same.

4. Must write at least 2-3 paragraphs per character. I can not stand one liners as they do not give me enough to work with. I am comfortable with writing up to 1,000 words per side if you are more into novella style. I will usually just match whatever length you are comfortable with.

5. Must double and be willing to play both male and female characters as I am willing to doing the same. Open to M/F, F/F, and M/M.

6. Reply at least once a week and that is fine by me. I understand that life gets busy and will not hound you for replies.

7. Grammar and spelling isn't a big problem, as long as I can understand what you are trying to say.

8. Not all roleplays need to have romance if you are not into that. I am open to and sometimes am even looking for family dynamics/friendships instead. Even if I decide I want a platonic relationship for my side, you can always still have romance for yours.


Now that we have all of that out of the way, if you are still interested, here is a list of some of the fandoms I am interested in. If something isn't listed you can still ask as I might have just forgotten about it. In bold is the role that I am interested in playing. Pairings with * means I am really craving it.


MCU (up to date on all movies)
- Steve Rogers X OC ****
-Steve Rogers X Natasha Romanoff
-Tony Stark X OC ****
-Tony Stark X Pepper Potts
- Clint Barton x Kate bishop

The Greatest Showman
-Phillip Carlyle X OC ****

Now You See Me 1 or 2
- J Daniel Atlas X OC


-Rip Wheeler x OC ***

NCIS/NCIS LA (up to date, but prefer older seasons)
- Tony DiNozzo X OC
-Leroy Jethro Gibbs X OC
-G Callen X OC *****
-Marty Deeks X OC

Rescue Special Ops
-Dean Gallagher x OC ********
-Dean Gallagher X Lara Knight ******

Orange is the New Black (Up to date)
- Alex Vause X OC

Criminal Minds
- Aaron Hotchner x OC
-Derek Morgan x OC

Burn Notice
-Michael Weston X OC ****
-Michael Weston X Fiona Glenanne

-Paul Briggs X OC ****
-Paul Briggs X Charlie Demarco ***
-Johnny Tuturro X OC

Rookie Blue
Sam Swarek X OC
Sam Swarek X Andy McNally

Ryan Booth X OC

Chicago Fire
Kelly Severide X OC

Grey's Anatomy
Owen Hunt X OC ***
Jackson Avery X OC

I'd be more than happy to do a Greatest Showman roleplay with you and I have experience playing Phillip.

I'm 27, pretty active and I have about 15 years roleplaying experience. Long-term is certainly my preference if possible!
I would love to do a Greys anatomy rp with you! I'm over 18 and my LI would be Alex Karev

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