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One x One ritual



clinically insane

seven ronove

neverending whimsy.




21st november


192 cm / 6'3


cashier, security guard, stocker, warehouse worker, construction worker, taxi driver, + more..

how much of my father am i destined to become. will i dim the lights inside me just to satisfy someone. how much of my love will be insane to some degree. will i let this man kill me, or do away with jealous love. will it wash out in the water, or is it always in the blood.

i choked on such longing

a greedy man at heart. whatever he wants not even the devil can stop him from getting it. he who will spend his useless life span fighting against something that holds no matter, a leech bastard who seems to never let anything go. thousands of years of living yet no lessons have been learned. selfish and unforgiveful as ever. better pray our paths don't cross.

years spent alive, yet the money had yet seemed to be flowing in, the bright path of money and success will be something that he will never see, regardless of whether or not he lives another hundred thousand years. so very prone to getting addicted to stuff that could easily kill a human — the sweet taste of nicotine, the bitter exhilaration that makes him feel actually alive.

seven is the poison to himself, bitter and cruel. longing for a sense of belonging and tenderness he will never seem to experience. after all, who would love an unpassionate and indelicate man like him? all the flaws seem to keep flowing in.

i couldn't spit it out

Before the Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut

♡coded by uxie♡


matcha girl

。 ゚ (T ヮ T) ゚。

leo reinhart

divine mystery.


twenty four.


4th may


6' (185 cm)


CEO for one of his father's company.

blessed be you, promised to me by a man who can only feel hatred and contempt towards you. i am no good nor evil, simply i am, and i have come to take what is mine. i was there in the dark when you spilled your first blood. i am here now as you run from me still. run then, you can't hide from me forever

we make horrible mistakes

a lovely boy shielded from the world. life has always been easy, whatever he wants, whatever he gets. a rich boy in a rich family, with his father still alive, he can do whatever he wants without fear of consequences. an uncomplicated mess filled with longing and desire for something different, a challenging yet addictive feeling. someone who will burn his heart to oblivion, a dangerous yet fiery passion.

leo is so very easily spotted, standing out even in a crowded room filled with all diverse kind of people, the brightly shining nonsensical young man will still be the highlight of the room. a vibrant image well fitting with his good looks, magnetic aura that allure everyone nearby into a trance-like fascination towards him, flocking onto leo like mosquitoes to a bright lamp in a dark room.

no matter how many people he surrounds himself with, the unbearable feeling of loneliness never seem to escape leo. he who walks alone in a path filled with people who never seem to understand him, but then again it's not being understood that he wants. a provocative problem appearing in his life ruining the calm momentum is really what he yearns for.

that's how we learn

Help Me Lose My Mind And Turn Me Crazy.

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