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Rise of the Chroniclers(Open!)


The Very Tired Student
As civilization continued to grow and develop, so too have the monsters. They had grown too lazy, telling themselves that as long as they have their magic, the monsters would never threaten the survival of humanity. They built walls and towers, thinking the monsters wouldn't get past but they did. They forged swords and armor, developed their spells, and formed their armies but they weren't enough. A warrior could only do so much against the hordes of monsters that lived in the wilderness. They simply weren't enough.

Knowing that the monsters would one day overwhelm them, the leaders of society were forced to plan ahead. Somehow, they needed to fight back against the threat looming in the distance and they needed to act fast. A group was to be formed.

A group of highly skilled men and women brought together for the sole purpose of eradicating the threat of monsters.

Concerns were raised, of course.

"What if they try to overthrow the very kingdoms that they serve?"

"What if they fail?"

"What about the lives of these young men and women?"

All the concerns were shrugged off. "If we fail to act now, then we will lose. Not today, not tomorrow, not next week. But we will lose eventually."

Hello! This is a somewhat reboot of an old RP I was part of with a good friend who isn't active anymore. After some chatting he agreed I can reboot and change some story aspects.
Rise of the Chroniclers is a fantasy RP with a Pathfinder/D&D feel as a party of adventurers goes out and takes down vicious and powerful creatures (not your standard goblins, we're talking BIG BOIS).
The party will play as the Chroniclers, exceptional people chosen (against their will other than the one or two nationalist characters if so chosen) and given a "gift."

There is a lot of magic and character design, and I will be moderating the events that occur such as monsters or quests available to the Chroniclers.
Currently, I'm thinking a max of 8 people including myself in order to allow cool writing moments for every character.
Anyone interested? Let me know!

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Since I can't itch my D&D scratch in real life (silly time commitments), may I give your role play a try? I have a couple character ideas kicking around that need a reason to be given life.


All my intelligence points were spent on birds
Hey this would be super cool I have way too many character idea and not nearly enough campaigns to play them all in!
I find myself curious what makes someone a Chronicler. Is it something that they all share, or is it something specific to each character that makes them exceptional?


The Very Tired Student
I find myself curious what makes someone a Chronicler. Is it something that they all share, or is it something specific to each character that makes them exceptional?
Thank you for your interest! A Chronicler is made a Chronicler by a special “Mark” that is forcibly placed on them through a ritual. It gives them a unique ability that surpasses normal everyday magic or skills but it also comes with a critical weakness


The Very Tired Student
Looks interesting, but what's the boundary between the chronicler's powerful magic and everyday normal magic?
So most people have magic, but they don’t hone it or learn more. A skilled person can use it fairly well.
A chronicler however gains a unique ability associated with their personality. If your character uses a lot of magic, then that ability would go with your magic. Someone who excels at healing light magic might gain the ability to cast it instantly without the need to take time and concentrate

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