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Help Requesting help from a coder! [OPEN]


The Real
Hello once again!

I'm searching for any coder who can code an interest check for me!
A few things;
- I have no hard deadline. I only ask for regular updates
- Prices and rates can be discussed privately. I'm a firm believer artists should be paid for their work
- I don't know why I said a few things. That's all I really have to say
- If you feel like taking up the request, please add me at gurt#5103 on discord to discuss further!!!

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

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The Real
I am once again asking for your support.

- Hard Sci-Fi concept
- More specifics and details able to be discussed privately
- All previous points in main post still relevant


The Real
Little bump because I just realised I had out of date contact info(how professional of me 😩), my old discord was put up there not my current one.

I've edited now but I'll put it here as well; gurt#5103

Offer is still open!

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