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Discussion in 'The Colosseum' started by RpNation, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. ok
  2. Any particular preference on character power scale?
  3. Not really.
  4. OK. I think I've settled on a character to use. Just need to do a bit of polishing.
  5. I'll do one of someone wants to... if this is still a thing..
  6. PotatoGod, I'm calling you out!

    Power Scale: Mortal Kombat.

    Type: Any.

    You game?
  7. Oooh! Sounds like it will be fun. Up for a third fighter, possibly?
  8. anyone want a match?
  9. I'm quite interested in having ranked match.
  10. Anyone wanna do a match? 
  11. I think I'll destroy any challengers in a heartbeat. Wanna prove me wrong? PM. 
  12. So, anyone feeling up for a ranked match?
  13. If any are interested I would love to partake in a spar! :D
  14. U.G.F is back. Better than ever.

    Does anyone want to do a ranked match?
  15. Me
  16. anyone sure ill do one.

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