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Discussion in 'The Colosseum' started by RpNation, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Thepotatogod

    Thepotatogod Captain 'Polendina' Potatoes

  2. Become

    Become Active Member

    Any particular preference on character power scale?
  3. Thepotatogod

    Thepotatogod Captain 'Polendina' Potatoes

    Not really.
  4. Become

    Become Active Member

    OK. I think I've settled on a character to use. Just need to do a bit of polishing.
  5. Infinity Roamer

    Infinity Roamer 0% RP Sucess

    I'll do one of someone wants to... if this is still a thing..
  6. Spemout

    Spemout The Damned Blade

    PotatoGod, I'm calling you out!

    Power Scale: Mortal Kombat.

    Type: Any.

    You game?
  7. Transcendentalism-

    Transcendentalism- New Member

    Oooh! Sounds like it will be fun. Up for a third fighter, possibly?
  8. KAmber

    KAmber Snakeyes!

    anyone want a match?
  9. The Golden Lion

    The Golden Lion Athena's Gold Saint

    I'm quite interested in having ranked match.
  10. Vive La France

    Vive La France War... War never changes

    Anyone wanna do a match? 
  11. KAmber

    KAmber Snakeyes!

  12. KurtH6355

    KurtH6355 Your mom (ooooooooooo)

    I think I'll destroy any challengers in a heartbeat. Wanna prove me wrong? PM. 
  13. Zoltan

    Zoltan Mass Effect is love, Mass Effect is life.

    So, anyone feeling up for a ranked match?
  14. If any are interested I would love to partake in a spar! :D

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