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Help Request: looking for a coder


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Hello! I was wondering if anyone here could make a simple(?) post format for me. (not exactly sure if it is actually easy or not)

Basically it would have images on the side, which when clicked would bring up a little pop-up that could be closed again when clicked again. Any help would be appreciated <3 It doesnt have to be mobile friendly, but that would be a huge bonus!
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Technically with accordions, it could be possible, but it would come with the cost that it would be impossible to make it mobile responsive. Unless the images have 20 pixels for width it would make it insanely difficult for the text to have any space on a smaller screen as well.

I can offer to make it if you don't need the info chatbox. The problem with that is the fact that tabs wouldn't be possible, since you need to close them when clicked. Tabs just don't have that functionality. This is why accordions could do the job, but that would destroy the mobile functionality completely.

Which will it be?

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