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  • intro

    the unknown

    dirty south


    n the small town of Amaretta Key, life is nothing short of simple. Or so it seems that way from the outside looking in.

    A peaceful town with an even more peaceful nightlife. Nothing ever seems to go wrong in Amaretta Key, apart from the occasional hooligan playing pranks on the local shop owners. The place you want your kids to grow up, the place that feels like home.

    That is all about to change, when a group of less-fortunate college students find the body of Hugh Gruber, a world-class fisherman who had gone missing months before during a fishing tournament. His body was found along with many belongings, including a notebook with research of a shipwreck, which is rumored to have harbored more than 300 million dollars worth of gold. If they were to find it, their lives would be changed forever.

    But how did the body get there? What secrets were there to tell? Where was this hidden treasure?
    Why has it remained undiscovered? So many unanswered questions.

    The police are extremely secretive about this discovery. In fact, they ban the group from ever speaking of it, and tell them to never return to the crime scene. What are they really hiding?

    Through quarrel and brawl, one thing is for certain. They must stick together at all costs. Whatever it takes.


    Welcome to Rags to Riches! This rp is loosely based off of the show Outer Banks. This is something Iโ€™ve wanted to do for a while, however couldnโ€™t find the words to write. Thank you for your interest!!




head shakinโ€™



mystery, adventure



spots open




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ooo the Brainiac or Trouble roles are so good
Brawler and Richie Rich sound fun. I'd be down for a murder mystery
hello! If either trouble, brainiac, or brawler are still open I'd love to write with you all.
hello! If either trouble, brainiac, or brawler are still open I'd love to write with you all.
theyโ€™re all open until one person is accepted! itโ€™s not first come first served.
orpheus. orpheus. Aridis Aridis SavannahSmiles SavannahSmiles FelixTheCat FelixTheCat
discord is now open - locations are a wip but otherwise, see you guys there! iโ€™ll have the cs page up here in a bit!
cs thread is up lovely guys and gals!!
itโ€™s still open! you can join the discord!!

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