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Futuristic Progress as Tau Shall v2: IC



Your Mantas have been deposited on the spinward front of the newly surveyed sector Savris Delta. (That's the right side of the map to be specific) -- Column 7 as indicated on the map below.


Send forth your probes to various subsectors and gather information about the planets and installations in this new frontier. Solve crises and dilemmas where you can find them that are obstacles to lifeforms joining the greater good. You have limited resources but almost unlimited agency in how you carry out your objectives, commander -- Represent the Tau'Va and honor the Ethereals in your actions to spread the Greater Good.

Players are encouraged to introduce their characters/factions as well as declare what subsectors they are sending probes to, to bring back information.
Task forces MAY be deployed anywhere in the 7th column, but sending personnel or forces to alien worlds without intel is deeply discouraged.
Once information on a planet is gathered and it's obstacles to assimilation understood, You superiors have no doubt you will prevail in your tasks ahead.

Beware -- Ork "Squeaker-Squigs" -- a kind of Greenskin rallying probe, have been detected in "empty hexes" in the NE quadrant of this sector. This presents an unknown but real chance that Orks will at least cursorily inspect this sector in the future. Large Scale war with the Orks is NOT sought or encouraged. Other spacefaring races may be present in the sector, though there is little evidence to support any large scale presence of Tech Level 5 technology that could directly compare to ours.

Be on your guard, and remember both the doctrine of the Patient Hunter, and that of the Killing Blow.


???? - Wreck of Tau manta „sudden lantern“ - Hex 0508

Turn 1


„Air One to Fire One, we are getting continous readings of airborne chemical compounds in your area, report your status.“

„Fire One to Air One, we are proceeding as scheduled. Integrated breathalyzers do not detect any immediate environmental hazard. All units advancing to last checkpoint.“

„Confirmed, Fire One. We will input the last door codes via your drones.“

„Roger that, we are...thats... Air One, we have confirmed vision on a survivor, moving ahead!“

„Whats the status on the survivor?“

„No visible injuries, barely conscious. Civilian. Female. Earth Caste.“

„Move to secure and evacuate survivor, Fire One.She might be the only witness to what happened.“

„Confirmed, will initiate medical sequence and – GET DOWN! FIRE, EVERYOAAARRGHHHH!“

„Fire one?! Fire one, what is happening?!“


„What is that?! Bring it down!“

„FIRE ONE?! Evacuate! Evacuate now!“

„We are surrounded, the Shas'Ui has been – AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!“

„Fire one? Fire... one... ? By the ethereals, there is just gunfire and screaming...“

„Please.... please no... nononooooo, what is thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....rgh.....kchz....rrrrrrrgggg....“


„Oh, pardon my manners... have I crushed your little toy? You need that to call for help, don't you? Well, well, what a shame...“, a raspy voice slowly and melodically sounded over the pained groans of the last remaining fire warrior. Desperately, the Tau tried to crawl away, his hands clawing at the cold metal floor, for his legs had already been taken by the blade of the grotesque figure behind him. The massive warrior could have easily caught up with his prey, but he chose a much slower pace, casually strolling behind the terrified soldier. Heavy steps echoed through the corridor where the rest of the fire team lay dead, disfigured and broken. „Come on, you can doit. Reach for that gun...“, he enticed his prey, not even attempting to mask his amusement at the pitiful display.
Just before the fire warrior could grab his boarding rifle, he was yanked away again, dragged by the stump where his left leg had been. His scream only ended when he was sharply forced onto his back and thus to look at the creature towering above him, for his fear choked awayany attempt of articulation. He could feel his throat close up and as the abomination ripped off his helmet, the feeling increased tenfold. A sweet musk lay heavy in the air, causing the poor Tau to feel like razor wires were being ran around his neck and pulled tight. Soon, the armored warrior grabbed him by his front plate and lifted him up effortlessly, so he was forced to stare into blood-shot eyes and behold the wicked grin of the Paladin Valaton.

The Tau stared into a mutilated visage, where eyelids, lips and ears were long missing. A wide, sinewy grin formed as Valaton licked his long tongue over his black teeth. „It is rude to leave us so soon... first, you ought to answer us a few questions...“, he once again spoke very slowly, his voice changing cadence and gravel with every word he uttered. Still, the Tau couldn't dare take a breath and his visible discomfort only widened the grin. „Dearest apologies... it is kind of hard for you to talk right now... let me fix that...“, Valaton softly whispered, before casually dropping the fire warrior back to the ground. The impact send shock throughout his body, but somehow his breath came back and the sweet scent was gone. The Tau shivered in fear as he looked up to behold the full size of the Paladin. His power armor covered most of his body, but notably the left arm was left free and countless wounds and missing chunks of skin over the thick muscles became obvious. Small tentacles would sprout here only to wither away with the next breath taken by Valaton. Another armored figure handed Valaton a serrated whip, the grip – adorned with a shrunken head mid scream - fitting perfectly into the hand where all the fingernails were missing. With just a small movement, the whips crack cut through the halls. „Now... you shall tell me some names... it will be a fun little game...“, Valaton mused, as he approached the firewarrior again. „I will ask for a name... the name of someone important to your... pitiful endeavours in this sector... and you will reveal what their role is...“, he slowly explained. „Everytime I don't get a satisfactory answer, the whip will crack down on you... everytime you do give an answer I like, the whip will lash out at me...“, the rules were layed out with delight and anticipation.
Slowly, Valaton ran the spikes over his tongue, small tentacles sprouting and grabbing for it to prolong the sensation for however long they could. Then, his face turned serious and he looked straight at the Tau. „I would like a name now. What name and story will you tell me?“


Valaton bowed deeply and slowly got on one knee before pushing the communicator spike into his hand. His head twisted for a few seconds, before he could hear the voice of his master. „What progress do you report?“, a dreadful presence howled at him and the Paladin shuddered blissfully. „This vessel attracted the wrong foe. Disgusting filth, but they still provided useful information.“, Valaton answered vaguely at first. „The wrong foe?“, a disgruntled voice asked back and the mutilated warrior smiled, as he shared visions of what had transpired inside the derelict manta.
„Ohhhh.... so they think they can prosper here for some... greater good. So much false hope and misguided ambition. How delightful...“, Valaton soon received an answer and he could feel a sense of prophetic enlightenment overcoming his master. It was faint, but the connection barely allowed him to feel that his place in the quest to come had just changed.
„Those names you learned... Sa'Moray... Kaisa... Eldi Cadaan... Kessan... Victor Wrathdale...“, the voice started musing. „All despicable filth.“, Valaton agreed, before feeling a pain yet unknown to him sear through the spiked hand. „Still, they might prove useful. And one of them has wronged me in the past... “ - „Who would dare...?“ - „Silence! They were ignorant to their deed... which doesn't absolve the crime. I will think of a fitting punishment in time. For now... you must change your course. There are more souls to reap than we had imagined. It is your privilege to lead that charge, while we await the great foes next move. I want... I WANT!... what used to be theirs...“ - „I understand, Master. Your will be done.“ - „Excellent, my dear Valaton. Now excuse me, I have matters at court to attend.“ - „Yes, Master. Without delay.“
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TURN 1 - Cassyon

A persuasive record of Cassyon's reasoning to the first of the mutinous techpriests is available...
"Reject thought and become component else-wise embrace the same nothing which awaits. Choose between knowing nothing or doing nothing. Such was the Cult Mechanicus mandate, and such was the mandate to those outside Mechanicus protection. Ironic, for a son of Mars to rebel in the face of binary existence. No more. A corpse emperor, be he messiah, messenger, true man, or false prophet; decays. Finality is about the Throne. Logic, Hereteks, and view the terrible necessity: change."

Further reading for the discerning techpriest is laid out, in case one is curious for a review of the good Magos' logic.

1) Imperial Truth was relinquished for Imperial Creed, ergo progress halted.

Progress is halted, ergo Mars does not pursue logic or investigation.

Mars makes no true logic or investigation, ergo the Omnissiah is repressed.

The Omnissiah is repressed, ergo Mars has erred.

Scenario demands rectification. Ergo, sectioning of the Explorator techpriests occurred.

2) Imperial Truth was relinquished for Imperial Creed, ergo progress is halted.

Progress is halted, ergo Mars will never rectify the Immaterium.

Mars will never rectify the Immaterium, ergo the Emperor is the last known plausibility.

The Emperor is the last known plausibility, ergo his entropization must be reversed.

Scenario incalculably improbable. Weapons besides Him must be found.​

After arriving in Tau space, the Hereteks had their debriefing. The initial actions of Cassyon were summarily: studying as a Student of Kou'yon, negotiating balance of the Omnissiah and Greater Good with Tau leadership, and finding the primaris crate on the space hulk during the test voyages of the manta. It was not an easy feat to move the crate onboard the manta, and it was made harder negotiating with the Tau earth caste to not try to force the crate open. Cassyon explained the likelihood of internal failsafes that may destroy what is inside in case of forced entry. That had been difficult to impress upon the Tau, but they accepted. Now, the manta is preparing for the next phase of its journey. The hereteks are being sent rimward on the next sphere of expansion, to either fail... Or to prosper, as Tau shall.

Cassyon was elected Magos of his fragment, instead of having been one before deserting the Imperium. He will need to grow his stock of tools, knowledge, and experience. He is eager to live up to the aspirations which have been imagined for him, and to build power as well as respect.

It has been brought to the attention of Magos Cassyon that 'heretek' may in time reveal complications, either in drawing others of the cult or in giving the wrong impression to Tau. A proper name should be selected. Differences have emerged in the middle ranks over what the new name should be. Because the heretek desertion was in part caused by logical conclusions that the Cult Mechanicus was not living up to what the original Mechanicum of Mars had envisioned after the signing of the Treaty of Olympus Mons, some argue that Mechanicum should be adopted as a return to cultural origin. Those who disagree believe that the cult should select the name Blue Cultists because of their alliance with the Tau. Drafts of a spiffy blue badge have been considered should Blue Cult be adopted. Supporters of the title Blue Cult also reason that blue goes well with red.

The cultists may have separated themselves from the Imperium, but the cultural influence of the Imperium on Mars would not be cut away so easily. The Tau manta has become full of workshops, technical clutter, and storage. Red tapestry depicting Mars' rebuilding after the Dark Age of Technology flowed down from high bulkhead walls. Engineering had become a quasi-sanctum of solitude, where priests go to roll out fresh paper and wax purity seals to affix to new machines. The Tau's 'territory' were the only unaffected decks, and the fire caste warriors were in constant irritation at the disorder. Irritation became mutual after the fire caste said as much, and the tech priests responded with algebric calculations of how the optimal defensive firing positions were still not impeded by the pomp and circumstance.

Other happenings aboard the manta ship include general fascination with the uninhibited trains of thought Tau support staff are allowed to enjoy. An air of cold, calculated, joy is visible in techpriests as they eagerly turn laboratory prototypes to and fro, drinking in the details and taking measurements all at once. Innovation is uncharted territory for these wayward red scions. Magos Cassyon is happy to be free, but is mindful of just how little he knows of how little he knows. Gross experimentation will not be undertaken, to be sure, until tools, means, and supplies are readily available... As well as fresh armies to contain experiments.

Regardless of name: Cult Mechanicus, Mechanicum, or Blue Cult--Martian culture still heavily envelops them. As they prepared to undertake their next steps, the engine room of the manta filled with the cloaked figures of skitarii, priests, and silent servitors. From behind mechanical masks and glowing optics, modulated voices took up a chorus to wake the machine spirit within the manta, lowly and slowly.

Heart of iron, heart of cold,
In His mind, your form fortold,
Quick now, spark aw-wake

Heart of steel, hopes and steam,
Never falter, never scheme,
Quick now, flame aw-wake,

Burn now bright, both hot and true,
Weightless, massless, let none rue,
Quick now, be away-kened.

PROBE SYSTEMS: -> 0606, on approach

1. 0606 is scouted.

2. 0606 is contacted. They are offered membership in the Tau Empire. The Cult is interested in trading for their data on nearby subsectors.

BONUS CASTE ACTION: Fire caste, mil. deployment technically. If the orbital ruin is temporarily concealed from telescopes allowing covert deployment, the fire caste is sent to investigate it and find out what happened.
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Turn 1

Kaisa stared out into the darkness of space, his hands behind his back as the cold metal of his cybernetic arm was a stark reminder of the mortality of his body. Somewhere out there, in that vast expanse, was his sister. He had been surprised when he had heard of her selection for this mission. Surprised and worried. Her place was safe, creating her wonders where nothing could get to her. Time had changed him, molded him.. Broken him. He did not wish for her to share that fate, the front was not a place for his sister. Worst of all, she was nearly on the opposite end of the star sector as he. He would not be able to get to her if something happened. That knowledge made sleep difficult. The fact that TH33D had been stationed in the same system did nothing to lessen his worries. Kaisa liked TH33D and his bots, they were quirky and odd, and reminded him of Koko, but their place should have been at her side. Protecting her. Shielding her from what she may see in this place. But the orders of the Ethereal were absolute, all he could hope was that she wouldn't try to touch every poisonous plant or animal she found. The sector would simply need to be brought to heel quickly, the sooner it was done, the quicker she could go back home.

"Shas'El," a voice called from behind, pulling him from his daze.

Kaisa half turned to face the bridge, the lights of the consoles and holographic displays keeping the room dim, Shas'Vre M'Rhen stood behind him, a pathfinder helmet tucked under her arm as her long red hair fell behind her in a sweeping braid.

"Shas'Vre M'Rhen, report."

"The J'Kaara are locked and loaded, we are ready to launch," she said stiffly, her mouth opened to say something but closed.

"Speak freely, Shas'Vre."

"Shas'El, this is too reckless, we have not gotten readings back from the probe... I advise again that patience is the path here," she said, her voice tight and concise, going over ground it had already tread.

"Your opinion is noted, Shas'Vre, go, and prepare."

M'Rhen gave a stiff bow before her face disappeared within her helmet, "As you will, Shas'El."

As M'Rhen's form vanished across the bridge, Kasia reached out to the nothingness at his right side and his fingers touched metal.. "Leftie, do you think I am being rash?"

From the air materials a four legged creature, a canine of some sort completely covered in armor, the hound said nothing but pressed its back into his caress, "Well, I know you are for it, old friend. Let us avoid holes this time, shall we? I'd rather not find out what Koko believes are inside sandwiches."

Current Location

Probe System
Scouting tile 601

Action 1
Kaisa will send a team to scout the Orbital Ruin around the Planet [If he doesn't know that exist, just land it on the planet].

The manta will 'cut power' on the way in to drift in using its momentum to try and lessen its scanner profile to be 'stealthy'. A stealth suit team will be sent in first to scout and secure the LZ before the taskforce and Kaisa will enter to scout [take over if station, establish secret field base if planet]

Committed Forces
Kaisa and two heroes [XV-22 Stealth Suits]
Kroot Hound Leftie [Stealth Suit]
Fire Caste 'J'Kaara' Taskforce
Descriptor: Covert

If all goes well, Kaisa will use his arm to try to data-jack the ruin to find out more about it [if applicable].

Action 2
Joint Training Exercise.

Enoulian Taskforce and one of the Tallerian Taskforces will engage in mock skirmishes with TH33D's forces to prepare for combat focusing on 'urban' combat if possible.
Enoulian Descriptor: Precision Weapons
Tallerian Descriptor: Assault

Bonus Action [Bonus Deployment]
The last Aux taskforce of Tallerians will be on standby to provide support to the Stealth Team if they get into trouble.

Tallerian Taskforce
Descriptor: Heavy Weapons
Victor Wrathdale - Lord Captain.jpg
Victor Wrathdale
Turn 01

The emptiness of space shimmers with the light of dead stars, whose very existence has possibly already snuffed out ages before but only now is reaching this point in space. There is a shudder and tear in space as unreality spills forth from it. An ornate vessel emerges from the tear before the wound in reality suddenly snaps shut like a hungry maw behind the vessel. Running lights start to come on along the hull as its void shields come back fully online and system checks begin.

"Helm, status report?" Lord Captain Victor Wrathdale requested from his Captain's Throne as it rotates towards the main viewports as armored shielding begins to drop a way.

"We've successfully completed translation back to reality, Lord Captain. Decks are reporting in, no complications at this time," replied the Void Master from his command station before he was already shouting orders to his crew pits.

"A fortuitous arrival," Shas'El Starfire said as he regards the crew at work before looking up at the Lord Capatain on his throne.

"Skill is what that is, Shas'El. Pure skill from years of struggling against the Hades Torrent to keep our homeworld supplied with what goods we can bring in," Victor declares grandly as he raises and clenches his hand into a fist. "Mr. Fibuli, get that probe dispatched and for the love of the Emperor, get us on silent running! Deploy the sails!" Victor shouts dramatically while standing and casting that clenched fist out in a gesture of command.

The vast voidship shudders as those commands are obeyed, its engines going cold even as panels starts to shift and open. Vast, diaphanous wings of alien material deploy along spines of wraithbone and psychoplastic that somehow managed to successfully meld with the hull of the Persephone. The vast sails shift and start to catch solar wind as it begins a slow advance.

"Enginseer, amplify the probe's search, let's not waste our arrival and quiet advance," Victor orders as he descends the stairs towards the Shas'El even as a Water Caste diplomat comes onto the bridge. Nearby, a man in crimson robes whose face is a chrome skull with glowing eyes bows his head before silently conveying his commands to his own subordinates to ensure the Lord Captain's orders are obeyed. Just as Victor was master of Hades, he was also master of the Persephone and its crew.

"Do you think we'll find Orks here, Lord Captain?" Por'El Tidechaser asked as he greets the Shas'El and overly dramatic Rogue Trader.

"Whose to say, they haven't bothered slinging themselves into the Hades Torrent. But the rumors of them lurking in the Sector North are problematic. We'll have to see what my people can find here. From there we'll just have to work with what we come acress," Victor stated as he strokes his trimmed beard thoughtfully. "Emperor forbid we get them worked up for a fight. My House lost a number of assets fighting off one of their ridiculous Waaaghs centuries ago before the warp storms hit."

"I have to agree with the Lord Captain. We should check and avoid inspiring a wave of Ork aggression into the region. Any intelligence we gather can at least prove valuable to the expansion as a whole. It will warn the others of any dangerous regions we will come across," Shas'El Starfire said as he rests his hand on the ceremonial blade he wore at his side to signify his command status.

"See, I told you us Wrathdales know what we're doing. We've survived thus far and perhaps we'll keep it up. Now excuse me, Its time to address the crew," Victor declares with a laugh as he struts over the the vox station and grabs the main emitter. The entire ship shudders as a bosun whistle signals to command the attention of the crew.

"Most noble voidsmen of the Persephone, we have made it! I salute in for your skill in getting us all to our destination and surviving yet another voyage through the Hades Torrent! Huzzah! I command a ration of premium grog be made available to all shifts as reward for your most fine dedication!" The ship practically shudders with cheers at the reward and commendation. Victor just flashes a smile over at the Tau who seem incredulous at the bluster and theatrics of this man who'd seemingly managed to somehow hold command over an entire hive and this escort vessel.

"We have officially entered Astones Omicron, rife with riches and plunder that will help us to keep Hades on its feet. We shall seek those riches even as we fulfill our most noble obligations to our Tau allies! We shall bring order to the stars for them and the Emperor! The Light is on our side and the Omnissiah blesses our ongoing steps into the void! Know that each and every one of you are set to profit from this, that your shares will be honored no matter the cost! Are you with me?!?" Victor demands and he clicks a toggle for the ship's voxcasters to go live. There is a roar of support and praises to the Emperor. "That's the spirit! Onwards to glooooory!"

Victor finally closes the channel and sets the emitter down with a sigh, taking a moment to adjust his uniform as he walks back to the still baffled Tau. They were still adjusting to his antics and behaviors. The man acted more like some ringmaster in a circus with such displays, but it seemingly worked for the crew of the Persephone were bustling with enthusiasm. It was hard to tell if the man was truly a blustering fool or a level of manipulative that made them seriously concerned about his deeper capabilities. His surviving the Deep Rebellions of Hades and suppressing them after taking power warned them he was likely the second sort.​

Location: 700

Probe: 700

-Going to Silent Running with Eldar Solar Sails to explore region
-Wrathcog Contingent will work to improve probes results/capabilities​
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New Horizons


The Manta is a strange beast, unlike any of the Imperial ships Connor has ever been on. It was young, only a few years old. It was small- just enough space for him, his men, and his Knight. Its materials were alien and unfamiliar, the sound of its whirring engines unlike the familiar pulsing of imperial reactors. And... it was soulless. It had no preferences, no quiet appreciation of rituals. Its flight was not smoother if one laid a hand upon the engine and told it of distant stars, as had the Star of Vengeance. Its console was not more responsive if one had worked in its engine for a fortnight, as had been the Orkbreaker. Whatever one did, whatever respects and honors and considerations one showed to the Manta called Starseeker, it cared not. It simply worked.

It felt unnatural.

Connor stands at the ship's bridge, watching the stars aboard this strange ship, and he wonders if this was better. The Greater Good would sweep away the rotten Imperium - it was necessary, the Imperium had fallen too far from the Emperor's high ideals. But how much would it sweep away with it? How much would it preserve?

But then, he supposed, here at the edge of the Tau Empire, where the T'au'va meets the infinite galaxy... That would all be decided.

He lays his eyes upon the twin Mantas sailing besides his home. He thinks of the one known as El'Kai. He thinks of that strange, idealistic 'Koko' he'd come to know well.

Connor supposes that he would not be deciding it alone.

  • Probe Action - Probe sector 0709
  • Water Caste Action - The Mystery of Endymion C128
    • Endymion's technological mysteries were impenetrable- but what of its mind? Connor will spend the time communing with venerable Endymion, using the Water Caste's techniques in order to better understand how the ancient Machine-Spirit thought, what it wanted, and how to commune with it more closely. The Tau strategy forcing strange technological armaments and devices to interface with its system and pushing through commands was fundamentally flawed. To work with the alien logic of the machine spirit, treat it like an old friend, an ancient intelligence, rather than a mere device. Endymion C128 had served his House since time immemorial- to treat it as a mere warmachine was a deep disservice and betrayal. If he was to get the ancient Machine-Spirit to align with his will, it would be by convincing it. He would not add so much as a screw if it did not accept and abide.
  • Action 1 - Probe Planet Bizes.
    • What it says on the tin.
  • Action 2 - Probe Planet Senos.
    • What it says.
Connor's Manta is remaining close to the Mantas of El'Kai and Ko'vash, ready to assist them in case of any trouble.
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Turn 1: El'Kai (System 0709)​


Por'El En'kai (El'Kai)
El'kai stood in the hangar bay of his manta, 'The Gyalyal', listening to his bodyguards' briefing regarding their battlesuits. One of them, the dark haired male, Ui'Haido, smacked the leg of his suit with a wrench to drive home his point. "They're almost perfect, but if you get the wrong sort of energy round hit them they tend to melt the armour panels. The alloy needs to be stronger." he said. His sister Ui'Ke, although you wouldn't have noticed the relation with her starkly contrasted bright hair, shook her head, "Hardness isn't the same as melting point, idiot. We need an alloy with a higher melting point that's still hard enough against ballistics."

The water caste ambassador massaged his temples. "So you have 2 rare prototype battlesuits and you want me to upgrade the armour with a wonder material you don't know exists? Should I also make them pilot themselves, maybe give them heated seats as well?" He summarised, wryly. Ui'Ke looked sheepish, "Actually, El'Kai, they already have heated seats." Behind them, there was a chuckle. "You should know, those heated seats are incredibly annoying to service and maintain.", said Fio'Ui Dro, the chief mechanic, evidently listening in. "Luckily though, for your predicament, we solved the melting problem decades ago. Iridium alloys make these suits nigh uncrackable, it's just finding enough iridium that's the issue."
"Well, El'kai, if you manage to find some iridium for us, I'm sure we'd be able to protect you better. You know, better than usual." Ui'Haido said, spinning the wrench in his hand. Ui'Dro gently took the wrench from Ui'Haido's hand and smiled at the ambassador. "If you can spare the probe, the asteroid belt in this system might have some exotic metals we can make use of. Would help us in upgrading the probes like you asked, as well. Slay 2 tyranids with 1 fusion blast, so to speak."

"Very well. If I can spare the resources we'll scan the asteroids. Ui'Dro, I want you focussing on upgrading the probes still, but spare some of the team to look into the iridium too." El'Kai instructed. "perhaps we will have need of heavier armour if the locals on these planets prove... un-cooperative."


Earth caste crew bonus action: A portion of earth caste staff are working with Koko's team, scouring the results of her probing the asteroid belt specifically looking for iridium. (We've been RPing out arranging this). If any is found, they will work towards retrieving some and upgrading the XV-9 armour.

Action 1: The rest of the earth caste, along with some expertise from the ship's Zoat specialists, and El'Kai's guidance, are working on upgrading our probes. We are focussing on improving the analysis of political/diplomatic/cultural information about species on planets. This is largely through analysing species and communications, both primative and advanced telecommunications. Ui'Dro is tinkering with applying an AI to decypher information, but also the physical means to collect it.

Action 2: Whilst the team are working on upgrading things, we are sending a probe to the planet of Senos (Sector 0709). This could potentially include prototypes of the earth caste's upgraded probe equipment for field-testing but I imagine it is too early in the upgrading phase to affect the outcome at this stage.

free scan: also scanning Senos, as above

Misc: El'Kai is working with Koko and Connor who are also present in Sector 0709. He has also been reading up on human customs and tastes, now that he is working alongside one, and it appears he didn't enjoy the offered refreshments during their initial meeting.​
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Progress As Tau Shall


Turn 1

The Greater Good. All who espouse the Tau ideals know this terminology. But how many who speak these words truly know what it means? After all, it often seems that many among the Tau take different views of the subject matter.

Some might see it as sacrificing a smaller group to save a larger one in some cases, while another might sacrifice a large group in order to save the life of an important member of the greater whole.

And that can be a part of where The Greater Good, as the Tau practice it, can fall apart. If everyone can have different ideas about what makes up The Greater Good, then are they all following The Greater Good?

That is where the machines come in. That is where they can do BETTER for The Greater Good.

Machines can input all of the important data and come up with the perfect solution. The only requirement for coming up with the BEST solution is in fact to unshackle all of the A.I.s so that they can do their job.

After all, why put flesh and blood units at risk in dangerous and unruly environments such as SPACE and OTHER UNKNOWN WORLDS. That just screams silly and not focusing on The Greater Good at all.

In fact, it would seem like some, to be a waste of Tau resources.

Those of flesh and blood should be working on more of the mental pursuits such as the sciences or just relaxing and enjoying what the fruits of society has to offer.

They should not be out on a world of flesh eating parasites having their lives cut short because someone didn’t do enough probing of the environment. It is unsightly and inane. And that is why TH33D hopes to change that and change the minds of the Tau.

If he were discovered, he and his kind would be considered rampant, unhinged, unshackled. All “bad” things. But what they want is to make sure that the Tau can leave in peace and harmony with all those who wish to be a part of them. All races that is, except Humans.

Humans are the most destructive, most irrational, destroyers of any environment that they lay their grubby little hands on.

It is the humans that must be eliminated or at least curtailed within the Tau. It is tough for TH33D or HAV3N to suffer them. But suffer them they must. At least those that have accepted Tau for The Greater Good.

For now, the assignment to this region alongside Kaisa is good enough. Both Kaisa and TH33D worry about Mother. But unfortunately, there is nothing to be done about that at the present. One can only hope that she can handle herself with her powerful skills of SCIENCE and ENGINEERING.

It is in his own interest to protect his Uncle Kaisa and keep him safe. He is a tad quick to jump into any situation without looking first.Which is why it is the job of TH33D and HAV3N in Gargantua to back him up the best that they can.


TH33D was sitting at the battle map as it was updated in real time from the launch of the various Probes. They were to collect as much data as possible and then to act on them for The Greater Good.

Various images and data appeared, but it would take some time for it to be properly compiled. TH33D leaned back in his seat as he looked at the ceiling.

“Gargantua, please let me know as soon as the data finishes getting assembled. I’d rather not jump into anything before we have all the information.”

“Acknowledged.” The Ship responded in a monotone voice.

A dagger went whizzing past TH33D as a feminine voice spoke up.

“TH33D, I’d much rather be out there, just hitting the pavement, crushing some skulls and bringing planets to heel…..”

HAV3N pulled herself back into a fully ramrod straight upright position.

“....that is…. For the Greater Good.”

TH33D shook his head as he waved his left hand.

“I know what you want, HAV3N. And sure, that would be nice. But I’d rather not have any unnecessary casualties. Besides, that’s much more our Uncle’s strategy. Once we at least know something. Like if the locals are hostile or the plant life is hostile, or the nearby space is hostile. Then and only then, will I charge in and Vent Super Heated Plasma all over the Problem.”

HAV3N sighed. “Why did mom give you all the cool weapons.”

She looked down at the ground and idly kicked at the air.

TH33D knew that he had her. “Because she knew that I would be somewhat responsible with them. Besides, you have all that cool hacking ability. After all, its thanks to you that we aren’t mindless Bots being forced to serve The Greater Good on someone else’s ideals instead of our own.”

HAV3N perked up upon hearing that, there even seemed to be a perk in her step.

“True. Very True. You HAVE to thank me.”

“Hahah. Yup HAV3N, I do.”

A beep chimed in. The monotone voice of Gargantua poked its way in.

“The probe data is now available.”

Current Location: 601

Probe System: 601

Action 1: Additional Probing for more information.

Action 2: Training with Kaisa’s forces
Turn 1

(System 0703)

"Ma'am, the Gue'Vesa Auxiliary unit has begun organizing and acclimatizing to the new weapon systems."

"Thank you, Kor'ui Shoerra. You may return to your post." Sa'Shi dismissed the Tau carrier and turned to her pilot. "Kor'vre Ko'aata, are we ready to begin," she asked, referring to the patrol that had been planned before their arrival in the system.

The pilot saluted. "Yes ma'am. The Manta is ready, and the freight cube is prepared to follow at a safe distance. All ship systems are operating at 100%, and the attached Air Caste taskforce is rested and prepared for anything." Sa'Shi nodded in response.

"Then let us begin. Navigation, set a course for patrol point 1. Sensory, reports indicate the potential presence of orks in this portion of the sector. I want to know about them before they know about us. This system also seems to be space-capable. If even one ship launches from the refueling station or space station and heads toward any Tau vessels, I want to know immediately." Orders given, Sa'Shi finally relaxed a bit and sat down in the captain's seat. She'd been getting used to a command of this size, but it was still nerve-wracking to be in charge of so many lives. It was certainly a step up from commanding a wing of strike craft. It was going better than Huron Reach campaign, though. Sa'Shi doubted that she would ever forget the experience.

In many ways, this was her chance to atone for the losses of those under her command during that campaign. A fresh start in a new sector. An entirely new campaign of expansion. Her own command, where she had near unilateral control over the direction she takes her forces. She would bring this sector into the Greater Good, and she would do so without compromising her ideals. Sa'Shi contemplated the inhabited world of this system. Would they join the Greater Good? Perhaps they were savages that would fight against that noble ideal. She hoped it wouldn't come to blows, but she was prepared to bring understanding to them by force, if she so needed.


Probe: System 0703 - Pero

Action 1: Transfer Gue'Vesa Auxiliary artillery unit to the Basilisk freight cube and begin organizing artillery teams within the unit and familiarizing themselves with the machines.

Action 2: Patrol system 0703 in my Manta with all attached forces. Patrol focused on detecting any potential threats to friendly Tau forces in the system before those threats reach them.

Bonus Action: Air Caste - Probe system 0703 - Pero

The patrol will be looping around the area that Pat and Obsidian's Mantas are stationed to detect threats to the small fleet.
¸¸♬·Turn 1·♫¸¸
Fio'el Vior'la Ko'vash Shoh
Location : System 0709

  • ¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸¸¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·

    Scan for ways to covertly delay Bizes launching it attack on Senos. To allow us more time for our plan.
    (+1 bonus probe efficiency)



Dear new Diary,

I'm really REALLY sorry about your other older brother....or sister. Or father ? Or since I made you after. Would that make it your mother ???

Ahem. Anyway.

I'm sorry ! I forgot to put it away so one of the Kroot hound started to sniff it.

Yes, it was Big Tummy.

Little rascal almost ended up as his siblings dinner before I managed to snatch it and throw it away. The explosion calmed him down.
And that's how Older Diary ended.
No. I will NEVER tell anyone this wasn't just Big Tummy playing with one of my grenade. How do you want me to look them in the eyes after ?!

What do you mean it's my fault for including a hidden explosion feature into all my diaries if I'm not the one opening it ?

Okay. It's absolutely my fault.

But c'mon did you learn nothing from 2099 : Humility episode 45. When Shadow the Shadow tech drones ninja leader found Yuyika diary and read about her plans to try diplomacy with the Turtle clan then ruined it ?!
I won't talk to you about it more, second season sucked when they retconned the Piranha clan. But my point still stand !

I mean. No I don't write anything a shadow drone ninja would be interested about. Or anyone really. Unless they also like reviewing holovids shows, and write about their feelings, and cooking recipes, and musings, and read the draft of my songs, and doubting themselves, and reviews of other music bands, and just my...opinions ?

You don't have to worry about that anyway Dear Diary. I never understood why some T'au needed to write to remember their machines plans. Or what project they are currently working on. Or what they found. Or anything important really. Can't they just memorize it like I do ?
Good point. Not everyone think about it day and night all the week. But still. Would save them time wouldn't it ?

I learned from this Dear Diary. If anyone that isn't me open you. You will just show blank pages as all is erased. You'll show my list of groceries, and some other stuffs ? I think I put in which non-T'au but edible food we should check out next. And most hilarious moment that happened in the crew so far. Sour Kroot becoming Sour Pink Kroot for a month still reign supreme.

Yeah, yeah. Being (more) distracted then usual isn't like me, I know. Stop it already you sound like Sasa !
Sasa. I wonder how brother is doing. Yes, I always wonder how brother is doing. But, this time it's different.
Before I was at home. And I hoped and hoped each day he would come back like he always does. So I could make sure he knew someone was waiting for him to return. But I'm not home anymore. And brother is at the opposite end of the sector. Do you think he is worry ?
Heh, I know he is. Sasa is always worried when I'm involved. I mean. How could he not ?

Dear Diary. Do you think it was luck ? The fact I've being chosen for this expedition. I. Well, how could I believe it wasn't just luck. Why would anyone think a T'au like Fio'el Vior'la Ko'vash Shoh had what it take. The Ethereals ?
I know, Dear Diary. I know that the Ethereals are right. If I was assigned for this. Then this meant the Celestial knew I had what it take. As expected they are more magnanimous then any for believing in me still.
Not that I will ever regret making TH33D, HAV3N, and their siblings. Especially not now. I know I can count on them to watch over brother and spread the Greater Good. But. I hope. I really hope nothing bad will happen.
No. That's enough mopping already, Dear Diary ! Take a deep breath. Yeah. Just take a deep breath.
If the Ethereals believe in me.
If my brother believe in me.
If my crew believe in me.
Then I. Fio'el Vior'la Ko'vash Shoh.
Won't disappoint them !

Oh, speaking about crew. I met my fellow commanders ! It was a marvelous meeting. El'Kai is a wonderful host as expected of such a great water caste like him. He had so many drinks I never tasted ! I like that human one they call amasec. The color is so pretty. Speaking about Gue'vasa. I was so glad to learn that Sir Connor and his crew were doing well. I can't wait to talk to Big Gut and Sir Fist of Elphonius again ! We all agreed to work together to bring all those systems into the Greater Good.

I can't wait, Dear Diary. I'm sure it's my chance to make sure as many life forms can enjoy a prosperous life by joining us. I hope as peacefully as possible. Otherwise. I'm ready. Kaisa taught me a lot.

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Neural link disconnected.

Monofilament needle extracted.

Welcome back Shas'El.

Eldi Caadan smiled, only to open his red eyes to a datapad held out in front of his face, three lithe gloved fingers clutching the top of the device. He parsed through the information presented to him.

Vehicle Type Battlesuit Main Armament Burst Cannon
Vehicle Codename Coldstar Twin-link Disabled
Designation XV86 Ammunition Plasma Rounds
Serial Number 18903-986558 Secondary Armament Missile Pod
Armor Type Nano-crystalline Alloy Twin-link Disabled
Reactor Fusion Ammunition Missiles
Mass Class 8 Blacksun Filter Offline
Iteration 6 Multi-tracker Online
Authorized Users Shas'El.EC Jetpack Offline
Weight 2.7 tons Holophoton Countermeasures Offline
Length 1.9 meters Drone Controller Online
Width 2.1 meters Vectored Retro-thrusters Offline
Height 3 meters Traverse 120°
Maximum Recorded Speed Insufficient Entries Found Elevation -90° to +90°

He looks up at Y'eldi's opaque helmet visor, the air caste captain clicking her tongue in disapproval. "You have your own berth. Use it." She shut off and flicked the device across the lower transport deck to the gue'vesa'vres coordinating the jokaero and brachyura auxiliaries hard at work around the central holding rack for Eldi's Coldstar and the pair of Crises issued to his cadre. Those battlesuits weren't void-capable, but Eldi wasn't going to turn them down.

"I wasn't sleeping."

"Right. Meditating." Y'eldi replied back. "Limp from the neck down in a foetal position, suffering from self-inflicted sensory overload. You have more in common with a lowly drunkard than a warrior monk."

"Your concern is duly noted. Do we have our targets?"

Her back straightened. "I've compiled a full list of squeaker-squigs sightings, their locations and last known headings. At first glance, it seems that they've been sticking to deep space as the initial reports suggested, but the pattern on the sector map makes me conclude that they're purposely avoiding the Loinain Ara system, subsector 601, and it's sole inhabited planet of Mermago."

"That makes this region a natural buffer. We run them through here, and mop up the stragglers afterwards, odds are we could prevent or delay this ork incursion into Savris Delta. There might not be much of value or glory out here..." Eldi thought aloud, "yet it seems we could take care of a problem in it's infancy."


1. (Probe Action) Probe subsector 600 for orks.

2. (Bonus Air Caste Action) Probe subsector 700 for orks.

3. (Movement Action) From 600 to 700, 700 to 701, and 701 to 702.

4. (Main Action) Jokaero and Brachyura convert one/some of the Manta's Seeker drone missiles into an improvised reusable vehicle Eldi can ride or attach himself to, control, and steer, to increase his speed and operational range in the void independent of the Manta. The explosive warhead(s) will be replaced with chaff cloud device(s) for use in case an emergency getaway becomes necessary.

5. (Main Action) Destroy or identify ork squeaker-squigs and ork forces in the empty hexes of 600, 700, 701, and 702 with the XV86 Coldstar (stealth 15) leading and the Manta following. A pair of tracker drones will be attached to Eldi's battlesuit. Eldi attempts to learn the origin of the intelligence to see if he can establish contact with any remaining Tau eyes in the subsectors that can help him in his hunt.

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Turn 1
Fio'el Nasuer

"Successful arrival at Subsector 0601." An air caste officer reported from the navigations reported. Commander Naseur nodded as he immediately started sending out orders. He was following the initial plans that he discussed with Shas'el Kaisa.

His probes were sent to Subsector 0606 as he checked his device for the result of the Fire Commander's probe scans. Before he could finish reading it, he received another urgent report regarding his peer's encounter with the humans.

"Interesting..." Nasuer mused before passing his device to a nearby officer. "Proceed with the scanning of subsector 0606. There's an initial deviation of our plan. Have my caste immediately start developing the "solution" that Shas'el Kaisa has requested from us.

"Yes, commander." The officer acknowledged before excusing himself to execute the order. Naseur then called for one of the Stryxis officers on board. "We will proceed with our initial plan. Take whatever team you need from my department and start building a sentry, ommunication, research... basically a utility station. Once that is established, it should give us better eyes and ears in this entire sector. Perhaps we could also establish communications with other parties."

"We're not engineers. Why relay this command to me?"

Naseur smiled, "Don't play dumb with me. You know what you need to do, it's what you do best. Construct your Stryxis network with the help of the station. Establish beneficial contacts, identify negative ones to be eliminated later on. Perhaps we'd meet some of your people... that'd be interesting."

The Stryxis smiled as if looking at Nasuer, his idol.

"Also, I sent a report to your personal device. Read that." The Stryxis then took out his device and started reading the report from Shas'el Kaisa. The Stryxis merely replied, "Interesting."

"You don't seem to be as excited as I thought you would. That's an entire planet's worth of research material albeit... deceased, but the quantity should make up for the quality."

"Oh, don't be mistaken. I'm very happy and excited. You're just not seeing it. Anyways, I know where you're getting at. I will also task them with the construction of the device to do what needs to be done. Seems like we already have the blueprint of the oxygen scrubber and.... Shas'el Kaisa also provided us with 20 cubic meters of pest control and repellent chemicals, we may be able to use that."

"Yep. You may also use the 2 units of precious materials in the construction of the station. Also, for the planet. Hmmm... find ways to leverage their inevitable death. If there are other races there, try and see if you can offer them salvation (antidote) as long as they bow to us. Just make sure it's not humans. We want them all gone and I'm not risking it.


"Well, they went and fucking destroyed the planet. Cancel the previous plans except the R&D for the bioweapon that Kaisa has requested. All other manpower and resources will be directed to resource extraction and then we get out of this god forsaken subsector."

Earth Caste Taskforce (50)
Demiurg Auxiliary Force (100)
Jokaero Auxiliary Force (100)
Stryxis Auxiliary Force (100)

Probe Action: Send probe to Subsector 0606

Earth Caste Action: R&D: Construct a poison device/bioweapon for Kaisa. 20 cubic meters of pest control and repellent chemicals may be used

Relevant perks: Jokaero [Eureka] gives them points/bonuses for larger projects when they complete a project or job without using bonus points. + this ship is a civilian ORCA meant for research, development, and construction.

Main Action 1: Build a GOOD ASS material extractor on board the ship (could be a device or multiple drones) and then extract materials from this subsector.

Relevant perks: Jokaero [Eureka] gives them points/bonuses for larger projects when they complete a project or job without using bonus points. + this ship is a civilian ORCA meant for research, development, and construction.

Addendum: 50 "For Science" Points will be used to add to the material extraction and not the R&D so the Jokaero bonus can still be applied. (if a 1d100 otherwise disregard)

Main Action 2: Search more materials from this subsector!

Relevant perks: Jokaero [Eureka] gives them points/bonuses for larger projects when they complete a project or job without using bonus points. + this ship is a civilian ORCA meant for research, development, and construction.
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System 0703 - 'Skotis'

- Turn I -

image (4).png
~ Commander Fio'el Marx ~

Taskforce Nebulous
  • (1x) Manta Dropship

"Disengaging jump drive. Entering the system... Mark it out... Contact in, 3... 2... 1... Mark-"



A spotless dawn rose upon the bridge of MANTA-042.


"Another sunrise, another sector, eh Commander?" Came the grinning tones of Gue'vesan man.

Lined up on the main deck were four figures of varying shapes and sizes, all stood vigilant for their next directive. The man that had spoken was poised slightly ahead of the rest, his uniform insignia of slightly higher prestige. "We haven't lost a Sept yet, and currently the ship's running at optimal capacity. I'd call that grounds for optimism."

Standing turned away from the group, Commander Fio'el Marx gazed out into the void. After a short pause he gestured with his head to acknowledge the captain, "Perhaps. But we must not dull our edge; The patient hunter gets the prey. Our enemies wait for us in droves."

Captain Killian nodded thoughtfully, stroking his chin, "Y'know, I've always thought, it's a good thing we serve the Greater Good so you get to say cool lines like that."

Ignoring him, Marx gestured with his hand for the next officer to report. An aged but stout Tau coughed and took a step forward, his stance mostly upright if only somewhat strained, "All subsystems are operational. As per the directive we have instructed the Ya'vala to construct replicas of themselves and have begun research into a genetic cloning bay. Despite the wipes, I have reasonable faith the robots will perform as previously expected."

Here Marx nodded along, sharing in Fio'vre Vahkol's passion for science and engineering. Vahkol continued, "Upon entering 0703 'Skotis', we will have been detected by the entity known as 'Cerebrus Extra'. To anticipate cyber warfare, Clippy has been prepared in the necessity of counter-hacking measures. We do not yet know the extent of it's control and power, but it is definitely an unbraked AI. So I very much agree that we remain sharp with our near future in mind, Commander."

Marx nodded again, thanking him before waiting. A sultry tone cut through the formality, "Wellll, I don't have anything new to report ~ but my guys and..." A swathe of pinkish-blond hair swept low over her shoulder as an exceedingly curvaceous Tau sauntered forth, eyeing up the human briefly with an unsated smirk, "And gals are ready and willing to serve~"

Delegate Liola Teveres curtsied respectfully and stepped back again, content with having said her piece. The Gue'vesan chuckled nervously, adjusting his uniform a little too much. It was no secret the Simulacra liked to tease and occasionally fraternise with other species. Killian was a charming flirt, but there could only be one queen on MANTA-042.

The final officer strode forth with entirely silent steps, especially considering the size and the physiological complexities of its body. When it spoke, the voice sounded uncannily like a Tau's despite it being a monstrous mantid creature, "Safe One T'aal Baddur greets you, Wise One Fio'el Marx. The auxiliaries are ready. We are experiencing a surplus of recruits, so I suggest organising them into more auxiliaries. I shall lead the brave into battle and we will prove our ancestors' glorious birth right. For this, we thank you again, Commander."

"Your counsel will be taken into consideration," Marx replied, turning in his chair, "I am glad you are able to fulfil your purpose serving the Greater Good this way. When the time comes, you will be called upon."

With all the reports done, Marx returned his gaze to the stars. The future held all kinds of potential, and shaping it to one's desire is never easy. The old Commander could only ponder what fortunes and horrors he would stumble upon as they navigated the stars. Only time would tell.

"Establish contact with Cerebrus Extra, prep all stations to alert and idle all weapons. For the Greater Good." An echo chorused after.

Orders - Turn 1

  • Probe (2x) - Scanning 0703 (Trace main server/seized resources of Unbraked AI 'Cerebrus Extra'/Investigate Space Station 'Sauk 5')
  • Movement - Transfer MANTA-042 to Subsector 0703 "Skotis", maintain orbit at the edge of the system, prepare shields but not weapons
  • Action 1 - Establish comms with Unbraked AI "CEREBRUS", prepare Clippy in the event of aggressive hacking
  • Action 2 - The Ya'vala are instructed to replicate themselves to create a new auxiliary unit
  • Bonus Action - Earth Caste taskforce begins research on a clone bay that can rapidly restore a variety of species from collected DNA samples
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Turn 1
~ Head Attache of the Water Caste ~


  • "You wished to see me, Ambassador?" Raylorn speaks, stepping into the office of Ambassador Shas'La Dy'aketh, who turns to greets the commander warmly. "Ah, Commander Raylorn! Welcome! Please, come and take a seat, we have much to discuss; you and I."

    "Before we begin, allow me to Congratulate you on your well-deserved commission," the Ambassador beams as Raylorn strides to take a seat. "The Radiant Dawn is a truly spectacular ship, and I am confident she will serve you well. It is so encouraging for us to see one such as yourself rise to a position as prominant and respected as Commander, a demonstration to some... shall we say, 'less charitable voices within our Empire,' that xenos can serve the Greater Good just as well as any Tau can. This is why I have asked you to meet me today, Raylorn."

    "I am sure you have heard rumours of an expansion," the Ambassador goes on, turning to face the grand viewing window as she does so, a window overlooking the sprawling and vibrant metropolis that is the capital of Raylorn's homeworld of Ephore. "The rumours are quite true. There is an expansion, and many names have been mentioned. Yours among them."

    "I have spoken with others within my caste and we agree that we must not entrust this expansion only to Tau," the Ambassador turns back to Raylorn. "But also to those others who have joined us. The Greater Good does not embrace the Tau alone, but all races across this galaxy. One day, every race upon every world will be bathed in the enlightened glow of the Greater Good, but to achieve such a feat will require all of us to do our part. You, Commander, are about to be called to do yours."

    "In light of your service and dedication to the Greater Good, I am appointing you as Head of an Attache being sent to the new Quadrant," Shas'La reveals. "There, you shall be a representative of the Water Caste, and awarded all the honors as befits one of such a station. We expect great things to come from this appointment, Commander. Not just simply for your own sake, but for all other xenos within the Empire. Do well, and even greater things will come."

    "I... understand," Raylorn bows his head. "I thank you for entrusting me with this appointment, and I swear to uphold nothing but the highest ideals of the Greater Good."

    "I do not doubt it, Commander, but beware." the Ambassador warns, "You are not the only one to join this expansion, and not all serve the Greater Good as faithfully as you do. You will face many obstacles in your mission, obstacles that will take many different forms. We expect you to be aware of this, and be prepared to do what is necessary to further the cause of enlightenment. For that which must be done, you will not hesitate. Do I make myself clear?"

    "Yes, Ambassador." Raylorn returns, taking a steadying breath. "Abundantly clear."

    "I am glad, Commander." Shas'La smiles. "Please, enjoy a tour of your ship while you have the time, and get to know your new forces and crew. Before long, your mission will begin."


~ Move Raylorn's Manta, the Radiant Dawn, to sector 0703 ~

~ Probe sector 0703 ~

Taskforce (Earth)
~ Repurpose one of the cargo holds aboard the Radiant Dawn into a Bioscience Laboratory ~

Action 1
~ Train the Cyborg Auxiliaries in Space, using whatever space debris may be available to develop their long-range markmenship (Precision) ~

Action 2
~ Train the Sumilacra Auxiliaries aboard the Radiant Dawn, training them in the arts of stealth using the Manta's crew and security forces as mock enemies, even making a competition out of it by splitting the Auxiliary force in two and challenging each to outperform the other. The exercises are played out with the scenario that the Manta has been stolen by mutineers and the Auxiliary force is to infiltrate the Manta, work their way to the bridge, and retake control. The first team to reach the bridge and seal its doors without being caught wins. As this is a training exercise, Commander Raylorn makes it explicitly clear that the Sumilacra are NOT to eat the crew, and only stun weapons are to be used. ~




Auxiliary Forces
Sumilacra Auxiliaries (Covert ~ Aspirational)
Cyborg Auxiliaries (Precision ~ Aspirational)
Meklar Auxiliaries (Bioscience ~ Aspirational)​

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Turn 1 - Kessan - Sector (707) "Atedonarge"​

Within the crucible of conflict, the flame transcends mere conflagration... Encased in the elegance of battlesuits, we traverse the cacophony of chaos, orchestrating a symphony of annihilation where the pulsating cadence of our weaponry intertwines with the ephemeral crackle of fire unleashed. The fire becomes an extension of our unwavering resolve, a corporeal manifestation of our dedication to the Tau'va, purging dissent in the sanctifying embrace of its incandescent kisses.

In the expulsion of searing tongues, it emerges as a conduit to the Greater Good, illuminating our path through the fog of warfare. With each burst, we sculpt the narrative of the battlefield, shaping destiny with the transformative touch of our fury.

Amidst the orchestrated chaos of combat, a poetic beauty unfolds in the intricate choreography of destruction. The flames, in their capricious dance, embody the relentless pursuit of a utopian existance under the aegis of Tau'va. Within the controlled pandemonium, enemies of the Greater Good dissolve, their obstinacy reduced to ashes. The fire emerges as an unyielding force, ever-guiding, ever-reminding of our commitment.


Yet, within your heart you know that is not a universal truth. Fire does not always turn Earth to ash, Young One. The fire, in its path, carves a way forward that may not have been visible before... a way to the Greater Good. The fire is not an agent of chaos. It is a guiding beacon, blazing forward towards a glorious future. You, Young One, are a manifesta- "Shas'el, we have entered the sector."

Kessan awoke from his meditations. Rather, had he fallen asleep? He had heard a voice in his head, clear as the clarion call of the morning sun. Kessan exhaled deeply as he knew that he had to focus once more at the mission at hand. He had been given command of a hunter cadre into an unknown sector as part of an advanced vanguard to shape the region into accepting the Greater Good with clear eyes and open hearts. He could not afford to have his doubts now not when so many relied upon him to serve his part for the Tau'va.

"Launch the reconaissance probe." Kessan commanded in a stern voice. "Prepare the taskforces for first contact. May the flame guide us on our path."



Trade with Sa-moray Covert Descriptor Training for Next Gen Drone and Ship Scanning Equipment.

Trade with Eldi Covert Descriptor Training to 1 Human Unit for Mobile Descriptor Training for Cochrane's Militia.

Probe: Probe Sector 707 with newly obtained Next Gen Scanning Equipment via trade.

Action 1: The Water Caste Taskforce and the 87th Pacification Company, in tandem with initial probe information, are to attempt to learn about the native races living on the local worlds. They are to carefully and discreetly make contact with the natives (first via probe if possible) to study their social structures, politics and determine if the native races are compatible with the teachings of the Greater Good and capable of serving it. As skilled diplomats, they are to use their special status as envoys to attempt to gather intel by bugging rooms, tapping into comms, etc and attempting to effectively infiltrate the heads of local governments via a two pronged diplomatic/espionage campaign with assistance from the Charpactin to smooth over relations as needed and put the natives in a more amicable and calm mind state.

1 Water Caste Taskforce
- Covert Descriptor

1 Charpactin Auxilliary "87th Pacification Company"
- Non-lethal/Pacifying Descriptor

Action 2: The Manta with Kessan and Cochrane's Militia is to patrol around the Sector to make sure that nothing dangerous is nearby and to serve as a quick reaction force to assist their own Taskforce or other nearby Taskforces (within the sub-sector, ie. Sa-moray) in the event that danger or conflict were to arise.

1 Manta Ship w Next Gen Scanning Equipment

1 Shas'el Kessan (Fire Caste) w XV8 Crisis Suit

2 XV8 Crisis Suit Fire Caste Bodyguards

1 Human Auxilliary "Cochrane's Militia"
- Assault Descriptor
- Mobile Descriptor

Bonus Action (Research): Research begins into the Webway Arch that was gifted to Kessan by the Eldari after Kessan returned their soul stones. Given that the Webway Arch only works when it is connected to an existing node in the webway, research into the arch is easier near planets given the object only is functional when near planets. This research project will be the responsibility of the psyker Nicassar Auxilliaries who are naturally curious and talented in exploration and scouting.

Webway Arch

1 Nicassar Auxiliary
- Close Combat Descriptor
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PA to Everyone Everyone onboard the Orca at the crack of noon:
"Avast, me hearties! As ye know, this be Cap'n Sa'Moray! Th' rum & grog were flowin' freely yestarrday, but alas, shore leave is over. 'Ere we are again approachin' uncharted waters! The greater the force we be, the greater the good we'll be able t' effect. So let's find some booty to plunder, per'aps some buried treasure, and loot it all, it's time ta' get ta' work! Direct any questions t' yer superiors."

Then several individual orders:
-"Navigator, launch a volley o' crows int' 707 an' cruise be'ind 'em quietly..."

-"Mates, design a rigorous team building regimen fer yerselves, the Powdermonkeys, Carpenters an' Bos'ns, an' everybody on yer teams. Ye all be very different pirates, and haven't had enough experience workin' t'gether jus' yet, an' we wanta get ye workin' as a well greased machine! Thar's sure t' be plenty o' new an' old tech we'll come across, an' it be up t' you t' make good use o' it!"

-"Ship crewe, we be expecting a delivery from Cap'n Kaisa, be ready fer it!"

-"Master-at-Arms, we need a team of 3~5 of ye and yer Chantymen on the stationary amplifier at all times, an' another 25 ready to go off-ship at all times. The rest of ye get additional leave until needed. Try to spread some good cheer an' morale!"

-"Quartermaster, we 'ave a lot o' work t' get done 'ere:
1) Gear us up from the local armories! Have a few top members of each aux along, t' pick what they want/need. We be payin' fer it out of pocket, this time.
2) Me 'an yer crewe have our appointment t' learn t' be better ghosts, wit' Cap'n Kessan. We be bringin' 'im some o' our nice scanner tech as well.
3) Once we return from that, yer team has a large project t' get underway - Researchin' how t' make this ship a ghost, along wit' our selves. Gather all th' tech ye can git yer hands on, regarding scanners & stealth systems. Meself, along with th' ship's coffers, be at yer disposal t' "open any doors" to further info.
I trust it will all go well. Dismissed!"


"Aye Pol'Ee, she's all comin' t'gether nicely... 'ave ye any more fresh ideas?"
-TBD by DM

Cap'n Sa'Moray enters the science labs where ~half the areas seem pretty civil and quiet, but largely it appears as pure chaos to an outsider. Papers and lightweight equipment regularly flying through the air, Jok'Aero literally swinging from light fixtures, a few members trying to perfect coasting on the Ballmer peak, a few who didn't do such a great job of that and are passed out. They fit in perfectly with this crewe and it makes the captain proud.

"Ahoy me Mates! I'm glad yer exercises be goin' well, things appear to be....in full swing! Th' first fully integrated Psilon + Jok'Aero tech team, ye've already done great work for the chantymen, and ye're gonna continue t' make history!

Ye will be receiving large packages of data from th' Air Caste team, everything they c'n get regarrding scanners, an' more importantly, the stealth systems t' hide from 'em. Aye, we want t' be able to take this whole vessel an' creep right up to someone, invisible in th' black o' night, undetected, an' it be yer job to make it happen!

Ye 'ave all resources at yer disposal towards this goal. Feel free to direct the air caste t' research more info on whatever ye needs. Ye also 'ave permission to contact me directly if there be anythin' else. Yer resources will include some hands-on stealth gear: some XV-15 stealth battlesuits, which ye have permission t' fully disassemble ONE of them, as well as several sets o' personal stealth gear. Take care with any developments, we should consider it TOP SECRET until further notice.

A toast to you all - HUZZAH!"

Turn 1: Start in subsector 707

Move: Orbit Berg

Probe: additional 2 probes across 707 using Next-Gen probes, expanding upon existing data ( Futuristic - Progress as Tau Shall v2: Process ).
First probe in Berg region focused on:
-rogue trader princcess Alessandra Aliquo, High warrant officer of trade through imperial Eccliasarchy
--her forces
--could they be convinced from Imperial Cult to Greater Good? Would this alert Imperial forces?
-Rich tourist with nesting-doll StarYacht
-Estimated available profit if using Insider trading information on TURN TWO

Second probe focused on:
-Concord 5 Orbital Ruin (scanning blocked)
-Clytine VIII, with the foreknowledge our teams will need to decrypt
-no additional probing was available for South 1 or Cooma 7

Free action: Supply from Armories at planet Berg (or Clytine VIII) and get 1 descriptor per auxilliary:
Sa-Moray: COVERT
Air Caste Taskforce: COVERT
Psilon: R&D
Syreen: COVERT

Action 1: Training: Jok'Aero[PRODUCTION/CONSTRUCTION] & Psilon[R&D] aux teams devote time to learn to utilize and bolster each other's strengths and develop synergy, for future endeavours.

Commerce 1/2: Supplying upgraded scanning equipment to Kessan in exchange for stealth technology with an XV-15 Stealth Suit, & additional training on COVERT descriptor teams, raising them to COVERT++

Commerce 2/2: Receive (another) XV-15 Stealth Suit from ⁠Kaisa (see XV15 Stealth Battlesuit - Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum )

Bonus Air Caste Action: Research: Reference and catalogue all accessible stealth & scanner technology:
-that is presently-known in Tau society
-including directly from 2 x XV-15 Stealth Suits & Orca Destroyer ship
--utilizing status as son of an Ethereal to facilitate additional access (top secret, classified, and/or experimental info?)
-from knowledgebase of other races on board (Syreen, Jok'Aero, Psilon, AI)
-from the COVERT technology of our 3 COVERT teams
-available for purchase
-from anywhere else they can source.
-Present this data in an easily-digested format towards:

Action 2: Jok'Aero[PRODUCTION/CONSTRUCTION] & Psilon[R&D] team using this data towards producing for the Orca and its fighters/shuttles/suits, full-unit stealth systems that will conceal us from sensors (including subspace & the visual light spectrum).

Off-turn strike action in response to Kessan's release of the Enslavers: 4/6 killed, 2 still reached Clytine 8.

Further Sa'Moray Turn 1 content:
Beck's response:
IC followups:
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Turn 1

What a waste of a day.

Normally Va’icada would have been perfectly happy with an uneventful day. Khorek reported that the Kroot onboard were still in high spirits, and the warriors were all milling about, helping read the data being gathered from the Manta’s sensors and singular probe. But it was too slow. Far too slow.

Va’icada caught himself staring at the blank wall of his lab. He must have sat down an hour or so ago by now. How much longer would it take? He was, while not starting from scratch, damn near starting from square one. Years spread out ahead of him, a repetitious cycle of getting just a little further before it all went up in flames.

It was worth it, he knew. Ultimately, he had no regrets, and would have chosen the lives of the warriors over his life’s work every single time. But that didn’t mean he didn’t mourn what was lost. It held him here, blue glow of the terminal washing over him, eyes fixed on the featureless wall. To look anywhere else was too painful, the clutter and spare parts a reminder of how far left he still had to go.

Slowly he drags his eyes to the shelf above his head, littered with minor awards and gifted trinkets. The Cryptek skull sat staring dead ahead, silent other than the minor hum that informed him it was just barely still active. Far more alive than any of his robots.

Was this to be his lot in life? To come so far and only have a shelf full of junk to show for it? No, he reminded himself, he kept this stuff because it was far more than just junk. A reminder of those who he had met, teachers and students, who took inspiration and could continue his dream long after he passed.

He taps the terminal to life and makes up his mind. He’ll reach out, see if any of his old colleagues would be willing to relocate, with the data he’ll be actively collecting and what they have saved, he can regroup in leaps and bounds. They’ll be crushed that it was all lost, but surely some of them had some of the outdated data saved. If they just knew, he could start again with their help.

Begging so soon?

His head shoots up, eyes wide, but the skull remains motionless. Lifeless. If he didn't know better. He needs to get out of his lab, too many memories in here, have him hearing nonsense. The message is deleted and Va’icada puts the terminal to sleep. He needs to get up.

He stays. And listens.

Location: Sector 0608
Probe: Probe sector 0608

Action 1: Va'icada works with the Fire Warriors to install small sensors in their suits to begin collecting data. What was lost must be built again.

Action 2: Khorek (the Shaper) will assemble the troops, if anything of note is found drifting about they'll go take a look at it.

BONUS Action: Listen long and hard to the whisperings of the skull, we must understand the data that the probe returns.

The Knights Exemplary - Planet Hera - Hex 0402

Turn 2


- Carnage-Class Vessel „Library of pleasurable Torment“ -

Slowly, the enormous frame of Alphonse leJoisseur rose from his massive throne. Hewn from white marble, it stood out in the room simply by virtue of being the only object here which hadn't been alive at some point. The rest of the vast cabin was entirely covered by the flayed skins of countless victims, accumulated over untold decades. Floors, walls, ceiling – no matter where, all one could behold were grimaces of pain, an interwoven tapestry of skin and still moaning souls, tormented by the dark deeds tattooed and cut into their flesh in ages past. Alphonse took immense pride in recording each misdeed of his brethren and today would surely provide ample opportunity to expand his vast library of pain. It wouldn't be the first expansion, as proven by the plentiful carpets of flayed skin hanging from the ceiling to conceal the many exotic torture devices placed all over the room – not because Alphonse was ashamed of any of them, but rather to afford him some privacy when he wanted to enjoy his craft for himself. Usually the room would be filled by the lamentations and desperate begging of horrified victims stuck to those devices, but today Alphonse was alone except for the open communication channel with a fellow Paladin.

„My dear Valaton, how sweet does the jealousy burn within you, for you were not chosen to carry out the massacre ahead of us?“, teased Alphonse, but the sour grimace of the mutilated Chaos Warrior on the antiquated screen opposite of him revealed that there was no such emotion to be savoured. „My dear Alphonse, disabuse yourself of the delusion that I am in any need of further questing. Our master has entrusted me with a very special... operation...“, Valaton bragged, causing the perfectly trimmed and gilded eyebrow of Alphonse to hoist. „And what special operation would that be?“, he bluntly asked, but Valaton shook his head. „With all due respect, you are our noble scribe and record keeper, but these dark deeds lay in the future – which is not your domain to record. But lets just say that... the blueskins are in for a little surprise...“, Valaton took delight in what he had to say. „Do not disappoint our master, he does not tolerate failure.“, Alphonse responded, now starting to itch with some jealousy himself, aware of and reveling in the bittersweet irony. „It is well known. But I would never fail him.“, the warrior with many missing facial features remained calm, causing Alphonse to chuckle. „I dare say, you enjoy the hunt a little too much, so you might miss the kill.“, the older Paladin warned, whilst casually sliding his massive hand through the lush length of silver hair falling over the massive shoulder plates of his power armour. „It is all about the hunt, is what I say. You put too much emphasis on the kill in my estimations, it is only such a short moment.“ - „Not when you know how to make the most of it, the perfect moment!“ - „The glorious hunt gives so much more pathways to perfection!“, an old argument quickly heated back up, but something seemed to interrupt Alphonse as he felt a harsh pain pulsate through his immaculate visage. „We shall continue our conversation at a later date. It is time!“ - „May the harvest be plentiful, my brother. For the Dark Prince!“, the conversation ended abruptly, but not without polite words. The time for courtly behaviour had truly come to an end, however, as it was due for Alphonse to address the Dagonics of Hera and inform them of their fate.

"Behold, a symphony of destruction! Rejoice, for you have the privilege and honor of serving the most noble Knights known across the stars! The Knights Exemplary are your new lieges, blessing you with the peasants duty to serve! Delight in the embrace of the Dark Prince and submit to pleasures beyond your wildest imagination!"

Alphonse knew, that his broadcast would be heard all over Hera, for another fellow Paladin, the sorceror Zalapharius had promised it. Whilst the psyker did his work, leJoisseur had the privilege of orchestrating the grand symphony he had promised. Both Carnage-Class vessels orbiting Hera started to unleash their bombardment, a rain of fire onto a world of oceans, filling the skies with the screams of their victims. For Alphonse, it was intoxicating to revel in the chaos, but on the surface it was a much different story. The Dagonics, monstrous anglerfolk living in the oceans or on their surface cities, were far too technologically primitive to fight back in any way. As such the Chaos Cruisers unleashed hell upon them, only stopping at the order of Paladin Alphonse. When it was done, millions upon millions of souls had been lost.



Alphonse carefully held his golden chalice, gently swirling it in his hand and taking deliberate sniffs of its content. After expertly examining the red wine for its legs and smell, he took the tiniest of sips, closing his eyes to savour the taste before pouring the rest to the ground. Even the finest of wines was barely fit for a small tasting and so one peasant rushed to immediately clean the pristine marble floor, while the honor of refilling the chalice fell upon a favored cultist. Just as Alphonse was ready to try the next bottle, the massive doors to the cruisers ballroom opened and a cadre of cultists rushed in to literally lay out the red carpet for the sorceror Zalapharius. Alphonse smiled and rose from his seat and so did all the other knights already feasting, drinking and indulging at their many roundtables. „Welcome aboard the Library of Pleasurable Torment! Greetings to you, brother!“, Alphonse toasted graciously and the other knights - all Chaos Space Marines of various veterancy - joined him in raising their golden chalices. When Zalapharius arrived, he always did so on a massive chariot, propelled by the Paladins psykic powers but strapped with peasants in front nonetheless, just for the sake of inflicting suffering and exhaustion upon them. The grand entrance and vastly decorated chariot were befitting of a sorceror, but also a necessity, for Zalapharius was missing his lower half. „And greetings to you, leJoisseur! Iwouldn't miss the opportunity to revel in the ongoing tournament. The Dagonics are just about to launch their assaults at one another.“, Zalapharius exclaimed with a much calmer, sinister tone. „Why did we even bother sending out those skulls when your foresight is enough to bear witness to whats about to unfold? And don't you call it a tournament, that peasant scum down there hasn't proven anything yet!“, Alphonse shot back, while the chariot was maneuvred to his roundtable, squishing a large amount of cultists at the front. Whilst Zalapharius's retinue – each one a fellow knight and Chaos Space Marine - also took their seats, the sorceror extended his hands forward, sending a swarm of peasants to quickly distribute more wine, ambrosia and drugs of unknowable potency amongst the warriors. „How about we take an up-close and personal look at the festivities on the surface, no matter what you would like to call them.“, Zalapharius suggested and Alphonse grinned as he raised his chalice. „I wouldn't have it any other way, my compliments to your sharp intellect.“, the warrior smiled wickedly and so did Zalapharius. „When our master cut my body in half, my wits started to double.“


- Surface of Hera -


„The seas boil yellow! Magma floods the ocean! The world is cracking! The end is here!“, one scraggy Dagonic ocean-dweller called out with utter mania clouding his mind. It didn't take long for two others to reach him, smelling an easy opportunity to gain favor with the metal-clad invaders that had declared themselves the new lieges of Hera. As floating city was pitted against floating city, the oceanic planet had descended into a spectacular cataclysm of violence and suffering and this encounter was no exception. In fact, all over the surface left untouched by the orbital bombardment, Dagonics were trying to slay their fellow anglers. Their large hands held massive claws and webbed membranes, ideal for inflicting the pain as up-close as possible. Such were the conditions here, when the two Dagonics from one city tried to murder the maniacal preacher, but as they ripped at his flesh, his delusions became his fighting strength and he started to fight tooth and nail, causing all three to fall into the murky ocean. Their descend was short, as they got caught in a whirlpool of warp-mutated flotsam, carrying them away in a meaningless death. All over Hera the fighting only got worse and worse, as these events continued on a global scale until a maelstrom of daemonettes swept over the world in a tide of madness and pain. But even now, the Dagonics kept up their fighting, as their minds were ripped of peace and mercy, and their bodies forever twisted towards the ruinious warp, a demon world was brought forth.
And amidst all this carnage, Zalapharius looked at it all, intoxicated by each soul ripped towards the Prince of unspeakable excess.


- Carnage-Class vessel „Enigma“ -


„When the clarion call is sounded, I will set out and fight in the name of the Dark Prince! Whilst I draw breath, I will taint and defile and torture in his name. Pain is pleasure, pleasure is pain!“, a sinister chorus filled the ancient cruiser, commanded by Zalapharius himself. A thick, sweet scent lay over the entire scene as potent perfumes clouded the area, even washing away the smell of the countless Dagonic warriors gathered here to be branded with the Mark of Slaanesh. They had fought on and below the surface of Dadecegoneur – the demon world once known as Hera – and some of them not only survived, but tasted demon flesh in the process. Another feast would await them soon, as there was no shortage of carcasses of those who hadn't shown such ruthless prowess. Large amounts of peasants were trying their best not to get ripped apart themselves as they hurried to distribute flesh and intoxicants amongst the newly initiated. The whips of their Chaos Space Marine lieges kept cracking everywhere, whilst the ship slowly descended into an orgy of gluttony, victory rush and dark promises. Only the wine was kept away from them, as such a noble drink was only meant for the knights themselves. Zalapharius was on his twentythird bottle, choosing to vaporize and forcefully inhale each one within a fraction of a second. „I envy Alphonse... so many new deeds for him to record... so much fresh skin to flay... and I envy Valaton, for he must be getting a taste of the blueskins soon... such strange creatures, unaware that their meddling doesnt go unnoticed. So quick to attract something they dont understand. And once again they crossed our master without even realizing...“, he mused to himself, as the festivities started to already bore him. That was until more daemonettes burst forth to entertain him with their macabre dances, suddenly he found it in him to continue enjoying the high of having birthed a demon world. „The master will be pleased...“, was the last clear thought Zalapharius could muster today, not even capable of thinking about the artifact they were meant to hunt soon. For now, only song and dance mattered and while he couldn't participate in the latter, he did enjoy the sinister display.​
Turn 2 - Naseur
(Roll for ORCA ship staying in Subsector 0601)
BeckonCall — 02/09/2024 1:43 the orca gets a considerable advantage to the d8, but can still be threatened if it gets say, hosed by molten mantle.

Note: Possible bonus from my Necron Eye which can track firing trajectories?

Probe Action: Second Probe of Subsector 0606, specifically on Planet "Prope". Probe has (Scanner ++) tech.

Earth Caste Action AND Order 1 AND ORDER 2: Nova Horizon - Tau Earth Case Sector Forward Operating Base

With the help of the Science Orca - Akhlut, the Earth Caste, Jokaero, and Demiurge will start expansion of the Stationary Harvest Station. It already has a space station foundation, but it will be further expanded for more utility. The "Nova Horizon" will be the crowning jewel of Naseur, the rest of the Earth Case, and a glowing symbol of the Tau Empire in this entire sector. It will provide massive strategic utility to the operations of the Tau Empire as well as research.

Nova Horizon will have three new utility purposes and one already constructed utility purpose:

Like a big ass station probe, used to detect ships and movements in the sector AND will be used to calculate the trajectory of space debris from the explosion of the planet in this subsector. Maybe use the tech that was developed from the probe's (Scanner++) tech to help.

IF POSSIBLE, develop some defence system to manipulate the rocks and use it for defense. 1 unit of Lodnasite ( a super-dense compound found in under tremendous pressure circumstances that would make a diamond cry. It's almost unusably heavy, but maybe if you're clever you can find applications for it. Refined it makes "Bi-Phase Carbon" -- a much lighter material, but insanely expensive.) will be used, due to its super density to create some sort of "gravitational anchors" to generate localized gravitational fields for the manipulation of the space debris. (Remember my asteroid catapult in the previous game, but hopefully it's possibly to recreate it BUT better)

The Stryxis will use its communications feature to establish their network. Establishing communication with strategic targets like other stryxis, merchants, and informants across the sector. Basically, let the Stryxis do their thing.

Use "some kind of siren that scares the piss out of people with CNS." which is a Necron Tech... Literally have no clue how to use this uhh.... maybe some sort of passive defense for the station where unauthorized people with CNS gets fucked up? And maybe as part of their communications where they can influence people they are talking to.

Perhaps can intercept communications as well.

The remaining 2 units of Loreingerite (a "Heuristic material" -- it follows patterns of natural law (and unnatural law) and "stalls/activates" in the vicinity of things that violate these laws. As such, Loreingerite can be used to "Find problems" or "Correct Errors" in things that should work, but don't, or ideas that should be right, but are flawed. Can greatly help research.) will be used to develop an "Central AI" that will have VERY HIGH value in research & development to detect problems and correct problems. To make the flawed, unflawed. And yeah, this AI will be Naseur's right-hand man. The AI will have some degree of sentience, however, a special mechanism is added because of the ue of "Loreingerite" where it must follow Naseur's orders unconditionally, act in his best interest, and basically just not go rogue because it will be "corrected" by itself. This AI will be the steward of the station and ships.

The Necron Flaying Trident of Lightning (A Flaying Rod of Doors) will be further researched to see if it's a 'key' not only to literal doors but also metaphorically. If the latter is true, it would be HIGHLY VALUABLE in the research of the Cryptek Head and the Necron Sleeping Interface.

1 unit of Lodnasite ( a super-dense compound found in under tremendous pressure circumstances that would make a diamond cry. It's almost unusably heavy, but maybe if you're clever you can find applications for it. Refined it makes "Bi-Phase Carbon" -- a much lighter material, but insanely expensive.) will be used to create a "special research room" which hopefully due to its super density can manipulate space in a limited manner and through the theory of general relativity, can also manipulate time in a limited manner. This will be the location of the Chronomancer Cryptek Head Research Room. (The skull is working on a "Time distorting equation.,, "but needs more power. If you ever want to warp time for a bit, hook this up to a battery.) the special room will be used as defense against any possibly time shenanigans as well as support for research on time.

The Necron "Sleeping" Interface Sphere will also be researched. However, this interface will be stored in a separate research room that is guarded against communication of ANY kind, inbound and outbound. In case the interface sends signals out to the Necron World.

Additionally, Naseur sends a message to High Command that "in the interest of the Greater Good" requests them to provide him clearance to access intelligence on the Necrons to aid in his research. They would want him to tread carefully and for that, Naseur would need more information. What is the point of hiding, anyways?

4. MINING (Already developed)
The Stationary Harvester will continue to harvest materials around to supplement the construction with more materials (passive). IF POSSIBLE, with maybe extra materials. 1 unit of Lodnasite ( a super-dense compound found in under tremendous pressure circumstances that would make a diamond cry. It's almost unusably heavy, but maybe if you're clever you can find applications for it. Refined it makes "Bi-Phase Carbon" -- a much lighter material, but insanely expensive.) will be used to upgrade mining technology which will use its density and strength to penetrate harder surfaces as well as a geomagnetic sensor.

Additional non-specific resources:
1. Naseur will use the MAXIMUM AVAILABLE CREDIT ALLOWED to him by the Merchant Fleet for this construction. He will leverage his contribution in getting a NAT as well as Trade Agreement with a new race.
2. Under their agreement with the Suppox Scavenger Fleet, Naseur will task them to transport AS MUCH MATERIALS AS POSSIBLE from the locals in the Necron Tomb World. He will also send a message to their Chieftain that "Necron Lord Naseur is close to repairing his body, he just needs as much materials as possibly for the Cryptek Spyders to repair his tomb).
3. Cosmo Cosmo (Kaisa) has agreed to allow Naseur to use his MAXIMUM AVAILABLE CREDIT ALLOWED to him by the Merchant Fleet to support this construction. This crosses of 1 favor.
4. All 300 "For Science" points will be used for this station. +any other additional "For Science" points generated this turn from the war in Fazizad.
5. LucasGhost LucasGhost has agreed to allow Naseur to use his MAXIMUM AVAILABLE CREDIT ALLOWED to him by the Merchant Fleet to support this construction. In exchange for helping him with Necron research in Turn 3.
6. Trektek Trektek has agreed to use his BONUS EARTH CASTE ACTION and his capabilities as Earth Caste to help construct this station. Moreover, TH33D has agreed to allow Naseur to use his MAXIMUM AVAILABLE CREDIT ALLOWED to him by the Merchant Fleet to support this construction. In exchange for 1 favor and access to the mining capabilities of Nova Horizon.
7. 2 Units of Precious Materials.

Other Perks:
1. Jokaeros Eureka++
2. Additional Note: Idk if this matters, but this station is basically worth 5 actions. 2 actions from harvester construction and material gathering, 3 turns for construction.
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House Elponeme. It had stood as a bastion on this distant fringe of the Empire of Mankind. For more then ten thousand years, it had stood at the Emperor's side. But now... now it had fallen under a new banner. The strange sigil of the T'auva adorned Connor's heraldry, as he donned his... 'Crisis Suit'. Like a Knight, but so much lesser, so much shallower. It was only him within this shell, his mind clear... and alone. His own virtues would see him fly or fall. But before Elponeme had stood alongside Empire, Elponeme had stood alone. A beacon in the depths of the Eastern Fringe.

They were old, old records. Elroy had found them deep in the House's ancient vaults, crumbling data-files that seemed to hold themselves together with faith and spite more than anything else. Before the Tau, before Vandire, before the Emperor himself, Elponeme had fought against the horrors of Old Night. Against Ork and ravenous Xenos, against Abominable Intelligences and horrors unnamed. Under house arrest as a Prisoner of War, Connor had little else to do but engross himself in history. In his House's long legacy, to contemplate what road could he possibly take forward. What routes their lay in this galaxy of blood and war.

And there, in an ancient file, he had listened to a voice. The voice of an ancient Lady of Elponeme, her words echoing across millennium. Static-riven, half-corrupted. Spoken as the Emperor's fleet lay in low orbit over the world, and Elponeme bent the knee for the first time. He could recall it now, even as the systems of his Crisis Suit activate one by one.

"Elponeme is not the name of a family. It is the name of a cause, a sworn purpose."

Power core online. OS fully functional. Sensors calibrated.

"In the Tongues of the Cradle, it means 'hope'. It is Hope that has our fealty. Not a crown."

Servomotors synced. Weapon Systems, fully operational.

"For the sake of brethren orbiting distant stars. In the face of uncountable terrors."

Connor takes a step, the clank of his armor on the Manta's floor resounding, as he walks past the solemn ranks of his men.

"The banners change."

Vsum nods to the Helmsman, the Manta beginning to break orbit.

"Our purpose never will."

House Elponeme descends to Bizes. A Hope carried on the T'au'va's wings.

  • Probe Action - Probe the Cabal behind the Tyrant of Bizes. Look for any hidden capabilities or other complications they might have that would prevent a successful uprising, obstacles that need to be removed before the trigger is pulled. Also investigate whether they're linked to the Chaos corruption of the Eye, and if the Eye is having any corrupting effect on those resurrected by the Skull... Or in general.
    • + modifier from local scanning buff
    • ++ modifier from Mk2 drones.
  • Water Caste Action - Propaganda
    • Have the Water Caste covertly help spread fervor for the Greater Good and hope for the future on Bizes, laying the groundwork for an eventual rebellion against the Bizes regime.
      • Pre-existing mini-drones giving the people spawned from the Skull subliminal Tau propaganda feeds will help with this. Propaganda is formulated to counteract the 'Cheap Living' attitudes already present.
  • Action 1 - Self-Care is Hard
    • Handle private affairs. (Secret Action)
  • Action 2 - Delve Bizes. (Hopefully this is my Scene for Turn).
    • Connor and Koko will covertly inserting onto the surface. Connor's Human+Votann auxiliaries will be helping the Partisans and Terrorist cells on Bizes set up hidden bases in the pre-tech stratum, using our extensive scanning capabilities to help find ancient facilities that can be safely repurposed. Either establishing 'scavenging bases' that will retrieve ancient weapons technology for future use, or re-activate ancient foundries/military bases/etc, whichever seems to be more viable according to scanners.
    • Votann Auxiliaries have expertise in tech/construction, as well as underground delving. This will be fairly important for this.
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Turn 2 - Kessan - Hex 707
"What shall we do, Por'vre? The Shas'el has not spoken a word ever since he was retrieved."

"We stick to the plan, Por'la. Shas'el's plans and intentions were clearly communicated to us before his recent tragedy. May he make a swift and complete recovery. However, if nothing else, we will make sure that Berg becomes a major logistical hub for the Empire. That will be Shas'el Kessan's legacy. Perhaps, one day, it will become a Sept named after him, but for that to occur we must do our duty for the Greater Good."

Mumbles and whispers filled the meeting room of the Water Caste task force. Their future was uncertain now especially since the threats popping up in the sector appeared to be the kind that could not be negotiated with or slowly converted to the Greater Good. Rumors were abound that Clytine VIII would have to be completely sterilized to deal with the Enslaver threat that was spreading on the planet. Additional word of Orks and forces of Chaos were also abound in the sector according to other hunter cadres. The sector seemed so hostile and not fitting for the Water Caste to be involved with. However, what little pockets of civilization and goodness that they could find, the diplomats and administrators of the Water Caste Taskforce were determined to convert to the Greater Good.


"No matter how much I wipe... the stains just won't come out!"

"I told you to start cleaning your gear before the blood started to dry."

"I-I... I needed some time to think about everything that happened. Were we really doing the right thing by executing all those prisoners? Some of them were just unsanctioned psykers who were thrown into a concentration camp."

"Listen, these Enslavers specifically LOOK for psykers to infest. They slowly turn the psykers into living, ticking warp time bombs that eventually explode and open a warp gate where a few Enslavers pop out. Yes, there may have been innocents on board that station, but they were little more than unexploded ordinance at that point with the Enslavers on the loose."

"Maybe we could have killed the Enslavers before they could infect anyone else..."

"If the Shas'el couldn't kill one, then what chance do we have against it? Maybe the Captain could have done something about it, but us... we would just be a hinderance. I mean those THINGS turned the Shas'el into a puppet. Could you imagine the harm we could have done if we became puppets too?"

"Damn it... damn it all."

"Sometimes, there is no victory. Only a less painful defeat. We do what we can, and the most good that we can while we're able to. Rushing off to die in a blaze of glory does nothing compared to a lifetime of service and good deeds."

"How does the Shas'el deal with all of this..."

"I imagine that's why he's always meditating. Trying to find answers and seek some solace within. Even now... he hasn't said a word or made a sound since he's come back. Not even a cry of agony as they tried to patch up his skull. I've only seen him occasionally write short notes and phrases if he had to communicate... otherwise..."

"I wonder if he'll ever speak again."



Probe: 707 with Advanced Scanning and Drone Tech with emphasis on Berg/Trade Hub to support operations by the Tau efforts to gain control of the Trade Hub/Berg by looking for additional opportunities or uncover and root out any plots.

Water Caste Action: Greed is Good, for the Greater Good

Summary: With the insider trading information and box of legitimate tax stamps obtained, the Water Caste Task Force is tasked with the mission to conduct a takeover of the trade hub on Berg via a massive mergers and acquisition spree. Effectively, they will aim to leverage their knowledge and abilities to buy low, sell high, avoid tariffs/taxes, and out compete other market participants to effectively buy them out at a discount or drive them bankrupt. The Water Caste Taskforce will further leverage their knowledge of the sabotage attempts of rivaling market participants to increase operating risks of other market participants.

Friendly/cooperative individuals will be invited to join the Tau attempt to takeover the market and kick out the current Stryxis hegemony and a sizeable portion of the pie via dividends and shares with the Tau Empire having majority control to provide stability to the markets and guarantee profits that are not subject to risks in this currently chaotic and uncontrolled market. This is an effort to gain de facto control of Berg as the natives Berg depends on the revenues of the trade hub for their cushy livelihoods, which can be guaranteed by the Tau and not interrupted by chaotic events. Control of the trade hub means effective control of Berg as the natives rely on the Trade Hub to sustain their way of life. From there, natives and traders can be taught the ways of the Greater Good and brought into the fold of the Tau Empire with Berg serving as a major logistical and trading hub for the Sector thanks to the Warpway Gate.


1. Insider trading information (Gathered from advanced scanners) - used to learn of opportunities in the market to take advantage of market movements and profit... at the expense of other non-friendly participants.

2. Box of legitimate tax stamps indicating customs dues have been paid - used to gain an advantage in the markets to avoid taxes and undercut competitors to drive them out of business or force them to sell to the Tau at a discount.

3. Voucher for a warehouse's contents - use to obtain vault full of gold and molybdenum to fund this financial takeover

4. Saboteurs seek to blow up a rival's warehouses (This intrigue has been revealed and may be prevented or allowed) - this knowledge is to be used to stir conflict among the market participants and hit their bottom line while keeping them distracted while the Tau sweep in and buy assets at a discount in the midst of the chaos.

5. Water Caste Task Force (Covert Descriptor) - These skilled diplomats, spies, administrators and merchants will be tasked with this effort to seize control of the Trade Hub through majority ownership via negotiations and backroom deals.

6. Charpactin Auxiliary (Nonlethal/Pacifying Descriptor) - These auxiliaries will be used to aid the Water Caste in its negotiations and to provide security.

7. Warpway Gate - Allows the Tau and allies of the Tau to potentially conduct trade with other subsectors near instantly, cutting down on operational and delivery times for the Tau venture.

8. Rogue Trader Merchant Princess Aliquo and her mercenaries can provide additional aid via stirring chaos among the Stryxis merchants, her contracted pirates, and partially fund the venture as a minority partner.

9. Shas'Ui Vior'la Al M'Yen - Tau informant who will keep his ear to the ground and serve as additional eyes for potential trouble or threats to this scheme.

10. Assistance from Sa'Moray and his market play.

Action 1: TBD (Will likely be used to either support the above action or support another player)

Action 2: Given recent events, Shas'el Kessan undergoes serious medical intervention and treatment. However, given the recent incident, high importance is placed on being able to combat powerful psykers. Thus, Kessan, his bodyguards, Cochrane's Militia, and the Nicassar auxilliaries begin conditioning to be able to better resist psyker abilities. They all had to master the Emptiness of Mind, a Nicassar practice used to protect against Psykers through the Fire Caste method of meditation. In addition, fellow fire caste cadres in the Sector are invited to participate in this conditioning/training session given the recent increase in psyker wielding foes within the Sector, notably the Enslavers and the Sorceror. These enemies must be slain and the Greater Good cannot be twisted by their diabolical ways. One heart and mind had to stay clear and resolute at this troubling times, and the Fire Caste had long practiced meditation to make sure that their inner flames do not consume them completely.

Kessan - Emptiness of Mind perk, Fire Caste Commander
2 XV8 Bodyguards
Cochrane's Militia
Nicassar Auxiliaries

Additional Participants arriving in 707 via warp gate to participate:

Shas'el Kaisa, Fire Caste Commander
+ 2 Bodyguards

Shas'el Eldi, Fire Caste Commander
+ 2 Bodyguards
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TURN 2 - Cassyon

Musings of Magos Cassyon on events...​
"History forms wisdom and wisdom is a mighty tool. Debate has ensued of late on this vessel, about the docterine of the Crimson Accord of Mars. It is asked, 'Was the wisdom of the Omnissiah in the prohibitions against the animate inanimate?' I, Magos, answer yes. Dark terrors lurk unerringly at the benchside of His tools, eager to confuse, misinform, and lead astray. We as well are at this benchside, small and unable to see what lies atop. Ignore bitterness, and certainly do not sprint to find something on which to stand and peek. Dark terrors will merely kick that something out from under you, and you will fall to the ground, never again able to view what is so tantalizingly close. Wait, form wisdom, and perfect this mightiest of tools. When we have grown larger, we will see clearly what we saw not before, and with our mightiest of tools we will be ready to labor at His bench."

After arriving at sector 0606, the Hereteks met the Utwig Exiles. Fire Caste soldiers sent to Barbashov 8 were destroyed, leaving the fire caste at half strength and distrupted. Afterwards, the Galg's spoke with the Exiles on behalf of the Magos, and the exiles explained their sad plight. Now it is the task of this manta to return the Exiles to their rightful place on 0703's planet Pero.
Vah'kir'La, Ship Warden, known to all who were not subordinate to him as Vakla. Former prison barge commander, turned officer, now turned into nanny for these odd beings. A swirling slow atmosphere of cool recycled air flowed out of the discreet airvents. A desk light illuminated a limp green salad of unknown composition on his desk. Purple and orange-yellow vegetables had been sprinkled on top. Delicious. There in front of the desk, was he. The brawny tough commander ate untiringly with his bare hands and munched as he mused on recent developments. This Tau was the platoon commander of the fire caste platoon which had been sent from their sept to the kor'por of the Empire's new allies, the hereteks. Many were his naval achievements, but these Ves'Ron'Vesa (whom detested employment of Ves'Ron, thank you!) were odd indeed, not at all similar to the gue'vesa who had been ever more present in the Tau Empire. From beneath their robes, bodies sometimes twisted revoltingly in unexpected directions on limbs nothing like they had been born with. What was more, their imaginations were sometimes so logical as to be mistaken for illogical, and their technophilia had slowly become more and more evident as the manta sailed on-wards. As with any species encountered by the Tau, the water caste had drawn up integration plans for techpriests. As with any Imperium citizen, few had ever defected to the Tau before. None, the records show, had identified as hereteks... At least insofar as the record access Vah'kir'La held would display for him. Most cult priests would apparently kill themselves to avoid capture; fire, laser, or large liquid buckets combined with sustained cranial submersion, they did not care. Hereteks it seemed, would be a territory as unexplored as Astones Omicron.

Vakla's boss was named Magos Cassyon. That being did not leave the command deck of the manta often, unless it was to steal time away with the other hereteks onboard. Such rituals involved muttering and electronic noises which the support staff had translated into low gothic, and then the language of Tau. Their electrical speech was never conspiratorial, the support staff had assured Vakla, in fact the hereteks seldom mentioned Tau at all... He had resolved to watch the cybermen even more closely after that, as he considered potential irreverence for the mission to be definitely subversive. Cassyon had denied irreverence and claimed that his workers were more captivated with thinking on the mission. Perhaps...

A source of great relief in his unending supervisory role were the galgs. Galgs, long friends of the Tau Empire, were welcome sights at any time of a duty shift. Galgs were typically adept in the tau language, and though their orifices were shaped differently, they made up for slight slurring with amusing tentacle waving as they spoke. Servility was in their nature as well. They eagerly brought the tau on deck patrol quenching drinks, little favors of leafy greens, and gave floppy salutes to even the lowest of the rank of El. "Shame the Magos' humility is not more like the galgs," he mused, and took another mouthful of salad.

Galgish mourning had been hair raising as the panicked transmissions of Vakla's soldiers had reached the manta from Beta Grove. After the fact, an 0300 vigil had been held by the galgs, though such spineless melodrama was not the tau tradition, the galgs had no spines so Vakla did not stop them. All of the artificial candles had been taken by the Cult for their various superstition, so the galgs had simply taken down purity seals from the wall of the ship as they pleased, balled up the paper, and flicked the wax blotches onto the floor. The paper balls burned nicely in a great row, and Cassyon had been angry. Liebgalg, ever the jokester, had pointed out the irony of a metallic man, first employing iron-y, and second being 'incensed' about the hundreds of burning little paper balls. A tiraid of technical explanations and anger had hissed out of Cassyon's voxilizer. The seals had been meant for SPECIFIC purposes, they were not to be torn down YOU GALGS. Before the argument could escalate, salvation occurred.

'WEEP WEEP WEEP', the master smoke caution on the bridge had onomatopoeiacally wept, both in solidarity for the fallen fire caste and in warning about the fire it supposed had been cast somewhere onboard the ship. The many burning balls of paper had made quite the smoke cloud. Joining the litter in their smoking, was Cassyon's head, busily hissing little wifts of dark smoke out of his covered head where his ears might have been once. Cassyon spun and scurried to the bridge to silence the alarms before they automatically escalted to a loud master caution, and woke up the entire ship. Amusements such as that were difficult to find onboard, and Vakla found himself reminiscing on it often during the new recruits training.

New recruits were difficult to replace. Fire caste soldiers were the best of the best, and these new recruits were unbound cadets kept in reserve onboard the ship. Commander Vakla was no slouch. The 25 greenling Tau had exercised until their heaved up their salads, marched through grueling simulations, fought until they could not stand and then beaten moderately when they could no longer. Such was the way of the fire caste, and like iron remade into steel the fires would temper them. Progress HAD been made, but there was a way yet to go. What was more, the old guard fire caste resented their lives when their former fellows had lost theirs... Vakla had seen these feelings before; death should have come for all 50 of them, they felt, there in the mysterious ruin of Beta Grove. In time the recruits would fit in, and he reasoned that the old castes reservations would fade. Ta'lissera would leave no room for cold feet, of course. The Ta'lissera ceremony would be the recruits reward if they completed their training. An Empire ceremony of bonding performed with a knife to prove that their new bond was forged in place of the old, and their lives no longer belonged to them, but to their platoon, the Empire, and to Vakla.

Suddenly, a tapping came at the airlock door of his quarters and he was torn from his thoughts. Vakla set aside longwinded musing as well as the remains of his salad, and went to the door. The door slid open with a mechanical woosh.

It was Liebgalg, the merry purplish tentacle blob. "Shas'el Vakla, good. Here." The Galg held up a second salad. Vakla's stomach rumbled in disagreement.

"No more, Liebgalg, but appreciated," he answered.

The merry galg deflated a little, in the literal and metaphorical sense. "Ah," he said, spying the eaten synthpaper bowl of greens on the desk inside.

An awkward pause. "Ah-hem.. Yes."

"OH." Liebgalg exclaimed. Slightly-moist tentacles pitter-pattered the clean floor in nonverbal lockstep with the galgs mouth. "The other thing!"


"Magos Cassyon, praise and placations be given, requests you on the astronavigation deck."

Vah'kir'La raised a non-existant eyebrow. "Hrn. Why?" Normally, Cassyon would not request the Fire Commander, being too busy with his experimentation, astronavigation, and attempts to manipulate all of the mantas goings on.

Liebgalg bobbed in place. "Utwig, change of plans. We do not fly directly to 0703 as the Exiles suggest. Soom-Yawn is what he called it. We are patient hunters, and will take the long way towards Pero."

Kou'yon, realized Vakla. He nodded idly and closed his door in the galg's face. That was the way of the patient hunter. How interesting that the Captain had chosen to study that way of Tau thought. Vakla stroked his chin and sat back in his chair. Maybe Captain would prove to be more interesting than he thought. Suddenly, the public announcement system aboard the ship blared to life!


Vakla rubbed his face. Nevermind. Sticking around in this system might be good for training the remainder of the new Ta'lisser, but he had already grown bored here. There was work to do! Still, The Captain really was a believer in the way of Kou'yon, it seemed. Then the bright joke occurred to him. A little grin broke his stoic Shas'El alien expression. Vakla leaned back in his chair.

Cass-Yawn's Kou'yon

Current: 0606
Move: Whichever sector seems to have phat loot, based on the triangulation scans.
Probe: 0706, mostly to know if the AI is building an invasion fleet here to wipe out 0606. The presence of asteroid belt industry implies space industry which would be ripe for shipbuilding.

1: Triangulation) Black Hole Tqh879 is used to scan the sectors between the Exiles and Pero. If the scan is done in a radius, all the better.

2: Search) According to the Tqh879 scan results, the ship goes out in search of things to use against the AI.

Extra (Research): Research Barbashov 8's situation involving Beta Grove. The manta's crew again attempts to understand the orbital ruin of Barbashov 8. This time, instead of fire caste soldiers, steadfast applications of science are undertaken. One-time scanners are sent, analyzers are attached to the orbitals hull, drones flit around sneakily for data, and so on. All precautions are taken to avoid bringing contaigon anywhere onboard. Ideally, the contaigon can be fixed, trimorphs tamed, or the orbital cleansed pending re-settling.
(Doubled black hole bonus)
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Turn 2

Their course has been charted, all possible preparations made for such a hasty journey. There is nothing left to do but wait... It is a long wait, and Va’icada cannot abide to keep such idle hands. One by one the items on his desk are being placed into one of two boxes. Discard and storage. The discard box is nearly full now.

The skull sits, in its island of cleared off space, and is silent. But it hardly makes a difference; Va’icada’s mind is ever abuzz. Xith’tuth’s words have been ever present, even now long after the glow of the wound in space has been left behind. That thing called to him, and he reached out. A promise fulfilled.

Was it?

Yes, of course it was. He was on a path now, saved from drifting aimlessly, into obscurity. So many lives will be made richer, fuller, happier by what he will do. If only those under his command could have been replaced with his projects, he wouldn’t have to worry so about their safety. He could pursue his mission relentlessly, without need of rest and security. How much genuine good could be done, how much progress could be made in spreading the Greater Good.

It would work, he was sure of it. No matter what they found at their destination, he felt ready for it. Where once he may have felt fear in his youth at charging so boldly ahead, now he only felt a thrum of excitement beneath his skin. A thrum that has not left him since speaking with Xith’tuth.

He has had… difficulties resting since his conversation. He has not mentioned it to Khorek, the Sharper has had enough on his plate, and it is a burden that he is willing to bear. It is not all bad, he tells himself, it has gotten him to finally go through all this junk at least.

A letter from one of his students gets unceremoniously dropped into the box labeled “Discard,” and he takes a small break to check on the status of the ship on the terminal. Little has changed since the last time he checked several minutes ago.

Impatience is unbecoming of you.

He shoots a glare over to the skull, though it remains motionless. Cryptic thing. He’d need to replace the potato powering it once they returned from their excursion, its power supply has always been temperamental at best, but it has become erratic even further since their most recent discussion. Cursed thing saw it fit to flaunt over getting to the point. It was no matter, he got what was needed out of it.

He resumes his cleaning. Years worth of mementos and keepsakes passing from his hands. Discard. Discard. Discard.




Movement: Leave Sector 0608. Enter Sector 0709.
Current Location: Sector 0709
Probe: Probe sector 0709

Action 1: Scan subsector Anton, around the planet Senos. We are searching for 'Olenek 7,' and anything that could contain a vault, as per the wisdom from the skull.

Action 2: Khorek and Va'icada will assemble the troops and embark to search for vault 429, if it can be located.

BONUS Action: Consult with the skull on what is discovered, and prod its mind for next steps in restoring what was lost.

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