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Porthca Landing III: Burned Bridges & Broken Chains

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Tyrius smiled as Virra mentioned how they didn't measure up to Catelyn. 'She's not wrong.' thought Tyrius to himself. Placing three of his own gold coins on the counter, Tyrius positively beamed the moment Virra mentioned sticking around if only for another day. 'No shortage of things to do around here,' thought Tyrius, 'Apologise to Benito, see if we can plan at all for what we want to do as a group. We had the ticking clock of The Sea and the deaths for so long.'

"That does sound like a good idea," thought Tyrius, mentally adding a few other tasks to his mental checklist, "Think we could all use a break. Though I'd imagine Magnolia's gonna use it as an opportunity to set up a checkers tournament." grinned Tyrius, realising that their new cleric probably hadn't met Catelyn yet.


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Mid-Morning of the Twenty-Seventh Day | Porthca | Yummy Devil Grocer:

Collecting the last of the foodstuff and paying the grocer, Catelyn grinned to Virra, "That sounds wonderful! It'd be nice to see everyone all together again." Induis handed off the purchased rations, each day's worth bundled in a small cutting of parchment, and waved off the trio as the cleric began to leave.

"I imagine you all haven't taken a chance to recover from your journey, right?" Catelyn questioned over her shoulder, hefting her purchase as she carried it. "There's a lot that good food and good company can manage -- sometimes it can be a great healer too. No need for magic!"

Once more the cleric waved and casually chatted to a few people the trio passed, however as she continued to lead them, the overall quality of the streets and structures began to quickly decline. What they might have assumed to have been rubble piles appeared to be homes as people crawled out of them or peered from inside at the very obvious outsiders to the Maze. Catelyn didn't seem to pay any mind, humming under her breath as she went, commenting, "There's a place around here where the road widens a little bit, I figure we can set up there. Also ... newcomers can get a bit lost in here, it's named the Maze after all, but if you stick with me you should be fine!" Pausing she added a little lower, "And ... I suggest keeping an eye on your coins. I come here often to help and give supplies, but not everyone is satisfied with food in their bellies or clothes on their back."
Ander felt better being a bit more surrounded by friends, though the new faces, especially Lestone's, threw him off a bit. He smiled at Magnolia's story and wondered if it was true, but didn't bother asking.

He sat there, nervous and uneasy, but he finally piped up, quietly saying, "We ain't gonna have no more problems like the other night, Mr. Lestone." He stared directly at the elemental, very clearly not asking a question. His serious face and tone changed instantly as if a switch had been flipped and he cheerfully addressed the entire table. "I know the rest of our friends have their own paths to take at the moment, but I was hopin' that at least a few of us could go to see the Accumors bafore we meet up... I assume at the De'Porthca's place." He scratched the back of his head, nearly getting his fingers stuck in the unruly mane that had appeared rapidly over the past few days.

"Are we all meetin' back up? I sure hope so, though maybe without... nevermind. We all just kinda split up last night. I don't want that to be our goodbye." The paladin looks concerned.


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With a cheerful wave of his hand back to Induis, Tyrius walked alongside Catelyn and Virra.

"You sure you don't want me to carry that for you Catelyn?" asked Tyrius, then realised it would probably be better to insist on it since carrying burdens seemed to be what Catelyn's church was all about.

As they entered The Maze, Tyrius was surprised at the sharp contrast with how the rest of Porthca had been. When Catelyn mentioned robberies, Tyrius tried to subtlely move his coin pouch to an inner pocket of his jacket. He was fairly sure he'd managed it without letting every mugger in a sixty foot radius know the exact location of his cash. Though Tyrius wouldn't be too upset if people did pick his pockets and only took a few gold.

"Do people try and steal from you, even when you're just helping them?" asked Tyrius as he continued to walk alongside Catelyn, looking forward to meeting up with the others and seeing if they wished to spend another day in Porthca now that they weren't under a deadline.


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Valerie brightened up considerably as she heard Ander address Lestone, and gave the elemental man an encouraging smile as if to say ‘see, everything’s fine!’ before turning back to the rest of the table. Listening to Ander’s suggestion, Valerie nodded. “I had a few brief shopping trips that I had hoped to make as well, but they should not take long. I would be happy to help you if I can in any way.”

As Ander raised the possibility of them splitting up after completing their task, the young warlock’s smile dimmed. “I... I actually had not considered that possibility... I had thought that we would still be together as a group... after all, there are still those bandits to be dealt with, yes?” Valerie’s normally pleasant tone was tinged with worry. For months, my goal had been nothing but to help the ring with its task... now that I am free to do as I wish, I do not know what I would do without my friends...


Virra nodded sombrely. "Gotcha. Bag's tied up tight." She hadn't laid eyes on the Maze before, but its fundamental character seemed the same as most slums. The only things missing were the gangs of youths loitering at street corners, waiting for outsiders to come by and look at them the wrong way. At least having the cleric around would help with those, should they run into any.

Despite the down-at-heel atmosphere of the place, Virra's spirits remained high as they continued on their way. Perhaps it was the promise of good food and company -- like Cate said, greater than any magic. All the same, she wasn't so lackadaisical as to let her guard down. "Yeah, Cate, it sounds like you're speaking from experience. Have you been robbed before?" she asked, echoing Tyrius's question.


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Mid-Morning of the Twenty-Seventh Day | Porthca | Tuckered Kraken Tavern | Main Room:

As the pair sat, a server brought over their drinks and meals, refilling mugs as they passed over to other tables, the tavern starting to become more lively as people woke up or stopped in for breakfast. While Ander spoke to Lestone, the man met his gaze, nodding.

"I have no desire to act like that," he replied simply. "It is far easier to get what you desire by being useful or pleasant." Picking up a strip of bacon, he bit into it and let out a small moan, eyes almost entirely closed, "Oh gods ..." he mumbled, still chewing, "You could tell me this is the cheapest bacon you could find and right now ..." he took another bite, "I'd argue this is food for the Divine."

Banrigg chuckled at Lestone's reaction, "If tavern food gets ya that amazed, might need ta have a cleric around if ya try any of th'food some of th' nobles eat ev'ryday 'round here. Might end up dyin' from bein' overwhelmed!" Letting his laughter fade, the dwarf sighed, "Unfortunately, like I said, this'll prob'ly be th' last time I see somma'ya since I'll be headin' off on my own way." He jerked a thumb Terminus' way, "Met this'n earlier an' seemed like he had a similar goal, thought I might as well introduce 'im to you lot 'fore I left. A partin' gift, I 'spose."

Mid-Morning of the Twenty-Seventh Day | Porthca | The Maze:

A complicated expression crossed the cleric's face, "Well ... sometimes people take a little more than perhaps they should compared to the rest, but I'm sure it's just because they need it more. And ... sometimes they don't seem to understand I'd be willing to give them coin or food and they don't need to take it forcefully." She coughed lightly, "The guards don't bother coming in here, so it's ... a bit of a free-for-all. Some within the Maze try to keep their dignity and act as protection, trying to keep some sort of law in here, but they obviously can't be everywhere at once." Adjusting her hold on the bag she patted the mace at her hip, "Unfortunately sometimes I've had to step in if someone is being violent towards another. It's never pleasant, but Ilmater grants me protection and healing to try and help the victim recover."

Returning to her smile she finally set the bag down as they had apparently arrived. People continued to peer out from the sheds and haphazard homes while Catelyn spoke with a few, explaining her plan. As some started to bring out pots and crude tables, Catelyn started setting up the feast, using a small match to kickstart a fire underneath a pot as she pulled out a dagger to start slicing things. "Unfortunately I do not have the utensils to properly cut everything, Virra, but I hope I still have something I can offer to make due?" Working on some of the various vegetables, a few people offered to help, even though Catelyn assured them they didn't need to, eventually she relented and began work on something else. A few of the women who started helping process the food started a song, children started to emerge and play around the streets, and a few gruff men started keeping an eye on the activities.

As the street became more lively, one of the rough looking men approached Tyrius, standing close to the sorcerer and stared him in the eyes, eventually grumbling, "A'you some noble, then, aye, here t' feel gud 'bout yaself, eh, doin' some charity, yeah, ridin' on young cate's coot-tails, eh?"


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With the man coming right into his face with their noses practically touching, Tyrius felt uncomfortable but not for the reason most people would expect. He wasn't surprised that he stood out like a sore thumb in his suit in an area where it seemed burlap was for more than just sacks. Tyrius was more concerned because while he did not intend to harm the man in any way, with the way his magic was, intent was no guarantee of result.

"Just looking to repay a kindness," said Tyrius simply, realising that he needed to de-escalate but he didn't actually want to drive the man away, or as Tyrius looked over the man's shoulder and saw a few more people dressed in similar fashion staring at the pair the people away. Catelyn's demonstration of the mace seemed appropriate. Tyrius knew that in this kind of gathering his magic wasn't an option - too dangerous if his magic flew out of control. It would also be easier to knock someone unconscious with his staff than with his magic though Tyrius was hopeful it wouldn't come to that. "We're setting up a feast for the community - you can help yourself to whatever food you'd like." said Tyrius, choosing his words carefully.


Virra kept maybe a little closer to Cate than necessary while she started to set up tables at the crossroads. Not that her presence would scare off any potential muggers, but it would certainly ensure swift justice if any of them started making themselves known. In actually preparing the meal, though, Virra found herself underprepared. "Well, actually... I don't have any proper utensils either," she laughed, rooting around in her bag and not even finding a dagger, which rather perplexed her. Surely every traveler's pack came with a dagger? Ah well. She decided to go among the people who were just arriving and asking if they had anything to cut vegetables or stir a pot.

As she made herself useful (and happily belted out the women's song once she'd half-learned the lines), she happened to catch sight of a man invading Ty's personal space. Of course, the sorcerer could handle himself, but Virra wasn't about to let a chance for entertainment slip. "Cate's over here, numbskull," she told him via telepathy. "Want me to go get her?" If the man looked her way, he'd see Virra staring back at him with a bright smile as she chopped vegetables.


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Abrahms, while liking some attention, it needs to be on her terms, realizes that this person is trying to be nice and plays along. The offer of bacon, will not be turned down, and is viewed as payment for the pat on the head.

Terminus, not sure who any of these people are, nor what is going on is sitting and watching the goings on.


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Though her hunger was ravenous, Valerie nodded and smiled warmly to the server as the plate was put down before her and began to eat delicately. Conversely, Wayne Junior immediately descended on his bowl of sausage meats, tearing into them without abandon. Seeing Lestone enjoy his first meal in centuries, the noble-raised girl raised a hand to her mouth as she giggled and finished her bite, remarking. “You look like Magnolia playing checkers. I am glad to hear that your taste still remains with you after all of this time.”

She laughed at Banrigg’s comment but the joy quickly died on her face at hearing his plans to leave. Looking down at her plate, she pushed it away slightly as a frown grew on her face. “Oh... well I suppose it is true that your work here is done, but I had hoped...” She stopped herself. You knew this was coming. Banrigg had a job to complete and it concluded last night. It would not be right to attempt to guilt him into remaining.

Valerie took a breath before forcing a smile to the dwarf. “I understand, and I will always cherish the time that we spent together, breakfast buddy.”

Wanting to move on from the topic, she turned to Terminus curiously. “You seek to put a stop to the slavers of the Sinking Plains as well? Perhaps we should all work together! We have some business remaining to tend to in Porthca, but we should be ready to leave soon... assuming that everyone else wishes to stick together, at least.” Her gaze shifted back over to Ander briefly before returning to the kobold who has as of yet not introduced himself. “So... pardon me if this question comes across as rude, but what brings you so far away from the mountains? I had thought that kobolds tended to be more comfortable near their homes, but I must confess I have never had the pleasure of meeting one in the flesh. Let alone one with such a beautiful companion.” She added with a smile towards his panther.


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Mid-Morning of the Twenty-Seventh Day | Porthca | Tuckered Kraken Tavern | Main Room:

Banrigg smiled at Valerie, tapping her hand, "Aye, an' I expect we'll meet again sometime, fate can be funny like that, yanno?" Stretching, the dwarf hopped out of his seat, "I put a few gold down fer breakfast, feel free ta' spend it or let it go t'payin' fer other's breakfasts, up to you lot. Seein' th' people comin' in, I think th' harbor's wakin' up, an' I need ta' make my introductions."

He bowed low, "I enjoyed meetin' you strange lot, an' I look forward to doin' it again someday. Tell th' others I wish ya all good luck, an' if ya need me," Banrigg paused as a spark of lightning jumped from his beard with a grin, "Jus' look for th' lightnin'." With a final wave, he made his exit.

Lestone dipped his head at Banrigg's departure, swallowing before speaking, "Huh, someone else touched by Air." He reached for his mug, taking a drink before returning to working through his plate.

Mid-Morning of the Twenty-Seventh Day | Porthca | The Maze:

The man squinted at Tyrius, not taking his eyes off the young noble, only to visibly jump as he heard a voice in his mind, and reached for the small dagger at his hip, almost sharpened to non-existence. Pointing the blade first at Tyrius, he caught sight of the small grinning gnome and pointed towards her instead, as if the tiny dagger was some sort of shield.

Mumbling under his breath, "Evil ... evil magics! Reachin' int' m'mind! Lookit, tha' evil grin! Teeth ovva fiend! So dark innit -- corrupted thing!"

With a sigh, Catelyn set down the vegetable she'd been working on and attempted a smile, "Please, Caedmi, let's just calm down and enjoy the meal we're working on. Would you like to help? I could use someone who's got such skill with a knife as you do. Won't it be nice, eating something you helped make?"

Caedmi's eyes flicked back and forth between Catelyn and the other two, his blade following his eyes before he yelled out, "Ain't havvin' no devil's meal!" then suddenly turned and fled further into the Maze, some of his fellows following after him, casting scared glances over their shoulder.

Shaking her head, the cleric began her work again, the smell of cooking food surrounding the area, "... sometimes you can offer help, but they aren't interested. I've been trying to work with him for awhile now, but it feels for every step forward, there are days he takes five backwards."
"Bye Banrig! Calm seas and strong winds my friend!" Magnolia had never actually talked to the man that much but he seemed like decent folk. Content to let the other talk about business and their future plans magnolia instead hunted down more breakfast, which was of course the most important thing in the world right now.
Humming to herself she wondered about certain delicacies form home, such as spicy soup and other wonderful things she had for breakfast.


Virra didn't catch much of what the touchy man was saying, but what she managed to lip-read made her grin grow broader. As he cut and ran with a few of his mates in tow, she gave them a wave before returning to her vegetables. "What a silly guy," she smiled.
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With the man pulling a dagger then shouting, Tyrius just stood still, noticing that the man wasn't shouting at him but was pointing over Tyrius' shoulder with the knife.

Before Tyrius could say anything to defuse the situation, he heard Catelyn doing a much better job, though it seemed Caedmi wasn't receptive and took off.

"I think - he was more offended by the fact I was around to be honest." said Tyrius as he walked over and started to help chop up some of the food, "said I was 'riding on your coat tails'," added the sorcerer with a shrug as he got into a steady rhythm with one of his daggers. "Guess he didn't like my suit." Tyrius said as an attempt at a joke.


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Terminus responds to Valerie, "I am ssseeking the banditsss, but it is only recently that I have heard about the ssslaversss. It ssseemsss they are one and the sssame. Abrahmsss and I have been hunting on our own for a while, but having alliesss would be appreciated, if you will have usss." At the end of this statement, he looks at Abrahms, who nods, and both turn back to Valerie.

Seemingly hesitant to answer, Terminus responds, "I have my own reasssonsss for leaving my home, and I am not comfortable discussssing it at thisss time. I hope you underssstand."
"Hey whatever turns your crank buddy. This group is really good at minding their own business and not asking hard questions." Magnolia was actually glad that her friends had largely ignored her recent oddness, it wasn't something that she wanted to talk about readily. She had found her way back through the crowd easily enough after a disappointing conversation about Pate and why the bartender should have made it.

The lovely feline friend would have to make due with the fresh fish she had snagged. Plopping it down in front of the Panther Mags once again took her seat across the table and had resumed her feast that only a halfling could manage. "So do you have any super special skills that can help us out? and can you cook?" Her questions obviously directed at the Kobold as she now found herself curious about a being she had little interaction with before.


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Abrahms, enjoying the sausage, ham, and cream sees the fish placed in front of her and looks up with surprise, looks at Magnolia, then Terminus, as to ask, 'Is this for me?'. Terminus looks at Magnolia and asks, "Isss the fisssh for Abrahmsss?"

"Asss to your other quessstion, I only cook if I have to. It is not tasssty, nor what I would sssubject alliesss to..."
trying to make a joke to lighten the mood, not sure if it works or not, "but, asss for ssskillsss, I have sssome that may prove ussseful. I wasss part of the defensssive force asss well asss the huntersss resssponsible for feeding the villagesss. I have worked with human battalionsss, again for defenssse and hunting. Then there isss Abrahmsss, who is ssskilled in her own right." and in saying this Abrahms sits up a little straighter and shakes a little as to express, 'Yeah, I'm a badass'.
"Awwwhhh who's a big skilled kitty! yes you are, and yes you gets your lovely fish!" Why she liked the cat so much, that was her business, maybe it was just the welcome distraction she needed.
"Personally I have no problem with you joining up... little disappointed that you can't cook... but that's what Ander is for, right buddy." Jabbing him with an elbow to the ribs to shake him out of his funk.


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Hearing the response Abrahms looks at the fish, and those watching would say they see the wheels turning in her head like she is trying to decide between whether to eat the fish now or later. She wants it, but, knows that there are times food is scarce. With a sigh, those watching see a front paw move the fish toward Terminus. Terminus say, "You want me to keep thisss for you?" Abrahms nods, begrudgingly, then turns to Magnolia and nods with a slow blink, as to say 'Thank you.'

Terminus turns to Magnolia, "Again, my cooking isss not sssomething you really want to eat. It isss more functional than it isss enjoyable. My purpossse wasss to gather the food, not processss it."


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Mid-Morning of the Twenty-Seventh Day | Porthca | The Maze:

Adding more to the currently bubbling stew, Catelyn shrugged, "I suppose some view your appearance as ... looking down on them. Some here have likely never even seen fabrics the quality you wear unless it was ..." she paused, "... not necessarily achieved with gold. I'm not naive, I understand many people here don't have clean hands, literally or figuratively, but it's still the goal of Ilmater and his followers to lift their burdens so they may see beyond the immediate, aiding them to guide themselves to a more comfortable life."

Tapping a wooden spoon against the large pot, she called out: "Soup's done! Got meat and bread too! Come and get it!" The small plaza suddenly came to life as more and more people approached, eagerly collecting food on makeshift bowls, cups and plates, very few if any having utensils, eating with their fingers.

Aided by the women that had helped cook, eventually everyone seemed to calm down, the sounds of eating and chatter filling the air. Letting the people enjoy their meals for a few minutes, Catelyn took a deep breath while the villagers slowly turned to look. Climbing onto the table, she spread her arms, "Greetings, those of the Maze and those who have known me for years, be it for offering the boots off my feet, the cloak from my shoulders, the coin from my purse, or the food in your belly. I have walked among you for a long time, easing burdens and helping lift your spirits as my deity Ilmater guides me to, taking on all of our burdens as the gentle caretaker He is." A few in the crowd muttered, seeming to take her words as preaching. She continued, "I know many of you have talked about the walking ghost in the streets, the silent specter that seemed to foretell death. I can assure you all now, it is gone." More muttering met her words, comments of doubt or disregard.

Taking it in stride, the cleric took another deep breath, "I was also told this morning, I am now a representative for the people of Porthca in the contract that helps protect us from the wild and dangerous waters. A contract made with a powerful being that has guarded Porthca for generations." Conversations had gone still as people tried to comprehend what she was saying. Bringing a hand to her chest, "The nobles have their own representatives, but I want to be clear -- I represent the people of Porthca, and as far as I am concerned, that means more than ever, I shall protect and care for the Maze. I know few outside of the Maze dare enter or interact with you all, but that has never stopped me, and will never stop me." Gesturing towards the stew pot, now nearly empty, "This feast was to celebrate the new safety of Porthca and to spread the news. Please, let me know of your concerns and worries, and as Ilmater cares for us all, I will do my best to care for you." She bowed her head before dropping back off the table, pushing her hair out of her face as she approached Tyrius and Virra, her face flush. "I ... think that went well?"

Mid-Morning of the Twenty-Seventh Day | Porthca | Mionaeli House:

Coreon smiled, "Ah, someone from the magical capital of Okesh then? Pleasure to have a knowledgeable customer. We have plenty of scrolls in stock and magically imbued ink and paper for copying." His eyes glazed over for a moment as he began to list: "Two scrolls of speak with animals, two scrolls of find familiar, two scrolls of lightning arrow, then one scroll of faerie fire, identify, alarm, shield, thunderwave, create or destroy water, arms of hadar, chromatic orb, magic missile, healing word, locate animals & plants, rope trick, call lightning, beacon of hope, fly, clairvoyance, fireball, phantom steed, major image, polymorph, guardians of faith, divination, destructive smite, commune, magic jar, wind walk, teleport, Mordenkainen's sword, and," he took a deep breath, "sequester." His eyes focused again, "Let me know if any of those interest you. We also are willing to scribe custom scrolls, if you're willing to pay a little more and have some patience as the process takes time."

Eliza listened carefully as Coreon listed of their spells, mentally checking off items on her list, "May I also inquire about your prices."

Counting off as he went, "First level scrolls are sixty gold, second level a hundred and twenty. Third level are two hundred, fourth are three hundred and twenty, fifth six-forty, sixth twelve-eighty, and seventh twenty-five sixty gold. For copying materials, it's roughly fifty gold per spell level, as is standard."

Eliza nodded along comparing the prices to Wyford's rate. "How much extra would it be for the custom scrolls?" she ventured out as she took out a slip of paper and started jotting down some notes.

"An additional fifty gold per spell level," Coreon replied simply.

"Alright..." Eliza spent a few minutes scribbling and crossing out numbers on her sheet trying to wizard on a budget. The adventuring money was helping but she had resigned herself to soon being broke again. She reviewed her final list and called out to Coreon, getting his attention again, "Apologies for the delay, I had to edit my list somewhat but I would like to get alarm, shield, thunderwave, fireball, and chromatic orb. In addition, I would like to get scribed sending and Leomund's tiny hut." She pointed out each item on the paper and flashed her Azarad pin, "I believe the cost of scribing the evocation spells would be lower and would it be possible to maybe also negotiate the final price?"

At the end of Eliza's listing, Coreon nodding, "Quite the shopping list. However, before we scribe the new scrolls, we'd prefer to see payment up front." He smiled sadly, "A few times in the past we've had people attempt to get scrolls made only to try and run off without paying. Negotiating will have to be taken up with someone higher ranking than myself, but I think with all you intend to purchase, something could be worked out." Gesturing to the one wall ha added, "Components needed for the spell are also available to purchase here if desired or needed."

Eliza chewed her lip and wished Val was there, "I understand, I might also have a few items to sell so maybe that will help with price, yes? How long did you say scribing the new spells would take, because I need to be leaving Porthca soon." She smiled appreciatively at the mention of the components, "That saves me a trip to the jeweler's. I will also take the diamond needed for chromatic orb if you had it."

The halfling patiently waited for Eliza to finish speaking, "Sold items can definitely be compared against the intended purchase price. We have a few scribes among our number, but as I expect you know, you can't rush magic!" He smiled, "If you do it'll tend to back fire on oneself. The scrolls will take three hours to scribe and have ready. The diamond for Chromatic Orb is another fifty gold on top, and our gems are promised to be the right quality for spell casting."

"Oh, three hours is definitely manageable then. Could you introduce me to someone I can discuss the price with?" Eliza took out her pouch and jingled it in a show of good faith.

Bowing, Coreon motioned for Eliza to follow him towards the back of the store and he quickly dipped behind the counter into the back room. A few seconds later he returned with a human woman behind him, her Azarad pin colored in under the Necromancy school, and her nails painted black. A small bat was nestled into her collar, small claws caught in the fabric and squeaked slightly towards Eliza. The woman seemed to nod, "Greetings to you, I am Moca Accmour, and one of the mages that helps oversee this House." Her head tilted slightly as the bat squeaked again and Moca nodded, " Thank you Fare." Adjusting her position slightly she turned to face Eliza properly, "Apologies, but I lost my sight years ago, and now I rely on a mix of Detect Magic and my faithful familiar to guide me." Smiling even as she seemed to stare through Eliza, "You have a few things on you which I could see, but within this store ... well, I expect you can understand it's difficult to entirely tell where you are. Coreon mentioned you wished to do some negotiations?"

Taken slightly aback at the sight of the school, Eliza hesitated slightly before gathering her wits and trying to channel Valerie, "Uh...yes, I wanted to place an order for some scrolls and spell scribing materials, and your pricing. I also wish to discuss the selling of some potent magical objects my group has come across on our travels." The half-orc quirked her head slightly and furrowed her brows as an idea came to mind, "Also, I was wondering if you had any means of magical travel. I am looking to get to Chilldrift as soon as possible and maybe you have that service or know of someone capable of doing that." She looked up with a hopeful glance at Moca hoping she had the solution to one of the biggest of her problems.

Moca tapped her chin, "Mm ... to Azarad certainly, to Chilldrift I'm unsure. We can definitely attempt to Send messages if requested, we try to keep in touch with mages in established cities outside Porthca." Placing her hands on the counter she nodded again, "Yes, Coreon told me your request. However, what sort of magical objects are you intending to sell?"

"Yes, that would be greatly appreciated." Eliza leaned slightly on her staff starting to feel the familiar ache standing on foot for too long. She eyed the woman as she took out her Wand of the War Mage from a coat pocket and wearily passed it to her, "This is one of many such items. We also have some bows and other weapons which aren't on my person for the time being. The person who has them is busy till noon."

Listening to a few squeaks from Fare, Moca reached out and grasped the wand, reaching for a necklace tucked under her robe and pulled out a delicate pearl. Murmuring under her breath for a moment she nodded, "A Wand of the War Mage, not too rare of an item, sometimes given as a graduation gift to new students. This one is the base version, which we have sold similar a few times." The blind woman tilted her head, "Are you looking for gold, or perhaps store credit? Towards your intended purchases?"

Eliza was about to choose the store credit but changed her mind when she realized she didn’t quite know whether it was her wand or the group’s. ”Gold would be preferable. I am glad to hear it is a popular item then, should make selling it easier, yes?” She said fully intending to squeeze every copper from the sale.

Smiling, Moca chuckled, "Hm ... yes. Admittedly if you were to go for store credit we might be willing to offer more, but if you're only interested in gold, then our offer will be six-hundred gold."

"For curiosity's sake, how much in store credit would that be?" Eliza made the calculations in her mind and decided she could use the store credit in lieu of the gold, and pass on the savings to the others with her own gold.

Rolling the wand between her fingers, the mage replied, "Enough to cover the scrolls you wished to have scribed."

Eliza nodded her head then sheepishly replied instead, "Yes, store credit is better. About that discount from earlier. Your cleric mentioned it would be 1,515 gold for the lot, could that be lowered?"

"It depends on if you are intending to take the store credit or not. Without the cost of the custom scribing, it lowers your cost to about eight-hundred gold, give or take." Moca paused, "What is your counter offer?"

"Um...seven-hundred...fifty?" Eliza ventured not so smoothly.

"Seven seventy-five," the woman answered back.

"Seven seventy." Eliza countered back.

With a squeak from the small bat, Moca nodded, "Very well. The wand for store credit and seven-seventy in gold for the rest of your materials." She gestured off to the side where Coreon was still sitting and watching the exchange, "Inform the scribes they need to begin their work and aid this young woman with collecting her purchase."

The half-orc counted out seventy-seven platinum coins and arranged them in neat rows on the table. "I will be back after a few hours for the custom scribes and to further discuss the sale of the other items." Grabbing the other scrolls, paper and ink, she left the fine establishment feeling quite achieved with herself. Navigating the short walk back to the Accmour library, the half-orc wizard walked up to Ormeth again, "Umm, hello, again. I know it is an unusual request but could I wait for my friends here while I finish some work?" She held up her scrolls and sheepishly grinned.

Ormeth nodded, gesturing off towards the tables, "Sure," she answered simply.
I don't understand, why didn't the kitty like it's food?

Because Magnolia, sometimes wild animals will save food for later when times are tough.

so we should get the flurfy kitty some more fish? I don't think it realised how much we like to feed people...wait! What if Mr, whiskers hasn't met a halfling before?!

i mean it's pos...

how terrible!

yoy realise you just interrupted yourself right?

of course I do! Now why are you even here?

because dumb dumb, there is some crazy stuff going on with sparky and the salt queen. Also I never met a whatever this is before.

for someone who knows about animals you sure don't understand that's an Abrahms...

mags, it's not an Abrahms, it's a panther. The whatchamathingy said so.

He's obviously a Kobo! Stupid brain...

you're doing it again.

doing what?

talking to yourself... In your own head... And people are staring at you...

looking around, she realised the voice was right... For two whole minutes she had been staring off into space not saying anything...


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Valerie watched Banrigg begin to take his leave, all the while trying to determine which would be more appropriate for her friend, a handshake or a hug. It seemed her indecision cost her the opportunity, however, and she was left with a brief wave and a quick, “Goodbye Banrigg!” as his bearded head disappeared around the doorway.

Valerie did not much feel like talking over the next few minutes, the dwarf’s quick departure from her life already souring like a bitter wine in her chest. Is that how everyone will leave? Or have they already left, and all that will remain is a brief message with the servants? Her heart pounded as she began to worry, before Wayne Junior glanced over and nipped at her finger gently. The warlock rubbed the side of the hawk’s beak with the finger that bore the ring of the Tempest and sighed inwardly before quickly finishing her meal.

When Valerie was done, she looked to the others. “I do not know about all of you, but I have a great deal of errands to run before we meet up with our companions, first of which being some clothing for my newly living friend here.” The young noble turned and smirked slightly to the elemental man. “In exchange, you can carry all of the rest of my purchases.” As she looked over, she noticed Magnolia looking a little distant and frowned in worry, waving a hand in front of her. “Erm... Magnolia, are you quite alright?”


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Tyrius gave Catelyn a nod as he understood what she was saying. Continuing to help prepare food until it was time for people to help themselves. Tyrius took just two pieces of bread, figuring it was better if people who had far less to their name than he did got the lion's share, while not being completely abstenant and making a scene that way.

As Catelyn talked to the crowd, Tyrius tried to stay on the edges of the crowd, for once not keen to be the center of attention. Tyrius was impressed at how easily Catelyn managed to hold the crowd's attention and how eloquently she spoke. Unbuttoning his jacket a little to appear more casual, Tyrius had to resist the urge to clap once Catelyn was finished speaking. When the cleric approached, Tyrius gave Catelyn a warm smile.

"Looks like you put everyone at ease," said Tyrius softly, "They're lucky to have you looking after them."


As Catelyn spoke, Virra's focus was slowly but inexorably drawn away from her meal of soup and bread. She hadn't figured the cleric for a powerful public speaker, yet there she was. Holding the crowd's attention like she gave speeches every other day. Once she finished and stepped down, Virra erupted into enthusiastic applause, whether or not anybody else chose to join in.

The moment she came close and Ty finished speaking, she jumped in. Naturally, she had a lot more to say. "That was fantastic! " she gushed. "Don't worry if your audience didn't react too much; they'll remember it later even if they didn't get what you meant right now. And that delivery! Getting up on the table? Great touch. Powerful but down-to-earth at the same time, y'know? Great, great stuff."
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