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Fandom [pjo] EXODUS


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    t Camp Half-Blood, there's always something stirring.
    The year is 2024. It's the first day of summer. Soon, the cabins will be filled with semi-divine kids from America and beyond, ready to face up to whatever challenge Capture the Flag is going to bring them. There will be new faces. There will be old ones. There will be memorials for the people who didn't make it to join them around the campfire. All of this is pretty normal.

    Underneath all of this is a noise. From the depths, a low hum reverberates out and upwards. It's the sound of a silent room, of ancient blood gurgling from where it's been smeared. Across the ocean, in a remote and oft-visited natural park, a rumour spreads among locals of a lake that, against all laws of reality, has started glowing. On the airwaves, a politician once considered to have a career that was dead in the water is whispering and nudging in all of the right places, adamant that the scoop he holds is one of a lifetime, and it's working.

    Early this morning Camp Jupiter was surrounded by men and women with guns, tanks and loud, angry voices. Right now, it's a military operation: The Roman demigods of San Francisco have been discovered by mortals, and it won't be long before the ones in Long Island are uncovered too. A few of these Roman youths escaped through the border and have arrived at Camp Half-Blood's doorstep, both requesting refuge and demanding answers.

    This morning, some will wake from the tail of a dream about an iridescent pool of water, of a pack of vicious dogs tearing through a mountain range, of an all but forgotten sword catching the light of the dewy morning sun, of a cauldron, rusted and ancient, and then a great earthquake. Like all dreams of prophecy, it's rather vague.

    Whether the Greek and Roman demigods will be able to live in harmony at Camp Half-Blood is only one question. The other is whether they will be able to organise against this threat to their lives, their futures and their secrets.





in the valley of the


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