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Fandom Pirate Code

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Ringo Kiritu leads the Goldflower Pirates throughout adventures in Paradise and beyond. Though the One Piece seems like the obvious end in sight, there's more to it than that. Ringo wants a family and he's determined to form one through the members of his crew by helping each and every one of them achieve their hopes and dreams. In the end, his dream will be real as well.

Lady Warlock

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Roleplay Rules
  1. Obey all RpN rules.

  2. All decisions made by the GM ( Lady Warlock Lady Warlock ) are final. There are reasons for each and every one of them, I promise.

  3. Be nice to one another. We’re making a story together. Not fighting. Fighting with peers will be given one warning, and then someone will be booted from the roleplay.

  4. If you have a concern about one of your peers in the roleplay, privately message the GM about it. This is not appropriate conversation for the OOC.

  5. Player vs. player combat results must be agreed upon by all players involved. If there is a dispute, then the GM will decide who wins the fight. Then, per rule 2, that decision is final even if a later agreement is met between the players.

  6. Each player must post for each character they control at least once per week. If they do not, the GM can control the characters not posted for.

  7. Each post must be a minimum of 5 sentences in length.

  8. Spellcheck your posts. This is easily accomplished by pasting it into Microsoft Word (if you have it) or Google Docs (which is free). Even the site's text editor catches most things.

  9. OOC activity is highly encouraged. We will not have a discord server. If you are tagged by anyone in the OOC, you do need to respond to it.

  10. Have fun!

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