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Fandom Ship's Deck (OOC)

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Ringo Kiritu leads the Goldflower Pirates throughout adventures in Paradise and beyond. Though the One Piece seems like the obvious end in sight, there's more to it than that. Ringo wants a family and he's determined to form one through the members of his crew by helping each and every one of them achieve their hopes and dreams. In the end, his dream will be real as well.

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Welcome to One Piece: Crew of Dreams! This will be an alternate universe, detailed, fandom roleplay involving multiple story arcs and following a single pirate crew on their adventures as they seek out the greatest treasure the world has ever known.

The Ship’s Deck will be our OOC thread, for all your chatting needs. Please note that OOC activity is highly encouraged and that I as a GM will be more lenient on posting requirements for those who are active in the OOC regularly.

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Just a heads up for everyone: I am working on the character skeleton page. However, I also have to go to work soon because I work NOC shift tonight. If work is slow, it will probably be posted sometime overnight. If work is busy, it will be up mid-afternoon tomorrow.

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Character submission is open.


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Lady Warlock Lady Warlock Hey, I was wondering if I could run a couple ideas through you? Specifically about the island my character will be on, and the lore of their parent.

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